GLS: Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Fun Ball Game

After the opening ceremony, the first event of the day officially started.

Today’s entertainment project was a basketball game. The map in the game was made into a standard basketball field. 10 players participated in each round and the system randomly assigned them to the red team and the blue team.

The rules of the game were very simple. The basketball was an item that could be picked up when the player was half a metre from it. A player with the basketball would have a mark on top of their heads and the basketball would fall when controlled by the opponent’s skill or blood fell. Once it fell to the ground, other people could grab the ball. As soon as the ball reached the basket, there would be a ‘shooting’ prompt where the player could aim at the basket and shoot the ball.

It was an entertainment project involving game characters so there was no difference between forwards or defenders and the judgment on fouls wasn’t as strict. They just needed to grab the basketball and score in the basket.

On the big screen, the 10 characters logged into the game in turn. The host gave everyone time to read the rules that were translated into multiple languages.

The players on both sides were ready and as soon as the basketball appeared, the group of people immediately swarmed.

There were no Chinese members in this batch of players. The fastest person was the American team’s elf archer, Thomas. He was a strong black youth who always showed white teeth when smiling. He ran to the basketball and picked it up with a very fast hand speed. Then he rushed to the basket, stood there and shot!

“The ball went in!” The host said excitedly. “However, it seems to be the wrong basket…”

System decision: Blue team +1 point.

Thomas of the red team found that he added points to the other side and typed with a blank face in the public channel: [??]

Audience, “…”

Those who watched basketball games knew that the ball had to be thrown into the opposite basket to count. Thomas held the basketball and threw it into his side’s basket, giving the opponent one point.

In the audience, Cheng Wei smiled and cried out, “Isn’t this person stupid? Throwing the ball into his home’s side, haha!”

Li Cangyu heard the familiar voice coming from a row behind him. He looked back and found Cheng Wei, Zhang Shaohui and the others sitting in one of the rows behind him. Li Cangyu hadn’t noticed when sitting down because there were too many people. Now he looked back when he heard Chinese and met Cheng Wei’s eyes.

Cheng Wei’s eyes brightened and he waved excitedly. “Cat God, Cat God!”

If it hadn’t been for the people in front of him, Cheng Wei would’ve eagerly pounced over. He really did look like an excited cat.

Li Cangyu smiled and gestured for him to sit down. Cheng Wei hurriedly sat down and used his hands to signal them to eat together later on. Li Cangyu made an OK gesture and Cheng Wei smiled happily.

Bai Xuan saw this scene and softly explained in Xiao Han’s ear. “That person is Cheng Wei, the Time team’s vice-captain. He is Cat God’s number one brainless fan and he will definitely be jealous if he knew that Cat God accepted you as an apprentice.”

Xiao Han scratched his head with confusion and asked, “The vice-captain of Time is a fan of Master? Is Master very powerful?”

Bai Xuan smiled and patted the youth on the shoulder. “You will know later.”

Lou Wushuang sat in the contestant seats and sent a text message to his brother. [Thomas is really your kind.]

Zhang Shaohui replied: [How are we the same kind? I am yellow-skinned and he is black!]

Lou Wushuang wasn’t polite. [You are the same type of single-celled animals with developed limbs and simple minds.]

Zhang Shaohui automatically ignored the latter half of the sentence and happily replied: [Brother, are you praising my well-developed limbs? I’ve been playing basketball every day and my figure recently became better. I have an eight pack. Once we go back at night, I will let you touch it.”

Lou Wushuang, “…”


On the big screen, the red and blue teams in the fun basketball game had fallen into a scuffle. Once the basketball was taken away by the other party, everyone hurriedly fought. All types of professional moves filled the basketball court and it was unknown where the basketball item had gone.

The blue team’s agile assassin aimed at the basketball and ran over. He wanted to use the stealth function but found it couldn’t be used here. He only hesitated for a second and the basketball was once again taken away by Thomas of the US!

The host was excited. “Oh, it is our fast moving Thomas!”

Then Thomas ran all the way and threw the ball into the basket.

System decision: Blue team +1 point.

Thomas typed with a blank face: [??]

The host said, “…He once again threw it in the wrong place.”

The live audience burst out laughing.

A British member on the same team explained it to him for a long time before Thomas understood. He laughed and scratched the back of his head in a silly action.

In the domestic live broadcast, the fans commented: [Thomas is a teasing monkey!]

[He is obviously a spy sent by the blue team hahaha!]

[If he later meets a member of the Chinese team, please continue to give away points!]

The black young man was the vice-captain of the huge American AK team. He had a strong individual ability and was a relatively famous elf bard in the world. Tan Shitian might be very famous in China but he didn’t have as much fame as Thomas in the world. It was just that Thomas had a fatal flaw. He often relied on intuition, a typical hot-blooded player who pressed buttons.

The one sentence evaluation of him was ‘developed fingers and a simple mind.’

His hand speed was very fast. He was comparable to Li Cangyu but he didn’t think as much. He was usually controlled when fighting under his captain’s command. Today no one directed his play so he became a wild horse that gave his opponent two points in a row…

Zhang Shaohui couldn’t help laughing at the sight. “This is the most famous archer in the world at the moment. Does Tan Shitian have any interest in going toe to toe with him? Cheng Wei, did you captain join the 1v1 event?”

Cheng Wei replied, “He didn’t join today’s 1v1 project. He might join tomorrow.”

The curious Zhu Qingyue asked, “What about basketball? Is he going to play in the basketball game? It looks like fun.”

