GLS: Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Undercovers Alliance

Ling Xuefeng didn’t expect his cover to be smashed by Li Cangyu. Originally, he wanted to pretend to still know nothing. However, Li Cangyu sent a private message: [Running to play the game during the regular season, won’t it affect your status?]

The clever cat was like a mirror. There was no meaning in pretending so Ling Xuefeng reluctantly admitted: [Wind Colour’s next game is in three days so it won’t have an impact.]

He used an undercover as a cover but was recognized. An awkward expression couldn’t help appearing on the face of the always cold man.

Li Cangyu smiled. [Then accompany me to clear the instance. We are lacking a fixed team member.]

In the game, Love to Eat Braised Fish killed Steamed Bass, causing Gu Siming to ask curiously, “Cat God, did you determine who Steamed Bass is?”

Li Cangyu replied, “It is Ling Xuefeng.”

Everyone, “…”

The voice channel was silent. Apparently everyone was surprised.

A moment later, Gu Siming recovered and shouted, “Captain Ling? This person is actually Captain Ling?”

Bai Xuan spoke helplessly, “Xiao Gu, do you have to be so excited? Are you competing to be the number one brainless fan in the league?”

“Hehehe.” Gu Siming giggled and scratched his head. Then he ran in front of Steamed Bass.

[As the Name Suggests has sent a flower to Steamed Bass.]

[As the Name Suggests has sent a flower to Steamed Bass.]


The system channel was continuously filled with flowers. This was a prop in Miracle. Sending friends flowers could increase the degree of friendliness.

The confused Ling Xuefeng sent a row of question marks. [What are you doing?]

Gu Siming said: [Idol, hello. Hehe, I am your fan!]

Ling Xuefeng suddenly remembered Cat telling him that the paladin in his team was a fan. He didn’t quite understand why a young boy playing a paladin would be a fan of his demon summoner.

However, this young boy was expressing affection towards him and was also Cat’s teammate. Ling Xuefeng gave him face by saying: [Thank you.]

Gu Siming was excited. “Captain Ling said thank you to me. I want to take a screenshot. Step aside. Let me first take a photo with Captain Ling alone.”

Then he ran to Steamed Bass’ side and used the game’s screenshot program to take several photos from different angles.

“…” Zhang Jueming helplessly reached out and patted this child’s head, saying, “You should go downstairs and run a lap around the club to release your excitement.”

Gu Siming replied, “Then people will think I’m crazy.”

Zhang Jueming, “…” He also knew!

Bai Xuan said with a smile, “There is a strong competitor like Xiao Gu. It seems that Cheng Wei won’t be able to keep his status as number one brainless fan?”

As he spoke, Li Cangyu suddenly received a private message.

“Hello President, are you still missing a member in your fixed team?” It was from God’s Seal.

Li Cangyu remembered this ID of ‘God’s Seal’ very clearly. It was a friend who added him on the day of the legion defense. This person from the Time Guild followed him around, acting as his bodyguard. Every time a Ghost Spirits killer wanted to kill him, this God’s Seal would use group attack skills to fight the opposite person and protect the commander.

At first, Li Cangyu thought that the president of Time specifically arranged for someone to protect the commander. For the two hours of the legion defense, this guy actually stayed close to him. Li Cangyu doubted the true identity of this person.

Every time someone scolded the commander on the camp channel, he would send a message saying: [Stop scolding the commander. You can you up,no can no bb!] Every time the Bright Legion gained an advantage, he would fill the camp channel with: [Commander is so domineering! The commander is handsome! The commander is powerful!]

His typing was extremely fast and comparable to a machine g*n firing.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help laughing. Cheng Wei, weren’t you being too obvious?

The day after the legion defense, Li Cangyu went offline and didn’t expose Cheng Wei’s identity. He thought that Cheng Wei was participating in the legion defense because he was bored. Unexpectedly, he actually entered the online game again using his side account…

Was this an addiction to opening a side account?

Li Cangyu was really speechless and couldn’t help saying: [My team is full. You should go train.]

Cheng Wei pretended not to understand. [What training? God, I just want to play an instance with you. Can’t you give me a position in your team?]

Li Cangyu asked: [Isn’t Tan Shitian taking care of you?]

Cheng Wei subconsciously replied: [He went out to buy lunch.]

It was only after answering that he found he had fallen into Cat God’s language trap. Cheng Wei sent a row of tearful expressions. [QAQ…]

Li Cangyu smiled. [With your IQ, you should learn how to be an undercover.]

Cheng Wei, “…”

The big name Ling Xuefeng’s cover had just been torn off by Li Cangyu. Cheng Wei’s cover was completely transparent. There was no way to cover up his ‘stupid’ nature and he was exposed as soon as he spoke.

He was recognized by Cat God in 10 seconds so Cheng Wei could only send a laughing expression. [Cat God, Cat God, I will accompany you to the instance!]

Li Cangyu asked: [Don’t you have to train?]

Cheng Wei explained: [It is lunch break and formal training won’t start until 2:30.]

