GLS: Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – Cheng Wei

Before going to New York, Bai Xuan’s return trip had been set for December. This time he didn’t come back with Li Cangyu. He took advantage of Li Cangyu’s two day return to China and took his luggage to travel outside.

Xie Shurong couldn’t go to eat Bai Xuan’s cooking. He sighed at the half cooked steak at the team’s canteen. He suddenly missed Chef Bai and he couldn’t eat the Western food. Where was Vice-Captain Bai? Come back soon. He bought a lot of merchandise!


In the few days where Li Cangyu temporarily left the game, the speed of the major guilds in the new district shot up.

That evening, Li Cangyu went with Old Zhang and Xiao Gu to the Dragon Song’s training room and logged into the brand new computers.

On his friends list, Time Machine was almost level 60 and there was a guild challenge event on Saturday night. Li Cangyu sent a private message to him: [President, I won’t join you in this instance. You play on  your own. I have guild members on my side who I need to guide through the instance.]

The busy Time Machine replied: [Okay Brother Fish, I won’t bother you if you are busy!]

At first, the join team was because the Food Squad had only six people who were level 50. Now there were so many people at level 50 that they could play alone.

The Food Squad was very popular in the new district. It was soon full after being upgraded to a level 3 guild. Li Cangyu was very busy these days and didn’t have much time to manage the guild. Fortunately, the Small Elf, Small Hunter, Small Archer trio that had been added to the guild took the initiative to manage the instance. Li Cangyu handed it over to them but hadn’t expected the three guys to organize it so well.

It was currently six in the evening. Li Cangyu opened the guild channel and saw that these three people were actively organizing teams for instances.

Small Elf: [Three outputs are still needed for Demon Forest. Quickly send a private message!]

Small Hunter: [Anyone level 50 and above, go to the eastern area of Zeya Castle to gain experience. Right click on me to enter the party!]

Small Archer: [Anyone who hasn’t reach level 45 yet, several teams are being formed for Frost Temple. I will distribute you.”


The guild channel was very lively and everyone was actively leveling.

Li Cangyu felt very thankful when he saw this scene.

In fact, guild management wasn’t something he needed to do in person. He could find a few effective assistants and share these tasks. These three classmates organized the instances well, relieving his worries.

Li Cangyu typed in the guild channel: [I will challenge the guild instance at 8 o’clock tonight. At 7:30, I will pay attention to anyone level 50 or above and will bring you to fight.]

[President is here!]

[Okay President! Wait 10 minutes for me. I will be level 50 by then!]

[President, I am also level 50. Take me along!]

The guild channel was suddenly jubilant.

Then he suddenly received a message in his private chat. [You haven’t been online for two days. Did President go somewhere?]

It was from Steamed Bass.

Li Cangyu replied: [Yes, I had something to do.]

Steamed Bass: [Aren’t you abroad?  You are online at 6 o’clock. Isn’t this early?]

Li Cangyu didn’t explain and only typed a single word. [Hrmm.]

He suddenly felt that this Steamed Bass was a big strange. It was as if Steamed Bass was very concerned about him?

Why did he want to know where the president went? Was this person the undercover of another guild?

Li Cangyu thought with some doubts.

Steamed Bass sent another message. [How are you going to play tonight’s instance?]

Li Cangyu: [Go as a group. Time doesn’t matter. The people of our guild will play it our own way.]


At 7:30 in the evening, Li Cangyu counted the people in the guild list and found there were exactly 60 people who reached level 50. He split the group into two. Zhang Jueming would lead one while he led the other.

The guild challenge started on time every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 o’clock. The guilds will be ranked in the order of the instance clearance. The first prize received the most rewards and the golden advertisement. From second place onward, the rewards decreased gradually.

Li Cangyu’s goal wasn’t the rankings. After all, it was impossible with a group of newcomers. It was better to familiarize them with playing the instance and gain some experience, gold coins and construction points.  Moreover, this time he would familiarize them with the strategy and wouldn’t need to lead the team himself in the future. Other people in the group could also lead the team.

The fixed elites of the big guilds would naturally play the challenge instance very quickly. In addition, their levels had improved in the past few days. The Time Guild successfully passed the instance at 8:20 and won first place again.  Flying Feathers was the second to pass at 8:25 while Wind Colour took third. The top 10 were basically well-known large guilds.

