GLS: Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 – Behind the Scenes Strategist (1)

This game between China and the United States caused the domestic e-sports circle to boil over. The reporters wrote about this event with enthusiasm. The Chinese team’s victory over the US team took over the headlines of the major e-sports websites in an instant. The official organization was also very fast and released the highlights of the game, causing it to be forwarded on Weibo tens of thousands of times. Of course, the most concerning thing was the phrase ‘behind the scenes strategist’ mentioned by Yu Bing.

The strategist behind the scenes? Who the hell was that?

Fans and journalists searched for clues and the Internet was bustling for a while.

However, Yu Bing didn’t give any obvious clues. Everyone guessed for a long time, with some people thinking it was Chairman Nan Jiangang. But there were a number of people who held a negative attitude towards this. After all, Chairman Nan might be chairman of the Miracle League but his tactical level was far belong the captains Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo. How could he be the behind the scenes strategist? He was most like a babysitter from the past.

Chairman Nan Jiangang was shot by these words and felt a pain in his knees.

Most people guessed wrong but don’t forget, there were a few online experts who were good at reasoning and figuring out the truth!

Someone wrote a thousands of words long analysis on Weibo. The result actually pointed to Cat God Li Cangyu!

His reasons were very good. The strategist who helped against the US team must be a Chinese player. Since they weren’t one of the great gods who went to the Carnival, they must not be an active player. Among the Miracle players who already retired, the most likely ones were the ‘Five Gods’ in the first season with Ling Xuefeng.

The former Flying Feathers captain Song Yang had already left the e-sports circle while the former Time captain Xu Luo was said to have gone to Europe. The former Ghost Spirits captain Mo Quan only liked to attack and assassinate, he wasn’t good with the complicated tactics of today. That left only Li Cangyu, former captain of FTD.

Li Cangyu led his team to Wulin after the end of the third season. His results hadn’t improved but he could learn a lot of new ideas from another competitive game. The two tactics for Wulin and Miracle could be integrated and evolved. There would be a few novel tactical ideas, which coincided with the complicated and different tactical arrangement of today’s China-US battle.

This was combined with the recent news of the Canglan team’s disbandment. Captain Li Cangyu’s whereabouts were unknown so he might just be in New York.

The blogger had sufficient arguments and a careful analysis. Many onlookers started to believe that today’s behind the scenes strategist was Cat God, LI Cangyu.

There was a lot of mixed opinions on the Internet.

The current most controversial player in the Miracle League was crybaby Zhu Qingyue. It was because Xiao Zhu cried in the stadium and caused many people to scold him. However, there was another player who was more controversial than him in the past. That person was Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu was the only captain in the Miracle League who didn’t retire and instead led his team to transfer games. In the minds of many paranoid Miracle fans, he was a traitor. Not to mention, he didn’t get any good results after going to Wulin, making the Miracle fans humiliated.

He had a large number of fans in the past but his popularity decreased after his transfer. Now there were a few fans left but he also had a lot of sunspots.

There were many netizens who thought his tactics were beautiful but there were also many people who ridiculed him.

[It turned out to be Cat God, the Cat God who went to Wulin!] [Isn’t he the one who kept losing and then left?] [He lost face in Miracle and ran to Wulin. Did he lost face there and came running back?] [Does the Carnival need him to intervene?] [Isn’t this deliberately searching for a sense of existence?] [Who told his team not to get a trophy? He can only hold into Ling Xuefeng’s thigh to get a sense of existence.]

It was impossible to tell who was who on the Internet and this let to mobs indiscriminately targeting people. They felt refreshed after talking about someone else and didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Cheng Wei was sitting in the audience and searching through Weibo. He had wanted to take a look at the evaluation of the game on the Internet. Then he saw a ‘Who is the behind the scenes strategist?’ post on the home page. The majority of comments were praising the game but many people also jumped out to ridicule Cat God, as if mocking the man who hadn’t won a trophy would make themselves look better.

Cheng Wei almost coughed up blood and immediately vented on Weibo. [You want to taunt Cat God? If you have the ability to defeat America’s Jack Josh and Thomas then speak again! You would probably pee your pants if you were put on the field. What qualifications do you have to mock Cat God who beat the US team? Do you have any shame?]

This Weibo post shocked the Miracle circle. There were those who didn’t know Cat God was the strategist but Cheng Wei’s Weibo confirmed it. The news that Li Cangyu helped the Chinese team develop a tactical plan was quickly covered by the major e-sports websites. Many e-sports reporters started to guess if Cat God was returning to Miracle, with different opinions being spoken.


Yu Bing hadn’t expected that her casual words would actually trigger such a big storm and felt incredibly guilty.

Cheng Wei might be Cat God’s number one brainless fan but Yu Bing was actually a hidden fan of Cat God. This wasn’t because Li Cangyu’s personal ability was so strong that she admired him. It was also because the original Red Fox team had some relationship with Li Cangyu.

In the second season, Yu Bing led the Red Fox team to join the Miracle League. The pure female team was initially questioned by the media and audiences, with several female teammates experiencing difficulties along the way. Li Cangyu forwarded many of Yu Bing’s interviews and publicly expressed support for Yu Bing on Weibo. He also actively sent many e-sports training software to Yu Bing.

Yu Bing had been very grateful to him at the time but he smiled and said, “You’re welcome. It isn’t easy for everyone.”

It really wasn’t easy for a female player to take a team into the Miracle League that was full of masters. Li Cangyu knew Yu Bing’s hard work and respected this tough girl.

