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Chapter 73 – Receiving an Apprentice

October 1st was a day when everyone was idle. Xiao Gu wanted to go to the legendary biggest Miracle store in the world. Xiao Han didn’t express an opinion but once the surrounding stores were mentioned, his eyes turned bright. Li Cangyu decided to take everyone to the stores.

The World Carnival attracted Miracle fans from all over the world. Once Li Cangyu arrived at the shopping centre, he found that there were crowds of people here, with some well-known shops having long queues.

The third floor contained the largest Miracle Square, with six racial status with realistic appearance at the entrance. These status were over two metres tall and many tourists stood with the statue to take a group photo.

Gu Siming tugged Xiao Han and rushed into the surrounding stores. He faced a large row of game models in the window and  finally decided to buy a model of a paladin. He was just about to pay when Zhang Jueming patted the back of his head. “You are stupid. Coming all the way to buy this stuff when the domestic Taobao stores have it at almost the same price and even do home deliveries!”

Gu Siming, “…”

Bai Xuan also came over and smiled at Xiao Gu. “Your Uncle Zhang is right. These globally distributed models don’t need to be bought in New York. Their prices are unified and they can be bought domestically. If you want to buy something, you might as well buy the limited editions that aren’t available in China.”

Gu Siming suddenly realized. “Oh, that’s right!”

Bai Xuan had a collecting hobby. His eyes quickly locked on a glass counter and he walked Xiao Gu over to it, pointing to a display of exquisite goods. “These are all limited editions.”

Gu Siming wanted to take the entire glass counter back with him. Unfortunately, the limited editions goods were expensive. He brought a lot of money but he could only buy a few pieces. What should he buy? Gu Siming lowered his head and carefully selected.

Xiao Han also walked to the limited edition area and his eyes lingered on a box of bookmarks. Bai Xuan walked over to him and smiled. “This set of bookmarks is to commemorate the sixth season, including all the current classes in Miracle. The metal is well preserved and it won’t fade for several years.”

Xiao Han nodded at Vice-Captain Bai’s comments. “The physical bookmarks are better than the online photos.”

“Do you want to buy it?” Bai Xuan asked.

“…” Xiao Han looked at the price. This set of bookmarks was particularly expensive and he didn’t have that much money on him. Buying the limited edition items was too extravagant. Perhaps he could buy a set of paper as commemoration. Xiao Han thought this and looked up. “I won’t buy it.”

Then he reluctant removed his gaze to other areas.

Bai Xuan looked at the teenager’s upright back and smiled slightly. Li Cangyu was coming this way so Bai Xuan immediately pulled him to a corner and said softly, “Xiao Han obviously doesn’t have much money when he came to New York this time. He just looked at a limited edition bookmarks set and wasn’t willing to buy it. Do you want to buy it for him?”

“Oh, there is little meaning.” Li Cangyu used his credit card and bought the bookmarks set that Xiao Han was just looking at. Then he walked to the teenager and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “Xiao Han, this is for you.”

Xiao Han turned and found that Li Cangyu was holding the item he had been paying attention to for a long time but wasn’t willing  to buy. He felt touched but protested, “I… I can’t accept you gift…”

“So polite.” Li Cangyu laughed. “It is a good thing to accept. I am older than you and have earned more money than you. If you don’t mind, it is better to become my apprentice.”

Xiao Gu’s ears were very sharp. When he heard this, he rushed over and said, “Quickly agree! Cat God has never taken an apprentice before! If Cheng Wei knows this then he will definitely be jealous to death, hahaha. You can be out team’s little prince! You will be on par with Qin Mo!”

Xiao Han, “…”

Who was Cheng Wei? Who was Qin Mo? He could never understand the little madman’s words.

Li Cangyu saw Xiao Han’s stunned expression. He patted the boy on his shoulder and said, “I want to accept you as an apprentice because you are very talented. If you really want to be good at playing Miracle, you can follow me. I have played in competitions for many years and my experience is richer than yours.”

Cat God was actually being humble because his level could already be considered world-class.  Xiao Han was a rookie without professional training. The most powerful proof was that he was killed down to his underwear in the online game.

Xiao Han didn’t know how strong this person was. He only knew that the other person was a ‘professional player’. He didn’t know much about the domestic Miracle League and never heard the name of Cat God.

However, Li Cangyu’s sincerity moved the teenager.

He was just a small and inconspicuous player. Forget Cat God putting him into his fixed team in the online game. Cat God personally ran to Boston to see him and today he bought such a valuable item and wanted to accept him as an apprentice…

This treatment made Xiao Han feel flattered and particularly warm.

He looked at Li Cangyu in front of him and found that this man’s smile was really handsome!

How could he hesitate to recognize such a master?

Xiao Han thought this and immediately nodded. “Okay, I will acknowledge you as my master!”

