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GLS: Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – Legion Defense (Killing the Goddess)

Ling Xuefeng naturally had more than 50% confidence if he dared to attack.

The Bright Legion led by Li Cangyu mostly consisted of archers, white magicians and swordsmen while the Dark Legion were mostly black magicians, assassins and psychics.

An assassin’s sneak attack was the strongest of all classes. Ling Xuefeng led the big army from the front while sending 30 groups of assassins to sneak around the back.

This time, he privately gave instructions to the Ghost Spirits president to avoid the undercover. Therefore, the news that the undercover returned to Li Cangyu was: [The Dark Legion is directly attacking from the front.]

This might be the base of the Bright Legion but the other side had many chariots and cannons so Li Cangyu didn’t dare underestimate them. He stood on the castle and looked down. The dense crowd of people was like beasts pouring in from the middle while the chariot flags and black markings were shocking.

[Groups 1~50 will intercept them at the castle gates! The rest of the groups will scatter to hold the walls.] Li Cangyu quickly typed out.

The group leaders took their groups to the designated location.

Ling Xuefeng said: [Ready the chariots and artillery. Scatter in a fan shape and attack!]

Once the people of the Dark Legion arrived at the gate of the castle, the 17 chariots immediately fanned out. There was a loud noise and the cannons fired, directly smashing a large hole in the castle.

The castle’s defense value at the top right of the screen dropped from 100% to 95%.

Countless cannons fired in succession, causing the castle to become smoky.

At the gate, the 50 groups that Li Cangyu sent as guards rushed out like beasts. The two sides launched a fierce battle, with countless deaths and injuries!

Ling Xuefeng said: [Those who die will choose the nearest resurrection point. After resurrecting, don’t go to the front but head around to the rear of the castle!]

Many people didn’t understand why the resurrected had to go to the back until they arrived and saw the bodies of countless guards. What was going on?

They looked up and saw the killers climbing to the top of the castle.

Everyone reacted by excitedly following the killers’ path.

[There are people at the back!]

The first assassinated player typed on the camp channel but it was too late.

The Ghost Spirits were the best situations. They were like fish in water when the situation was chaotic.

In a flash, the Ghost Spirits Guild’s 30 groups (900 killers) suddenly attacked from behind. Their sharp blades cut into the soft bellies of the fragile elf archers and white magicians, killing them!

They fell down one after another and the castle was suddenly filled with corpses.

Previously, the archers and white magicians relied on the advantage of their ranged attacks to interfere with the speed of the Dark Legion. Now almost half of the remotes had died, relieving the pressure on the front lines. Ling Xuefeng immediately typed: [Full push!]

The onslaught from the front and back caught the Bright Legion unprepared.

The chariots and artillery brought by the other party finally emptied the castle’s defense value.

Once the castle’s defense value was emptied, players in the enemy camp were free to enter and exit the castle. However, Li Cangyu wasn’t someone who would just be beaten. The moment the remotes were assassinated, he mobilized the large Flying Feathers troops to ambush at the entrance of the castle.

As soon as the Dark Legion entered, gorgeous swordsmanship flashed in front of their eyes.

Light and Shadow Rotation!

What would happen if hundreds of swordsmen opened a group attack at the same time? It was shown today.

The silver swords waved and illuminated the sky with a bright light!

Xie Shurong waved the sword in his hand and entered the middle of the Dark Legion came. He smashed through to seize their king, Ling Xuefeng.

The small madman Gu Siming followed closely, the two men rushing into the opposite camp.

Ling Xuefeng was the commander so he couldn’t die so easily. There was also a small follower around him, Qin Mo.

Qin Mo had quietly been playing the role of ‘follower’. Like Cheng Wei’s personal protection of Cat God, Qin Mo personally protected his master. After seeing Blossoming Tree, Qin Mo cast a curse Death Imprisonment to set Xie Shurong in place.

The fixed Xie Shurong suffered the group attacks of the black magicians and was instantly killed by black magic.

Gu Siming was also dragged down by him and killed together.

Li Cangyu sent them to disturb the opposite side’s formation. He didn’t think they could actually kill Ling Xuefeng.

The dead Xie Shurong privately chatted with Bai Xuan and joked: [Milk Dad, why don’t you care about me? Pull me up!]

Bai Xuan: [You ran too far out of my reach!]

“…” Xie Shurong want to resurrect at the rear when Li Cangyu sent him a private message: [You and Xiao Gu go to the resurrection point on the Dark Legion side and look at the situation there.]

[Okay!] The two men received the order and immediately headed to the territory of the Dark Legion.


Thousands of people were fighting at the gate of the castle.

The 900 killers had quickly cleared the remote classes of the other side so the Dark Legion gradually occupied the advantage. They moved straight forward and arrived at the Bright Goddess!

