GLS: Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Pickled Fish

The legion defense lasted for two hours and the result was the collapse of the boss on both sides. This made all the players who participated in the legion defense very excited. The players in the Moonlight Forest district even lit fireworks, causing fireworks to appear in the night sky. The decorated black sky was extraordinarily beautiful. There were many people who took photos next to the body of the camp’s boss and the online game suddenly became very lively.

The official reporter stationed in the new district quickly sent a screenshot of the situation to the forum, giving it the title: [The Bright Goddess and Dark Goddess have fallen. The Moonlight Forest new district is going against the heavens!]

The reported excitedly talked about this grand occasion and the forum post quickly became popular.

Then in the gossip section of Miracle’s forum, there was this post: [The two wonderful directors of the Moonlight Forest’s legion defense war on August 18th. The goddesses of both camps fell together and the two commanders openly showed love on the world channel. These photos are proof!]

The following were screenshots.

[How about the middle group?] [I’ll go back to repair the castle. Let’s talk at 9 o’clock.]

[Did you deliberately bring your troops over at precisely 9 o’clock?] [Of course, when have I ever lied to you?]

The last photo killed all the single dogs. It was Ling Xuefeng responding to everyone’s joke with: [Thank you, we will be together.]

Everyone, “…”

Nobody would believe it without the screenshots. Why did it look like the two commanders really weren’t joking?

The case became confusing and many gossipers investigated these two people to see if they had a prior relationship.

It was said that Love to Eat Braised Fish wiped out Wind Colour’s elite teams two times. Later, they ignored Love to Eat Braised Fish. It looked like a hostile relationship so why did they speak so ambiguously?

The crowd immediately wrote a love hate story between Love to Eat Braised Fish and Popular Land Under Heaven.

Popular Land Under Heaven saw these posts and wanted to cry towards Captain Ling. ‘You controlled my account and did so many things. How can I live in the future?’

He looked at the captain and saw that Ling Xuefeng had no expression from beginning to end.

His expression didn’t even change when he wrote ‘we will be together’, as if it really was an irrelevant joke.

Ling Xuefeng had never been good at joking so what happened today?

Popular Land Under Heaven hesitated for a moment before sending a text message to Vice-Captain Yan Ruiwen. [Vice-Captain Yan, what is the relationship between our captain and Cat God? Why do I think the relationship between the two of them isn’t that simple?]

Yan Ruiwen quickly replied: [You know too much.]

Popular Land Under Heaven’s neck cooled and he immediately retracted his gaze from his phone. He stared at the computer in front of him, pretending to know nothing.


Li Cangyu organized the reward items and retreated from the map of the legion defense. He opened his friends list and found that Steamed Bass still wasn’t online.

Was this a temporary failure to go online? Or was it not convenient for him to go online?

Before the defense war began, Li Cangyu wanted to bring Steamed Bass in only to find that he wasn’t online. At that time, Li Cangyu hadn’t thought too much but not the defense war was over and he still wasn’t online. This made him feel doubts.

Li Cangyu touched his chin and thought of Steamed Bass’ usual tone when speaking as well as the obvious concern for Li Cangyu. Then a strange thought flashed through his mind. Was Steamed Bass someone he knew? For example…someone with the surname of Ling?

He was just thinking this when a private message popped up. [Are you leveling in the game to find teammates?]

It was sent by Ling Xuefeng.

Li Cangyu suppressed his thoughts and quickly replied: [I am leveling in the game to learn about the changes. I haven’t played in two years and don’t know much about the new skills of many classes.]

[That’s good.] Ling Xuefeng quickly replied: [After the Spring Festival, the seventh season will begin. There is still a lot of time remaining so you should have a good team by the end of the year.]

[Yes.] Li Cangyu asked: [Why did you come to command today’s legion defense?]

[I was idle on my holiday.] Ling Xuefeng said: [It is boring so I came to see you.]

[Ah.] Li Cangyu smiled and suddenly said: [Did you know that I like to eat Steamed Bass?]


It was bad. In today’s defense war, he forgot to log into the Steamed Bass account!

Did Cat find something out?

These thoughts flashed through Ling Xuefeng’s mind but he pretended to be calm. [Don’t you like to eat all types of fish?]

Li Cangyu didn’t keep asking. After all, he was just guessing without any evidence. He would wait until Steamed Bass came online and check. If he was really Ling Xuefeng, this identity would be smashed!

Ling Xuefeng guessed that Cat had started to suspect him but the good thing was that he hadn’t left any evidence when using the Steamed Bass account. Thus, he continued to pretend like he didn’t know. Ling Xuefeng thought this before changing the topic. [Are you still in New York?]

[I’m in Changsha.]

[Changsha? Are you at the Dragon Song Club?]

[Yes.] Li Cangyu said: [I had something to discuss with the manager.]

[When are you leaving?]

[I am flying out tomorrow night.]

Li Cangyu returned for only three days. This schedule was really rushed but he had a reason for wanting to return to New York as soon as possible. If he wasn’t at home, Bai Xuan couldn’t live in his sister’s house. In the past few days, Bai Xuan had gone out to travel and stayed at hotels. Moreover, A’Shu couldn’t have a good meal for several days. He had just sent Li Cangyu a private message: [Cat God, when are you coming back? I haven’t had good food for days!]

