GLS: Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Team Gathering

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng separated at the entrance to the hotel. Li Cangyu took a car home. This time, it wasn’t his sister’s home but a small villa that he recently rented.

It wasn’t very convenient to always live in his sister’s house. In addition, Xiao Gu, Uncle Zhang and Xiao Han were coming over. Li Cangyu simply rented a bigger house to receive all this teammates.

He just got home when he heard the voice of a young boy. “This place is very big. Ah, Cat God is rich. There are two floors!”

It was followed by standard Mandarin. “Don’t run around, you little madman! Hey, you really are a little madman!”

This was clearly Zhang Jueming. Li Cangyu laughed and opened the door. “I’m back.”

Xiao Gu immediately pounced. “Cat God is back!”

Li Cangyu was once again almost knocked down and helplessly rubbed his forehead. Were young teenagers these days always so warm and direct?

“Did Bai Xuan arrange a room for you when you arrived?” Li Cangyu asked Zhang Jueming.

“Yes, Vice-Captain Bai cleaned the rooms very well.” Zhang Jueming smiled and pulled the young boy back. “Why are you holding Cat God like that? The qualification certificate to become a brainless fan will definitely be sent to you. Now go and bring your luggage to the bedroom.”

Xiao Gu was taken by his uncle to sort out the luggage. Li Cangyu came to the living room and saw Bai Xuan cutting fruit. He unceremoniously took an apple slice and shoved it in his mouth. He asked, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“It was too late to go home and cook so I took them out to eat.” Bai Xuan looked at the greedy cat eating fruit and smiled. “How was your party with them? How many people were present today?”

“It was a bit much.” Li Cangyu said with a shrug. “I originally thought it would only be the six Carnival players. The result was that 12 people turned up today. These people brought their own followers.”

“So many people!” Bai Xuan was obviously very surprised. “Was Cheng Wei there as well?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu nodded. “There was also Yu Pingsheng, Zhang Shaohui, Xiao Zhu and Red Fox’s vice-captain Yang Muzi.”

Bai Xuan exclaimed, “I haven’t seen these people in a long time.”

Li Cangyu gently wrapped an arm around Bai Xuan’s shoulder. “I will take you to the next party.”

Bai Xuan glanced at him and said, “I’m not very interested in lively parties. Tomorrow night we will be holding a gathering for our own team. Are you planning to go out or stay at home?”

Li Cangyu pointed to Bai Xuan’s hands and laughed. “Of course I will be at home. Our Vice-Captain Bai is cooking and will make them not regret joining the team. They will end up surrounding Chef Bai.”

Bai Xuan heard these words and suddenly thought of a group of dogs and cat salivating over his food. Under Cat God’s leadership, would this team really become a foodie camp?


The next day, Bai Xuan prepared a hearty meal in advance and prepared a full table in the dining room.

At 5 p.m., Xie Shurong arrived on time. Xiao Gu and Uncle Zhang were meeting him for the first time but due to their frequent conversations in the game, everyone wasn’t a stranger and they chatted to each other.

Xiao Han arrived last and looked nervous as he stood in front of this group of people.

Gu Siming looked at the mixed-race teenager who was around the same age as him. He walked over with great enthusiasm and said, “Are you the Underwear Assassin? Hello, my name is Gu Siming. Did you dye your hair?”

Xiao Han, “…”

What did he mean by Underwear Assassin? Could he put away this bizarre title? In addition, his hair wasn’t dyed!

Xiao Han looked at Gu Siming with some unhappiness. The latter looked at him curiously. The two teenagers both had dark eyes but one had black hair while the other was a beautiful gold.

Bai Xuan looked at this scene and something sprouted in his heart. He hurriedly walked over and stretched out to pat both their heads. He said softly, “The two of you just met so don’t quarrel. Let’s go eat first and taste my skills.”

After entering the restaurant, Xiao Han saw a young man and his eyes lit up.

“You are… Tree God?” Xiao Han was seeing his idol with his own eyes so his heart was bound to be excited.

Xie Shurong showed a handsome smile as he acted like a great god. “Hello, I am Xie Shurong and I am a member of Cat God’s new team.”

Xiao Han, “…”

Xie Shurong pointed to the seat next to him and said generously, “Xiao Han, come sit.” Xiao Han sat beside him with a stunned look.

Bai Xuan smiled. ‘Xiao Han, later you will see Xie Shurong’s true self and your image of him will certainly be broken.’


The dishes on the table looked really colourful and delicious. Once Li Cangyu saw that everyone was present, he said, “Start eating. Everyone is welcome.”

Then Xiao Han saw a strange picture. Apart from Bai Xuan, the other four people started to bury their heads in the food. The captain grabbed the fish in front of him, Tree God grabbed the braised pork ribs in front of him. Gu Siming reached out for the eggplant bowl with quick hands while the oldest Uncle Zhang wasn’t to be outdone and his chopsticks stole the biggest chicken wing.

Xiao Han, “…”

How many days had they been hungry?

Bai Xuan saw that Xiao Han was still sitting there stiffly and smiled, handing over a piece of braised pork. “Come eat. If you are too polite to them, you won’t be able to eat later.”

“…Thank you.” Xiao Han chewed on the braised pork while observing the group of people gobbling down their food.

He wasn’t familiar with everyone and felt some shyness when eaten. Later, he found that if he didn’t move fast, he wouldn’t be able to keep up with their speed. Almost all of the vegetable dishes had been eaten. Only one piece of chicken wing was left and Xiao Han hadn’t even tasted it yet. Xiao Han stared at the chicken wing with the sharp eyes of a killer before raising his chopsticks and shooting accurately to grab the chicken wing.

At this table, he successfully grabbed the last chicken wing. He felt a strange sense of accomplishment…

Professional players using their hand speed to grab food… was this what the team was all about?

In addition, there was Tree God. Couldn’t he slow down when he ate? How did this image completely contradict the elegant and fast moving swordsman?


During dinner, no one spoke. It was because everyone’s mouths were full of delicious food and they were busy eating. Who could still chat?

It wasn’t until the meal was over and everyone was touching their bellies contentedly that they headed to the living room to chat.

Li Cangyu smiled and asked, “How was the cooking of our vice-captain?”

Zhang Jueming immediately gave a thumbs up. “Sure enough, he is a legendary chef!”

Xiao Gu also said, “It is so delicious. I have never eaten such delicious eggplant!”

Xie Shurong patted Bai Xuan on the shoulder and spoke proudly. “I joined the team because of Vice-Captain Bai. In addition to being a milk god, Vice-Captain Bai is also a chef!”

Bai Xuan smiled and looked at him. “You can’t get rid of your fate of washing dishes by kissing up to me.”

Xie Shurong immediately hugged Bai Xuan in a petulant manner. “Bai Xuan, good Bai Xuan, you are the best. Can I not wash dishes today? I have been washing them for a month!”

Bai Xuan ordered, “No, hurry and go wash them.”

Xie Shurong was forced to run to the kitchen. As soon as he entered the kitchen, he cried out excitedly, “Great, there is a dishwasher!”

Xiao Han, “…”

He couldn’t think of A’Shu as his idol. Shamelessly holding onto the vice-captain in order to not wash the dishes and then acting like the dishwasher was like winning the lottery… was he truly a great god? Xiao Han was so disillusioned!

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