GLS: Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – Carnival Poll

With the launch of the second regular season in the sixth season, the Miracle Professional League also released an official announcement. The six representatives of the World Carnival in October this year would be selected using online voting.

In order to avoid unfair results by the fans, the league also restricted the number and conditions to vote. All IDs registered in the Miracle Forum that were level 3 or above would automatically receive one vote per day and they were free to vote for any player.

Everyone had few comments about this rule.

99% of the fans who watched the professional league would register on Miracle’s official forum because the official forum often had a lottery during the live broadcast. Registration was also needed to comment so it wasn’t like anonymous forums where people could randomly swear.

Limiting it to level 3 and above would filter out the passersby and sunspots who maliciously wanted to mess with the voting.

Every person got one vote a day but the voting ticket didn’t have an expiration date. There was more than one month left until the World Carnival. Starting from today, every person would end up with a maximum of 50 votes. In other words, some fans might vote once a day while some fans would accumulate 50 tickets to vote all at once. No one knew what would happen until the last minute.

As soon as the voting poll opened, the number of votes for three contestants started to soar. They were the captains of the three most popular teams in the league. The captain of the Wind Colour team, Ling Xuefeng, the captain of the Flying Feathers team, Su Guangmo and the captain of the Time team, Tan Shitian.

The popularity of these three people had always been high. It was normal for them to dominate the online voting. Most players also agreed that these three should be Chinese representatives at the World Carnival. The remaining three places were the focus of the voting.


Once Li Cangyu returned to New York, he called Bai Xuan back and gave him a bowl of herbal medicine to regulate his stomach. The smell of the medicine was unbearable and Li Cangyu patted his shoulder. “You endure drinking it. The doctor said it would take effect in one month.”

“It’s okay, I’m not afraid of bitterness.” Bai Xuan said.

Just then, Bai Xuan’s phone rang. “Vice-Captain Bai, did you come back? Can I come for a meal?”

It was the ‘hungry for several days’ Xie Shurong.

Bai Xuan smiled and said, “Come over. Remember to bring the meal payment.”

Xie Shurong quickly knocked on the door with a large box of goods. Once he saw Bai Xuan, his eyes were like a wolf that had been hungry for a long time. Bai Xuan couldn’t help feeling creeped out by his look. “This isn’t right? Does your team’s food taste this bad?”

Xie Shurong made a wronged expression. “It is really bad compared to your cooking. Don’t you think I have become thinner these days?”

Bai Xuan said seriously, “I don’t see you. I think you are fat.”

Xie Shurong, “…”

Li Cangyu looked at his depressed expression and laughed. “Don’t bully A’Shu. Come in and eat.”

Xie Shurong entered the house and smelt the strong scent of traditional Chinese medicine. He couldn’t help asking, “Who is taking the medicine?”

“Bai Xuan’s stomach disease needs to be well nursed. When I returned home this time, I found a Chinese medical practitioner and bought some Chinese medicine.”  Li Cangyu explained as he handed the medicine to Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan pinched his nose and drank it in one breath.

Xie Shurong saw the frown when he drank the bitter medicine and couldn’t help feeling distressed. It must be that the previous game pressure was too big and Bai Xuan didn’t get enough rest and diet, causing him stomach trouble. Bai Xuan was smiling all day long but wasn’t he actually suffering a lot?

Bai Xuan found that A’Shu was staring at him and handed over the medicine bowl. “Do you also want to drink?”

Xie Shurong touched his nose and asked, “Is it bitter?”

Bai Xuan replied, “It is bitter.”

Xie Shurong thought that he would bring over some sweet plum next time and give it to Bai Xuan after drinking the medicine.


The three people who hadn’t seen each other for a few days gathered together to eat. Li Cangyu briefly explained the situation when he returned to China. Zhang Jueming officially signed with the Dragon Song and moved to the Dragon Song Club. Li Cangyu meant to wait until the end of the year when A’Shu’s contract expired and the three of them would return to China together.

The Xie Bai duo had no opinion on this.

After the meal, Xie Shurong consciously ran to wash the dishes. Li Cangyu turned on the computer and clicked on the official website of the Miracle Professional League.

