GLS: Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Chief Commander

Cheng Wei and Li Cangyu chatted for a long time. It was only after Cheng Wei’s mouth became dry that he willingly ran to the side to pour water.

Li Cangyu spoke on the voice channel, “President, shall we continue to discuss tomorrow’s legion defense?”

There were tens of thousands of people participating in Sunday’s legion defense. If there wasn’t a good commander, the activities would become a mess. Li Cangyu didn’t take the heavy responsibility of the commander for the limelight. He was just in it for the rewards. If the Bright Legion won, the commander’s guild would be rewarded handsomely and he would be able to rise to level 65 in one go.

He didn’t have much time to waste in the online game. The most important thing was to quickly increase the fame of his guild.

“Cat God, are you willing to command?” Time Machine asked.

“Yes, but I’m not familiar with the other guilds. You have to help persuade the president.”

“No problem, leave this matter to me!” Time Machine said.

At this moment, Li Cangyu received another private message.

[Great god, what camp will you choose for tomorrow’s legion defense? Why don’t you take us with you?] It was from Flying Feathers Liangshan.

Flying Feathers Ares sitting next to the president was shocked. “Boss, isn’t this a bit shameless? We previously used side accounts to assassinate him!”

Flying Feathers Liangshan spoke in a serious manner. “Why does that matter when playing a game?”

Everyone, “…”

Flying Feathers Liangshan continued, “Cat God definitely doesn’t care about us. The assassination is over and tomorrow is another day.”

Everyone, “…”

As the president of Flying Feathers expected, Li Cangyu knew that Flying Feathers used side accounts but he wasn’t the type of person to hold grudges. He didn’t want to suppress or retaliate against them. After all, it was normal to kill in the online game. It wasn’t necessary to worry about these things. Today they might have a vendetta against each other while tomorrow they might be teammates happily playing together against a boss.

Li Cangyu saw Flying Feathers Liangshan words and bluntly replied: [I am allied with Time and will enter the Bright Legion. President, do you want to join us?]

[Of course! Great god, please take care of me!] Flying Feathers Liangshan sent a row of handshake emojis. [We will enter the Bright Legion and absolutely obey your commands!]

“…” The president truly had no shame!

Flying Feathers Liangshan said, “We will go to the Bright Legion with Cat God. Why should we be hostile to Cat God?”

The people of Flying Feathers said, “President has a really high vision!”

Flying Feathers decided to join the Bright Legion while Popular Land Under Heaven pulled the Cheetah Guild, with the other side promising to enter the Dark Legion. In this way, the Bright Legion had Time, Flying Feathers, Red Fox and Terminator, plus the Food Squad. Meanwhile, the Dark Legion had Wind Colour, Ghost Spirits, Pure Cleansing and Cheetah. There would also be many small guilds who would join and the strengths of both sides were relatively balanced.

Whoever lost or won would depend on the skills of the commander.


Beijing time, 7 o’clock on Sunday.

The number of people logged into Miracle had reached the highest peak since the opening of the new district, Moonlight Forest. The operators had already prepared a large server capable of accommodating hundreds of thousands of people.

The legion defense started at 8 o’clock and signups opened at 7 o’clock.

In order for the legion defense to be more balanced, there was a rule in Miracle that the number of people in one camp couldn’t be much higher than the other camp. At 7:10, the registrations would close. In the following time, those who hadn’t decided would be randomly assigned to a camp.

Since the Food Squad entered the Bright Legion’s camp, the number of people in the Bright Legion occupied a certain advantage early on. But at 7:10, the gap in the number of people became smaller and smaller. A large number of randoms joined, resulting in both sides gradually becoming balanced.

Li Cangyu greeted his teammates in advance. Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong, Zhang Jueming and Gu Siming were all added to Li Cangyu’s fixed team while Time Machine had already organized the dozens or so guilds in this camp and was waiting in the voice channel.

Once Cat God entered the voice channel, Time Machine immediately opened his mouth and said, “Let me introduce you. The chief commander for this event is the president of the Food Squad, Love to Eat Braised Fish. Do you want to say a few words?”

Li Cangyu spoke simply. “I would like to say this first. Don’t act without permission. Follow the orders of the chief commander.”

The crowd liked his decisiveness. There were many guilds and players. If they didn’t listen to the commands, it would be a confusing mess.

