GLS: Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – Group Draw

The afternoon Carnival started at 3 o’clock.  During the two hour lunch break at noon, everyone went back to their room to rest.

His cousin was in the shower when Zhang Shaohui came back. He put the lunch he bought onto the table and shouted in the direction of the bathroom. “Brother, come eat after washing.”

Lou Wushuang had hated crowded places since childhood and Zhang Shaohui was used to doing things for his brother.

Lou Wushuang soon came out of the shower. Zhang Shaohui looked up and said, “Brother, I brought your favourite chicken legs. Come and eat.”

“Yes.” Lou Wushuang nodded and sat down across from him.

The IQ of his younger brother wasn’t high but it was very tiring for people with high intelligence and deep minds to get along. He could be more relaxed with simple people like Zhang Shaohui.

Lou Wushuang’s mood became uncontrollable as he saw Zhang Shaohui’s smile.

This younger brother was actually very good. He was enthusiastic and straightforward. He always protected his older brother since childhood. He would rush forward to hit whoever dared to bully his brother. Even if he was beaten up, he wouldn’t let Lou Wushuang be hurt.

Lou Wushuang knew that it was because he was full of gratitude towards the Lou family. In fact, the blood relationship between the Lou family and Zhang Shaohui was very weak. His mother and Zhang Shaohui’s father were distant cousins while his father and Zhang Shaohui’s uncle were university classmates. This relationship was more like friendship than family. Zhang Shaohui’s parents died in an accidental car accident when he was still in elementary school. The small child had no one to take care of him and the Lou parents had a moment of softness.

It was the Lou family who raised him when he was a helpless orphan so he really thought of Lou Wushuang as his brother.

If it wasn’t like this, how could they become such good brothers?

Lou Wushuang’s eyes were dark as he lowered his head and adjusted his glasses.

“Brother, here’s a chicken leg for you.” Zhang Shaohui put delicious things into his brother’s bowl out of habit and said, “Brother, eat more. You have to participate in events in the afternoon.”

Lou Wushuang suddenly looked up and asked, “A’Hui, what type of girl do you like?” Zhang Shaohui touched his nose due to this abrupt question and replied, “No girl would like such a rough person.”

“What if someone is looking at you?” Lou Wushuang looked up with sharp eyes.

“That’s unlikely.” Zhang Shaohui smiled and scratched his head. “I am stupid and not good at talking with girls. I don’t have any romantic cells in my body and don’t know how to deliver flowers or gifts. I don’t understand cosmetics and bags.”

He was quite self-aware that he wasn’t romantic. In middle school, he only knew how to play and joined the Ghost Spirits team after graduating high school. He still wasn’t enlightened about girls.

Lou Wushuang thought differently. Zhang Shaohui might not know how to please girls but his strong muscles were enough to cause women to drool. An honest person like him was actually very suitable for living as a husband but he didn’t deal with girls every day in the team. This meant no girls discovered his good points.

Lou Wushuang’s heart stung at the thought that in the future, a woman would be in Zhang Shaohui’s arms and would be held by him.

This silly brother, Lou Wushuang wouldn’t give him up to anyone!

Zhang Shaohui was confused when he found that his brother’s face was red and white. “Brother, why are you suddenly asking me this?”

“It’s nothing.” Lou Wushuang gave him a piece of ribs with a cold expression. “Eat.”

“Ah.” Zhang Shaohui didn’t find any abnormalities in his brother and concentrated on eating.

After dinner, Zhang Shaohui actively packed up and lay down on his bed. He played with his phone for a while and was just planning to take a nap when Lou Wushuang came over. Lou Wushuang looked at him calmly and asked, “Didn’t you want me to touch your abs?”

Zhang Shaohui laughed. “Here Brother, you can touch. I played every day so my muscles are harder.”

He unabashedly pulled up his t-shirt, revealing a beautiful eight pack to Lou Wushuang. In order to show off his good body, he specifically tightened his lower abdomen. The beautiful muscles were enough to give people a nosebleed…

Lou Wushuang’s heart beat quickly but the expression on his face was calm. He sat on the edge of the bed and poked his brother’s abdominal muscles.

The muscles were really hard…

Lou Wushuang suddenly got an image of being hugged by this person and an unnatural red spread on his cheeks.

Zhang Shaohui saw him blush and was puzzled. “Brother, do you feel uncomfortable?”

Lou Wushuang didn’t speak as he continued to touch the hard abs. Then he commented, “A good body.”

Zhang Shaohui smiled happily. “Yes!” His mind might be relatively simple but his limbs were developed! He was a lot handsomer than Cheng Wei who had a simple mind and limbs.

Cheng Wei gave a big sneeze from the next room.

Lou Wushuang’s lips were raised as he thought, ‘One day, you will be mine. So protect these muscles well. Your will be very powerful in this aspect and a blessed s*x life is guaranteed.’

Lou Wushuang thought this and then got into Zhang Shaohui’s bed.

Zhang Shaohui was startled and immediately moved over. “Brother, what are you doing?”

Lou Wushuang replied with no expression, “I’m cold.”

Zhang Shaohui wondered if the air conditioner was too strong.

Lou Wushuang had been afraid of the cold since childhood. When they were young, their childhood home wasn’t heated. The winter climate was humid but the bed was cold. The two little boys often shared a bed and hugged each other to sleep so they could be warm.

Zhang Shaohui reached out and held his brother in his arms. He whispered, “I will hold you to sleep.”

Lou Wushuang removed his glasses and put his arm around his brother’s waist.

Zhang Shaohui was completely unaware that his brother was smiling as he buried his face in the sturdy chest.


