GLS: Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Abusing the Teenager

The life skills in Miracle officially opened at level 70. The teenager chose an assassin because this playing method was the most exciting.

Assassins were different from life players who collected materials and made products. Their daily task was to ‘kill and get rewards.’ Apart from the NPC who randomly selected a target for the assassin to kill, people could also issue high-paying assassination missions to hire a killer. It could be said that the assassination risk was the highest but it was the fastest way to make money.

The youth had been doing assassination missions since level 70. He had killed 99 people and was rated as a ‘gold killer’ by the assassin’s league. He also accumulated a lot of wealth in his warehouse.

Now he had no enthusiasm for clearing instances, unlike when he first entered the new district. The happiest thing was to successful complete an assassination mission, making him feel very powerful.

There was a setting in Miracle. If an assassin’s missions were completed continuously, more rewards and merit points would be added. He already succeeded 99 times and only need one more mission to obtain the difficult achievement of ‘killing 100 people’ and directly upgraded to diamond killer!

At this most critical moment, he encountered Love to Eat Braised Fish and was stuck on his mission.

If an assassin failed the mission, the system would kill punishment. He had been killed 10 times by Braised Fish. Putting aside the achievement of ‘killing 100 people’, there was the decrease in his money… In the end, he could only endure the urge to vomit blood and give up the assassination mission. If he kept dying, he would become a poor person.

The youth gritted his teeth and thought about it. Love to Eat Braised Fish had invited him to join the team so he should go and see. He could act as an undercover for a while and figure out how to kill this person.

The teenager accepted the invitation from Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu said on the team channel: [Everyone gather at the entrance to Beast Jungle.]

The teenager quickly ran to the instance’s door.

Beast Jungle was a level 100 instance and many people in the game had reached full level. The instance’s entrance was crowded with people but the teenager locked onto Love to Eat Braised Fish’s position with one glance. After all, he had been pursuing Braised Fish for several days.

The youth endured the urge to stab him and quickly walked in front of Braised Fish.

Sharp eyes swept around and found a few teammates with blue IDs. There was an angel priest, a terran swordsman, an orc paladin and a white magician. They were all members of the Food Squad and were clearly a friends group.

Love to Eat Braised Fish typed: [Everyone has gathered so enter.]

Everyone entered the instance together. The youth didn’t have time to speak when his screen flashed red.

[Blossoming Tree has opened slaughter mode on you!]

The youth was stunned but he had always been someone who loved PK. A person took the initiative to attack him so he naturally wouldn’t be polite. He immediately raised the dagger and moved.

Li Cangyu wanted to test this person’s true level so he had A’Shu strike after entering the dungeon to see this person’s ability to adapt.

The youth’s reaction was truly very fast and decisive. The dagger in his hand emitted a cold light as he thrust, moved behind, back stabbed and entered stealth.

But who was Xie Shurong? He was the main professional player of a giant team.

Killing this youth was only a matter of minutes.

The youth didn’t even last 30 seconds before he was killed by Xie Shurong’s gorgeous Light and Shadow Rotation.

Li Cangyu went on to say, “Once he resurrects, Xiao Gu will come forward. I want to see what you have learned with Uncle Zhang during this time.”

Zhang Jueming laughed. “Child, don’t disgrace me.”

Gu Siming excitedly replied, “Don’t worry Uncle! Look at how I beat him!”

The poor teenager had just got up when the system gave him a prompt.

[As the Name Suggests has opened slaughter mode on you!]

Then the paladin wildly rushed over. The shield in his left hand was raised high while the golden sword in his right hand hacked around. He seemed disorderly but his momentum was imposing!

The already weakened blood kin killer quickly feel at the paladin’s feet.

Li Cangyu praised, “Xiao Gu’s progress is very fast.”

Gu Siming smiled and scratched his head. “Cat God, thanks for the praise!”

Then Li Cangyu personally came forward.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has opened slaughter mode on you!]

The boy who was killed again almost collapsed!

It seemed he was wrong. This Love to Eat Braised Fish wasn’t a holy goddess. He pulled the youth into this instance to get revenge!

What was this? The swordsman killed him, the mad paladin killed him and the summoner killed him again. The group of people joined hands to bully him!

The angry youth was about to leave the team when Li Cangyu sent him a message: [Are you going to leave the team?]

Frost Descends, “…”

Li Cangyu: [Already? I thought you were very proud. People killed you so shouldn’t you be trying to find a way to kill them back?]

Frost Descends, “…”

[Look, don’t even think about assassinating me. You can’t even fight the teammates around me. I advise you to stop being an assassin and change to a tailor or blacksmith.]