In addition to the team rankings and live broadcast announcements, the homepage also had an obvious ‘First World Carnival’s voting poll.’

Li Cangyu curiously clicked on it.

The top three were undoubtedly occupied by Ling, Su and Tan. The fourth player made Li Cangyu somewhat surprised.

Liu Xiang.

This was one of the few female players in the league, the second captain of the Red Fox team.

Li Cangyu had never met her but before returning to China, he specifically checked the details of the eight teams in the first division of the Miracle League and had a certain understanding of the players. Liu Xiang was currently the most popular healer in the Miracle League. She was known by fans as a god level nurse by the fans and played an angel priest with the ID of Flying Cotton. She had long black hair and was particularly beautiful. She was a goddess in the eyes of many otaku.

She had always been called a god healer but Captain Liu was modest and low-key. Her personality was gentle and she had a good temper, a typical example of a well-educated girl.

In contrast, Vice-Captain Yang Muzi was more fiery. She could directly carry a bucket of water up to the seventh floor. She was a super female, making many male players feel inferior to her.

As a pure women’s team, Red Fox experienced many setbacks in the Miracle League. In particular, many outsiders had been skeptical when Yu Bing led the Red Fox to join the Miracle League in the second season. Many people said it was enough for the girls to be beautiful at home and it was embarrassing for male players to beat them in the game.

The result was that the people who said those words were repeatedly beaten.

The Red Fox team was like an agile fox on the court. Under the leadership of the first captain Yu Bing, Red Fox was able to force the Three Swordsmen with the strongest momentum back. The girls’ fighting power shouldn’t be underestimated.

Yu Bing once said in an interview, “In the field of e-sports, girls aren’t as talented as males and a women’s e-sports career is shorter than male players. But we work hard and aren’t pretty vases. We are young people who came here for the same dream so please give us the respect we deserve.”

Her expression was cold but her eyes were extremely serious.

Li Cangyu was the first to praise Yu Bing’s interview on Weibo.

He always admired this female captain who dared to fight.

Unfortunately, Yu Bing retired in the fourth season and she transferred the captain’s position to Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang wasn’t as haughty as Yu Bing but her humble leadership also made the Red Fox team more united.

The Red Fox team was a very strong opponent in the Miracle League.

Li Cangyu touched his nose and scrolled down. He found that Lou Wushuang was in fifth place.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were a combination he knew from their debut in the third season. This pair of killer brothers didn’t show a dazzling talent in the third season but started to show their force in the fourth season and led their team to win the championship in the fifth season.

As captain of Ghost Spirits, it was understandable that Captain Lou’s votes would be in the top six.

The sixth was Zhu Qingyue, captain of Pure Cleansing.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help laughing when he saw this name.

Xiao Zhu and Xiao Cheng were the same age and they also debuted in the fourth season. However, the psychic wasn’t strong at the time. They were a semi-auxiliary and semi-output class and could appear in the arena.

The young teenager encountered Cat God in the arena and after being abused by Cat God, he actually… cried.

Yes, Zhu Qingyue was a crying ghost. After the game with Cat God, he cried in front of a lot of reporters and it was like he was being bullied. It made Li Cangyu feel a special guilt and Li Cangyu ran to comfort him after the game.

Chu Yan, the original captain of Pure Cleansing, had to put a pack of tissues in his pocket for this crying ghost. The captain was like a helpless mother.

Once Li Cangyu left Miracle, Chu Yan made a decision that shocked the entire league. He made Zhu Qingyue the captain and retreated to the position of vice-captain. This was the only team in the Miracle League that actually exchanged their leadership positions.

Chu Yan obviously wanted Zhu Qingyue to grow as soon as possible. Zhu Qingyue was forcibly pulled into the captain’s position and gradually grew up. He was still a bit shy in front of the reporters’ cameras but at least he wouldn’t cry!

How would Xiao Zhu react once he found out about Cat God returning?

Crying after being abused by Cat God, this was definitely the black history that he was too embarrassed to mention!


Li Cangyu glanced at the poll rankings and then logged into his Q number.

