GLS: Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – Striving for Favour

The morning’s entertainment basketball event was very happy. In the third game, the host selected a few lucky viewers to go on stage to play with the great gods, causing the atmosphere to become bustling.

At 12, the Carnival was paused as they entered the lunch break

Cheng Wei immediately ran towards Li Cangyu. “Cat God, I will invite you to eat lunch!”

He turned and found Vice-Captain Bai was also present. Cheng Wei smiled and greeted him. “Vice-Captain Bai, long time no see!”

Bai Xuan smiled and said, “Yes, you have become taller!”

“Yes, Vice-Captain Bai also looks good.” Cheng Wei was very happy.

Unexpectedly, he found a person with black eyes and blond hair following behind Bai Xuan. Cheng Wei looked at him curiously before thinking he was a random and ignoring him. Then Xiao Han went to Li Cangyu and asked, “Master, where are we going for lunch?”

Cheng Wei immediately stared in shock. “What did you call him?”

Xiao Han repeated, “Master.”

Bai Xuan explained, “This is the apprentice that Cat God just accepted.”

“…” Cheng Wei stared bitterly at Xiao Han, his cheeks puffing up.

Li Cangyu smiled, “You look just like a great god!”

“…” Cheng Wei clung to Cat God’s arm. “I also want to worship, I also want to worship! Why did you accept him as an apprentice and not me?” He stared at Xiao Han while speaking.

Xiao Han was killed by Cheng Wei’s gaze and looked at Li Cangyu in a daze.

Bai Xuan was entertained on the side. It was like a cat with his fur sticking up and a Persian cat fighting for a handsome black cat. Cat God’s body seemed to have a magnetic field that attracted young people. The young people in the league were all his fans.

Li Cangyu helplessly rubbed his temples and looked at Cheng Wei. “You are the vice-captain of the Time team, shouldn’t you be more mature?”

Cheng Wei lowered his head in a depressed manner and Li Cangyu rubbed his ears. “Be obedient. In my heart, you are like my little brother and your current identity isn’t suitable for acknowledging me as a master. Do you understand?”

Brother? Didn’t this seem more intimate than apprentice?

Cheng Wei’s eyes brightened and he nodded with satisfaction. “Yes! Then he should call me Uncle.” Cheng Wei looked back at Xiao Han and raised his chin. “Since you are a younger generation, I won’t care about you.”

Xiao Han, “…”

—The first round of competition, Cheng Wei won.

Xiao Han was still in a curious and dazed state because he wasn’t clear about the relationship between his master and this person.


Cheng Wei wanted to have lunch together. As a result, Bai Xuan said, “The Carnival has just stopped so the restaurants nearby will definitely be crowded. It is better to go home and eat. I will cook a few dishes.”

Li Cangyu agreed while Cheng Wei had no opinion and naturally followed them.

Once everyone arrived at home, Bai Xuan went to cook while Uncle Zhang helped him. Xiao Han and Xiao Gu ran to the living room to play a boxing game. Cheng Wei was at Li Cangyu’s side and constantly asking him questions. “Who is Xiao Han? What about Xiao Gu? Are they all members of your team?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes, I only have six members on my team at the moment.”

“There are only five here. Is there one more?”

“Xie Shurong. He is with the ICE team today and it isn’t convenient for him to come over. He will return home with me when his contract expires at the end of the year.”

“A’Shu?” Cheng Wei was stunned. As one of the two strongest players who debuted in the third season, Cheng Wei was naturally familiar with Xie Shurong. He didn’t expect A’Shu to join Cat God’s team and was very happy for Li Cangyu. “If he is there, your team will definitely be excellent!”

Li Cangyu sighed, “My luck this time is really good.”

Cheng Wei was silent for a moment before suddenly saying, “Cat God, in fact, I… I signed a contract with the Time team for only three years. This year happens to be the sixth season and my contract will expire at the end of the year.”

