GLS: Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – 3v3 Group Stage (2)

“Everyone, this is the first live broadcast of the World Carnival’s 3v3 event. The first round of Group D will begin soon. It is a match between China team 2 and the Sweden team. The map is the officially selected City Square.” Yu Bing looked at the live broadcast screen and said quickly, “The players on both sides have appeared on the map. The Swedish team’s birth point is in the upper left corner while the Chinese team is born in the lower right corner.

On the screen, the six contestants appeared on the map. The three Swedish players paused for two seconds before rushing to the central fountain.

The middle of the City Square map had a large central fountain. There were six large stone statues next to the fountain. The stone statues were carved after the six gods in the game.

If they wanted a head on fight, they would move straight to the fountain. If they wanted a guerrilla warfare, they would use the obstacles created by the stone statues. This map was simple but many tactics could be accomplished.

Tan Shitian liked maps with obstacles. Once his character appeared, he immediately ran behind a stone statue and hid.

“Be careful of the stone statues.” The Swedish team’s captain operated his black magician while commanding on the voice channel. “The opposite side’s archer and killer must be hiding. Kill the healer first!”

Liu Xiang’s priest was at a corner of the fountain. The Swedish black magician immediately jumped forward and released Dark Fear, successfully hitting the other side’s priest!

Players in the fear state couldn’t release any skills but could move.

Liu Xiang immediately turned and ran but unfortunately, a priest’s movement speed was very slow. The three enemies quickly chased while attacking, causing gorgeous skill light effects to emerge. Liu Xiang’s blood immediately dropped.

The domestic audience was distraught. Attacking the healer at the very beginning?

[Xiang Xiang, hold on!] [Ahhh Captain Liu, three against one is too fierce!] [Tan Shitian, come and save her! Why are you hiding?] [Milk God, stand up!]

Regardless of the comments area, the three people on the field were very calm.

Liu Xiang’s fingers were pressed to the keyboard as she stared at the time remaining on the fear effect. Once the fear’s three seconds were over, she immediately used a big move on herself, Holy Light Surge!

This was the most powerful move of an angel priest. A soft white light rose from the soles of her feet like white waves, instantly raising her blood to 80%!

Liu Xiang closely followed with a common angel skill, Purification!

Purification was a skill that helped all teammates in a certain range get rid of negative states while allowing the caster to resist any control for five seconds.  The angels were a peace loving race and Liu Xiang’s meaning was obviousl. During the time that they couldn’t control her, she would add blood to herself!

The Swedish team saw her use Purification and knew that it wasn’t good to waste control skills on her. Liu Xiang immediate used the five seconds free of control to use Healing Language on herself and stacking it to the maximum.

Healing Language was a skill that continuously returned blood. After stacking it to five layers, she could recover 5% blood per second.

The domestic spectators clapped. [Xiang Xiang nanny’s survival ability is strong!]

[Kneel before the Milk God!]

[Half blood to full blood 66666!]

The three people on the opposite side saw her blood returning to full and couldn’t help becoming agitated. They hurriedly used big moves on her. Liu Xiang was a healer and couldn’t withstand the siege of the three people. Her blood volume quickly fell.

What were Tan Shitian and Lou Wushuang doing? Why didn’t they respond despite their healer being beaten up?

The domestic audience were a bit anxious as they saw that the healer was about to die. At this moment, Tan Shitian typed a 1 on the team channel.

Was this a code they discussed in advance?

With this code, Lou Wushuang finally moved!

The three opposing players were violently attacking the healer and the scene was too intense. Everyone’s attention was on the healer’s blood. Therefore, they didn’t notice where Lou Wushuang had gone. In face, Lou Wushuang was invisible and moved from the stone statues on the other side to behind the three enemies at an extremely fast speed.

“Captain Lou went around!” Kou Hongyi cried out excitedly. “Are they planning to go from the sides and back?”

“Just now, Tan Shitian probably didn’t act because he was waiting for Captain Lou to get in place.”

Yu Bing just finished speaking when Lou Wushuang finally appeared, his hands raising the cold daggers.

Backstab! Soul Stab! Absorb and Seize the Soul!

The weapons in his hands, Blood Demon were a pair of black daggers with a red light. He wielded them at a very fast speed and dealt three consecutive critical strikes to the opposite side’s black magician, causing his blood to flash red.

The Swedish team were shocked and the captain shouted busily, “The assassin is behind you!”

However, when they turned back to control the assassin, the archer hidden behind the stone statue suddenly unleashed his skills.

Death Arrows Rain!

Tan Shitian wasn’t polite. Once he came out, he unleashed a big move. The ice bow and arrow fired from a distance, causing the three people to lose blood while the effect of the Frost Covenant weapon slowed down movement speed.

