GLS: Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – Conflict

Li Cangyu finished taking the guild team to challenge the instance. The level 3 guild reached 50% construction points. In a few days, it would be promoted to a level 4 guild. This development momentum was very good.

The addition of the three students helped Li Cangyu very much. Li Cangyu set up the trip as vice presidents and let them help with the guild.

Small Elf said with excitement, “President, rest assured that we will manage the instance team well!”

Li Cangyu ordered, “Please take everyone to level. Wait until we reach full level and then we will go play the difficult instances. Then organize some people who like PK to go the arena. If there is anyone with a good awareness when playing the instance, you can also recommend them to me.”

Small Elf cried out, “Okay, no problem! I will organize everyone to quickly go level!”

Li Cangyu properly arranged the management of the group and then a private chat message from Time Machine popped up. [Brother Fish? Can you go to the voice channel? I have something I want to discuss with you.]

Li Cangyu asked: [Is it about tomorrow’s legion defense?]

Once the legion defense was opened every Sunday, all online players were free to join the camp of the Bright Goddess or the Dark Goddess. Players could go alone when choosing a camp or they could register as a team or guild.

Many big guilds in the game had a favoured camp. For example, Time always chose the Bright Legion while Wind Colour would generally join the Dark Legion.

The president of Time came to find him so Li Cangyu’s first thought was about the legion defense.

In fact, Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei were sitting next to him and wanting to hear Love to Eat Braised Fish chat in the voice channel. Time Machine had to push it. [It is about the legion defense. Brother Fish should be joining the Bright Legion right? I want to discuss with you in advance how to command it tomorrow.]

[Okay, I will go find you.] Li Cangyu typed back.

[Then come to this voice room to discuss it.] Time Machine was happy and immediately sent the voice room number and password.

Li Cangyu entered the password and went in. He saw that Time Machine was waiting for him time. Time Machine immediately asked, “Brother Fish? will you direct tomorrow’s legion war? I think that if you are directing, the Bright Legion will definitely win!”

“That isn’t necessarily the case.” Li Cangyu opened his mouth. “There are three big guilds on the side of the Dark Goddess. Wind Colour, Ghost Spirits and Pure Cleansing. The black magicians, blood kin assassins and psychics will have an advantage in a chaotic situation.”

Cheng Wei jumped up excitedly the moment he heard this voice. “Cat God, Cat God! It is Cat God!”

“…” Li Cangyu was almost deafened by him.

Tan Shitian looked helplessly at this guy who suddenly jumped out of his seat. How excited was he? If Cheng Wei could enter the network cable, he wouldn’t hesitate to crawl along the network cable to the other end of the computer.

Cheng Wei shouted excitedly before grabbing Time Machine’s headset and saying to the other person, “Cat God, is it really you?”

Li Cangyu helplessly rubbed his ears. “Who are you?”

Cheng Wei explained, “I am Cheng Wei! Cheng Wei! Cheng Wei of the Time team!”

Li Cangyu asked, “Who is Cheng Wei?”

Cheng Wei was stunned.

Tan Shitian looked at his appearance and couldn’t help patting his head with sympathy. Stupid, Cat God was obviously teasing him but he took it so seriously.

Cheng Wei seemed to realize as he smiled and said, “Don’t joke around Cat God. Why are you in Miracle’s new district? I heard that the Canglan team disbanded the other day. I messaged you but you didn’t reply. I was so worried about you!”

Xiao Cheng’s simple and direct care made Li Cangyu’s heart feel warm.

He remembered the Q number that he hadn’t logged into for a long time and spoke apologetically, “I went abroad after Canglan disbanded. I didn’t log into the previous Q number that I used and didn’t see your message.”

He had two Q numbers. After leaving Miracle, the previous Q number wasn’t very useful. He naturally wouldn’t reply if Cheng Wei sent him a message.

“Oh, that’s it!” Cheng Wei didn’t mind. He was just happy that Cat God was here. “Then what are you doing in Miracle’s new district?”

“I am forming a team to return to Miracle.” Li Cangyu stated.

“Ahhh, really?” Cheng Wei jumped up again excitedly. “You are returning to Miracle?”

“…Yes.” Li Cangyu replied helplessly.

Cheng Wei, his head was very simple. The moment he thought about what to say, it would emerge. In particular, his speed of talking was as fast as a machine g*n when he was angrily swearing. Didn’t Cheng Wei have a cold right now? His voice was so hoarse yet he didn’t know how to take care of it. Shouting so loudly, didn’t his throat hurt?

At this time, Cheng Wei didn’t pay any attention to his throat hurting. He heard Cat God saying that he would return to Miracle and was so happy he almost burst into tears.