Li Cangyu knew what he wanted to say but pretended not to know. He turned back and asked, “So what?”

Cheng Wei whispered, “If I move to your team, will you accept me?”

Li Cangyu replied decisively. “No.”

Cheng raised his head in surprise. “Why? Is my level worse than Xie Shurong?”

Li Cangyu helplessly patted Cheng Wei’s head. “Both of you have contracts expiring at the end of the year but your situation is different from A’shu. How old are you? Don’t be so impulsive.”

“I’m not being impulsive. I’m serious.” Cheng Wei looked seriously at Li Cangyu. “Isn’t your team still missing people? Moreover, my contract with Time is expiring. I am free to leave so I will talk to Manager Li.”

“What about Tan Shitian?” Li Cangyu asked.

Cheng Wei scratched his head and said, “He signed a five year contract with Time.”

“I mean, what will he do when you’re gone?” Li Cangyu looked seriously at Cheng Wei. “Tan Shitian became the captain of Time shortly after he debuted. He was a newcomer who took over as captain and guaranteed that Time’s performance didn’t decline. You definitely didn’t care about the team’s matters. How you thought about how hard it was for Captain Tan to lead the team?”

“…” Cheng Wei was stunned and couldn’t speak for a moment.

“Why did I choose to take my brothers to Wulin instead of joining another team alone? It is because I have responsibility as a captain. As a captain, I have to handle that responsibility. But you, as vice-captain, actually say that you want to leave. Completely ignoring your teammates, do you have any sense of responsibility in your heart?”

Li Cangyu’s voice was so serious and powerful that he couldn’t refute it.

“Cheng Wei, when Xu Luo left, he didn’t give the captain’s position to you because you are impulsive and never consider problems from the perspective of others. You are 19 years old, not a 16 year old emotional child. I can understand that you are grateful to me for guiding you but don’t forget that the Time team is the place that raised you.”

Li Cangyu looked at Cheng Wei and declared, “Without the Time team, you wouldn’t be able to rise to the peak. Now you are going to abandon them when you are famous. What will the fans of the Time team think of you? What would your teammates say? What would Tan Shitian think of you?”

“…” Cheng Wei lowered his head and didn’t speak, his eyes red.

He saw the little guy hanging his head with a pathetic look and couldn’t help softening his heart. “I am saying this for your own good. Xiao Wei, it is time for you to grow up. The thing I want to see most is for you to become a good vice-captain, not following me to my team. Once your strength becomes equal to mine one day, it will prove that I wasn’t wrong in bothering to teach you that year. Do you understand?”

“…I understand.” Cheng Wei nodded.

Cat God was right. He was really too impulsive. He could leave the team after the contract expired but if he left Time now, they would be in great trouble without a successor to the white magician.

He had never considered the situation from Tan Shitian’s perspective. He always felt that the smiling Tan Shitian wasn’t serious and wasn’t as good a captain as Cat God and Captain Xu…

Today he was taught a lesson by Cat God and instantly sobered up.

If it wasn’t for Tan Shitian, maybe the Time team would’ve already fallen!

Why didn’t he think about it? After the new captain took over the team, it was necessary to handle the relationship between players. He needed to ensure that the team members listened to his commands, ensure that the team’s performance didn’t decline, draw fans to the team and cope with the media…. Cheng Wei didn’t do anything as the vice-captain so Tan Shitian must be very tired, right? If it wasn’t for Tan Shitian’s abilities, the Time team would’ve been squeezed out of the ranks of the giants.

Cheng Wei was sad and embarrassed when he thought of this. He even felt disgraced in front of Cat God.

“I…I was wrong…” Cheng Wei whispered, “I will go back and renew my contract. I want to be a good vice-captain.”

Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Xiao Wei, your goal should be to surpass the big gods in the alliance. You are only 19 years old and can play for several years. Your future is boundless. You should put your vision a bit higher, understand?”

