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Chapter 6 – First Appearance

The Moonlight Waterfront was one of the most beautiful sceneries in the elf map.

The clear lake was shrouded in soft moonlight and surrounded by fluorescent trees.  The silver-white branches fell down to the lake and when the wind blew, the lake was covered with ripples. It was like throwing a silver fragment into the lake.

If this was the old district, the Moonlight Waterfront would definitely be a dating place for couples to take photos. However, this was the new district and everyone was about levelling up. There were many players gaining experience but the number was obviously much smaller than before.

Li Cangyu just arrived at the lake when a tree spirit refreshed not far away. His mouse immediately selected the mob while his left index finger quickly tapped on the keyboard three times. His cute water spirit pet appeared in the designated position and attacked the tree spirit according to its master’s command. The name above the tree spirit immediately turned red and flew towards Li Cangyu.

[It’s over!] The frightened Luo Xiaoluo ran to one side while quickly typing on the team channel. [Shit shit shit, you really lured a level 8 monster! The gap of three levels will kill us in an instant!]

[Don’t let it touch you.] Li Cangyu spoke calmly while his left hand touched the keyboard, waiting for the tree spirit to come close.

The huge tree spirit roared towards Li Cangyu and spread open the rattan arms in order to tear Li Cangyu’s summoner to pieces. At this moment, Li Cangyu tapped on the keyboard with his left hand while pressing the mouse with his right hand.

On the screen, a long-eared male elf summoner swiftly moved using Flying Feather Steps, successfully moving below the tree spirit’s arms and away from its attack range. At the same time, another cute water spirit pet appeared and attacked the tree spirit with a small water ball.

Luo Xiaoluo watched from a distance and typed with amazement: [You are really lucky and managed to dodge. But I think you should run! It won’t be so good next time!]

He thought it was just luck but Li Cangyu was already clear about everything.

Li Cangyu ignored him and looked at the cooldown of his skills.

The tree spirit was stunned by Li Cangyu’s water spirit pet for two seconds. Then it killed the water spirit and immediately rushed over to Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu’s pet summoning skill was on cooldown so he could only use Flying Feather Steps to evade.

Luo Xiaoluo watched him moving everywhere to evade and couldn’t help thinking, ‘He wants to bravely beat the monster but will certainly die miserably!’

Luo Xiaoluo was waiting to send an sympathetic expression on the team channel when he saw the summoner once again summon his pet while moving away with the footwork skill. The water spirit trapped the huge tree spirit.

Luo Xiaoluo: [……]

The first time could be a coincidence but it was impossible for novices to trap the tree spirit so accurately two times in a row just relying on luck.

Flying Feather Steps, walk around, call the water spirit, use the pet’s skill to freeze the tree essence then using Flying Feather Steps to move away again…

Luo Xiaoluo hid and watched him fight the monster. After watching for half a minute, he finally discovered that this summoner wasn’t ordinary!

The three simple skills were fluidly linked and there wasn’t a single mistake! Not once!

Every time he saw the tree spirit screaming, Luo Xiaoluo couldn’t help his heart rising to his throat.

But the summoner would use the footwork at the appropriate timing to hide. Then he would release his pet to freeze the tree spirit, like a computer calculating it!

After 10 rounds, the tree spirit’s blood bar finally emptied and it fell to the ground.

A ‘Experience +400’ prompt popped up above both their heads.

Luo Xiaoluo couldn’t believe it. [You killed it?!]

The huge tree spirit seemed to have become incredibly stupid in front of the summoner. It clumsily waved its arms and attacked  the elf, only for it to be kited by a water spirit…

It felt like an ant playing around with an elephant.

Luo Xiaoluo looked at this strange picture and his mind was a mess.

Li Cangyu calmly walked over and searched the body. He found that the tree spirit dropped a pair of shoes that increased attack speed. He happily wore it and typed in the team channel: [Let’s try another one. You have to help me. Don’t just stand there and watch.]

[……] Luo Xiaoluo turned red and quickly reacted. [Man, you are amazing.]

[It was okay.] Li Cangyu wasn’t being modest as he seriously explained: [My pet’s level is low and the control time is short. Otherwise I would’ve killed it faster.]

[……] Wasn’t this fast enough?

Taking care of a monster three levels higher than him in less than minute and receiving 400 experience, wasn’t this faster than doing countless tasks in 10 minutes?

[Master, take me with you. I’ll help you fight!] Luo Xiaoluo excitedly followed Li Cangyu and decided to hold this master’s thigh.

With Luo Xiaoluo’s help, this fight was really smooth.

Li Cangyu accurately controlled the attention of the tree spirit and kept it on his summoner. As an archer, Luo Xiaoluo only needed to follow from a distance and shoot his arrows.

Once the two people attacked together, the blood volume of the tree spirit decreased quickly and it fell to the ground in less than 40 seconds.

The tree spirit once again dropped a pair of low-grade acceleration shoes. Li Cangyu already received it so he gave it to his teammate.

Luo Xiaoluo excitedly put on the shoes and gave a row of thumbs up. [Great!]

Li Cangyu sent a handshake emoji and typed: [Continue.]


The two of them cooperated to wipe out the tree spirits and they quickly rose from level 5 to 10.

Level 10 players can do the first simple team instance called Night of Yisu City,  they could stay in their race area to do the main storyline missions or they could go to the field to kill mobs for experience.

There were many ways to level up in Miracle and players were free to choose any.