Li Cangyu continued, “All guilds, send me a list of numbers of classes. Then I will decide the formation.”


At the same time, the Dark Legion camp.

Popular Land Under Heaven also organized all the large and small guilds who joined the Dark Legion. He opened a discussion group channel in the game, gave the Popular Land Under Heaven account to Ling Xuefeng and then logged into a side account

Ling Xuefeng used the president’s account to type: [In today’s event, the commander for the Bright Legion is very powerful. If you don’t want a full collapse, you should listen to my arrangements.]

Vice-Captain Zhang Shaohui who was operating a side account, “…”

Was this really the tone of speech of Wind Colour’s president? Why did he think it was a bit strange?

Ling Xuefeng continued to type calmly: [First, count the number of teams in the major guilds. Same Boat Under Wind and Rain is responsible for organizing the scattered randoms to form a unified number. Once the start of the event, all team leaders will listen to my commands and don’t act without permission. Type a 1 if you understand.]

A large row of 111 instantly filled the discussion group, proving that everyone was listening.

Ling Xuefeng sent an image to the group, which was an instance map of the legion defense. This map was in the official database and was exactly the same as the event map. They could see many different colour markers on the map. The people who had done the legion defense before knew what these marks meant.

After a few minutes, Ling Xuefeng asked: [Are the teams compiled?]

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain replied: [Yes, there are a total of 175 teams. I will send you the list.]

He often played the legion defense in the old district so Same Boat Under Wind and Rain was already familiar with this. Before Captain Ling came, he had already discussed the groups in the Dark Legion with the president.

Ling Xuefeng appreciated the vice president’s actions and immediately started to make arrangements. [As soon as the event time arrives, groups 1-50 will walk in the 1 o’clock direction. The Pure Cleansing group will take the lead and all of you will win the demon mine using the fastest speed. Groups 51-100 will take the 3 o’clock position. The Cheetah Guild will take the lead and win the beast mind. Groups 101-150 will walk to the 5 o’clock direction. The Wind Colour Guild will take the lead and win the blood kin mine.]

There were a total of six racial mines on the event map. At the beginning of the defense war, none of the six mines had any owners. Whoever killed the mine guards first could get ownership of the mines and collect the ores there.

Collecting ores gave money and the money earned would go into the reserve funds. They could buy items that added a certain attribute from the battlefield store or construct offensive chariots or defensive castles.

In large scale competitive games, the concept of ‘economy’ was very important. It was the so-called ‘economic base determines the structure.’ The legion defense was about both sides competing for resources to try and gain economic benefits. The greater the economic gap between both sides, the greater the gap between the defense and attack statuses of the players and the easier it was for the balance to collapse.

At 8:30, the Bright Goddess and Dark Goddess would refresh at the defense castles. If the economy was too low and the castle defenses insufficient, the goddess would easily be killed by the other party.

This was the most interesting part of the legion defense. It wasn’t about thousands of people fighting and killing each other. In order to command the defense battle, it was necessary to comprehensively consider the terrain of the battlefield, the configuration of players on both sides, the timing to attack the mine, the timing to defend, etc.

Such a complex campaign meant commanding it was even more difficult than the Professional League.

However, today’s command in the Dark Legion came was clearly excellent. The soldiers were well organized to take three mines.

Zhang Shaohui saw this and couldn’t help whispering, “Why do I feel like this is a bit similar to Captain Ling?”

“It is Ling Xuefeng.” A familiar voice was suddenly heard beside him.

Zhang Shaohui turned and saw Lou Wushuang come to sit next to him. Lou Wushuang said lightly, “Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu are fighting each other on opposite sides. This will be interesting.”

“Brother, what are you doing here?” Zhang Shaohui was a bit surprised.

“I was bored so I thought I would go see what Old Cat is doing.” Lou Wushuang replied while logging into an account that the president gave him.

The Bright Legion, commander Li Cangyu.

The Dark Legion, Ling Xuefeng personally commanded them.

On Sunday evening, tens of thousands of players came online. The server was opened to the maximum capacity and numerous undercovers lurked in both camps. Tan Shitian’s story caused several big gods to log into side accounts.

Tonight’s Moonlight Forest was truly a gathering of stars and gods.

This was definitely the most spectacular world war in the six years since Miracle opened!

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