Frost Descends, “…”

Li Cangyu sent a touching head emoji. [Look at your garbage equipment. The agility stat is too low while your attack power is seriously overflowing. In fact, if you leave attack at 200% and increase agility, you will be more flexible. A killer’s attack power is important but it is useless if you can’t hit them. You will have to rely on the agility stat to find more opportunities.]

The youth was very depressed about being killed but once he read this, he couldn’t help opening his equipment panel.

It seemed… a bit reasonable?

[Let’s play the instance and get some equipment first. Then you can change your equipment.] Li Cangyu stated.

Then he really brought the youth into the instance to give him equipment?

Was this giving chocolate after two slaps?

The depressed youth scratched his head and silently followed behind these people.

As he moved forward, he found that the efficiency of these people when playing an instance wasn’t just fast. It could be described as a ‘bulldozer.’

The team pushed through to the boss, Li Cangyu gave a simple explanation on the team channel and everyone started to act.

The teenager usually killed people and rarely played instances. In particular, he picked up assassination missions every day after reaching full level and never went to an instance.

This boss had a targeted chase skill. Frost Descends was named and he didn’t respond in time. The boss caught up with him and used a big move, causing the team’s instant death.

He thought the leader would scold him only to see Li Cangyu say: [It doesn’t matter. Try again.]

The group resurrected and continued to play the instance. This time, their luck was better and Frost Descends wasn’t named. The others hid very skillfully and the boss was soon killed.

Coincidentally, this boss dropped a pair of purple shoes. The attributes were very good as it gave defense while increasing movement speed.

Li Cangyu handed the shoes to Frost Descends and said: [Here, it is for you.]

The teenager took the equipment in a complicated mood.

At the second boss, the youth was clever enough to follow Xie Shurong. He was a melee class and there was nothing wrong with the swordsman. Sure enough, this time they smoothly killed the boss and the boss actually dropped a pair of daggers!

The probability of dropping a weapon in a small level 100 instance was the lowest. In particular, a purple rated weapon could sell for tens of thousands of gold at the trading house. The attributes of these daggers were excellent, increasing attack power and crit rate. It was suitable for a blood kin killer to use.

Frost Descends drooled as he stared at the daggers.

Li Cangyu picked up the dagger and said on the team channel: [I’ll give you the daggers if you join my fixed team.]

Frost Descends, “…”

He wasn’t the type of person to be tempted by equipment. He was very principled.

Li Cangyu continued: [I have the clothing, necklace, bracelet and ring of a blood kin killer. Unfortunately, there is no killer on our team. How about I give all of them to you if you join?] Stick to principles over equipment!

The teenager didn’t respond to the bait thrown by Cat God as he calmly refused. [I won’t join your fixed team.] He had a backbone!

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling. [Don’t rush to conclusions. You will join.]

Frost Descends didn’t hesitate. [I won’t join.]

Li Cangyu touched his chin and thought about how to deal with this stubborn boy. The warm offensive seemed to be unappreciated so it seemed a bit of cruelty was needed.

Li Cangyu came to a conclusion. [If you don’t join, I will continue to kill you until you only have underwear left.]

Frost Descends, “…”

The invitation became a threat? Did this person think he was an overlord in the game that the youth would listen to him? Did he thought the youth would be afraid? The teenager rolled his eyes and said: [Come to kill me! I will be waiting.]


It turned out that Li Cangyu wasn’t joking.

The youth took an assassination mission the next day. The target was ‘Steamed Bass’ and he looked up the data. Steamed Bass was a black magician who was only level 98. Frost Descends was two levels higher so he should have the advantage.

He thought he would be able to successfully kill the target this time. The result was that when he lurked behind the target, he found Love to Eat Braised Fish in the vicinity and a bad feeling filled his heart.

In any case, he just needed to quickly take care of Steamed Bass before Love to Eat Braised Fish came to the rescue.

The youth made a cold expression at this thought and his dagger thrust out. There was a critical hit and he directly cut the other person’s blood in half!

He didn’t expect this Steamed Bass’ reaction to be so quick. The black magician used Death Imprisonment and accurately sealed him.

Li Cangyu found that the assassin had appeared and immediately wrote to Ling Xuefeng: [Kill him, don’t be polite.]

Ling Xuefeng never refused anything Li Cangyu said. He didn’t ask the reason as he used a set of violent black spells to quickly kill the assassin.

Li Cangyu sent a smiley expression through private chat to Frost Descends: [You see, even my weak friends can kill you. You still want to be an assassin?]

