GLS: Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Sixth Member

Once the new teammate joined, everyone immediately sent a row of applause.

Li Cangyu decisively transferred all the equipment for a killer to Frost Descends and taught him how to match them together the best. The teenager reassembled his equipment according to the captain’s instructions and then they played the instance.

Ling Xuefeng saw that Li Cangyu’s team of six was complete. The newly added person was the assassin who tried to kill him before. He thought about it and realized that Li Cangyu should’ve discovered a new teammate. Ling Xuefeng felt happy for him and sent a private chat: [Have you found a new person?]

Li Cangyu didn’t hide it from him and replied: [He is a fast reaction genius killer but is unstable and needs to be trained.]

[Have you figured out his details?]

[I’m slowly getting to know him. I’m afraid that he will be scared off if I tell him about the professional team. Thus, I will wait a while.]

[Yes, good luck.] Ling Xuefeng came to the game to see Li Cangyu. After knowing that he was doing well, Ling Xuefengs heart relaxed.

[The matches are becoming close together these days. You go back and prepare. You don’t need to worry about anything on my side.] Li Cangyu added: [Don’t delay your business.]

[Okay.] Ling Xuefeng replied simply before logging off.

As Li Cangyu said, the second round of the Miracle League’s sixth season was reaching its hottest period. Ling Xuefeng obviously wasn’t logging onto the game as much as before before he was busy making preparations. Today Li Cangyu saw him online and spoke a few words before thoughtfully driving Ling Xuefeng away.

Ling Xuefeng went offline and went to his bedroom to take a nap. He restored his spirits and convened a full meeting in the afternoon.

The current team standings had changed a bit. First was Wind Colour, second was Time, third was Ghost Spirits, Flying Feathers temporarily fell to fourth, then it was Pure Cleansing, Red Fox and Cheetah. The gap in points was quite close and one game could cause a change in rankings.

The top four were eligible to enter the playoffs for the trophy. The second round of the regular season was coming to an end and the score for each match was crucial. Therefore, all professional players in the teams had recently stepped up their training to gain a spot in the playoffs.


Li Cangyu finished the small instances with Frost Descends and put all their equipment together.

The advantage of Frost Descends was that his reactions weer extremely fast. His eyes were keen as he caught the opportunities to attack. The disadvantage was that he wasn’t systematically trained and the consistency of his moves was relatively poor. He often made mistakes in his moves or showed a gap.

Li Cangyu desired to train this person. However, the youth was particularly stubborn. If he told the youth to go to the left, he would move to the right. Li Cangyu had to use a radical method to teach him. He had A’Shu and Xiao Gu cooperate to kill Frost Descends.

A few days later, Frost Descends finally learnt to be good and followed behind Li Cangyu silently.

At 7 o’clock that evening, Li Cangyu logged into the game after eating and was surprised to find that Frost Descends was actually online.

The confused Li Cangyu asked: [Why are you up so early?]

It should be seven in the morning domestically. Xiao Gu and Old Zhang weren’t online yet. In addition, today was the weekend so many young people should still be in bed at this time.

The other side replied: [I am abroad and it is currently evening.]

No wonder his online time was strange. Li Cangyu previously thought this person was a night owl and hadn’t expected it to be a person abroad.

Li Cangyu asked curiously: [Which country?]

[The United States.]

[Which city? Where do you live?]

The youth spoke in a depressed manner: [Why are you checking my account?]

Li Cangyu said with a smile: [I am currently in New York. If you are close then we can meet.]

The teenager was surprised. [You are in America as well? I’m in Boston.]

Li Cangyu said: [That isn’t far. Tell me your number and I will come find you one day.]

The teenager hesitated for a moment. After a few days of knowing each other, he found that this Love to Eat Braised Fish wasn’t bad. He knew that Frost Descends didn’t like instances and would explain the whole process several times. He also gave equipment and took care of Frost Descends when he was embarrassed.

Love to Eat Braised Fish would come to PK him every day, killing him using various methods. However, the teenager found that the other person showed mercy and was actually teaching him PK skills.

Love to Eat Braised Fish often said: [Hurry and learn how to PK people. I am still waiting for you to kill me.]

The teenager thought this was a bit strange. How could a master teach the enemy how to kill himself? Was it the holy goddess disease again?

Li Cangyu saw the other person hadn’t replied for a long time and typed: [My father and sister are living in New York. I take time every year to visit them but I have never been to Boston. If it isn’t convenient for you to come out then forget it.]

