GLS: Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 – China VS USA (1)

The match finally began and the players on both sides appeared on the City Square map.

This map was officially selected and was fair to all competitors. As soon as his character appeared, Su Guangmo raised the heavy Sword of Judgment and bravely rushed forward. Ling Xuefeng and Chu Yan followed closely, the three forming an equilateral triangle.

They arrived at the central fountain and couldn’t find any other people. It was because the blood kin race had the general ‘Nightfall’ skill to keep themselves invisible. Obviously, the opposite side’s blood kin summoner and blood kin killer turned themselves invisible as soon as they entered the map. Their positions couldn’t be determined.

Ling Xuefeng wasn’t in a hurry as his eyes scanned the surrounding environment. The three of them had just arrived at the fountain and the two sides refreshed at approximately the same distance from the central fountain. In other words, the three players on the opposite side should also have arrived at the fountain. The other party chose to use stealth for a surprise attack. They would first kill one person to establish a numbers advantage so it all depended on who they would kill.

Generally, a blood kin killer would go around the back when killing. It was because a killer had a damage bonus when attacking from behind. There was the fountain in the middle of the two teams. If they wanted a surprise attack, they could only go around from the stone statue next to it and this would take approximately five seconds.

Ling Xuefeng glanced at the stone statue on Chu Yan’s side, his fingers pressed against the keyboard as he waited for the other side to appear.

They really chose Chu Yan!

Pick the soft persimmon first, this was a truth that everyone knew. Su Guangmo’s defense was high and Ling Xuefeng’s demon summoner had a strong survivability. Chu Yan was a fragile demon psychic and was clearly the best one to kill among the three people. In addition, the existence of an auxiliary would interfere with a team battle so it was reasonable to take care of the auxiliary first.

A bloody light suddenly emerged behind Chu Yan, followed by blood spiders and blood snakes. At the same time, a dense rain of arrows was fired from the distance.

These three people were worthy of being the ace players of the US team. Their movements had a neat unity and their firepower was quite terrible. Chu Yan was controlled by Jack’s blood spider, while the killer and archer used explosive skills. Chu Yan’s blood fall halfway in an instant!

“He only has half blood let. One more wave will wipe him out!” The commander Jack was hot-blooded. He liked this feeling of crushing the opponent and killing them in one breath. It was extremely handsome!

The teammates around him immediately followed his instructions.

The blood kin killer used the most powerful attack skills, Death Mark and Fatal Blow!

The killer’s Death Mark would mark the target of the assassination. Then the Fatal Blow skill would deal double damage to the marked target. These moves would surely kill the psychic!

In addition, Jack opened a big move— Blood Snake Dance!

This was the strongest single attack skill of the blood kin pet, the blood snake. The red blood snake quickly wrapped around the enemy and used its body to strangle the target!

Thomas wasn’t idle. He pulled the long bow in his hand and aimed the precise Seize Life Shot at Chu Yan!

The black, red and green lights lit up Chu Yan’s body. Many domestic audience members were somewhat sad. The suppression of the US team was really terrible. The trio joined hands and it seemed certain that Chu Yan would die.

At the venue in New York, many viewers started to cheer in advance. The three trump cards of the US were going to take the head of the unknown psychic of the Chinese team!


The expected ‘First Blood’ announcement didn’t appear on the big screen.

The crowd was shocked. The trio’s big move didn’t kill Chu Yan and actually restored 15% of his blood!

—Psychic Barrier!

On the map, Chu Yan, Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng all had a dark purple spherical barrier around them.

It was the psychic’s big move!

The effect of Psychic Barrier was very simple. It transferred all adverse statuses to the opponents while transferring all beneficial statuses to the caster. In addition, it would rebound all attacks.

Therefore, Jack, Edmund and Thomas’ big moves didn’t kill the psychic but decreased their own blood instead. The blood kin summoner and assassin’s attacks came with a blood-sucking effect… this beneficial effect was naturally transferred to Chu Yan so Chu Yan’s blood volume wasn’t reduced.

This change caused many of the audience members to be stunned. However, Li Cangyu seemed to have expected it. He smiled slightly and said, “This is the consequence of underestimating a psychic.”