Li Cangyu looked at the time in the lower right corner. It was already 11:30 at night in New York and it was almost noon domestically. Li Cangyu thought about it before turning to Bai Xuan. “Why don’t you go to sleep first? There is someone else who wants to play the instance.”

Bai Xuan was adjusting his stomach and needed a regular work schedule and adequate sleep. He usually went to bed at 11:30 in the evening. He smiled at Li Cangyu’s words and agreed. “Okay. Everyone, I am going sleep first. You won’t have a dad to cover you so be careful when playing the instance.”

Xie Shurong hurriedly said, “Quickly go and rest. Your body is important so don’t stay up too late.”

Bai Xuan made a simple sound of agreement, took a shower and then went to sleep.

Li Cangyu invited Cheng Wei’s side account and typed on the team channel: [Welcome the two big undercovers who have joined our instance team.]

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

Cheng Wei, “…”

Zhang Jueming asked curiously on the voice channel, “How come there is another undercover? Who is it this time?”

Li Cangyu introduced him, “He is the vice-captain of Time, Cheng Wei.”

Gu Siming excitedly said, “Cheng Wei also came? Is he the white magician called God’s Seal?”

Xie Shurong said, “Great gods have joined so can I take it easy?”

Zhang Jueming lamented, “This instance team is too luxurious!”

This was really a super luxurious lineup. Wind Colour’s captain Ling Xuefeng and Time’s vice-captain Cheng Wei had actually run to play with Cat God.

Li Cangyu happily joined the instance with the two super big undercovers.


In the Blood Kin Castle instance, the mobs could be bypassed to directly attack the boss. Previously, the task of going through the detour was left to Li Cangyu but he couldn’t help wanting to be lazy today. After entering the instance, he typed on the team channel: [Xuefeng, you go and take the detour.]

[Okay.] Ling Xuefeng had no opinion. He obeyed Cat God’s words and immediately left to find a shortcut.

It had been many years since Ling Xuefeng played this instance and he couldn’t remember the correct route. At a fork, he accidentally ran into a group of mobs and instantly died a tragic death.

Ling Xuefeng lay down as a corpse and helplessly typed: [I went the wrong way.]

Li Cangyu, “…”

Cheng Wei actively rushed forward and said, [I’ll go!]

Cheng Wei operated the white magician account and actively ran to find a shortcut. The result was that he went in the wrong direction at the fork in the road, attracted a group of small mobs and struggled before dying like Ling Xuefeng.

Cheng Wei sent a row of tearful expressions. [I also went the wrong way!]

Li Cangyu: [How can the two of you be undercovers?]

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

Cheng Wei, “…”

The two men lay on the ground and didn’t say a word.

Li Cangyu helplessly had to use his own agile elf summoner and made his way through the Blood Kin Castle’s complex roads in less than half a minute, successfully reaching the boss.

[Okay, everyone revive here.] Li Cangyu typed and Ling Xuefeng and Cheng Wei obediently chose to resurrect directly by his side. The other teammates also suicided and resurrected in front of the boss.

Li Cangyu asked: [Do the two of you remember how to play this boss?]

Ling Xuefeng replied: [I forgot.]

Cheng Wei: [I don’t know how to hit it!]

Li Cangyu: […You are too unprofessional to be undercovers!]

Were these two people actually here to mess with him?

Li Cangyu helplessly typed: [Come into the voice channel. I will only say it once.]

Ling Xuefeng and Cheng Wei quickly entered the voice room. Li Cangyu started to explain, “The blood kin boss are all similar. This boss has a stealth skill. When he becomes invisible, Xiao Wei will head to the blue position I marked and use a group attack. Ling Xuefeng will use another group attack from the red position.”

“When he is targeting a player, run away quickly and don’t let him catch up with you.” Li Cangyu quickly said, “You have two seconds to respond to the group attack skill. Everyone move behind the boss and hide. That is all you need to be aware of.”

Then Li Cangyu added, “Our milk god has gone to bed. Our team has no healer so you can’t mess around.”


As a result, there was chaos in the team.

Yes, it was these two super big undercovers.

Ling Xuefeng’s output was too high for the opening OT. Cheng Wei misplaced the group attack and miss the hidden boss.

Li Cangyu looked at the two men lying on the ground and was speechless. “Did the two of you come to mess me up?”

Ling Xuefeng said seriously: [I wasn’t being careful.]

Cheng Wei said: [I was too excited. I haven’t played a boss with Cat God for a long time and my fingers couldn’t keep up with the speed of my brain!]

Wasn’t it just tapping his fingers?

He was supposed to throw it in front of him. How did he throw the attack behind him? Was he so excited that he was rushing back and forth?

Li Cangyu sighed and said, “Take it more seriously. If this was the match, I would’ve abused you 10 times already. Once again Cheng Wei, you threw the group attack in the wrong direction. Xuefeng, your output shouldn’t be so high.”

The taught Ling Xuefeng typed: [Yes, I see.]

Cheng Wei also typed: [I will be serious and go to the front. Come again!]

