GLS: Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – Regular Season’s Results

Bai Xuan and Li Cangyu didn’t mention their true identities when meeting with Xiao Han and the team wasn’t talked about at all. They just chatted like ordinary friends chatting.

Based on this simple conversation, Li Cangyu found that the mixed-race teenager was pretending to be cold but he was actually very sensitive. He knew a lot about guilds in the new district and also paid attention to the American Miracle League. His favourite player was actually… Tree.

Bai Xuan heard this ID and almost spat out his tea.

Tree was the ID for the foreign member of the ICE team, Xie Shurong.

Xiao Han liked Xie Shurong, which was very understandable. After all, he had Chinese blood so he probably felt empathy when seeing the player with yellow skin and dark eyes. Bai Xuan couldn’t help thinking that if A’Shu knew that Xiao Han was his fan, his tail would definitely rise into the sky.

Li Cangyu looked at the teenager and said, “ The first World Carnival will be held on the 2nd of next month in New York. Are you going to watch it?”

Xiao Han replied, “Of course, I have already bought a ticket.”

Li Cangyu had wanted to help him buy a ticket. He didn’t expect for Xiao Han to have bought on in advance. Li Cangyu thought about it before saying, “Then when you come to New York, you can stay at my place. Don’t waste money on a hotel. We’ll go see the Carnival together.”

Xiao Han was very happy. His pocket money was very limited. If he saved money on accommodation, then he could buy more things. Xiao Han thought up to here and quickly agreed. “Okay!”

Before leaving, the two people gave the teenager a gift. It was a blood kin assassin model they bought when passing by a store. The price was expensive but it could be disassembled and cleaned, the quality was clearly very good.

The young boy was obviously very excited when he received this gift. He held the assassin model and scratched his head with embarrassment. “That… I didn’t prepare a present for you. I’ll bring it when I come to New York.”

Bai Xuan smiled and rubbed the golden head, saying softly, “Don’t worry about it. You are young and spending your parent’s money. There is no need to buy us any presents. Come find us when you go to New York next month. I’ll make delicious food for you.”

Xiao Han nodded energetically. “Yes!”


On the way back to New York, Bai Xuan thought carefully before saying seriously, “This child is really worth training but he should’ve lived in the United States for a long time. His name is Xiao Han so maybe his father is Chinese and his mother is American. If we want to take him back to play in the league, perhaps his family won’t agree.”

Li Cangyu also had this concern, which was why he didn’t mention the game. He looked at Bai Xuan and said, “Don’t worry and slowly watch. If necessary, I will come forward to coax him.”

This stubborn teenager had to be coaxed slowly or it was likely to backfire.

Li Cangyu was very patient because he knew that if Xiao Han was trained using the professional system, learning about the details of his position movement skills, combined with his keen insight and quick responses meant he could definitely become a real ‘assassin.’

It was worth showing a bit of patience for a good teammate.


Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan returned to New York that night. Xie Shurong actively ran over for a meal and asked them about the result of the trip.

Bai Xuan described, “His real name is Xiao Han. He is a blond, black-eyed mixed-race child who is very handsome. His favourite player happens to be the terran swordsman of the ICE team, Tree God.”

Xie Shurong heard this and happily came over. “Tree God? Is that me? He is my fan?”

Bai Xuan smiled. “I am teasing you yet you are taking it so seriously.”

“…” Xie Shurong looked at Bai Xuan with a wronged expression.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help thinking that if Xiao Han saw A’Shu’s current appearance, wouldn’t he become disillusioned with his idol in an instant?

Once dinner was over, the six members of the fixed team went online together. It was currently 8 o’clock on Sunday night in the United States but domestically, it was 8 o’clock on the morning of September 25th, a Monday.

September 25th was a very important day for many e-sports fans in China. It was because today was the last game of the second round of the sixth reason. It would officially open at 9 a.m. and draw the regular season to a complete end.

The last game is Time VS Terminator.

Terminator was the weakest team among the eight teams in the first division. This team used black and white magicians as their tactical core. They had a very good pair of black magician and white magician. However, compared to the double black magicians of Wind Colour or the double white magicians of Red Fox, the tacit understanding of the combination was obviously inferior.

Black magic was biased towards killing while white magic was control. In principle, black and white magic’s common point was that they were both very powerful. However,  the level of the two players in Terminator weren’t high enough. In particular, their white magician was worse than Cheng Wei and the game against Time was very passive.

Last time, Cheng Wei’s insomnia and fever resulted in Time’s loss to Wind Colour. Many Time fans scolded him online for a long time but he fortunately recovered in the second round. In addition, he found Cat God and was encouraged by Cat God, so he was recently full of vitality.

In the arena stage, Cheng Wei and Tan Shitian came forward and easily took three points.

In the team battle, Cheng Wei’s play was also remarkable. His quick responses and fast hand speed controlled the opposite white magician from beginning to end, facilitating Tan Shitian’s output in the rear. Time’s kiting tactics dispersed Terminator’s front row, winning them four points in one breath.

Terminator finally scored two points but it was too late. The game ended with 7:2.


In the explanation room, Yu Bing faced the camera and calmly summed it up. “The Terminator team played well today but Cheng Wei’s performance was even more. Terminator’s white magician was controlled the whole game and the core tactics couldn’t be played. A big loss in the team battle was expected. As for the arena… Captain Tan is more stable as the guard and there aren’t too many teams who can take three points from him. It isn’t wrong that Terminator lost.”

Her partner Kou Hongyi nodded. “The second round of the regular season has come to an end. I think many viewers are concerned about the final rankings of the eight teams. In the end, which teams have entered the playoffs? Let’s take a look at the final version of the rankings that officials have just released.”