Li Cangyu smiled with satisfaction. “Good, I promise that you won’t regret it.”

He hadn’t planned to accept Xiao Han as an apprentice. Then he talked to Ling Xuefeng on the street last night and Ling Xuefeng mentioned that it was rare for a killer to surpass the Lou Zhang combination in the domestic Miracle League. Xiao Han had been abroad and wasn’t affected by the style of killers in the domestic league. He was a piece of white paper and how he grew in the future depended entirely on him.

If Li Cangyu could one day bring this mixed-race boy back to China, maybe he really could become the most distinctive killer on the stage of the Chinese Miracle League?

Besides, Ling Xuefeng had Qin Mo as an apprentice so Li Cangyu couldn’t fall behind.

He looked at the young boy who felt lost after having no money to buy the surrounding goods and softened.  This Xiao Han might’ve experienced some things, leading to a more rebellious and arrogant nature than the average teenager. Li Cangyu wanted to raise this boy and his strong desire to protect this boy made him not hesitate. He decided to accept Xiao Han as an apprentice.

At this point, the teenager’s black eyes were full of emotions. Li Cangyu’s smile couldn’t become wider as he patted the young boy’s head and stuffed the bookmarks set into his hand. He said, “This is Master’s gift to you. I want to buy you something so you don’t have to be polite. Just accept it.”

“…” Xiao Han was happy enough to faint.

It felt good to be fostered by a local tyrant!


Li Cangyu opened the buying mode of a ‘local tyrant’. He bought many goods for Xiao Han and Xiao Gu, making the two youngsters extremely happy.

Li Cangyu didn’t expect that he would actually encounter Ling Xuefeng in these stores.

The eyes of the two men met in the crowd. Ling Xuefeng immediately walked over and said, “What a coincidence. Why are you here?”

“I’m bringing my friends to buy something. What are you doing here?” Li Cangyu looked at him doubtfully.

“I was idle today and decided to help Qin Mo buy something for Yan Ruiwen.” Ling Xuefeng glanced behind him and say Bai Xuan and Zhang Jueming. He took the initiative to greet them first. “Hello.”

Bai Xuan came forward with a smile. “Captain Ling is well.”

Zhang Jueming exclaimed, “This is Ling Xuefeng? I haven’t seen you in so long. You’ve changed a lot.”

Ling Xuefeng said, “You have also changed a lot, Old Zhang.”

Zhang Jueming laughed and touched his chin. “I have a beard. I’m getting old!”

Gu Siming heard Captain Ling’s name and immediately ran over. “Captain Ling!”

Of course, he didn’t dare to directly pounce on this man. After all, Captain Ling was too serious and showed an indifferent expression to everyone apart from Cat God.

Ling Xuefeng looked at the baby-faced boy in front of him and immediately thought of the paladin in Cat’s team… his own black fan.

“Are you Xiao Gu?” Ling Xuefeng nodded to him.

Gu Siming was excited. “Ah, I didn’t expect Captain Ling to know my last name! Hehe! I am Gu Siming!”

Zhang Jueming rubbed his head. “Hurry and ask Captain Ling for a signature.”

“Oh, yes!” Gu Siming opened a packet of freshly bought posters and handed one to Ling Xuefeng. “Captain Ling, can I get a signature?”

Ling Xuefeng was polite and signed  ‘Undead Demon’. This was his registered ID in the Miracle Professional League and he was called a devil by fans. Gu Siming was very excited and cautiously put away the signed poster.

Xiao Han didn’t know who Ling Xuefeng was but after seeing everyone come over to say hello, he came and stood behind Cat God.”

Ling Xuefeng saw this blond, black-eyed mixed-race youth and couldn’t help asking, “Who is this?”

Li Cangyu replied, “The assassin.”

Ling Xuefeng suddenly realized. “Oh, Frost Descends?”

Xiao Han’s eyes widened with surprise. “How do you know my game ID?”

“I’m Steamed Bass and I previously fought with you in the new district.” Ling Xuefeng said.

Xiao Han couldn’t help thinking, ‘This is the one Cat God called the weakest among his friends?’

Li Cangyu took the initiative to say, “His name is Xiao Han and I just accepted him as an apprentice.”

“Is that right?” Ling Xuefeng looked at Xiao Han and found that this young boy looked very cold and stubborn. He seemed a bit like Ling Xuefeng’s arrogant apprentice Qin Mo. However, Ling Xuefeng believed that this little guy would become obedient after a week of training with Li Cangyu.

Ling Xuefeng thought up to here and said, “Train him well and I will let him play with Qin Mo later.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “That is what I intended.”

Xiao Han was very confused when he heard the name Qin Mo but refused to ask. Gu Siming actively came over and explained, “Qin Mo is a rookie in the domestic Miracle League and Captain Ling’s only apprentice. Captain Ling is our Cat God’s strongest opponent so you and Qin Mo will definitely be opponents in the future!”

