GLS: Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 – 3v3 Group Stage (3)

The first match in Group D ended while the match between the US team 1 and South Korea team 2 in Group C was still fiercely ongoing. Ling Xuefeng thought it was convenient to understand their opponents so they were watching the Group C battle. The strength of the two teams was really high and the match was very exciting. Surprisingly, the South Korean team finally won by a narrow margin and the US team lost.

It was 7:30 by the time the game was over. The staff informed the Chinese team to prepare as Ling Xuefeng’s next game was also on the main stage. The event on the main stage was being shown live, showing that the US media was paying considerable attention to the performance of this Chinese team.


In the domestic live broadcast room, Kou Hongyi quickly talked about the results of the recent matches. “Everyone, the first round of the group stages in the World Carnival’s 3v3 event has ended. The British team won in Group A, the German team won in Group B, South Korea team 2 won in Group C and our China team 2 won in  Group D. These four teams have gained two points and taken the lead.”

There was an updated scoreboard on the screen, showing each group in turn. The winner would get two points. Thus, after the first round of matches, the US, Germany, South Korea and China had two points. The other teams all had 0 points on the scoreboard.

Kou Hongyi said, “While the venue referee is confirming the results, shall we have Sister Bing introduce the second round of matches?”

“Okay.” Yu Bing replied simply. “The second round will have China team 1 encounter the Australian team in Group C. Australia only launched the Miracle League three years ago.  There is still a gap in overall strength compared to the US and South Korean teams in the same group.”

“The Australian team is a combination of berserker, swordsman and healer. The stable melee front row and healer support will give them a stronger survivability.” Yu Bing paused before continuing. “Our side is the combination of summoner Ling Xuefeng, swordsman Su Guangmo and psychic Chu Yan. There is no healer so if the fight is drawn out, the situation will become very unfavourable to us.”

“Then Captain Ling’s breakthrough point should be the other team’s healer?” Kou Hongyi asked.

“Yes.” Yu Bing nodded. “There are two melee protection on the other side. If they can successfully kill the healer is the difficulty of this match.”

As soon as her words were over, the lights on the main stage lit up. The audience warmly applauded as the players on both sides entered the soundproof rooms. Once the referee confirmed it, the six players entered the competition room in turn.

The IDs of LXF, MOMO and CY were easier to recognize. Ling Xuefeng was at the front so he was obviously the temporary captain of this team.

Next was the time when players would freely add points and choose equipment.


In the audience, Li Cangyu suddenly spoke. “Xiao Han, can you deduce what stats they added points to based on the player information on the screen?”

Xiao Han was slightly stunned by the question and his ears turned red. “I can only count the assassin, not the other classes.”

Li Cangyu didn’t blame him. For online players who haven’t undergone professional training, they were generally only proficient in the class they played. It was normal that they didn’t understand other classes.

“Do you see, Su Guangmo’s physical attack broke through 10,000. This indicates that all his points were added to attack. This is closely related to the strong front row of the Flying Feathers team. His younger brother Yu Pingsheng is the most powerful berserker in the league. On the field, Yu Pingsheng would be responsible for protecting and coordinating with his brother while Su Guangmo is responsible for the high attack.” Li Cangyu explained Su Guangmo’s stats while also briefly introducing the situation of the Flying Feathers team to his young apprentice.

“Ah.” Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully. “But Yu Pingsheng isn’t here today. Is he still putting full points into attack?”

“It is because Ling Xuefeng is there.” Li Cangyu said with a smile.

Xiao Han looked at his master with a puzzled expression. “Ling Xuefeng?”

“Yes, Ling Xuefeng is the most explosive player in the Chinese Miracle League.” Li Cangyu patiently explained. “Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng are equally strong attackers. When they are in their own teams, they have the protection of their teammates. But once they form a combination, there is no need to protect each other. The two people attacking together is the best defense.”

This time, Ling Xuefeng’s data panel was shown. Li Cangyu pointed to the big screen and explained, “Look at Ling Xuefeng. His magic output exceeds 10,000 so he also added all his points into attack.”

Xiao Han finally realized. “Oh, I understand! Two powerful attackers can achieve the 1+1= greater than 2 effect. They will unleash a full attack, burst suppression style to quickly finish the match?”

Li Cangyu rubbed his apprentice’s head and praised, “Very clever. You pass.”