A psychic might be a fragile support but as long as they released their skills, they could sometimes be more powerful than a healer!


In the commentator’s room, Yu Bing thought of the weapons replacement at the start of the game and immediately explained, “Psychic Barrier, it is a skill with the shortest casting time. The casting time is one second and the duration is five seconds. However, the use of Phantom Staff might’ve reduced the duration to four seconds but the advantage is that Psychic Barrier can be released instantly!”

Kou Hongyi finally reacted. “I get it! Chu Yan chose the Phantom Staff so that he can instantly release Psychic Barrier in a critical moment, bouncing off the other side’s big moves!”

The commentators could figure it out so the three contestants of the US team naturally discovered it instantly.

Most of a psychic’s skills needed to be read and once the casting was interrupted, the skill would fail to be released. Previously, they thought the psychic couldn’t use any skills. A psychic who was interrupted by the assassin wouldn’t be able to release their skills. The three people had played too smoothly and ignored the other player’s Phantom Staff weapon.

“Stop!” Jack Josh quickly issued a new order. The other side had the Psychic Barrier. Any attack skills would just rebound so they had to wait for the barrier effect to end.

However, Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng didn’t wait in the same place. Before Chu Yan was hit, Su Guangmo had chased after the other side’s archer while Ling Xuefeng quickly summoned his pets and placed them in the right positions.

Once the three Americans recovered their spirits, they were surprised to find that the demon skeleton infantry and banshee were present and laid out in very bizarre positions.

“Spread out!” Jack Josh was immediately alert but his words were one beat too late.

Witch Demon’s Curse!

A banshee’s Charm could pull a person in front of her but the Witch Demon’s Curse… could bring all opponents in front of her.

Skeleton Explosion!

Ling Xuefeng’s placement of the banshee was very tricky. It brought all three people in front of the skeleton infantry and followed up with Skeleton Explosion, collectively destroying 15% of their blood.

It wasn’t over yet!

Su Guangmo had long been waiting. After he saw that Ling Xuefeng successfully pulled the opposite three people over, he decisively used the swordsman’s most powerful attack, Light and Shadow Rotation.

The white sword light surrounded the swordsman, rising and descending. It separated the surrounding air as the Sword of Judgment cut at the three people on the opposite side!

In the blink of an eye, the Chinese team used the opportunity of the Psychic Barrier to decisively counterattack. The blood volume of the three American players was collectively reduced to 65%!

Chu Yan took advantage of Captain Ling controlling the three opponents to immediately turn and run to a distance where he couldn’t be attacked.

Yu Bing suppressed her excited mood as she said, “Sure enough, their weapons selection was based on a tactic. The Sword of Judgment might slow Su Guangmo’s speed but once he released Light and Shadow Rotation, the damage was increased by 200%! The skill dealt a hard hit and it will be very difficult for the enemies to endure.”

“Captain Ling’s Demon Curse weapon also increases his pet attacks. You can see the damage caused by blowing up the skeleton was very high. The cooperation of the two people instantly suppressed the blood volume of the three people on the opposite side!” Kou Hongyi exclaimed excitedly, “This is really a beautiful counterattack!”


They were being beaten and then counterattacked. The disadvantageous situation had been successfully reversed.

Under the stage, Xiao Han couldn’t help thinking that the Chinese team’s psychic had 65% blood while the swordsman and summoner were full of blood. Meanwhile, the blood on the US team was at 65% for all three players. Wasn’t the possibility that the Chinese team would win quite high.

As soon as he thought this, he saw that Psychic Barrier ended and Jack Josh opened the blood kin summoner’s big move, Blood Bat Festival!

The blood bats sprang up and rushed at the opposite trio.

This was the most extensive attack of a blood kin summoner and had a blood-sucking effect.

The big move successfully hit and the blood-sucking effect restored Jack Josh’s blood to the safety line of 80%. At the same time, Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng’s blood dropped to 80%. Chu Yan was too far away and wasn’t hit by this big move.

Chu Yan obviously ran out of range of the battle to temporarily save his live. If the US team wanted to continue chasing Chu Yan, they would have to bypass the blocking of Su and Ling…

At this time, Thomas sent a distress signal.

