GLS: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Newcomer

Bai Xuan’s levelling speed was obviously much slower than Li Cangyu. After all, he was playing a healer. If he didn’t team up, the speed at which he fought was terrible. As he was slowly fighting the mobs, Li Cangyu suddenly came over and asked, “What level are you?”

“Level 7.” Bai Xuan looked back at him with surprise. “You reached level 10 so quickly?”

“There were too many people doing tasks in the elf territory so I killed monsters to level up.” Li Cangyu pulled a chair over and sat next to Bai Xuan. “By the way, my sister bought a lot of fruit and put it in the refrigerator. You should go eat a few while I help you do the missions. Once you are level 10, we will enter an instance together.”

“Okay.” Bai Xuan wasn’t polite and brought off a plate of cut fruit.

Li Cangyu picked up a sliced apple and stuffed it into his mouth. Bai Xuan saw this and clearly realized, “In fact, you are the one who wanted to eat the fruit?”

Li Cangyu laughed and didn’t speak.

“…” Bai Xuan was helpless. He looked at the screen and found that his little priest had quickly risen to level 10, making him speak words of praise. “You raise the level like a rocket. I’m level 10 so shall we go to Yisu City?”

“Let’s go.”

The two people were planning to meet at the gate of Yisu City when something popped up on Li Cangyu’s QQ. It was a video request sent by an unexpected ID, Haina Baichuan, the current owner of the Dragon Song Club, Liu Chuan. (TL: Haina Baichuan is an idiom that means all rivers run into the sea/ using different means to obtain the same result)

The contract had just been signed a few days ago so Liu Chuan must be looking for him about the setting up of a new team. Li Cangyu immediately accepted the video invitation, put on the headset and asked, “Boss, what’s the matter?”

“I just returned to Changsha and want to tell you about the current situation of the club.” Liu Chuan saw that the video had connected and directly said, “Several old players on the Dragon Song team are preparing to retire next season. Our staff members are very nervous and most of the training camp newcomers will play in the Wulin Professional League in September. There aren’t many outstanding players remaining so I will let Zewen tell you.”

He spoke while turning to the camera point of view. A man wearing black-rimmed glasses immediately appeared on Li Cangyu’s computer screen. He looked very gentle and a bit bookish. Unlike most e-sports players, he was like a academic researcher. This was the captain of the Dragon Song team, Wu Zewen.

Wu Zewen was a well-known data master of e-sports. When playing Wulin, Li Cangyu often lost to him. However, there was no need to care about the past. Besides, Li Cangyu didn’t feel that he was lacking compared to Wu Zewen. Both Miracle and Wulin teams belonged to the same club so they would be partners in data sharing in the future.

Li Cangyu smiled and took the initiative to say hello to Wu Zewen. “Captain Wu, long time no see.”

“Hello Cat God.” Wu Zewen adjusted his glasses and spoke seriously to the camera. “At present, there are three new talents in the Dragon Songs’ training camp. Two of them are already scheduled to play with me in Wulin next season while one person is uncertain. When Liu Chuan first said that he wanted to build a team in Miracle, I let this child play Miracle for a few months. You should look at his level and if you feel  that he is qualified, I will hand him to you.”

He beckoned to someone else and said, “Xiao Gu, come and say hello to Cat God.”

The young boy immediately shouted, “Hello Cat God!”

The teenager was very cute. He had a baby fat round face, a pair of big eyes with long and thick eyelashes and black hair that curled softly around the ears. He looked particularly well-behaved and obedient.

Li Cangyu looked at this baby and was surprised. “He is an e-sports player?”

“Do you like him?” Liu Chuan smiled and rubbed the head of the young boy. “His name is Gu Siming and he just turned 17 this year. He might look very shy right now but he is definitely a little madman when playing a game. Not only is he highly talented, he also works hard in the training camp and has made fast progress. He is the object of Zewen’s training and his foundation is very solid, which is why I dare recommend him to you.”

The young boy was embarrassed by the praise and smiled shyly, reaching out to scratch the back of his head.

Li Cangyu immediately noticed his hands., This youth’s ten fingers were slender and flexible. It was truly a hand suitable for playing games.

“Xiao Gu has practiced some Miracle classes in the training camp and hasn’t decided yet. His potential hasn’t been fully explored so I want to give him to you. Perhaps he will come in handy when the Miracle league starts next year.” Liu Chuan smiled and explained. “The other players you will have to first recruit in the game. My side will also pay attention and we will communicate with you whenever we encounter a good seedling.”

“No problem.” Li Cangyu nodded.

Liu Chuan wasn’t a person who would stop paying attention after signing the contract. He loved e-sports and had clearly been preparing to make a strong team for Miracle.

The Dragon Song training camp was always strict and the talent of the players that Liu Chuan personally picked certainly wouldn’t be bad.

Gu Siming might look young but since Liu Chuan dared introduce him to Li Cangyu, this Gu Siming must have something extraordinary.

As for how to explore his potential, it was given over to the new captain to handle.

Li Cangyu smiled slightly when he thought of this and said, “Xiao Gu, create an account in Miracle and go to the Moonlight Forest server to find me.”

Gu Siming’s eyes lit up and he immediately nodded like a chicken pecking rice. “Good!”

Liu Chuan patted the young boy’s shoulder and whispered in his ears, “Cat God is the captain of our Miracle team. Everything involving Miracle will be handled by him, including your training tasks. Be sure to listen to what he arranges. There is no need for me to talk about his level. You will know after following him for a few days. In addition, if you encounter a healer who is with him, it must be Canglan’s vice-captain Bai Xuan. Try to get along with Bai Xuan, understood?”