Zhang Jueming couldn’t help laughing. He took off his headset and whispered to Xiao Gu, “Look at Cat God teaching the two of them. I suddenly feel very cool.”

Gu Siming replied excitedly, “Yes, Captain Ling is serious and always teaches others. Today he is being taught by Cat God and doesn’t dare talk back. Hahaha, I am really happy looking at Captain Ling like this! I’m really a black fan!”

Zhang Jueming, “…”

‘Stupid, you’re talking into your headset so everyone can hear it!’

Zhang Jueming pointed to his headset. Xiao Gu immediately covered his mouth and made a zipper gesture.

Ling Xuefeng naturally heard Gu Siming’s words but he still calmly operated the Steamed Bass account to play the boss, not making any response.

As this young man said, Cat God was the only one in the entire league who dared to teach him. But so what? His treatment towards his sweetheart was naturally different. Ling Xuefeng was sweet when listening to Cat. A child who hadn’t grown up wouldn’t understand.


The resurrected Ling Xuefeng and Cheng Wei both showed the focus of a professional player. They listened to Li Cangyu give the explanation again and seriously used their skills according to Li Cangyu’s command. This time, the boss was defeated.

Li Cangyu sighed. “The two of you continue to maintain this state. We will hit the next boss.”

The Blood Kin Castle had three bosses. The latter two were actually more difficult. However, Ling Xuefeng and Cheng Wei were professional players with high perception. They quickly adapted to the boss rhythm and the six people killed two bosses in just 10 minutes.

Li Cangyu quickly picked up the equipment dropped by the boss and divided it to his teammates.

Among them was a white magician staff. After seeing Cat God assign it to the other white magician in the team, Cheng Wei couldn’t help saying: [What about me? Look at my equipment. I can also use it!]

Li Cangyu said, “Look at you trying to steal a level 65 staff when you are a vice-captain.”

Cheng Wei: [Oh, I almost forgot.]

Li Cangyu was speechless. This guy followed him into the instance and incredibly tried to grab equipment. Did he really want to play the online game?

Ling Xuefeng was very calm and had no interest in the equipment. He only cared about Cat God’s rest. [Shouldn’t it be midnight over there? Why are you still awake?]

Li Cangyu said, “I’m preparing to go sleep.”

Once the instance rewards were organized, Li Cangyu said, “Xiao Wei, you shouldn’t log into the online game as much.”

Cheng Wei felt wronged. “Cat God, are you abandoning me?”

Li Cangyu explained seriously. “You need to train and be well prepared for Time’s matches. Tan Shitian is working alone. You are the vice-captain so you should take up the responsibility of the vice-captain and don’t play around.”

Cheng Wei had opened the sound. Tan Shitian had gone to buy lunch and heard Cat God’s words when he came back. He couldn’t help feeling moved.

Li Cangyu was a gentle elder to Cheng Wei, guiding him to be more mature and strong. It was normal for the kitten to strongly worship and depend on the big cat. Captain Ling’s words about how they were ‘father and son’ were right.

Tan Shitian couldn’t help smiling slightly at this and brought the food to the dining room. Then he returned and patted Cheng Wei’s head. “Xiao Wei, come eat. I bought your favourite egg tart.”

“Oh, I’m coming!” Cheng Wei replied before saying seriously to Li Cangyu, “Cat God, rest assured. I will train well this afternoon and later contact you on Q. You should frequently log into your Old Cat account!”

“Okay, go.”

Xiao Wei was rushed to training but Li Cangyu had a completely different attitude towards Ling Xuefeng.

There was no need for him to worry about Ling Xuefeng. This person was a very mature captain and Li Cangyu believed he knew how to arrange his time. The fact that he was casually playing in the online game wouldn’t affect his status in Wind Colour.

Li Cangyu sent a private message: [I am going to sleep first.]

Ling Xuefeng: [Yes, after dinner I will come online to accompany you. Your time over there should be eight in the morning to noon.]

[If you want. There is actually nothing big on my side. At present, we are just smoothly leveling.]

[Zhang Jueming has already joined the team?] Ling Xuefeng’s cover was smashed by the other person so he no longer hid things. He had already inferred the white magician’s identity a long time ago.

[Yes, this time I returned to China for his contract.] Li Cangyu said: [The team only has five people. This isn’t enough.]

[The opportunities to find teammates will slowly come.] Ling Xuefeng reassured him. [I believe that your luck won’t be bad this time.]

[I hope your words are true. Then I will sleep first.] Li Cangyu sent a goodbye wave emoji.

[Good night.] Ling Xuefeng sent a hug emoji.

Then he immediately corrected it. [That is wrong. It should be this.] He followed up with a goodbye wave.

Li Cangyu, “…”

Why did he feel like this person was trying to cover it up? ‘Ling Xuefeng, did you really make a mistake?’

Li Cangyu thought of the farewell at the airport where they hugged tightly and couldn’t help touching his chin. Ling Xuefeng’s cover might’ve been smashed but it seemed like there was still a deeper hidden layer?

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