Cheng Wei nodded hard. “Yes!”

He knew that Cat God was really good to him because who didn’t want him as a teammate? Moreover, Cat God’s team was now lacking people. If he joined, he would definitely be a big help to Cat God.

However, Cat God decisively refused in consideration for Cheng Wei’s future…

This was really seeing him as a younger brother!

Cheng Wei was moved by Li Cangyu and said seriously, “Thank you Cat God.”

Li Cangyu smiled and rubbed his head. “I just want you to understand.”


After eating lunch and returning to the hotel, Cheng Wei swiped his card at his room door. As soon as he entered, Tan Shitian nervously pulled him over. “Where have you been? I called your phone and didn’t get through. I thought you were lost! Did you eat? I bought you takeaway. Would you like to heat it up and eat it?”

Cheng Wei couldn’t help feeling bitter when he saw Tan Shitian’s concerned eyes and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry…”

Tan Shitian became slightly stiff as he was smothered by the little guy. He found that Cheng Wei’s eyes were red and couldn’t help asking, “What is this?”

Cheng Wei buried his head in Tan Shitian’s chest and spoke in an embarrassed manner. “I was wrong…”

“What’s wrong?” Tan Shitian was dumbfounded.

Cheng Wei whispered, “I saw Cat God today and went to lunch with him. I told him that… my contract with Time is soon expiring and I want to join his team.”

Tan Shitian frowned.

Cheng Wei’s head hung lower. “I ended up being scolded by Cat God. I have figured things out so once we return home, I will renew my contract with Time for another three years, just like you.”

Tan Shitian was relieved when he heard this. Cat God really killed Cheng Wei’s impulsive idea!

Cheng Wei went on to say, “I was being too willful and never thought of your feelings. I’m sorry. I am probably the most unqualified vice-captain in the league. Later…I will help you out. If you aren’t busy, please teach me…”

Tan Shitian still didn’t talk.

Cheng Wei looked up at him. “Are you angry?”

Tan Shitian couldn’t help smiling at the sight of the wet eyes and gently pinched Cheng Wei’s face. “Did you cry after being scolded by Cat God?”

“I didn’t cry. I’m not crybaby Zhu Qingyue.” Cheng Wei looked embarrassed. “I just… felt sad…”

Tan Shitian helplessly sighed in the bottom of his heart. He guessed that Li Cangyu’s scolding of Cheng Wei wasn’t light. The big cat was an elder to the kitten. The kitten did wrong so the big cat should scold him.

He wanted to leave Time? Tan Shitian would scold him all day!

Tan Shitian saw Cheng Wei’s guilt, remorse and red eyes and couldn’t help softening. He extended his arms, gently hugged Cheng Wei and said softly, “Okay, don’t be sad. It is good that you are willing to stay in Time.”

He never realized before that Tan Shitian’s embrace was so forgiving and warm.

Cheng Wei remembered the past and felt ashamed. He buried his head and declared seriously, “Captain Tan, after this, I will help you manage the Time team together.”

“Yes.” Tan Shitian smiled and held this little fellow tightly.

In fact, Tan Shitian didn’t need a strong vice-captain. His ability alone was enough to manage the affairs of the team. Cheng Wei was emotional, silly, had a simple heart and was impulsive…

However, it was this simple and straightforward teenager that attracted Tan Shitian’s eyes.

Bullying him, making him angry, looking at his hair that stood up… but also wanting to take care of him, protect him and hug him.

It seemed that Cat God’s lecture was lethal, making Cheng Wei completely wake up. It was surprising that Cheng Wei said he would actually help manage the team.

This was the first time Cheng Wei took the initiative to hug Tan Shitian. The person in his arms was soft and the furry head was buried in Tan Shitian’s chest, making Cheng Wei seem like a cat.

Tan Shitian was extremely happy at the thought of him and Cheng Wei fighting together in the league in the future!

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