GLS: Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – Assassin

Time passed quickly. The matches of the second round of the sixth season passed one after another. Li Cangyu leveled with his teammates while also paying attention to events in the domestic Miracle League, learning about the style and tactics of various teams.

Ling Xuefeng would go online after evening training to chat while playing instances. Meanwhile, Zhang Jueming and Gu Siming were sent to the arena by Li Cangyu and the young boy quickly grew under the guidance of the uncle.

In one month, Li Cangyu and the others gradually rose to over level 90. The Food Squad Guild was successfully promoted to the highest level 5 guild under the help of the three students.

His initial good luck had probably been exhausted because the next teammate never appeared.

Li Cangyu was already very satisfied that he could meet Xie Shurong and Zhang Jueming in succession in the new district. Perhaps there were many other outstanding newcomers in Moonlight Forest?

Mid-September soon arrived and Li Cangyu’s account was finally full level.

That evening, several people celebrated with fireworks in the game. Li Cangyu went to the black market trading house to find some practical equipment.

He had just arrived when a red light flashed on his screen and a sharp dagger was inserted into the chest of the elf summoner. A crit appeared and the fragile elf summoner directly lost 30% health!

Was this an assassin?

Li Cangyu frowned and looked back, only to discover that the other person had cleverly entered stealth.

The life portion of Miracle was very rich and the ‘assassin’ was one of them. The game had a NPC who specialized in giving assassination missions. After receiving the mission, the map would mark the target that needed to be assassinated. The assassin would also gain the ‘Stealth’ and ‘Tracing skills. As long as they assassination succeeded, they could get very rich rewards and increase the merit points. An assassination failure would deduct merit points.

There was a 50% chance that the assassination target would be a small boss in the wild and a 50% chance that it would be a player. It was fortunate if the assassin encountered a rookie but if they met a master, the likelihood of the assassination failing was enormous.

The Food Squad was the first guild in the new district to rise to level 5. In addition, Love to Eat Braised Fish was the commander of the legion defense. Most players in the new district knew that Love to Eat Braised Fish was a master.

An assassin who dared to attack the president of the Food Squad, their courage must be big.

Li Cangyu’s sharp eyes glanced around but the other person had hidden after the attack. They were clearly versed in assassination.

However, Li Cangyu couldn’t be attacked by them. He smiled slightly as he operated Love to Eat Braised Fish forward. He deliberately stood in forest with a relatively complex terrain and waited for the assassin.

The other side really bit the bait as a knife came from behind a tree!

Li Cangyu suddenly used Flying Feather Steps to move to the other side of the tree and summoned his thunder spirit. The group attack Thunder’s Wrath struck then he swapped to the water spirit, quickly freezing the assassin in place.

Looking closely, this person was a blood kin assassin with an ID of Frost Descends. The title of ‘Assassin League’s Gold Killer’ was written above his head and he was dressed in a simple black outfit.

The title above his head was the ranking in the assassin league based on the number of times the assassin completed a mission. The gold killer indicated that this person wasn’t weak and had completed many  assassinations.

Li Cangyu wasn’t polite after freezing him. He exchanged to the fire spirit and quickly lowered the opponent’s blood.

The other party realized that he had encountered a master and entered stealth mode as soon as his frozen state was released.

Finding a killer in the forest was really hard but it didn’t matter. Since Li Cangyu was the assassination target, the person would always come to the door.

Li Cangyu ignored him and continued to the trading house.

He was halfway there when a cold flash of light appeared behind him. The assassin used the short stealth duration to once again pierce Love to Eat Braised Fish’s chest.

Li Cangyu reacted very quickly and summoned his water spirit and fire spirit. He controlled the opponent and let out a burst of hand speed, quickly killing the person!

Once the assassin called Frost Descends lay flat on the ground, Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling. He typed in the area channel: [The mission to assassinate me definitely won’t succeed. You should give up.]

Frost Descends, “…”

Li Cangyu spoke again: [Or we can make a deal. If I let you kill me, will you give me all the rewards?]

Frost Descends directly resurrected back in the city.


An assassin easily offended people but it was very rewarding. The assassin was the fastest way to make money compared to life players like hunters, blacksmiths, costume makers, etc. It wasn’t uncommon for people to play assassins in the game.

In the face of a hard target, many assassins would cleverly give up on the task so that they wouldn’t lose merit points.

Li Cangyu thought this person would give up the mission. He didn’t think that after returning from the trading house and going to the instance entrance to meet up with his teammates, he would once again encounter Frost Descends.

This person was obviously looking for an opportunity. Rushing to assassinate Love to Eat Braised Fish, how could Cat God die so easily? Even the Lou Zhang combination of Ghost Spirits would have to put in a bit of thought to assassinate Cat God. This Frost Descends directly ran to kill Cat God and the result was… he was once again beaten by Cat God.