The broadcast changed to the rankings team. First was Wind Colour, second was Time, third was Flying Feathers, fourth was Ghost Spirits, fifth was Pure Cleansing, sixth was Red Fox, seventh was Cheetah and eighth was Terminator.

“We can see that the four teams of Wind Colour, Time, Flying Feathers and Ghost Spirits have successfully entered the playoffs. According to the knockout rules of the playoffs, Wind Colour will face Ghost Spirits in the semi-finals and Time and Flying Feathers will face each other. This season’s champion, I hope everyone will continue to play attention to the playoffs that will begin in late October.” Kou Hongyi quickly explained.

The current team rankings basically reflected the strength of the domestic top eight teams..

Under the leadership of Ling Xuefeng, the Wind Colour became the hardest bone to bite on in the first division. Time and Flying Feathers were also old teams. The Lou Zhang combination performed well for Ghost Spirits this season. Pure Cleansing and Red Fox had the strength to compete for the playoffs. Cheetah’s trap flow was powerful but relied too much on chance. Terminator was weaker compared to these teams and ended up last.

The screen switched from the team rankings to another leaderboard.

Yu Bing explained, “Everyone, you are currently seeing the online voting results of the World Carnival. At midnight tonight, the online voting will be completely closed. There are still many netizens saving their votes so be sure to use all of them today. Don’t waste them.”

“The top six players will represent China at the first World Carnival. I hope you can take this online voting seriously.” Kou Hongyi said. “This live broadcast is coming to an end. Goodbye until the playoffs.”

Yu Bing corrected, “It should be goodbye until the World Carnival.”

Kou Hongyi quickly slapped himself and laughed, “It was so excited that I almost forgot. For the Carnival project, I will also be commentating with Sister Bing. It is from 10 a.m. New York time on October 2nd, which is 10 p.m. Beijing time. That is when the opening ceremony of the first Miracle World Carnival will be held. Everyone who likes Miracle must stay in front of your computer and pay attention to the wonderful performance of our six players!”

Yu Bing nodded with a calm expression. “See you at 10 o’clock on October 2nd.”


The live screen moved towards the two team’s soundproof rooms.

The Time players who won the game were naturally very happy. Meanwhile, the players for Terminator looked a bit depressed. They were at the bottom of the regular season. According to the Miracle League’s promotion system, they would have to face the champion of the second division next spring. If the champion of the second division beat them, the opponent would take away one of the eight spots in the first division and Terminator would be downgraded to the second division.

Captain Liao Zhendong frowned slightly. He thought of Old Cat who appeared in the Q group some time ago and felt uneasy.

If Cat God came back with a new team, he would definitely return by advancing through the second division. Then the Terminator team would be the biggest obstacle for Cat God to advance.

Next spring’s promotion race, whose dream would end?

Liao Zhendong’s heart sank but he couldn’t fall down as captain. He shook hands with Time, took a deep breath and hugged his teammates. He encouraged everyone by saying, “We will refuel next season.”

Li Cangyu saw this scene and couldn’t help feeling sad.

He was often the losing party and would take the initiative to stand up and comfort his teammates after losing a game.

At that time, he was still young. He could get up after every failure and continue to move forward, plucking up the courage to lead the team. Now he was no longer qualified to fail. He had only one chance and he had to grasp it.

‘Thus, Captain Liao, I will definitely defeat you in next year’s promotion match.’

Li Cangyu took a deep breath to stabilize his mood, turned off the live broadcast and spoke in the team channel, “Today we won’t play any instances. All of you, look through the forum to watch the videos. We will take a few days off to watch the Carnival.”

Xiao Gu’s voice was somewhat depressed, “Are you going to watch it live? I can’t go to the scene with Uncle!”

Zhang Jueming spoke bluntly, “Never mind, I will accompany you to watch the videos.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “I forgot to tell you the good news. My application to the boss has been approved and the two of you can come to New York. Let’s watch the Carnival together.”

Xiao Gu excitedly cried out, “Ah really? I haven’t been to America yet. I can really go?”

Zhang Jueming was also excited. “You are truly loyal Cat God!”

Li Cangyu laughed. “The boss has a lot of money and I allocated some of the team funds. This time, your fares to go back and forth will be deducted from the team funds.”

Xiao Gu sent a row of kisses. “Cat God is awesome! I’ve decided to be your fanboy starting from today!”

Zhang Cheming smiled. “You have defected so soon? Weren’t you a Captain Ling fan?”

Gu Siming replied seriously, “I am Captain Ling’s black fan while I am Cat God’s brainless fan. There is no conflict.

It meant that he would dare blacken Captain Ling but not Cat God, truly smart!

Zhang Jueming gave Xiao Gu a thumbs up and said, “I will ask the boss to book us tickets for the day.”

Xiao Han had been silently listening to everyone on the voice channel. He couldn’t understand anything and finally couldn’t help asking, “Cat God? What club? What are you doing?”

Xiao Gu replied positively, “We are professional players in the Dragon Song Club! Isn’t it amazing?”

Xiao Han, “…”

Bai Xuan smiled and said, “Xiao Han, we aren’t intentionally deceiving you. We don’t know if you have the intention to go to China to play in the professional league so we didn’t say anything the last time we met. In fact, Love to Eat Braised Fish is our team’s captain and we are professional players.”

Li Cangyu added, “There is no need to feel any pressure. Once you come to New York, everyone will gather together., Xiao Gu is a similar age so you should become friends.”

Gu Siming immediately agreed. “My paladin will cover you, Underwear Assassin!:

“…” What was this nickname?

Xiao Han stared at the screen. After a long time, he said, “Okay, I will come to see you on the 1st.”

He was calm on the surface but Xiao Han was actually feeling curious. They were professional players. He had actually been abused by a big god!

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