Zhang Shaohui said, “My brother definitely won’t join!”

Of the players selected for the Carnival, Ling Xuefeng and Chu Yan had a relatively calm temperament while Lou Wushuang was relatively cold. The three of them weren’t interested in the boisterous basketball event. Liu Xiang was gentle and a healer. Stealing the basketball was too difficult for her. Su Guangmo had a hearty personality and Tan Shitian was humorous so they were more likely to join the basketball event together.

The result of the first round was quickly announced. Thanks to Thomas giving away points… the blue team won and were given souvenirs from the organizers.

Then the IDs for the second round of players appeared on the big screen.

Li Cangyu looked up and saw Tenday and MOMO. Sure enough, Tan Shitian and Su Guangmo joined and they happened to both be on the red team!

At the beginning of the game, Tan Shitian took advantage of the elf’s agility and picked up the basketball. Someone wanted to intercept him but he evaded with a clever movement. Later, someone controlled him. Su Guangmo suddenly used Spirit Lock to stop the person from interfering with Tan Shitian.

With Su Guangmo to cover him, Tan Shitian took the ball and quickly arrived at the basket. They shot the ball and the red team scored one point!

Next, the blue team started off with the ball. The assassin on the opposite side ran forward and Su Guangmo directly used the big move Light and Shadow Rotation to stop him. Tan Shitian took the opportunity to grab the ball and turned using Flying Feather Steps. He rushed to the basket and the ball once again went in. The red team got another point!

Deafening applause suddenly filled the venue.

The red team scored two points less than one minute after the opening. The expressions on the faces of the blue team’s players were stunned. The cooperation between Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian was too fast. Su Guangmo’s Light and Shadow Rotation and Tan Shitian’s elf movements were so fast that they were caught off guard.

In the commentator’s room, Yu Bing saw this scene and couldn’t help saying, “In fact, Captain Su and Captain Tan also play basketball in reality. I remember they play against each other sometimes and today they are playing together. It is natural to have a tacit understanding.”

Kou Hongyi looked back at Yu Bing. “Speaking of basketball… is there any other player in the league who plays?”

“Vice-Captain Zhang Shaohui of Ghost Spirits is also very good. According to his brother, Zhang Shaohui was captain of his high school’s basketball team. And…” Yu Bing suddenly stopped talking. Kou Hongyi asked, “Who else?”

—And Li Cangyu.

Yu Bing was silent for two seconds before changing her words. “There are also several old players who have retired.”

Kou Hongyi saw that Yu Bing didn’t want to talk any more and didn’t ask.

In fact, Li Cangyu played particularly well.

Yu Bing still remembered when she saw Li Cangyu and Su Guangmo playing. After the opening of the third season, several players would go to the basketball court behind the hotel in the evening when they were bored.  Li Cangyu was only 20 years old at the time and was slender and well-proportioned. He looked handsome when running with the ball.

Dribbling, moving, layup… all his actions were like a professional basketball player.

Yu Bing watched him played and thought of a scene. It was a sleeping cat who found prey and immediately unsheathed his sharp claws. He ran steadily and caught the mouse, killing it. He was decisive and simple, without wasting any time!

Li Cangyu dribbled the ball very fast. As long as it was in his hands, Su Guangmo found it very difficult to intercept.

Su Guangmo’s level wasn’t low. His style of playing favoured a fierce dunk so their single match against each other was very fierce.

At that time, there were a few players watching the game. Ling Xuefeng’s expression was cold but his eyes kept following the figure in the centre of the court. Cheng Wei cheered for Cat God while Xie Shurong cheered for his brother. Yu Pingsheng stayed as quiet as a ghost.

Finally, Su Guangmo lost by two points and the sweaty Li Cangyu walked under the setting sun, his whole body seeming to give off a dazzling halo.

Ling Xuefeng thoughtfully handed him a bottle of water and a towel, stating in a low and gentle voice, “Wipe off your sweat.”

“Yes, thank you.” Li Cangyu smiled at Ling Xuefeng as he used the towel to wipe his sweat. He turned and found Yu Bing watching on the side and waved to her. “Yu Bing, do you want to go eat with us? I will treat you.”

Yu Bing, who was just passing by, was fortunate enough to follow them to eat.

This was three years ago and her memories were still impressive. This person was too dazzling, strong and distinct. She always wondered why he had such bad luck and was unable to get the trophy.

While Yu Bing was distracted, the score on the court had quickly become 10:2.

Kou Hongyi sighed. “Captain Tan and Captain Su have completed covered the ball. The match is flowing with them! The people on the other side are completely stunned. It seems that this time, the red team will win!”

Sure enough, the 10 minute game finished and the red team clearly won with a big lead.

Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian looked very happy. They received souvenirs and sat back down with the contestants.

During the intermission time, the on-site camera cut to the auditorium and a familiar figure flashed on the screen. The person’s facial features weren’t particularly exquisite but combined together, he looked distinct and profound. He had a pair of dark eyes and was very handsome.

Yu Bing stared with astonishment. Was that Cat God?

However, when she wanted to look closely, the camera had already cut away. This was just to see the audience’s enthusiasm and the man’s face only flashed on the camera for a short time. It was too short for people to recognize him.

Yu Bing was suddenly reminded of a text message that Liu Xiang sent her yesterday. [Sister Bing, today I saw Cat God in New York. Cat God invited us to eat and also wished you well.]

Li Cangyu was in New York so he really had come to the venue right?

Yu Bing forced down her excited mood as she thought, ‘The person who has long been buried must have a day to shine!’

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