Xiao Han was slightly dizzy at being praised by his master. His eye were bright, looking like pure and beautiful black gems in the lighting of the venue.

Bai Xuan looked at him and thought sympathetically, ‘This child has been completely conquered by Cat God’s charm.  Wasn’t he cold and proud before? There is nothing left in front of Cat God!

Cat God was really good at dealing with teenagers. He tamed Cheng Wei and now Gu Siming and Xiao Han. Maybe there would be more kittens around him in the future?

Li Cangyu found that Bai Xuan was laughing and couldn’t help turning to him. “What are you laughing about?”

Bai Xuan smiled. “I am happy that the Chinese team won.”

Li Cangyu retorted, “The game hasn’t even started yet!”

Bai Xuan explained seriously, “With Ling Xuefeng, I don’t think that this game can be lost. Don’t you think so?”

Li Cangyu, “…”

He was uncovered by Bai Xuan so he no longer hid it. Li Cangyu readily smiled and said, “Yes, he is there. I believe there is no suspense in this game against Australia.”

The confidence was overflowing from his chest. Bai Xuan couldn’t help sighing at how confident Cat God was and how much he believed in Ling Xuefeng. It seemed that the opponents would definitely be crushed in this match.


Facts proved that Li Cangyu’s confidence in Ling Xuefeng wasn’t unreasonable.

Once the match started, the Chinese team was very active. Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng joined forces to violently attack, not acting polite with the other.

Su Guangmo was known as the Terran Emperor in China because he was the strongest among terran players. His competition experience was very rich and when he was close, he would give people a strong sense of oppression. Su Guangmo wasn’t afraid even if the other side had a berserker and swordsman as he rushed forward.

The other side’s swordsman wanted to stop him by using Spirit Lock. Unexpectedly, Su Guangmo actually used flexible movements to move sideways and successfully avoid this control skill. He followed up with Revolving Star Movement to bypass the threat of the berserker’s axe and successfully broke into the back row!

Revolving Star Movement was a fast movement skill that was extremely difficult for a swordsman to use. Tan Shitian thought this was Su Guangmo’s most annoying skill.

Su Guangmo’s registered ID in China was Grey Wolf. He played a swordsman and his style was chic and violent. Many fans of Su Guangmo said that he had a type of ‘heroic’ style. Watching him play the game would truly give people a sense of pride.

“The opposite side’s Spirit Lock was wasted and Captain Su successfully broke through two people into the back row!” Kou Hongyi spoke excitedly. “His movements were truly handsome!”

“He is the emperor. His personal strength is obviously at a crushing level.” Yu Bing’s commentary was calm and fair. She never favoured exaggerating a certain player. This was also her true heart. For a person to be able to single-handedly break through two people, there was no way to explain it other than strength.

The other side’s healer was obviously a bit panicked. He probably didn’t expect that the two front rows on his side couldn’t stop the opposite swordsman!

However, the response of Australia’s berserker was extremely fast. Once he saw that Su Guangmo was rushing to kill the healer, he turned and raised the heavy axe, aiming Breaking Soul Chop directly at Su Guangmo’s back.

Su Guangmo didn’t have eyes in the back of his head but Ling Xuefeng could see all of this. The moment the berserker raised his axe, Ling Xuefeng burst out his hand speed and immediately summoned his banshee, using Charm on the berserker!

The banshee’s Charm forcibly pulled people. The giant axe in the berserker’s hand was about to smash towards Su Guangmo. He was pulled a few steps back by the banshee and the axe hit the ground instead of Su Guangmo, leaving a deep mark in the ground.

“Amazing pre-judgement!” Kou Hongyi praised. “Captain Ling’s hand speed is worthy of being a world-class player. The opposite side’s berserker hadn’t finished his skill yet while Ling Xuefeng pressed two skills. Summoning Banshee and Charm. Even the pulling of the berserker was very smooth!”

As he was speaking, Ling Xuefeng followed out by summoning his skeleton infantry and using Death Imprisonment on the opposite side’s swordsman. In the blink of an eye, the demon summoner controlled the two people on the other side!

Chu Yan wasn’t idle. He had been standing behind Ling Xuefeng and readying the auxiliary array, Illusion Maze!

This array was one of the most powerful field control skills of a psychic. Everyone who fell into the maze would have strange phantoms of all colours in front of them. They couldn’t tell any direction or distinguish their teammates.