The Bright Goddess wore a snowy white dress and huge wings hung gently down towards the ground, soft white feathers covered it. Her blonde hair grew down to her ankles and there was a white crown on her head, looking as holy as an angel.

Many people excitedly typed on the camp channel: [Oh, I have never seen the Bright Goddess in the old district! Every time, I couldn’t even break the castle!]

[Hello Goddess! The goddess is so beautiful!]

The area channel was filled with players doing strange actions towards the NPC. LIng Xuefeng also issued an order on the command channel: [The 2nd and 3rd healer groups will focus on the blood of the main T. The main T will pull her and then everyone else will steadily attack!]

Before attacking the Bright Legion, Ling Xuefeng let the leaders of the three large groups to re-adjust the team configuration, specifically selecting a paladin group and two healer groups to play the boss. The camp boss was extremely strong and it was easily to kill the paladins. The two healer groups were specifically to ensure the safety of the paladins. The other melee separated to take care of their teammates.

Once the main T stabilized the boss’ aggro, the black magicians quickly placed hundreds of negative states on the boss. The psychics also stacked negative defense, attack and movement speed debuffs onto the boss.

The blood of the Bright Goddess quickly fell to 95% but the large army of the Bright Legion didn’t move.

Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help feeling some doubts. Why didn’t the other side return to defend? If people came back at this time, the Dark Legion wouldn’t have it so easy.

He was just thinking this when a message came on the camp channel: [Once they died, they all resurrected at the Dark Legion’s lower resurrection point.]

[Are they planning to steal the boss?]

[Give us the command to go back and defend!]

Many people in the Dark Legion camp were flustered.

Yes, Li Cangyu wasn’t someone who would just be beaten. He couldn’t fight for the Bright Goddess so he sent all his troops to kill the Dark Goddess!

The early sneak attack gave him a 20% blood volume advantage. Therefore, LI Cangyu was confident that he could kill the Dark Goddess before Ling Xuefeng killed the Bright Goddess.

Offense was the best defense.

-Ling Xuefeng, don’t think you are the only one who could do this!

After Li Cangyu sent A’Shu and Xiao Gu to investigate, he decisively left his old base. He sent everyone to attack the opposite Dark Legion’s castle and take away their boss. Since the opposite commander was Ling Xuefeng, Li Cangyu didn’t want to mess with him. A quick offense was the best otherwise this war would never finish.

The Dark Legion side was panicked. Previously, their goddess lost 20% of her blood. Should they defend or keep fighting here?

Ling Xuefeng quickly made a decision. [Keep fighting the boss! Unleash all attacks!]

Cat wanted to play a time difference with him but Ling Xuefeng didn’t think he would lose.

The Dark Goddess might’ve already lost 20% blood but it would take time for the Bright Legion to reach the gate from the resurrection point and then break through the level one defense castle. As long as Ling Xuefeng could catch up with the gap in blood during that time, the winner and loser was still uncertain!

[President, bring the assassins back to the base. Don’t do anything apart from killing their main T!] Ling Xuefeng gave an order to the president of the Ghost Spirits Guild.

[I understand Captain Ling!] Devil May Cry was embarrassed when he carelessly spoke. Then he gave instructions to the killers in his guild. [Return back to the base! Kill their main T!]

Assassins were easy to use in this chaos. The return of the assassins caused great trouble to Li Cangyu.

However, Li Cangyu also left behind something. On the side of the Light Legion camp, he left 15 swordsmen groups and 15 berserker groups. They specifically killed the remotes on the other side. Most people should know that the remotes were the main output force against a boss, causing the Dark Legion to be troubled by their interference.

Fortunately, the number of people Li Cangyu left behind was limited and Ling Xuefeng was able to fight back to kill these groups.

Of course, the cheeky Flying Feathers resurrected after being killed and kept interfering with the outputs in the back rows.

Ling Xuefeng impatiently said: [Don’t pay attention to them! Concentrate on the boss!]


The territory of the Dark Legion.

The level one castle was breached by the large army led by Li Cangyu. The Bright Legion went all the way to the Dark Goddess and started to attack the goddess at full speed.

[The opposite side is starting to hit the boss!] The president of Ghost Spirits reported.

[How much blood does the boss have left?]

[It is 75%.]

Ling Xuefeng nodded and looked at the Bright Goddess’ blood volume of 78%.

The blood volume gap of 3% wasn’t too much. He had to speed up the output.

Ling Xuefeng thought about it and said: [Pure Cleansing Guild, send three groups of psychics back to interfere with them.]

The psychics had a spell called Illusion. This could create hallucinations for a short period of time, which was why many teams in the Miracle League used psychics to assist.

The three groups of psychics returned near the boss and opened magic arrays. The effect was unexpectedly good, directly messing up the healer groups of the Bright Legion!

Fortunately, Bai Xuan was specifically staring at the blood of the main T, Xiao Gu. He flexibly avoided the illusions and saved Xiao Gu from sudden death. Li Cangyu immediately ordered: [Rear archers, kill the psychics!]