Zhang Shaohui used Lou Wushuang as a pillow and slept very well, but he also heartlessly snored. Lou Wushuang wasn’t sleep so he nestled in the warm embrace, his long fingers moving up and down his brother’s back.

When the alarm sounded, Zhang Shaohui opened dazed eyes and found the white beauty in his arms. He was stunned as he stared at the person before smiling. “Brother, you look better when you aren’t wearing glasses.”

Lou Wushuang usually wore glasses. The eyes behind the lens were cold and particularly sharp, giving him the nickname of Viper. At this time, he was slightly squinting because of myopia but this gave him a lazy s*xiness.

Zhang Shaohui’s heart beat faster at the sight and Lou Wushuang hurriedly put on his glasses, pretending to have a cold expression. “Get up.”

“Yes!” Zhang Shaohui immediately got up.

The two people had just dressed when there was a knock on the door. Lou Wushuang opened it and found Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei standing on the outside. Tan Shitian smiled politely and asked, “Captain Lou, are you ready? Let’s go down together.”

“Yes.” Lou Wushuang looked back. “A’Hui, hurry up.”

“I’m coming!” Zhang Shaohui quickly put on his shoes and emerged. “Let’s go!”


The four people headed downstairs together where they found the contestants’ vehicle waiting. They got on and saw that Ling Xuefeng was already sitting down. Chairman Nan checked that everyone arrived and then the driver headed to the venue.

In the vehicle, Nan Jiangang said, “This afternoon’s event is the fun race. Before the event starts, we have to do the draw for the 3v3 event. We have two teams so this draw is very important. At the very least, we can’t draw the same group!”

Cheng Wei actively raised his hand and suggested, “Chairman, let Captain Tan go and pick. I made him wash his hands five times after getting up at noon today.”

Su Guangmo looked across the aisle at Cheng Wei. “Does washing hands work?”

“Of course!” Cheng Wei said, “When I played the online game, I washed my hands every time I did an instance and always got excellent equipment!”

Tan Shitian was amused by this little guy and rubbed his head. “Don’t talk nonsense and listen to the chairman’s arrangement.”

Nan Jiangang asked, “Then Captain Tan, do you want to do the draw for team 2?”

“No problem.”

“Who will go for team 1?”

Ling Xuefeng volunteered. “I’ll go.”

Nan Jiangang nodded. “Okay, once the group draws are over, you are free to participate in the afternoon entertainment if you want. The 3v3 matches will start tonight. Don’t be distressed and try your best.”


The Carnival’s highlight, the 3v3 event officially kicked off at 7 p.m.

Before the start of the afternoon races, each team sent a representative to the stage to draw lots and determine the groups. A total of 20 teams from 16 countries were enrolled and it was divided into four groups. Groups A and B were in the upper half while groups C and D were in the lower half. First, teams would be selected for the quarter-finals. Then the top four would be selected before deciding the first, second and third place.

This type of competition was similar to many world competitions of sporting events. However, the random draw method meant it was possible for two teams from one country to draw the same group. The two teams from France were unlucky enough to both draw Group A. However, the US and South Korea successfully avoided their own people. South Korea’s teams were in Group A and C while the US team’s were in Group B and C.

Once it was China’s turn, many domestic spectators held their breaths nervously.

Don’t draw the same group like the helpless French team!

Many people prayed silently with folded hands.

Ling Xuefeng of team 1 took to the stage and drew Group C.

Yu Bing said, “Group C is currently the strongest group. We can see that US team 1 and South Korean team 2 have been allocated to Group C. The grouping of world renowned players means it will be difficult to win Group C.”

“Sister Bing is right. This group is very strong.” Kou Hongyi followed up. “But the combination of Ling, Su and Chu isn’t weak. There is still a large chance of getting into the top two of the group.”

“That’s true.” Yu Bing nodded in agreement. “I hope that team 2 doesn’t draw Group C.”

As she was speaking, Tan Shitian went to the host and put his hand into the box.

He unfolded the note he had drawn and many spectators jumped up excitedly. It was Group D!

Kou Hongyi found it hard to hide his excitement as his voice shook. “Tan Shitian really has a red hand! Group D has the weakest teams. It seems there will be no problem for our team 2 to enter the top 8.”

The domestic live broadcast started a new round of comments. [Praise Captain Tan’s hand!]

[The small red hand is too powerful!]

[Captain Tan, have strength! I will go and forward your posts on Weibo to give you some traffic!]

The people on the Internet praised Tan Shitian while Tan Shitian showed a happy smile to the camera.


Li Cangyu’s phone suddenly lit up. He looked down and saw that Ling Xuefeng had actually sent him a text message with a simple sentence: [I drew Group C.]

Was this meant to ask for comfort?

Li Cangyu smiled and comforted him: [Never mind. You can still win Group C.]

Ling Xuefeng said: [Are you free at dinner time? Come to the hotel to see me.”


[Help me form some tactics.]

[You thought of me?]

[Of course. Your thoughts are very different from mine and maybe you can give me better advice.] Ling Xuefeng quickly typed before sending another message: [Will you come? I’ll pick you up at the hotel’s entrance.]

[Okay, you personally invited me so I will come when the afternoon events are over.] Li Cangyu quickly replied.

Xiao Han sat next to Li Cangyu and found that his master was texting someone with a small smile on his face. His eyes were very gentle and he looked different from the usual handsome and decisive Cat God.

Xiao Han couldn’t help thinking, ‘Is Cat God’s expression so gentle because he is texting his girlfriend?’ Shouldn’t his teacher have a young woman? Was she a professional player? Was she pretty? Was she the cold stewardess type or the cute loli type?

He was really curious about the Miracle League in China.

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