Li Cangyu looked at the person lying in front of him and couldn’t help typing: [You haven’t given up yet?]

Frost Descends, “…”

Li Cangyu saw that a pair of shoes had dropped and asked: [Do you want the gear that dropped? Should I pick it up for you?]

Frost Descends returned to the city and the corpse instantly vanished.

This guy was very stubborn. He dropped equipment after dying. Li Cangyu happily picked it up and wanted to return it to him, yet he didn’t want it. He probably thought that Li Cangyu was humiliating him!


For the next few days, Li Cangyu had a stealth assassin follow him wherever he went. As long as Li Cangyu was alone, he would secretly come over to stab his knife.  This guy’s ability to find opportunities was very strong. Sometimes Li Cangyu’s blood would fall very low from the sneak attacks. On several occasions, Li Cangyu almost died.

Unfortunately, the assassin was killed every time. He lay flat on the ground after dropping one or two equipment. After he was killed 10 times, there was a pile of dropped equipment picked up by Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu said very helplessly: [Did you come here to give me equipment?]

Frost Descends, “…”

The assassin was killed until he only had underwear left.

Bai Xuan looked at Frost Descends wearing only underwear and couldn’t help sympathizing. “This guy is really pitiful. Why did he encounter you for the assassination mission?  Why don’t you just die once to help him finish the mission. I am tired of watching that child chase you for a few days.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “I’m not used to being killed. Besides, I want to observe him more.”

He discovered that this killer was special during the third assassination attempt.

At the time, Li Cangyu had been waiting for his teammates at the instance’s entrance. There were many people present yet the assassin accurately found Li Cangyu’s position in the crowd and sharply attacked.  If it wasn’t for Li Cangyu using his footwork to quickly evade and then using the water spirit to seal off any retreat, Li Cangyu would’ve been killed by him.

This person was extremely good at finding opportunities and could calmly and patiently wait for the best time to act.

A killer must be able to be immersed. This person obviously had the potential to be a good killer. He had a fast hand speed and quick responses. He was also very decisive when it came to striking or retreating. If he hadn’t met the tough Li Cangyu, his assassination mission would’ve already been completed.

Li Cangyu was chased by this person for several days but he actually felt appreciation.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help saying, “You deliberately aren’t letting him kill you so that he is stuck on his mission?”

Li Cangyu replied seriously, “I just want to deepen my understanding of him.”


Frost Descends was too pitiful after losing all his equipment and only having underwear left so Li Cangyu send the equipment to him.

Once Frost Descends resurrected in the city, the system told him about a new message and he froze when he opened it.

[I have mailed you all the equipment you lost. After putting it on, come and kill me again.] By: Love to Eat Braised Fish.

Frost Descends, “…”

The corners of his mouth twitched as he put the equipment on. The teenager didn’t go back to kill Love to Eat Braised Fish. Instead, he went to the NPC and gave up the assassination mission. This was the first time he had given up an assassination mission since he played the game but he couldn’t deal with Love to Eat Braised Fish’s power. In the past few days, he had racked his brain and used every means but hadn’t succeeded.

Li Cangyu waited a while and saw that Frost Descends didn’t appear. He couldn’t help sending a private chat: [You aren’t coming to kill me?]


[Let’s play an instance together.] Then a team invitation was sent.

Frost Descends, “…”

This person was so strange! He wasn’t angry at all about being pursued for a few days? He also took the initiative to send equipment back in the mail?

Frost Descends replied: [I don’t play instances. Thank you.]

Li Cangyu: [If you come here, you can get good equipment. Your dagger’s durability is only 10% and the shoes aren’t very good. If you change to a better set of equipment, you might succeed in killing me.]

“…” The teenager suddenly felt that he had met the legendary holy goddess from legends! Why was this person being so nice to the assassin who tried to kill him?

He didn’t know that Li Cangyu already considered him as a potential teammate and was watching with shining eyes.

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Silence is Golden
Silence is Golden
5 years ago

I love how the assassin considers LC as a holy goddess lol if they only knew how many players LC has abused in the past

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
5 years ago

Uwaaaaah a new teammate *v*)/

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maryam amirah
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Even tho the method of recruiting is different.. This assassin remnd me of Deception in TKA.. hahahah he kept being played by the MC

5 years ago

wow, really? the author *really* really likes TKA, huh? at least the assassin this time seems a little more sociable

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter!
Poor kid doesn’t know he is being tested in order to be recruited, lol. Still, he’s really good to attract the interest of our MC who honestly values talent. I also love how LC doesn’t hold grudges & keeps his eyes on the prize.
I’m not a gamer, but even I knew (mostly from watching stuff like Log Horizon I think, lol) that they needed some teammate at least from the dark side in their line up. Someone less obvious with the big attacks or with the blood kin skills. While they’re being showy, an assassin could sneak in & do a lot of damage to distracted enemy players or he could protect the backs of his teammates.

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