Tan Shitian’s eyes narrowed and he pulled the bow in his hand again.

Precise Aim! Shock Shot!

This was an elf archer’s single attack. Precise Aim needed the archer to stay in place for two seconds to aim at the opponent’s head. Shock Shot would form clouds and fog, hitting the opponent with unstoppable momentum!

This critical blow directly cut the black magician’s blood to 30%.

Once Tan Shitian attacked, he flashed behind another stone statue and started to continuous harass the opponent with ordinary attacks. Lou Wushuang followed up with a set of attacks. Backstab! Soul Stab! Fatal Blow!

These were the three most common moves used by a killer. The first two moves were a set up while the final Fatal Blow would have the effect of ‘killing with one shot.’

The other party’s black magician was hit by both of them and instantly fell to the ground.

—First Blood!

This prompt appeared on the screen. Lou Wushuang’s success in taking a life filled the venue with warm applause!


Xiao Han watched the battle from under the stage and had a stunned look in his eyes.

Li Cangyu looked at him and asked, “What do you think of Lou Wushuang?”

Xiao Han cried out, “He’s so good!”

Li Cangyu said, “He is the strongest assassin in the domestic Miracle League. He also has a cousin called Zhang Shaohui. He is the vice-captain of Ghost Spirits. The combination of brothers often lurk on the field to kill many gods. That’s why Ghost Spirits is one of the most difficult teams to deal with.”

Xiao Han’s curiosity was completely incited by his master and his eyes shone.

Li Cangyu rubbed his apprentice’s head. “In the future, you will have a chance to fight them.”

Xiao Han nodded earnestly. “Yes!”

Bai Xuan heard their conversation and couldn’t help smiling. It was no wonder why there were so many young people in the Cat God fan group. He suddenly discovered that Cat God really had a way of dealing with teenagers!

He had also heard it when Cat God scolded Cheng Wei. None of his words could be refuted, directly making Cheng Wei stunned from the scolding. When he was training, he was a strict elder. However, when coaxing people, he was like a gentle neighborhood brother, making people want to revolve around him.

The previous method of acting as a local tyrant to buy goods made Xiao Han very moved and he willingly joined the team. Today’s simple words increased Xiao Han’s desire to catch up. Once they went back, he would definitely double his training to improve his standards.

‘Young boys, you are too tender to fight with Cat God!’


On the court, the black magician died and the Swedish team members finally realized they were caught in a trap.

Tan Shitian disappeared after firing the arrow while Lou Wushuang used a stealth skill. The remaining two people on the opposite side felt cold. They wanted to fight the archer but couldn’t reach, they wanted to hit the assassin but couldn’t find him… they could only continue to fight the healer.

The healer only had 30% blood left and her consumption of blue was also very large.

“Kill the healer and make it a 2v2!” The dead captain took a deep breath and calmly commanded.

Indeed, it wasn’t wise to chase the assassin or the archer. There was still hope if they killed the healer and made it 2v2.

It was a pity that they met Liu Xiang!

Liu Xiang was known as the Milk God in China. She looked warm and gentle but was extremely tough and careful on the court. She was like a cockroach on the field as her survivability was extremely strong. IF she was given one or two seconds, she could always control her blood. The two people couldn’t kill her for a long time. They violently used all types of skills on her and Liu Xiang was finally killed in half a minute.

However, waiting for them was another disaster.

This time, Tan Shitian ran to another stone statue and fired two ice arrows.

Seize Life Shot! Barrage Shot!

Tan Shitian thought, ‘I’m not eccentric. One person came towards the arrow. Don’t run swordsman, I will give you another arrow. Still running? Have another one!’

After the ice arrows were released, Tan Shitian used Flying Feather Steps and flashed to the stone statue next door.

The domestic audience typed: [Captain Tan, you are so annoying!] [The enemy must be bothered by you!] [Unleash the ice arrows!]

Tan Shitian’s guerrilla tactics were very skilled. He shuttled back and forth between the six stone statues. From time to time, he would come out to fire a few arrows. It was from a long distance where the enemies couldn’t reach him. This type of remote harassment made people feel really uncomfortable.

In the blink of an eye, the blood of the berserker and swordsman was reduced to around 50%.

They successfully killed the healer but they only had half blood left. Tan Shitian and Lou Wushuang were still full blood.

It was 2v2 but the Swedish team had completely fallen into a disadvantage.

The opposing berserker gritted his teeth and said, “Go, let’s rush over and kill the archer!”

The bard/archer belonged to the ‘remote bullying’ category. They would only suffer if they allowed him to maintain the distance and shoot them. An archer had a fatal flaw. Their defense was extremely weak and they were afraid of close combat.

As long as the melee class could successfully reach the archer, the gameplay of the fragile archer would be greatly limited and he would die in seconds.