A large number of arrows fell and the psychics were killed in seconds.

Of course, the psychics of Pure Cleansing played the role of stalker. After being killed, they resurrected and returned as they kept using illusions to interfere with the other.


The two sides continued to fight for half an hour in such a state of mutual interference and full attack. The blood volume of the Bright Goddess and Dark Goddess was gradually suppressed.

[The Bright Goddess has 40% blood left. Shouldn’t we return to the camp to defend?]

[The Dark Goddess is almost dead! We should just continue!]

[Don’t tease. My goddess still has a move left and all of you will have to fall down!]


The players on both sides started a war of words but the commanders were very calm.

At this point, all defense was abandoned. It was better to focus on the output and simply kill the goddess.


It was 10 o’clock in the evening and the goddess of both camps only had 8% health left. The blood gauge started to flash red.

Many players were so excited that their fingers were shaking as they madly tapped at the keyboard to throw skills at the boss. In particular, many players who came from other district had never played such a fierce legion defense war.

Once he saw that the blood of the camp boss was reduced to 5%, Ling Xuefeng immediately typed: [The melee should retreat. Remote classes, be prepared to jump!]

At the same time, Li Cangyu also typed on the camp channel: [All melee head to the roof. The remotes at the far end will jump immediately!]

Guardian Angel!

Devil’s Curse!

The goddesses of both camps opened a super-big move.

The pure white wings of the Bright Goddess moved like a tornado and all players touched by the white feathers were instantly killed. The Dark Goddess also wasn’t polite. The black wings were transformed into countless swords and swept in 360 degrees, striking down all nearby people.

Fortunately, most of the witty old players obeyed the commands and evaded it in advance, successfully surviving the big move.

Corpses filled both bases as the commanders simultaneously gave a command: [Those who died, quickly resurrect. All remaining people, quickly unleash your full attacks!]

After successfully surviving the camp boss’ ultimate move, players on both sides unleashed their top hand speed and decreased the boss’ blood volume at a terrifying speed!

The world channel:

[Congratulations to the Bright Legion for successfully killing the Dark Goddess!]

[Congratulations to the Dark Legion for successfully killing the Bright Goddess!]

The system channel:

[Congratulations Popular Land Under Heaven for completing the achievement of killing the Bright Goddess!]

[Congratulations Love to Eat Braised Fish for completing the achievement of killing the Dark Goddess!]


You could imagine the tens of thousands of ‘Congratulations xx for completing the xx achievement’ and how spectacular this scene was.

The system channel’s achievement information was so much that many people’s computers even crashed!

Those who didn’t crash watched this spectacular scene. The Dark Goddess fell and the huge black wings turned into black smoke while the Bright Goddess fell and her white wings turned into bright light.

Many people who played Miracle for the full six years had never seen this picture.

In the new district of Moonlight Forest, two mysterious commanders led both sides to kill the camp bosses!

A number of people couldn’t recover as they stared at the fallen camp boss in front of them.

In the six years since Miracle opened, the goddesses had rarely been killed. There were two or three incidents where a goddess was killed due to the gap between both camps. The situation where both sides killed the camp boss together was really a once in a lifetime scene. It was definitely the first case in this world’s servers!

Once the goddesses were killed, all the people involved in the event received a fearful amount of experience and gold coins. Some even rose six levels instantly!

The players saw the experience they received and finally recovered, frantically filling the screen of the world channel.

[Commanders on both sides, did you consider killing them together?]

[Yes! Did the two of you talk about it? Your brain waves are synchronized!]

[Be together! If you aren’t together and no one else can see!]

[A world record was set in the new district. The camp goddesses died together.The two commanders should have a once in a century wedding!]

[Commanders’ wedding +1!]

[Commanders’ wedding +10086!]

Li Cangyu quietly ignored the people joking on the screen.

At the last minute, the Bright Legion camp took the lead in killing the Dark Goddess with a difference of five seconds. Therefore, the Bright Legion received more rewards than the Dark Legion, making Li Cangyu very satisfied with this result. Today he gained six levels in one breath and also got a lot of gold coins and materials. The reward for the two hour legion defense was comparable to doing instances for one week.

After seeing everyone’s jokes, Ling Xuefeng seriously wrote on the world channel: [Thank you, we will be together.]

Everyone, “…”

This reply was soon wiped out by the messages of countless people and Li Cangyu didn’t see it.

However, the sharp-eyed Cheng Wei was confused. “Isn’t Ling Xuefeng always serious? Why did he respond to everyone’s joke on the world channel?”

Was this really a joke?

Tan Shitian remembered the ‘big cat and kitten are a father and son’ message that Captain Ling wrote when forwarding his story and suddenly felt that he understood something.

Did Captain Ling mean that the big cat was booked by him?

Then he really had this type of feeling towards Cat God?

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