In the case of Illusion Maze, an average player could only choose to stop attacking to prevent accidentally harming a teammate.

The opposite healer was helpless and had to use Purification.

Chu Yan’s maze was removed by the purification but Chu Yan’s second array was released—Frost Array.

Everyone was frozen!

Of course, the treatment have five seconds of no control after Purification and wasn’t affected by Frost Array. Chu Yan used the array to control the berserker and swordsman so that they wouldn’t interfere with Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng’s attacks.

Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng’s goal was very consistent. Kill the healer as fast as possible.

Therefore, they didn’t waste any attack skills on the other two. Su Guangmo broke through the blockade of the two men while Ling Xuefeng controlled them. Chu Yan took over on the follow-up control. The opposing berserker and swordsman wanted to protect the healer but they couldn’t move.

The poor healer frantically used skills on himself during the five seconds free from control. However, Ling Xuefeng’s ability to predict was terrible. The healer wanted to use a skill to restore his blood while Ling Xuefeng decisively exploded his skeleton infantry and interrupted the casting!

Su Guangmo followed closely with Breaking Bone Sword to interrupt the healer.

The opposing healer was beaten and his blood volume plummeted. He sighed with relief when the berserker and swordsman were freed from the ice, only for Ling Xuefeng to suddenly summon black crows. The overwhelming crows caused the two people’s visions to be covered in darkness.

Su Guangmo followed closely with Light and Shadow Rotation. The white sword light surrounded the terran swordsman, making him look like a sharp rotating blade as he decisively cut the healer to residual blood.

Skeleton Explosion!

Ling Xuefeng exploded the skeleton infantry that he once again summoned and the healer finally died.


Tens of thousands of comments filled the domestic live broadcast room in an instant, worshipping Su Guangmo, licking Ling Xuefeng and praising Chu Yan. It was also full of 666. (TL: For those wondering, 666 is slang and is generally used when praising someone/something)

Kou Hongyi said with a smile, “It is lucky Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng aren’t in the same team. Otherwise, the rest of the country won’t be able to do anything. The attack power after these two men join together is really terrible.”

Yu Bing thought, ‘You still don’t know. If Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng are in a team… the other teams in the country will be directly beaten to death by these summoners.

The year that Li Cangyu refused Ling Xuefeng’s invitation to join the Wind Colour team was truly lucky for other teams in China.

Cat God was also watching today’s scene. Yu Bing thought up to here and restored her thoughts to the original topic. “Captain Su and Captain Ling are the most powerful players in the Chinese Miracle League. We have just seen the effect of them teaming up.”

Once the two melees were controlled, Su and Ling joined hands and only took 15 seconds to kill the healer.

Kou Hongyi asked, “If Xiang Xiang was that person, would she be able to endure?”

Yu Bing shook her head. “Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo’s pre-judgements are too powerful and they will continue to interrupt the healer. If there is no support from teammates, even Liu Xiang will only live for up to 20 seconds.  The Australian team’s healer was wearing equipment that increased healing volume today. He probably wanted to rely on the advantage of increased healing to draw out the match but it is impossible for Su Ling to give him that chance.”

Yu Bing’s words were correct. Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng teamed up to kill the healer in order to not give the enemies a chance to draw out the battle.

The healer died and the lineup on the opposite side almost completely collapsed.

The opposing swordsman couldn’t compare to Su Guangmo. The berserker was like a dog being walked around by the remote Ling Xuefeng. The Chinese team also had the help of a psychic auxiliary so the remaining two enemies fell in a matter of minutes.

The word ‘Victory’ appeared on the big screen. The audience clapped while the comments area was instantly boiling.

[Another victory!]

[The enemies were completely crushed!]

The domestic audience cheered while the three players looked very calm. Ling Xuefeng led them to shake hands with the opposite team and then the trio stepped down, as if this victory was nothing for them.

At this moment, Li Cangyu’s phone lit up again. Ling Xuefeng had sent a text message with the extremely simple: [I won.]

Li Cangyu wasn’t surprised at all. He smiled and replied: [If you can’t win against Australia, the weakest team in Group C, how can you come back and face me?]

Ling Xuefeng’s lips slightly raised and he stated: [The next game is the key.]

Li Cangyu sent a simple cheer.

Yes, the next match against the US team was the key to all the matches today.

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