Xiao Han was very dazed. Didn’t his master say that this person was the weakest among all his friends? How come he was the strongest opponent?

Gu Siming gently patted Xiao Han’s shoulder and said in the tone of a senior, “Young man, you have to refuel!”

“…” Xiao Han darkly glared at him. “Gu Siming, aren’t you a few months younger than me?”

“Really?” Gu Siming pretended not to know.

“…” Xiao Han ignored him while his heart was full of curiosity about China’s Miracle League.

“I have to go first.” Ling Xuefeng looked down at his watch and said. “The official delegation of Chinese reporters will be here soon to film the stores. In order to avoid being recognized, I suggest that you get out of here as soon as possible.”

“I’ll go after buying something.” Li Cangyu replied. “Go first and have a good afternoon rest. The Carnival will open tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Ling Xuefeng turned away. Li Cangyu moved through the stores with his teammates before also leaving.


On the afternoon of the same day, Li Cangyu took everyone to visit a few well-known attractions around the city. They also ate authentic Western food.

It was already dark when they came home and they had to get up early to go to the Carnival venue tomorrow. Li Cangyu suggested that everyone go to bed early.

Xiao Han had a shower and sat on his bed to sort through today’s harvest. Then he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Xiao Han put away the surrounding boxes and Li Cangyu opened the door. Xiao Han quickly got up. “Master.”

“Xiao Han, sit down. I have something to say to you.”

Li Cangyu walked over and sat down next to him. After the shower, the teenager’s skin appeared whiter and his golden hair fell softly over his ears. He looked very cute but always had a cold expression, making Li Cangyu think of a beautiful Persian cat with noble blood.

“Master, did something happen?” Xiao Han asked as he looked up.

Li Cangyu smiled and stared at him earnestly. “Xiao Han, I used to be a professional player and I plan to return to the Miracle League next year. If you are interested in playing the professional league, I can bring you back to China. Our team belongs to the well-known Dragon Song Club in China. The accommodations, training and eating conditions are all good. The players are also easy to get along with. You will certainly adapt if you live there.”

Li Cangyu added, “Of course, if you don’t want to then I won’t force you. After all, you are young and playing in the league isn’t as casual as the online game. You have to think carefully.”

Xiao Han was stunned. “At my level, can I really play in the professional league?”

He played an assassin in the game because he liked hiding in the darkness to kill people. Xiao Han didn’t feel that he had the ability to compete with professional players. The proof was when he fought with Xie Shurong who was a god.

“At your current level, you can’t enter the league.” Li Cangyu patted his apprentice on the shoulder and continued, “But you have many advantages. As long as you receive professional training, you level can definitely improve. I am interested in your great potential.”

Li Cangyu looked at the teenager. “Xiao Han, I will ask you a serious question. Are you interested in the Miracle Professional League?”

“Of course! I always wanted to play but many clubs in the United States aren’t openly recruiting.” Xiao Han made tight fists as he said this. If he wasn’t interested in the professional league, he wouldn’t pay attention to this side of Miracle or have the Chinese player Tree as his idol. Just… Xiao Han scratched his head with hesitation. “My father might not agree.”

Li Cangyu said, “As long as you have a firm attitude, do you want me to help convince your father?”

Xiao Han’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Great!”

Li Cangyu smiled and rubbed his apprentice’s head. “Don’t rush to make a decision. Playing in the league isn’t a simple matter. Once you become a professional player, you must undergo harsh and cruel training. You must also bear failure and embarrassment. I’ll give you a week to think about it and then let me know your decision. You are young and have to think responsibly before making a decision. You can’t be impulsive, understood?”

“…Yes.” Xiao Han nodded.

Li Cangyu was only a few years older than him but this man’s experience made him seem calm. Every sentence was very reasonable. Even if Xiao Han was in his rebellious period, he admired and respected his newly recognized master.

Master was right. He couldn’t make a hasty decision. He would soon be 18 years old and must be responsible for his future. Xiao Han decided to calm down and think about whether he truly wanted to become a professional player.

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“Ling Xuefeng believed that this little guy would become obedient after a week of training with Li Cangyu.” 😂🤣😂 Poor kid, that stick & carrot method is really effective ( & yes the order is reversed on purpose 😅).
Almost 18, so almost an adult by the local standards. I feel better knowing that. At that age, a lot of young ones start their journeys in life, so it’s not a bad time to start his pro career. If he was 16 or something, I would have thought categorically no!
Still, will he have finished high school? That’s important for his after Miracle career. Pro gaming only lasts a few years, I’ve read that the smart gamers get themselves a degree, invest in a company/project, or something else to prepare for after.

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Vei Kyuu
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