This was the Q number he used during the Miracle League and he hadn’t entered for a long time after the disbandment of Canglan.

As soon as he logged in, he found that the avatar on the lower right corner was flashing. There were obviously many messages. Li Cangyu opened the dialogue window and saw Cheng Wei’s concerned words: [Cat God, why did you disband?] [Cat God, don’t be sad. You can go to other teams after disbanding!] [Cat God, where did you go? Do you want to come to Time?] [Why is Cat God ignoring me? [Tears][Tears]]

Then there was a short message: [Go back to Miracle. I am waiting for you.]

It was from Ling Xuefeng.

They were the two people who were most concerned about Li Cangyu in the Miracle League. One had the feeling of mentoring while the other… was unclear, but they had many years of deep feelings and were very special to each other.

Li Cangyu saw these words of concern and became extraordinarily warm.

At this time, all the old players who debuted before the fourth season of the Miracle League received a message on Q.

[Your friend Old-Cat is online.]

Old Cat? This number hadn’t been online for a long time. Why did it suddenly pop up today?

Many people had surprised expressions on their faces.

Ling Xuefeng immediately sent a message: [Are you home?]


[Many people know that you have returned to Miracle. It is Tan Shitian’s fault.]

Li Cangyu said: [It doesn’t matter. They don’t know who my teammates are so I can give everyone a surprise.]

In the lower right corner, a message popped up from the ‘Miracle Gossip Group.’

[@Old-Cat, do you mean to return to Miracle?]

Li Cangyu opened the Q group and found that it was from Vice-Captain Zhang Shaohui of Ghost Spirits.

Old-Cat was the ID he used during Miracle, which was directly translated into ‘old cat’. (His ID is in English instead of Chinese).

The Miracle Gossip Group was a private group created in the first season. There were no discussions about competitions and tactics. It was pure chit-chat and gossip, making it very lively. Li Cangyu was one of the administrators of the group but he rarely talked in it after leaving Miracle.

It was discovered that an administrator who hadn’t been online for two years suddenly went online, causing many people in the group to burst.

Li Cangyu replied in the group: [Yes, that is the plan.]

Ling Xuefeng followed closely with: [Welcome back.]

Captain Ling, who rarely appeared in the group, actually spoke as well! Take a screenshot!

Su Guangmo followed with a row of applause. [Welcome back.]

Cheng Wei also jumped out: [Cat God, you are finally online. I thought you weren’t using this Q number. I sent you a message but didn’t get a reply. [Tears]]

Tan Shitian sent a patting head emoji: [Cat God didn’t see it.]

Pure Cleansing’s vice-captain, Chu Yan also said: [Which team did Cat God sign with? Why is there no news on this side of the league?]

Zhu Qingyue spoke weakly: [Are you going to make a new team?]

Li Cangyu saw the crying youth and smiled. [Xiao Zhu, long time no see.]

Zhu Qingyue sent a row of blushing expressions. He always felt particularly embarrassed when he thought about how he cried after losing to this person.

Zhang Shaohui gloated: [Cat God, don’t be like this. Captain Zhu will be scared by you and start crying again. [Cry][Cry]]

Zhu Qingyue, “…”

The familiar IDs and familiar group. There might be many new players who joined but there were still many people in the Miracle League who remembered the name of Old Cat and the shock he brought to everyone on the field.

Li Cangyu smiled and typed: [I am currently in New York. I will look for those attending the World Carnival in October and invite you to eat fish.]

Everyone, “…”

Sure enough, it was a familiar taste and familiar formula. Whenever Cat God expressed his enthusiasm, he would invite everyone to eat fish!

However, this person’s return would surely cause a big shuffle in the Miracle League. Everyone was laughing and jokingly welcoming him back but their hearts were tense. Cat God was bringing a new team back. They had to prepare in advance!

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5 years ago

I love how they get excited about their return and at the same time they have to worry about the level of competition and how they feel they have to make an effort

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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Don’t listen to the guys, I’ve met a lot of girls in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 Online that can play so well better than some guys even, I have a lot of respect to girls who compete on a professional level in esports.