Gu Siming nodded energetically. “Understood!”

Liu Chuan once again looked at Li Cangyu. “Cat God, you know more about Miracle than I do. I will leave the team formation to you. You can also arrange the most suitable position for Xiao Gu to play.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Okay.”

Liu Chuan spoke again, “I am going to look at the situation of the Wulin players with Zewen. Look for me if you need my help!”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Yes, go if you are busy.”

“Goodbye Boss! Goodbye Captain Wu!” Gu Siming politely sent the two people aware before sitting down on a chair. He quickly opened the Miracle client that had been installed on the computer, set up an account and actively added Li Cangyu as a friend.

[Player ‘As the Name Suggests’, level 1, has requested to add you as a friend.]

Li Cangyu was surprised when he saw the system message. “You created it already? It is good efficiency.”

“Yes!” Gu Siming spoke seriously, “Captain, I have built a beast race character.”

“…” Li Cangyu almost sprayed out saliva.

This little boy was thin and wasn’t very tall. He had a typical baby-faced appearance yet he actually built a tall and muscular beast race character!

The contrast was so big. What was he thinking?

“I like playing knights very much.” Gu Siming asked, “Captain, can I play the main tank (T)?”

The video chat was still open so Li Cangyu could see the clear eyes filled with anticipation. He looked like a baby saying, “Uncle, I want to eat sugar. Can you give me candy?”

Li Cangyu was soft-hearted, making him cough and replied, “Well, out team is lacking a main T.”

The main T was also called the meat shield. A paladin in Miracle was often in the forefront, playing the role of protecting their teammates. It might seem awkward for Gu Siming to play a paladin but Li Cangyu didn’t hurry to deny him. He would slowly observe the strength of this boy.

Li Cangyu pulled Bai Xuan and Gu Siming into the time and typed. “We have a T, a milk and an output. It is a suitable team for an instance.”

Bai Xuan glanced at him with surprise. “Who is As the Name Suggests?”

“He is Gu Siming, a 17 year old boy.” Li Cangyu had been wearing headphones when talking with Liu Chuan and the others. Therefore, Bai Xuan hadn’t heard the full dialogue. Li Cangyu explained to Bai Xuan, “He is the training camp seedling that Liu Chuan sent us.”

“The Dragon Song’s training camp? His level shouldn’t be bad. Bai Xuan paused. “Once he reaches level 10, we will go to the instance.”

The video took too much speed so Li Cangyu turned off the video. He created a voice room in the game and invited Bai Xuan and Gu Siming before putting a password. Then he asked, “Xiao Gu, how much do you know about Miracle?”

A soft voice soon entered his ears. “Captain, I only joined the Dragon Song’s training camp at the beginning of this year. During the training camp, I did a lot of tests. Then Boss and Captain Wu arranged for me to play Miracle and I played for half a year.”

It was clear that Liu Chuan had early ambitions to expand into Miracle. Thus, he began preparations early on and this boy was obviously a player he prepared for his new team.

“What races and classes have you played in Miracle?” Li Cangyu wanted to know his basic situation first.

“I have only played a beast paladin, an angel illusionist and an elf hunter. I like to play the paladin but I can play other classes if the team needs it.”

The youth answered questions in a particularly earnest tone, his soft voice quite comfortable to listen to.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling and patiently explained, “Miracle has six initial races and later 12 classes. This can produce dozens of different changes. Moreover, players with the same race and class might have different game styles because of where they put their stat points and skill points. After coming to the professional league, you will meet a variety of players. You have only played three builds so you lack understanding of Miracle.”

His words were very sensible. Gu Siming immediately nodded and said, “Yes, I actually only know a bit about Miracle. Miracle has a very rich gameplay and I haven’t played many classes. My understanding isn’t enough!”

“It doesn’t matter. It will later come slowly. Since you want to play a paladin, let’s play this class first.” Li Cangyu’s voice was soft and gentle, like he was teaching his younger brother. He didn’t want to be too serious and scare this 17 year old away.”

“Okay, I will get to level 10 as soon as possible and then find you for the instance!” Gu Siming controlled his character ‘As the Name Suggests’ to do the tasks.

The names ‘Love to Eat Braised Fish’ and ‘Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork’ was seen on the team list. If he didn’t guess wrong, ‘Love to Eat Braised Fish’ was Cat God’s account while Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork was Cat God’s best partner, Vice-Captain Bai Xuan of the Canglan team.

Gu Siming felt a great pressure with two great gods in his team. At the same time, he also felt some excitement. His speed when completely the tasks was much faster because he didn’t want the two gods to wait for him for too long!

In Miracle, it was very easy to raise levels below level 10 and Gu Siming had experience playing three classes in Miracle. Therefore, he reached level 10 in less than 20 minutes and left the beast territory to go to the human territory.

Yisu City was one of the gathering places of humans and also the lowest-level main city with an access restriction of level 10.

When he arrived her, he found that players were busily coming and going on the main street. There with the six races present, with the angel’s white wings, the beautiful and agile elves, the tall and mighty beasts, the black-winged demons, the pale-skinned blood kin and the standard looking humans.

Many newcomers were curiously looking around the main city while the levelling madmen inevitably rushed to the western suburbs of Yisu City.

This was where the entrance to the first team instance of Miracle, ‘Night of Yisu City’ was located.

Gu Siming ran to the entrance and saw the male elf player ‘Love to Eat Braised Fish’ and the male angel player ‘Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork’ who had long been waiting there. He endured his strong hunger after seeing these two IDs and excitedly ran up to them. [Captain, I have come!]

[Yes.] Li Cangyu simply typed: [Enter the instance.]

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