This was also the reason why Tan Shitian was most annoyed with Su Guangmo in the domestic league. Every time they faced the Flying Feathers team, if Cheng Wei’s control wasn’t good enough, Tan Shitian would be killed by Su Guangmo. Fans often said that Captain Su taught Captain Tan to be a man.

The level of the Swedish team’s berserker obviously wasn’t as good as Su Guangmo. As soon as Tan Shitian discovered he was being chased, he immediately ran away with Flying Feather Steps.

A terran’s agility wasn’t as high as the elves. If he wanted to catch on with the elf, it was necessary to rely on the swordsman’s instantaneous movement skill.

In the absence of interference, Su Guangmo could catch Tan Shitian in a matter of seconds. However, this player obviously wasn’t familiar with Tan Shitian’s wandering style and ended up playing hide and seek with Tan Shitian behind the stone statues.

“…” The Swedish swordsman had a dark face. “He is too fast and there are too many obstacles here!”

“He went behind that stone statue. We will flank him!” The berserker said, immediately shifting directions to surround Tan Shitian with his teammate.

But Lou Wushuang wasn’t a vegetarian!

The moment that the two people wanted to chase Tan Shitian, he used Shadow Following on the swordsman.

This could be called a killer’s most disgusting skill. It was like a hunter’s mark on their prey. As long as the skill effect existed, the killer could transport behind them at any time.

It was a simple body transfer.

A soft persimmon should be picked. Therefore, Lou Wushuang chose to kill the swordsman instead of the berserker.

Lou Wushuang saw him come behind a stone statue and pressed the ‘Shadow Following’ button. The tracking effect was launched and the invisible Lou Wushuang appeared behind the swordsman. Blood Demon was raised and he unleashed a critical attack, Backstab!

Tracking, circling, sneak attack… this was Captain Lou. After stabbing the opponent, he raised his bloody dagger and followed up with the assassin’s most aggressive skill, Pain Blade!

The daggers became spinning blades and slashed at the opponent’s chest. Blood splashed on the big screen, causing a truly shocking picture!

The swordsman fell to the ground!

—Second Blood!

Second Blood, Lou Wushuang had killed two people.

The remaining berserker chased after Tan Shitian but Lou Wushuang pursued him at the same time.

Two against one, there was no hope.

The Swedish team’s berserker had very high defense but it was difficult to hold on for a few seconds. In the end, he died under Lou Wushuang’s blade.

—Third Blood!

The third drop of blood!

Lou Wushuang finished the game with three consecutive kills. On the screen of the Chinese players, golden characters popped up—Winner!

The applause at the venue was deafening. Kou Hongyi’s voice was shaking with excitement as he cried out, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning this game! Whether it was Liu Xiang’s excellent delaying ability or Tan Shitian and Liu Xiang’s tacit cooperation, the three players did very well!  Congratulations to the Chinese team for their first battle!”

Yu Bing also said with relief, “This is the first time our players have gone abroad and it is the World Series. I thought they would have stage fright and make mistakes. It is obvious that my worries were useless. Their psychological qualities are stronger than I expected.”

The camera moved to the players’ soundproof room. Liu Xiang was smiling. Tan Shitian sat in the middle and turned back to give Liu Xiang a light high five. Lou Wushuang’s expression was still indifferent but Tan Shitian wasn’t afraid of him. He patted Lou Wushuang on the shoulder before the three of them stood up together. They politely walked over and shook hands with the Swedish team, showing an excellent performance.

Many domestic viewers were madly sending flowers to celebrate this victory.

In the Miracle World Carnival, the Chinese team won their first battle!

Tan Shitian, Liu Xiang and Lou Wushuang, the three people showed a perfect cooperation and caused Sweden to collapse!

Such news soon spread all over the e-sports circle.

Cheng Wei watched the game from below the stage and stood up to clap excitedly, his eyes slightly warm.

Cat God was right. Tan Shitian was only 19 years old but he could shoulder the heavy responsibility of the Time team. Even in the World Series, he was so calm. This person actually had many advantages.

This was a true general!

Li Cangyu saw this and smiled as he sent a message to Xiao Wei. [Later follow him to learn more.]

Cheng Wei immediately nodded and replied: [Yes, I know!]

Zhang Shaohui sitting next to Cheng Wei was also in brainless fan mode as he excitedly said, “My brother is so handsome. He really is handsome. Killing three people in a row, such a calm and violent killer is truly my brother.”

Next door, Ling Xuefeng took out his phone, opened Weibo and went to the home page of this official event. He saw that news of the Chinese team’s first battle and calmly said, “Team 2 won the first game. They will be watching us next.”

Su Guangmo smiled and stood up. “We naturally can’t fall behind.”

Chu Yan reached out and the three people put their hands together. “Come on!”

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