The hungry A’Shu seemed pitiful. Li Cangyu decided to hurry back and have Bai Xuan continue living at his sister’s house. In addition, Li Cangyu would bring back Chinese medicine for him.

[It looks like we won’t have a chance to meet this time?] Ling Xuefeng asked.

Li Cangyu said: [If you have time tomorrow, you can come out and meet me.]

Ling Xuefeng quickly typed: [Aren’t you in Changsha?]

Li Cangyu: [I will fly to Shanghai tomorrow, then fly from Shanghai to New York. I am just passing by you.]

A surge of joy suddenly filled Ling Xuefeng’s heart as he replied: [I will go to the airport to pick you up. What time will you arrive?]

[I will arrive at noon at Hongqiao Airport T2 terminal.]


Li Cangyu said: [By the way, can you check if there is a delicious pickled fish store in Shanghai? Let’s have lunch there.]

Ling Xuefeng was silent for two seconds before saying: [Are you coming to see me because of the pickled fish I owe you?]

[Well, I think it isn’t convenient to bring pickled vegetables to the United States to make the fish so I’ll come to find you.] Li Cangyu replied seriously: [Otherwise, how uncomfortable would you be to keep owing me pickled fish?]

Ling Xuefeng: […]

Cat said this but Ling Xuefeng knew that he came to Shanghai for Ling Xuefeng. Otherwise, wasn’t there tasty pickled fish stores in Changsha? Running all the way to Shanghai to eat? He just said that as an excuse.

Ling Xuefeng’s mood became better when he thought this and a gentle expression appeared. He quickly typed: [I know a delicious pickled fish store. Please come and have a good time tomorrow.]


The next morning, Ling Xuefeng got up early, found a brand new suit in his closet and shaved his face.

As he went out, he happened to meet Qin Mo. The young boy looked at his master and asked, “Master is going out?”

Ling Xuefeng replied while tying his tie, “Yes, I’m going to meet a friend.”

Qin Mo made a curious expression but didn’t dare ask anything else. Once Ling Xuefeng left, Qin Mo came to the guild area and talked about it with the president. Popular Land Under Heaven couldn’t help saying, “The captain might be going on a date.”

Qin Mo was shocked. “A date?”

Popular Land Under Heaven asked, “Didn’t you see that he was particularly dressed us when leaving? He was wearing new leather shoes.”

Qin Mo spoke seriously, “Master always dresses very well.”

Popular Land Under Heaven rubbed the head of the small prince and said, “Once you grow up, you will understand. It isn’t the same when seeing your sweetheart.”

Qin Mo thought suspiciously, ‘Did Master really go to see his sweetheart? What would his sweetheart look like?’

At this time, Ling Xuefeng was driving on the freeway towards the airport.

He could finally see the person he had missed for a long time. The always calm and serious man couldn’t help smiling excitedly.


Ling Xuefeng arrived at the airport at 11:30 and he quickly walked towards where the domestic flights would arrive.

There was still half an hour until he could see Li Cangyu. He was outwardly calm but Ling Xuefeng’s heart couldn’t help jumping.

Since Li Cangyu left with his team, in order to not disturb his development in Wulin and to also prevent him from thinking about the past, Ling Xuefeng rarely asked for a meeting. If he really wanted to talk, he would say a few words of greeting by phone, WeChat, etc.

In the past few years, contact wasn’t broken. They often sent text messages to each other during the holidays but they didn’t say too many words. They both had their own business to operate and also shouldered the responsibilities of a team. They were busy all day.

In addition, Ling Xuefeng wasn’t a person who made others feel tired. The best way to get along with Li Cangyu was this: A simple greeting during busy or critical moments was enough to make the heart warm.

In any case, they were people who knew each other best and knew what they needed most.

When they first met and the 17 year old stretched out a hand with firm eyes, Ling Xuefeng knew that Li Cangyu occupied a position that no one could replace in his heart.

He later watched Li Cangyu lead a weak team into the Miracle League but didn’t show any frustrated expression. Seeing him show more courage after falling down, climbing up with confidence, watching him change from a rookie to a ace elf summoner of the first season that could stand side by side with himself…

Ling Xuefeng’s appreciation, admiration and heartache gradually became a vine that wrapped around his heart.

Every time the name ‘Old Cat’ was mentioned, Ling Xuefeng’s heart would involuntarily shake.

Over the years, Li Cangyu regarded Ling Xuefeng as one of his best friends but for Ling Xuefeng, emotions other than friendship gradually emerged.

For example, every time he thought of Li Cangyu, his heart beat faster and any news would involuntarily get Ling Xuefeng’s attention. In front of Li Cangyu, Ling Xuefeng’s serious and cold shell would be removed and he would be filled with an inexplicable gentleness.

No one knew more about Li Cangyu than Ling Xuefeng. No one else could stand beside Ling Xuefeng without any weakness like Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu was undoubtedly strong.

However, there were many times when Ling Xuefeng hoped that Li Cangyu wouldn’t be so strong in front of himself.

He wanted Li Cangyu to rest on his shoulders when he was tired or sad. Similarly, he hoped he could lean on Li Cangyu’s shoulders when he was tired or irritated. They can safely give their backs to each other. They always showed a strong front in front of outsiders but in their hearts, there was a softness that belonged to each other.

There was a crazy idea in Ling Xuefeng’s mind. Since no one else could understand them, how good would it be if Ling Xuefeng could walk through his life with Li Cangyu?

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