The two Food Squad groups led by Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming opened the guild instance at 8 o’clock.  There were too many newcomers in the guild and the progress was relatively slow. They played from 8 o’clock to 9:30 and their ranking had fallen to 50.


The president of Flying Feathers looked at the list and couldn’t help wondering, “Why is the ranking of Food Squad so low?”

An undercover replied: [The president personally led the team and taught them step by step. There were too many newcomers in the group so they played relatively slowly.

Flying Feather Liangshan immediately understood.

Last time, Su Guangmo had come online to PK with Blossoming Tree. Flying Feathers Liangshan and several other management members had been watching. Later, Su Guangmo sent a message to them. [Love to Eat Braised Fish is Old Cat while Blossoming Tree is my younger brother, Xie Shurong. The priest healer is probably Cat God’s old partner, White Fox. The identities of the other people are unclear so follow up on that.]

Flying Feather Liangshan jaw dropped open!

He went to assassinate these great gods…

What if Cat God came to kill them? Flying Feather Liangshan was worried to death.

To his surprise, Cat God didn’t retaliate against the Flying Feathers Guild. Flying Feathers Liangshan had leveled up but he was terrified for two days., Then he found that Cat God seemed to have forgotten this matter and his heart recovered.

Yes! With Cat God’s level, how could he care about these lowly people?

These days the Flying Feathers Guild felt very comfortable. They didn’t go to Cat God to die but Flying Feathers Liangshan still paid attention to the movements of the Food Squad. The Food Squad was ranked 50th in the guild activity because Cat God brought a group of newbies and taught them step by step, delaying the time.

Cat God was very sensible. At the beginning, he teamed up with Time to win the first golden advertisement and attracted a large number of players to join the guild. The second time, he personally brought the members to play the instance, making the guild lively and united. As long as the new people had a sense of belonging to the guild, the president didn’t need to be in charge in the future. Everyone would consciously take the task of building the guild and Food Squad would be upgraded to a level 4 or 5 guild.

Sure enough, the great god was thinking long term and his means of attracting people’s hearts were also very clever!

It was shameful compared to himself, who became angry and tried to assassinate Cat God after losing once.

Flying Feathers Liangshan pondered a long time before starting to worry again. What should he do for tomorrow’s event?


The Time Guild’s office.

“We took first place in the guild challenge two times in a row. Flying Feathers Liangshan’s face must be swollen!” Time Machine spoke in a very good mood.

A slightly hoarse voice was suddenly heard behind him. “Whose face is swollen?”

Time Machine turned back and found Vice-Captain Cheng Wei entering with a smile, followed by the helpless looking Tan Shitian.

After the match last time with the Wind Colour team, Cheng Wei was seriously ill and had a high fever of 39 degrees. Captain Tan took care of him all night and directly brought him to the hospital the next day. Cheng Wei had an IV stuck in him for several days.

Today, Cheng Wei was probably still sick but he looked rosy and energetic.

Time Machine stood up and said, “Captain Tan, Vice-Captain Cheng, why did you come?”

He had entered Time with old Captain Xu Luo and had more seniority than Cheng and Tan. He had watched these two youngsters grow up. Tan Shitian respected him very much and often came here in his leisurely time.

It was just that today, Cheng Wei was the one determined to come over.

Tan Shitian looked helplessly at Cheng Wei and said, “He couldn’t sit still when he was sick. He saw that the lights were still on at the guild office and ran to see.”

“You locked me up all day. I’m not a prisoner.” Cheng Wei protested. “It is just a small cold. Why do you want to exaggerate it?”

“Isn’t it because I’m afraid of your cold getting worse?’ Tan Shitian habitually rubbed Cheng Wei’s head and softly coaxed him. “You should go back to sleep. Your voice is so hoarse and it obviously isn’t good. How can you run out at night and catch a cold?”

“I’m fine!” Cheng Wei stared at him before looking back at the president. “President, Miracle has a legion defense every Sunday right? What is the plan for tomorrow’s event? Can I go and watch?”

The legion defense was the largest activity in Miracle.