He was caught by Su Guangmo!

Tan Shitian, the most outstanding bard in China, had once given an interview. When asked about the contestant he hated the most, he bluntly replied, “I dislike Captain Su the most. Once I am chased by Su Guangmo, I can’t release my skills.”

When Bai Xuan was chased by Xie Shurong, he also wanted to climb into the computer and wring the neck of the opposite swordsman through the cable. Once a melee got close to a remote class, especially the fast attacking swordsman, it was really ‘can’t take care of their life.’

Thomas had been standing far away and happily firing dark arrows. Then Ling Xuefeng’s pet skill pulled him over so that Su Guangmo immediately chased him.

Jack Josh didn’t care about him and said instead, “Edmund, go and kill the psychic. I will take care of Ling Xuefeng. Thomas, don’t worry. The swordsman’s weapon is heavy so you can kite him!”

This was undoubtedly the calmest decision in the current situation.

The three US players dispersed and chased the three Chinese players. Li Cangyu watched the game from the audience and couldn’t help giving Jack Josh a thumbs up.

The most taboo thing in the arena was a commander who didn’t know how to adapt. The US team wanted to kill the psychic and this idea wasn’t wrong. It was only that Chu Yan’s weapon rarely appeared in a match and they hadn’t realized it. Psychic Barrier was used and they were hit with a wave of counterattacks. Jack Josh immediately gave up his previous strategy and changed to a 1v1 single player mode.

He singled out Ling Xuefeng, who he wasn’t afraid of annoying.

It might be annoying for Thomas to be entangled with Su Guangmo but an elf could move fast and he wouldn’t die for a while if he ran quickly.

Thus, the remaining assassin would have to take care of the psychic as soon as possible to create the 3v2 advantage.


Yu Bing saw this and couldn’t help saying, “Jack Josh is very smart. This type of one on one play is actually very bad for the Chinese team. The two summoners know each other well and Captain Ling won’t be able to quickly free himself to save his teammates.”

Kou Hongyi was also worried. “The match between a terran swordsman and elf archer is often seen in China, since Tan Shitian often meets with Su Guangmo. Thomas certainly has the ability to drag this battle on for 10 minutes so Chu Yan is in danger.”

Jack Josh fought Ling Xuefeng, Thomas fought Su Guangmo and the assassin would go to kill the psychic. It really would be hard to save Chu Yan.

The 3v3 team battle was changed to a 1v1 match by Jack Josh. The two world-class summoners called their pets to kill each other and couldn’t be distracted. The swordsman and archer were running around the map. There wouldn’t be any wins or losses in a minute. Meanwhile, the auxiliary Chu Yan had to face the blood kin killer and would definitely be in a disadvantageous situation.

Chu Yan’s blood decreased while the killer relied on blood-sucking skills to gradually restore his blood…

How could this situation be reversed?

The hearts of the domestic audience were in their throats.

Just then, Yu Bing’s eyes lit up. She found that Su Guangmo was chasing Thomas around the whole map. Thomas shot a few arrows from time to time at Su Guangmo while Su Guangmo would also occasionally attack to decrease blood. The two of them ran through several statues and unwittingly entered Chu Yan’s vicinity!

Thomas just realized he was near his teammate when Su Guangmo suddenly let him go and used Spirit Lock directly on the assassin’s back!

Edmund, who was trying to kill Chu Yan, was hit by this skill. Chu Yan immediately jumped out of attack range and started casting a skill.

Frost Array!

The assassin Edmund and archer Thomas were frozen in place by this array.

The cooldown of Su Guangmo’s Light and Shadow Rotation had just ended and he didn’t hesitate to use it again. The white sword light swept like a gust of wind and the bonus 200% effect of the weapon doubled the power of this move. The two enemies instantly fell to residual blood!

Jack Josh wanted to rescue them but it was too late. He was standing too far away with Ling Xuefeng, not to mention that he couldn’t get away.

Jack Josh was entangled with Ling Xuefeng?

Perhaps it was Ling Xuefeng who dragged Jack Josh away in order to let Su Guangmo and Chu Yan complete a beautiful move!

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