GLS: Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Moving

Liu Chuan took Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming on a tour of the Dragon Song Club. Zhang Jueming saw the spacious training room and couldn’t help thinking that the conditions here were too good. He didn’t think there would be such a spacious and bright office training room, let alone the projection equipment, the high-end desktop computers and the mechanical keyboards of the training room…

Zhang Jueming looked through the huge windows at the row of new computers and his blood ignited!

This would be the place where he trained in the future?

He was old yet he could still return to the game. It was just like a dream…

Liu Chuan opened the door of the training room and Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming entered together. Unexpectedly, there was a corner where the computer was on. A young boy was sitting in front of the computer and staring carefully at the screen in front of him. His hands quickly tapped on the keyboard, making a clear sound.

This teenager was very lovely. He had a round baby-fat face, a pair of big and bright eyes and his soft hair naturally hung over his ears, leaving only the tip of a white ear exposed.

Zhang Jueming couldn’t help asking curiously, “Shouldn’t Wulin be in the summer offseason? Why is someone still training?”

Liu Chuan explained, “He is the little madman of out team. He isn’t with Wulin. He belongs to Cat God and is a Miracle player.

Li Cangyu added, “He is Gu Siming.”

Zhang Jueming finally reacted with a laugh. “Oh, it is that paladin child?”

After hearing the word ‘child’, Gu Siming turned back and stared at Zhang Jueming with big eyes. “I’m not a child!”

Zhang Jueming thought that the child’s chubby face with his big, black eyes were really cute. He couldn’t help wanting to tease. “You look like a 13 year old. Are you really not a child?”

“I’m 17 years old!” Gu Siming seriously defended. “I will be an adult next year!”

“That means you’re not an adult yet?” Zhang Jueming asked.

“…” Gu Siming was depressed and stood up. “Uncle, are you that crazy magician in the game?”

“I am Awakened Magician.” Zhang Cheming corrected.

In any case, he was the sick uncle. Gu Siming concluded in his head.

Liu Chuan saw the big one and small one arguing and changed the topic. “Xiao Gu, stop player. We will go to eat.”

Gu Siming ran over to Li Cangyu and smiled. “Cat God! You look more handsome than you do in the videos!”

The little guy in front of him had lovely dimples when smiling. Li Cangyu thought about him playing the beast paladin… Once people saw the paladin operated by the Gu Siming, the Miracle League would definitely be surprised.

Li Cangyu smiled and couldn’t help rubbing the child’s head as he said, “Let’s go and eat fish.”

Gu Siming, “…”

The way that Cat God expressed affection for people was simple: please eat fish!


The five people headed to a restaurant near the club. Li Cangyu ordered boiled fish and a plate of fish heads. Of course, in order to take care of other people, Li Cangyu handed the menu to them after ordering the fish.

Gu Siming liked to eat meat so he ordered pork ribs and roast chicken. Zhang Jueming also liked meat and added a plate of roast lamb leg.

The first gathering of the Food Squad really started with a table full of food.

Liu Chuan and Wu Zewen had a good appetite today and followed them in eating a lot.

Once the table of food was cleared away, Li Cangyu brought up business, “By the way Old Zhang, it would be convenient if you move to live with the team. Xiao Gu is also staying in the dorms so you can cooperate with each other first and become familiar with each other.”

Gu Siming objected. “I don’t want to live with Uncle.”

Zhang Jueming retorted, “Don’t make a fuss. I will buy you a pound of white rabbit candy tomorrow.”

Gu Siming, “…”

Liu Chuan almost spat out his tea.

It looked like the little madman had met his nemesis! Uncle Zhang had a way to make him speechless.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling at the little guy’s angry face. He touched the child’s head and said, “Your Uncle Zhang is the owner of the studio. He must have a lot of full-level accounts in the old district so the two of you can directly team up to check the arena.”

Gu Siming took the team seriously and asked, “What about you?”

Li Yunyu replied, “I will fly back to New York the day after tomorrow. I will continue to look for new people in the game with Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong. When we are online, you can come and level with us. Once we go offline, you will team up to play the arena.  This is the two-pronged approach of the online game and the competition. Perhaps you can meet strong teammates in the arena.”

The time difference meant that them teaming up wasn’t convenient. Since Old Zhang entered the team, Li Cangyu thought about giving Xiao Gu to him.

Zhang Jueming might be unknown but he was a person who was once a captain. His tactical awareness and understanding of the classes in Miracle would definitely help Gu Siming. As an auxiliary and captain, he would see the details even more. Zhang Jueming’s character was very bold but he was responsible. Li Cangyu naturally felt very assured with him taking care of Xiao Gu.

Gu Siming said, “Once you go offline, I will go to the arena. This means my level won’t be able to keep up with yours in the new district!”

Zhang Jueming asked, “Have you forgotten what I do for a living?”

Gu Siming turned around and replied, “Do you sell candy?”

Zhang Jueming smiled helplessly. “Stupid, I am the boss of a leveling studio. Why do you need to worry about levels?”

Gu Siming suddenly realized and nodded. “Oh, that’s right!”

Zhang Jueming saw him continuously nodding like a chicken pecking rice and couldn’t help patting his head. “In the future, just follow Uncle. I will teach you to become the league’s first paladin. There is no need to thank me.”

“…” Gu Siming was depressed.

He just met the captain and uncle today and his head was rubbed left and right. He felt like he would soon become the mascot of the team. Did he have no human rights because he was young?”


After dinner, Liu Chuan took them back to visit the dormitory area.

Liu Chuan bought several apartments directly in the area opposite the office building for the team to use as dormitories. That way, it would be very convenient for everyone to go home and sleep after training. At present, there were more club players and the apartments had expanded by several times. The dormitories were also very adequate. There were rooms for four people, three people rooms and double rooms. Xiao Gu was currently living in a double room and one of the bedrooms was empty. Liu Chuan arranged for Uncle Zhang to stay in his dormitory.

Gu Siming was young and his mind was very simple. Previously, he hated Uncle Zhang because Uncle Zhang said he would buy Gu Siming a lollipop. ON the way back, he heard Cat God say that this uncle used to be a captain and all dislike fled. He felt it was good that he was learning from the uncle.

Zhang Jueming explored the dormitory and was very satisfied with the environment. He promised to move in.

In any case, the studio employees picked their own business. After the completion of a job, 30% of the money would be paid to the studio while the employees kept the rest. Zhang Jueming was also good to everyone and provided them with accommodation. Things wouldn’t go wrong if he left the studio for a while.

Zhang Jueming decided to go back to pack and leave the studio with a trusted friend.

That afternoon, he moved into the bedroom opposite Gu Siming’s room.

The future of the team was more important than the money from leveling. Since Old Cat handed Gu Siming to him, he must make Gu Siming the best paladin in the Miracle Professional League!

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Ghost reader
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