Cat God didn’t give up! Cat God was really courageous!

He was back! He was finally back!

Cheng Wei didn’t know how to describe this feeling.

There wasn’t a formal acceptance as a teacher but Cat God had always been the most respected person in Cheng Wei’s heart.

After leaving Miracle for a few years, Cat God had finally returned. Cheng Wei couldn’t wait to jump on Cat God, excitedly hugging him and saying, “Welcome back! It is nice to have you back!”

However, he couldn’t see Cat God and could only jump around.

Tan Shitian saw Cheng Wei jumping up and down and couldn’t help laughing.

He looked just like a furry kitten. He really was Cat God’s apprentice. Both of them were cats. Cat God was a mature and steady big black cat while Cheng Wei was a small white cat that almost moved around.

Tan Shitian came up with the picture of the big black cat and small white cat and became inspired. He decided to write a paragraph on Weibo later.

Cheng Wei looked back and saw Captain Tan smiling very happily. He couldn’t help saying, “What are you laughing at?’ I asked you to invite Cat God onto our team and you wouldn’t. Yet you are still smiling! You are this person…”

Tan Shitian interrupted. “Don’t scold me. Your voice still isn’t good. Accumulate your anger and then scold me once your cold is gone.”

Cheng Wei, “…”

It was useless to scold such a cheeky person.

Li Cangyu heard the Tan Cheng duo arguing and his heart felt funny. Tan Shitian had a good sense of humour while Cheng Wei had a straightforward personality. It was estimated that only Tan Shitian could cure him.

Cheng Wei glared at Captain Tan and ignored him. He sat at the computer and picked up the headset again. “Cat God, you haven’t signed with other teams right? Won’t you come to Time?”

Li Cangyu spoke bluntly, “I have signed with Dragon Song.”

Cheng Wei’s eyes widened with surprise. “Eh? How did you sign with Dragon Song? Come to Time, the conditions here are also very good!”

He was bent on getting Cat God to join, thinking about staying with Cat God without considering the team, the lineup and other factors… it was rare for someone to be so stupid. When would he grow up? It was pitiful!

Li Cangyu explained, “I have several teammates on this side. Making my own team is more convenient. I have signed with Dragon Song and can  take the new team to Miracle.”

“Oh…” Cheng Wei was a bit lost but he soon became happy again. “You must get a strong team this time!”

“Of course.” Li Cangyu said with a smile.

The two people hadn’t met for a long time and Cheng Wei was frustrated for several days from his cold. Therefore he kept nagging— how could the team be disbanded? Where was Cat God now? How was he doing? What was the situation with the teammates? When was he coming back?

Cheng Wei excitedly threw out many questions. Like a jumping bean, he couldn’t stop.

Tan Shitian was very bored sitting next to him and sent a Weibo.

(Once upon a time, there were two cats. The big cat was quick to catch a mouse and the kitten sat back, ready to eat. One day, the big cat left home and the kitten was heartbroken. He was particularly stupid and couldn’t catch mice, almost starving to death. The dog next door took him home and carefully raised him. The kitten often frowned but the dog fed it small fish and they got along happily. It was pleasant until after a few years, the big cat suddenly came back. The kitten immediately threw  himself into the arms of the big cat, ignoring the dog. The dog was so sad [Tears][Tears])

The moment the Storytelling God posted this, there were thousands of comments.

-Captain Tan is too esoteric. I don’t understand!

-Captain Tan, I don’t understand but I still want to compliment you.

-The Storytelling God is so mighty and domineering! I hope you don’t want to enter this field.

-Captain Tan, do you want a dog or a cat?

-Captain Tan pulled out a big trick that no one can understand! P.S. Does the big cat own the kitten?

-Dogs and cats aren’t destined to be together. Don’t you know they are different species?

-Captain Tan, my son is following your Weibo. The fairy tales you write are very good.


Surprisingly, Flying Feathers’ captain Su Guangmo actually forwarded this Weibo with only a row of emojis: [Candle][Candle][Candle][Candle].

Su Guangmo’s fans were confused. What did Su Guangmo mean by lighting candles for Captain Tan?

The even more surprising thing was that Ling Xuefeng also forwarded Su Guangmo’s Weibo while commenting in a serious tone: The big cat and kitten are father and son.

Fans, “…”

Captain Ling, what was he doing?

What about his image of an abstinent male god? He actually read Tan Shitian’s Weibo? Was the forward a slip of the hand?

Unexpected, Tan Shitian’s handwritten story was forwarded by Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng, the two biggest people in the Miracle League. Fans excitedly grabbed a screenshot but they couldn’t understand Tan Shitian’s story. What exactly did he want to express?

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