…Well, there shouldn’t be too many scammers in the game right? Besides, it wasn’t to lie to his face. Would this person dare to rob or kill someone in the United States?

In any case, they were both Chinese and should get to know each other. The teenager thought about it before giving his approximate area and contact number. [If you have the opportunity, come to Boston and I will show you around.]


The teenager had no idea that Li Cangyu was a man of action. As soon as he gave the number, he got a call from the other person.

“Hello, I am Love to Eat Braised Fish. I am free tomorrow evening and want to go to Boston with the milk dad. Can you come out and meet me?” Li Cangyu said with a smile, his voice as gentle as possible.

“…” The boy was scared and silent for a moment before saying, “Then come over. I will invite you to a meal.”

Was it okay to meet an online friend? This person was the president of the Food Squad, not a liar.

With this in mind, the teenager set a meeting place and sent a text message to Li Cangyu.

The next day, Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan took a bus to Boston. They played the game for too long and went out to relax. It wasn’t convenient for Xie Shurong to leave due to his team so Li Cangyu didn’t call him.

Li Cangyu didn’t directly want to talk to Frost Descends about the team in this meeting. He wanted to first see what the person called Frost Descends was. If he had a job in the United States, it wasn’t good to force the other person to give up his career and go to another country to play in the league.

The result was that when Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan came to the agreed location, they unexpectedly saw a very special teenager.

The teenager looked young but he had a slender and tall figure. The key point… he had a pair of black eyes but his hair was gold. His face was also significantly different from ordinary Orientals, with a tall nose, very white skin and rosy lips.

This hair didn’t seem dyed? Was he a beautiful mixed-race kid?

Li Cangyu didn’t laugh as he asked, “Frost Descends? Hello, I am Love to Eat Braised Fish. My real name is Li Cangyu.”

The teenager came up to him and said lightly, “Hello, my name is Xiao Han.”

He looked very cold on the surface but based on his style in the game, Li Cangyu judged that this young boy was in his period of rebellion and had a stubborn temper, causing him to kill people in the game to find a sense of existence.

After being killed, he stubbornly chased Li Cangyu for a full three days. This was enough perseverance!

Bai Xuan felt that this mixed-race child was very interesting. He remembered that the child was killed until he only had underwear left yet he still wasn’t willing to accept his loss. Bai Xuan endured the urge to pat the golden head and smiled. “Hello, I am the milk dad. My real name is Bai Xuan.”

Xiao He looked at him and found that he was gentler compared to the game. He was filled with goodwill and said, “Sit down and order first.”


The food was soon brought out and the three people talked while eating.

In any case, Li Cangyu didn’t know this boy as well as he did Zhang Jueming. Therefore, Li Cangyu didn’t mention the team’s affairs when they met just in case this rebellious youth became disgusted.

The three people casually talked about the game. Li Cangyu expressed some views on a killer, as well as some PK tips and sneak attack skills. Xiao Han’s eyes were wide and he listened very seriously, his expression like a small dog wagging his tail.

The clear black eyes, beautiful blond hair, cute face of the mixed-raced child and the pretend cold expression… this rebellious youth was very interesting! If he joined the team, he would be the small madman’s Gu Siming’s companion.

Li Cangyu quite liked this guy as they talked about things in the online game. He jokingly said, “I deliberately blocked you during the assassination mission. Xiao Xiao, do you want to kill me?

Xiao Han’s ears turned red as he coughed and said softly. “No.”

In fact, at the time, he really wanted to kill Li Cangyu 100 times. He joined the fixed team in order to ‘get revenge in 10 years.’

But after joining the fixed team, he found that the captain was very good to him. All equipment for a killer was given to him and he was also taught how to match equipment and use skills in PK. This milk dad was also very good to him, often sending him food and medicine.

After all, Xiao Han was young and simple and he could get so much equipment every day. He suddenly felt that it wasn’t bad to join the fixed team and gradually threw away the ‘revenge in 10 teams.’

In this time, he found out that there was an age difference. At first, he thought it was a generation gap. Now that they talked, he found that the two people were knowledgeable and proficient in the Miracle game. The boy was immediately convinced and filled with worship for these two people.

He completely forgot that when he was forced to join the fixed team not long ago, he kept being abused by these two people!

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Vei Kyuu
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