Luo Xiaoluo couldn’t help asking: [Will Master go to play an instance? If there is a group with strong teammates, finishing the instances will give the fastest experience.]

Li Cangyu said: [I won’t go yet. I am waiting for a friend.]

Waiting for friends, this was simply an excuse in online games. If they were planning to play in the area or the instances and didn’t want to go with the other person, they would use the excuse ‘waiting for a friend’ to stall. It was unknown if this was true or false.

Since he decided to hug the master’s thigh, he couldn’t easily let go. Luo Xiaoluo thought about it and decided to use the ‘luring’ method to consolidate the relationship between the two of them. He quickly typed: [Do you have a guild yet? Do you want to join our guild?]

[What guild?] Li Cangyu asked.

[The Time Guild!] Luo Xiaoluo proudly puffed up his chest and said: [It is the subordinate guild of the Miracle Time team! Haven’t you heard of the Time team? They just won the championship last season.]

[Oh. Who is the captain of the Time team?]

[……] This person was estimated to be a pure online game player who never watched the professional league and didn’t even know the captain of last season’s championship team. Luo Xiaoluo spoke enthusiastically: [The real name of Time’s captain is Tan Shitian, his game ID is Ten Days. He is the first bard of Miracle! He is amazing!]

[ I’ve never heard of him.] Li Cangyu replied very honestly.

[……] The huge fanboy Luo Xiaoluo felt pain in his heart. He just wanted to introduce his powerful captain when he saw the next line of words.

[Is the vice-captain still Cheng Wei?]

[……] Luo Xiaoluo was startled. [You know our vice-captain?]

[Well, I know him a little bit.] Li Cangyu said with a smile.

Cheng Wei was one of Li Cangyu’s few friends in the Miracle Professional League and their friendship grew from an exchange of blows. The 16 year old boy lost to Li Cangyu and went to the arena to find him. As a result, Li Cangyu devastated him in five rounds. Xiao Cheng not only wasn’t discouraged, the more he played, the better he became. Since then, he looked for Li Cangyu to fight every time he was idle, but he unfortunately couldn’t win.

The young boy who just debuted was now the vice-captain of one of the giant championship teams.

As for Time’s current famous captain Tan Shitian, Li Cangyu really hadn’t heard of him before. When he knew Cheng Wei, the captain at the time wasn’t Tan Shitian. It was estimated that the old captain gave the position to this young man after retiring. Li Cangyu had never met this person so it was natural to be unfamiliar with him.

Luo Xiaoluo saw that the other person was silent and continued: [How about it? Since you are a fan of our god, join the Time Guild!  Our guild is very large and it will be easy to form groups for instances later on. To tell you the truth, there are many guilds in this district but the strength of our guild is definitely one of the best. I am responsible for advertising and recruiting people so it will definitely be no problem to refer you!]

Luo Xiaoluo automatically put the other person into the ‘Cheng Wei big fan group’ and didn’t know that the man in front of him had actually defeated Cheng Wei.

Li Cangyu smiled and said: [Forget it, I will wait for my friend.]

Luo Xiaoluo: [……]

Are you kidding me? He was still waiting for a friend?


In fact, Li Cangyu was honest and he would enter the instance after waiting for Bai Xuan to reach level 10.

Before Luo Xiaoluo’s angry eyes, Li Cangyu voluntarily withdrew from the team and calmly walked away.

The ruthless Luo Xiaoluo immediately sent a private chat to his president: [Boss, I met a powerful summoner today. He is a fan of our team’s vice-captain and I wanted to pull him into the guild, only for him to refuse! Why don’t you invite him so that it seems more sincere?]

Time Machine sent him a starry-eyed expression. [A fan of the vice-captain? An expert summoner? Is it a demon summoner?]

Luo Xiaoluo replied: [No. He is an elf.]

Time Machine sent a wave goodbye expression: [Don’t tease. How can an elf summoner be powerful?]

Luo Xiaoluo felt unwilling. [There are very few elves playing a summoner but I think he is really very powerful. He is rare!]

Time Machine continued to wave goodbye. [It is only the beginning. The initial elf summoner does have an advantage in agility. But after level 30, the advantages of other races will rise. The elf summoner is too crispy and has no self-preservation skills. It is basically a waste. The most powerful summoners right now are the demon and blood kin summoners. An elf summoner playing casually in an online game doesn’t need to be taken seriously.]

[But Boss…] Luo Xiaoluo wrote a few words before hesitating and deleting it.

The boss was right. The elf summoner used Flying Feather Steps to move quickly. This gave him an advantage in the early stages. But after the other races developed, the elf summoner’s defense was too terrible and few people could play it well.

Still, he thought of the person who did the high-level strange kiting and Luo Xiaoluo couldn’t help feeling strange— the calm, confident and accurate computing power of the player made light work of the mobs.

He killed a three level high tree spirit as easily as stepping on an ant…

He might be a hidden master…

[Don’t imagine things groundlessly. How can there be so many strange masters in an online game? Hurry and clear the instance!] The boss saw through Luo Xiaoluo’s thoughts with once glance, causing him to scratch his head with embarrassment. He operated his elf bard to the door of Yisu City, where he met with the large forces of the Time Guild.

Just to clarify things, Bai Xuan isn’t the ML. The ML who will pair up with Li Cangyu hasn’t showed up yet. In addition, Li Cangyu is definitely the shou, not the gong.

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