Once the event opened, there would be opposing teams guarding the Bright Goddess and Dark Goddess. Players were free to choose the side they wanted to join. The two sides would compete in a large venue that could accommodate tens of thousands of people. Regardless of winning or losing, rich rewards could be gained.

The legion defense campaign was started in the first year Miracle opened. The ability to maintain it for so many years proved the popularity of the event. Many Miracle professional players, even if they usually didn’t go online, would log in just to watch the weekend legion battles.

The Bright Goddess and Dark Goddess were world class bosses in Miracle, which could be said to be the most powerful bosses. The former wore a white sparkling dress and had six angel wings on her back, looking like a holy angel. The latter’s clothing was mainly black and red. She had a graceful figure, long curls that went down to the waist and had six demon wings on her back.

The legion defense war was an activity where players of both camps protected their goddess.

Cheng Wei especially liked this excitement. This type of large-scale defense battle involved tens of thousands of people was his favorite.

However, he was currently still ill…

Time Machine looked at the captain. Tan Shitian nodded to express his permission. Then Time Machine said with a smile, “Since the vice-captain wants to go see the fun, I have many side accounts here. You can casually pick one.”

Cheng Wei cried out happily, “Thank you president! Give me a white magician account.”

He quickly picked an account and tested it by logging on, excitement filling his face.

It was no wonder. This lively guy had been trapped by Tan Shitian for a few days. He almost died from frustration and flew to the Time Guild at 8 o’clock in the evening.

“We have always joined the camp of the Bright Goddess. Will you be commanding this time?” Cheng Wei asked.

Time Machine hesitated for a moment before saying, “This might not necessarily be the case.”

He had commanded a defense war before but after doing the instance with Love to Eat Braised Fish, he felt that he was a child compared to Brother Fish.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be better to give command of this defense war to Love to Eat Braised Fish?

Tan Shitian heard this and was puzzled. “You won’t be commanding?”

“Yes.” Time Machine explained, “In the first legion defense of the new district, the big guilds in the same camp will usually discuss the selection of a leader before rotating it. However, this district is a bit different. Recently, there is a relatively strong commander in the new district. I think it would be good to let him try leading the defense.”

“A strong commander?” Cheng Wei asked curiously, “Is he better than you?”

“This…” Time Machine coughed with shame. “To be honest, this person’s awareness is truly better than mine.”

The president was a good person and didn’t want to deny that there were people stronger than himself. After all, he was aware of his own level.

Tan Shitian asked, “What’s the situation with this man?”

“I don’t know either. Time Machine scratched his head and said, “I tried to pull him into the Time Guild but he didn’t want to. He built a guild in the new district called Food Squad and it developed very quickly.”

Tan Shitian thought for a moment before saying, “Maybe the news of Miracle’s World Competition blew many masters out of the water. Many people from the old districts probably ran to the new district to play side accounts. The name of the Food Squad sounds like it is a casual guild for playing instances.”

Captain Tan’s analysis was very reasonable. Many masters built their own guild because after reaching full level, they would focus on instances. A casual guild would play instances together and gain equipment, passing the days leisurely and easily.

However, Time Machine felt that Love to Eat Braised Fish shouldn’t be building a casual guild. His goal should be a competitive guild. Once he reached full level, he would go the arena. After all, he had a good level of awareness. In the bounty mission, he destroyed two guilds and his PK level was also first class.

According to Luo Xiaoluo, he seemed to know the vice-captain?

Time Machine thought of this and said, “By the way, he seems to know Vice-Captain.”

“Ah?” Cheng Wei looked up doubtfully. “What’s his name? What type of class is he playing?”

“His name is Love to Eat Braised Fish and he plays an elf summoner.”

“…” Cheng Wei froze for a moment. Surprise obviously appeared on his face before he excitedly said, “Quickly! Where is he? Tell me quickly! I’m going to meet him!”

Cheng Wei was so excited that he almost jumped up. A name instantly flashed in Tan Shitian’s brain. He walked to the computer next to Cheng Wei, sitting down and saying to the president. “Can you call this person to the voice room?”

Time Machine noticed that things weren’t simple. He immediately said, “Yes, we are an allied guild in the online game. I will call him here.”

Cheng Wei said, “Open the sound quickly, open it! I want to hear this person’s voice!”

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