Later, Yu Bing happened to pass by the FTD team in Hangzhou and offered to take Li Cangyu out to eat. The two of them had dinner at a restaurant and happily discussed tactical arrangements.

They didn’t expect this scene to actually be photographed by a paparazzi passing by. Were Li Cangyu and Yu Bing actually lovers? The two people’s looks were very good and the picture of them sitting face to face was very beautiful and harmonious.

Yu Bing didn’t know it had blown up on Weibo until she came back.

She usually looked cold and tough but she was still young. She wasn’t familiar with the Miracle League and didn’t know how to deal with this scandal. She was also afraid of troubling Cat God.

However, Li Cangyu quickly came forward and wrote on Weibo: [Friends sitting together for dinner and chatting, don’t think too much. Yu Bing is still single. Don’t talk nonsense since this type of gossip can have a bad effect on women.]

Li Cangyu’s words were too blunt and his face was as calm as usual, with no signs of a guilty conscience.

This gossip storm gradually calmed them. Later, some people would photograph Yu Bing and Li Cangyu eating together. But in order to avoid suspicion, Li Cangyu would call his good friend Bai Xuan for every meal and no rumours spread.

This was only a small matter and perhaps Li Cangyu had long since forgotten it. Nevertheless, Yu Bing always remembered it in her heart. When she was in a difficult situation and helpless, Li Cangyu was like a brother as he supported her. The Red Fox could continue to the end and Yu Bing was very grateful to Li Cangyu.

This time, Yu Bing had been too excited after knowing that Li Cangyu was back. She was eager to share the joy with everyone. She wanted everyone to know that this powerful person had return to Miracle and leaked the ‘behind the scenes strategist’ from her mouth.

She really underestimated the ability of the netizens to gossip. She didn’t expect people to actually guess Li Cangyu’s ability and to ridicule Cat God.

Yu Bing worried about it for a while before deciding to call Cat God.

She asked for Li Cangyu’s number from Liu Xiang and called him. The voice in her ear was low and gentle, exactly like she remembered.

“Hello, who is this?”

Yu Bing’s eyes were slightly hot as she choked out, “Cat God… I am Yu Bing.”

Li Cangyu was a little bit surprised but he soon laughed. “Yu Bing?  Why did you call me all of a sudden?”

“Sorry, I accidentally said some things I shouldn’t and the netizens guessed that the behind the scenes strategist of this game is you. Cat God, I caused you trouble.” Her voice was calm but the fingers holding the phone were trembling slightly.

Li Cangyu was silent for a moment before saying easily, “It doesn’t matter. This would’ve been guessed sooner or later so you don’t have to mind it.”

She clearly troubled him but she was being comforted by him. Yu Bing felt really ashamed and didn’t know what to say.

“By the way, I didn’t expect you to become a commentator after retiring. Are you accustomed to the change?”

“I’m fine.”

“I’ve seen a few games that you’ve explained and your analysis is very thorough. You are quite suited to be a commentator.” Li Cangyu praised.

“Thank you.” Yu Bing was silent for a moment before adding with no confidence, “Cat God, the behind the scenes strategist matter…”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about this. Li Cangyu said with a smile. “The netizens’ gossiping ability is too strong. Even if you didn’t say it, they would have a way to pull me forward. Besides, since I have taken action, I have no intention of hiding. I didn’t do anything bad so what is there to be afraid of?”

Yes, he didn’t do anything bad so what was so scary?

Cat God was right. His conscience was clear and those mocking him were just acting like clowns in front of him.

Yu Bing finally sighed with relief and smiled. “Once you return to China, can I invite you out to eat?”

Li Cangyu agreed. “Okay, I will save your phone number and see you later.”

The media reporters had once said they were a very good match but Li Cangyu had always seen Yu Bing as a sister. Yu Bing also highly respected him. He didn’t expect Yu Bing to call today to apologize. Was the matter that serious?

Li Cangyu thought this and immediately entered Weibo on his phone.

He hadn’t looked at his Weibo for a long time after his disbandment. This time, the unread comments and private messages had broken through into the thousands. Li Cangyu temporarily ignored them and looked at the home page. ‘…Xiao Wei, can’t you calm down a bit?’

This topic blowing up could really be contributed to Cheng Wei.

Unexpected, Ling Xuefeng also forwarded the Weibo with a simple sentence: [Cat God came out to help me. If you want to curse someone then come here to curse me.]

Fans, “…”

Li Cangyu, “…”

Was that necessary Ling Xuefeng? Cheng Wei was already acting emotional so why did he have to interject as well?

Li Cangyu never paid attention to the mocking voices on the Internet. After all, he couldn’t make everyone like him. Even the highly popular Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo had many sunspots. In addition, his actions of leaving Miracle were controversial. It was impossible for him to be welcomed by everyone when he came back. It was normal for netizens who weren’t pleased to say a few mocking words.

Li Cangyu was ridiculed and Cheng Wei immediately jumped out to scold the people. Ling Xuefeng also took the initiative to act as a shield. It wasn’t necessary but the caring of these two people made Li Cangyu feel very warm.

A moment later, a new message appeared on the Weibo of Cat God who had disappeared for a long time.

Li Cangyu: [I want to go back to Miracle. I will see you again in the seventh season next year and will give you a surprise [Smile].]

Everyone, “…”

He didn’t mention anything about being ridiculed and it was clear he didn’t care about these remarks at all.

In the first season, the elf summoner appeared for the first time. Many people expressed doubts but Li Cangyu’s elf summoner swept through Miracle’s arena, with no one able to face him.

Cat God had such a straightforward personality. They might scold him but one day, he would make them kneel with a swollen face.

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