The young boy who was killed, “…”

He didn’t know that the ‘weak friend’ was actually a terrible great god. The youth only felt particularly depressed. Why was he so unlucky recently? The assassination mission was unsuccessful!

He dropped a hat as part of the death penalty and Li Cangyu quickly picked it up.

The depressed youth directly resurrected in the city.

He took another assassination mission. This time the target wasn’t anyone from the Food Squad. It was the vice president of the Wind Colour Guild. The youth confidently used the long-term stealth skill unique to the assassin and chased the target. His sharp eyes were like a small wolf chasing the prey. He patiently waited a long time before the vice president of the Wind Colour went to the wild.

The opportunity was here!

The youth’s eyes turned cold as he immediately moved to the opponent’s back, his hands raised in the most common skill of a killer: Backstab!

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain was startled by the sneak attack and quickly turned back.

The surprising thing was that this person’s moves were extremely aggressive and his attack power was very high. There was a critical hit and his summoner was a fragile remote class. He was uncomfortable at being close to the assassin and was about to die…

Just then, a soft white light descended from the sky—God’s Blessing!

Someone added blood to him?

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain looked around and say Bai Xuan standing not far away, adding blood to him.

At the same time, Love to Eat Braised Fish came forward. His water spirit froze Frost Descends, followed by the summoning of the fire spirit and a series of Fireballs. Then Thunder’s Wrath killed the opponent.

Frost Descends, “…”

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain didn’t understand the situation but it was true that Cat God saved him. He was flattered and immediately wrote on the private chat: [Cat God, thanks for helping me.] Li Cangyu returned: [You’re welcome.]

Of course, he didn’t do it to save Same Boat Under Wind and Rain. It was to thwart Frost Descends’ assassination mission.

The young man was severely punished by the system after dying. This time, his clothes and shoes were lost and he didn’t have enough gold coins in his bag. The system issued a reminder that he didn’t have enough gold coins for the death penalty. He now owed it 1,000 gold coins.

The teenager was going crazy!

A few days ago, his vault still had a lot of money. From the moment he met Braised Fish, his assassination missions had continuously failed. He had just died and lost 100 gold coins. Now he died again and fell into a negative value, owing the system 1,000 gold!

Moreover, the equipment on his body also fell and he only had underwear left.

Li Cangyu didn’t forget to add fuel to the fire as he sent a private message: [See, I said you would be left in your underwear.]

Frost Descends, “…”

Bai Xuan followed up with a message: [Hey, if you enter the team, I will make you a delicious meal and you can take the best equipment ^_^]

These two people really were thick-skinned.

The child was dressed in only underwear as he returned to the city, sitting in a depressed manner at the fountain in the middle of the city. He also lost his sanity from anger but he took deep breaths and calmed down. He decided to pick up his next assassination mission.

As long as he succeeded, the system would reward him 5,000 gold coins and he could return the money owed to the system.

The problem was that he had no equipment. Without a weapon, he couldn’t even release his skills!

He could go to the store and buy equipment. However, he didn’t have any coins on his body and he also owed the system 1,000 gold coins!

The teenager was completely stunned.

He had no money to buy a weapon, without a weapon he couldn’t release skills, he couldn’t do missions without skills and couldn’t make money…

How miserable!

The young man whispered a few words, wanting to tear Love to Eat Braised Fish into pieces.

Just then, two people with ‘no face’ appeared in front of him. Love to Eat Braised Fish said: [Do you understand what it means to be flexible? You should join my team and find out our details and weaknesses. It won’t be too late to get revenge in 10 years.]

It made a lot of sense.

However, the youth sensed that he was being fooled.

Bai Xuan used the gentle method: [Come, our team is lacking a killer. If you play the instance, you can get all the killer class’ equipment. I will cover you all the way and guarantee that you don’t die. Isn’t this VIP level treatment? Hey, right click to join the guild. Then join our fixed team and you can clear instances ^_^]


Why did he meet these two people?

In order to avoid the continued harassment, the teenager gritted his teeth. [I will join, I’ll join!]

Li Cangyu sent a row of satisfied expressions.

Bai Xuan looked back at Li Cangyu and said helpless, “For this stubborn guy, you have no face.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “I don’t. In any case, any principles would be lost in front of eating fish? What face do I have now?”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Cat God was cheeky and killed the youth until he only had his underwear left and he owed the system 1,000 coins. The young boy was forced to tearfully join Cat God’s fixed team.

The collapsed teenager thought, ‘Why do I have to join the fixed team?’

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