GLS: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Elf Summoner

[Congratulations. Your character has been successfully created. Please check the racial description in detail and choose your favourite race.]

Once inputting the name was successfully and the character created, the system would give this prompt and list the six races that could be selected in Miracle: Terran, Beast, Elf, Blood Kin, Angel and Demon.

The appearance of a human was like ordinary human beings and they were balanced in all aspects. They were the most balanced species with comprehensive abilities. The jack of all trades people, people who wanted to balance their development or people who had a phobia of choosing would directly select humans.

The beast race were tall and strong and could transform into two forms, animal or human. They had high health, thick skin, high defense and were strong at close combat. Generally defensive knights, warriors and other similar classes liked to choose this race.

Elves were beautiful and had long ears. They had the fastest movement speed among all races and their biggest advantage was their agility. Later, they were suitable to change to a highly agile career that required quick operations.

The blood kin had pale skin and sharp fangs. The advantage was that all attacks were automatically accompanied by blood-sucking effects and were excellent at stealth and assassination. It was generally the first choice for assassin classes.

The angel race had white wings on their back and looked angelic. The demon race had black wings that were the symbol of evil. Both races were known for their magic but the Angel race had white magic, biased towards control and healing. The Demon race had black magic, biased towards sneak attacks and killing. Players who loved magicians and illusion type classes would choose either the Angel or Demon races.

Li Cangyu didn’t have to look at this basic knowledge and directly skipped the race introduction, while Bai Xuan carefully read it from the beginning again.

Li Cangyu preferred the summoner class and naturally know the race he wanted. He chose ‘Elf’ without hesitation.

He pressed the button and a handsome and long-eared male elf appeared on the screen.

Bai Xuan glanced at his screen and couldn’t help asking, “You are choosing an elf again? I still remembered when your elf summoner first appeared on the field, many viewers said the player must be mentally ill.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Then they all shut up.”

Yes, those who said that Li Cangyu’s brain wasn’t right were hit in the face by Li Cangyu’s strength.

In those days, his Cat God was well regarded. His elf summoner was first in the professional league and in the duel arena, he fought against other gods with a 100% winning percentage. This led to an upsurge in the number of players who chose to play an Elf summoner.

Unfortunately, many professional players developed gameplay against Elf summoners. The rise of the demon summoner and blood kin summoner caused the elf summoner’s status to be greatly impacted. The quick operations of the elf summons were very difficult. In addition, the representative player Li Cangyu left Miracle after the team disbanded, causing this type of gameplay to gradually disappear.

In recent years, most elf players would choose to play an archer or hunter. It was estimated that not even 10% of elves were summoners.

However, Li Cangyu still insisted on playing the elf summoner.

Bai Xuan asked, “Don’t you want to change race? It is said that the blood kin summoners currently have a strong momentum and their big moves suck up a lot of blood.”

“I won’t change.” Li Cangyu said earnestly, “My elf summoner is very powerful. I have decided to go back and open their eyes again.”

“…” Bai Xuan was defeated by this reason and couldn’t refute it.


Today was the weekend and Moonlight Forest had just opened its service. It was 10 a.m. New York time and 10 p.m. domestic time. In the newly opened district, players were enthusiastically filling the world channel.

“The Time Squad is accepting people. If you are level 20 and above and want to join, please talk to me privately!”

[Looking for an output for the Yisu City instance! An output! A powerful output!” (Output=damage dealer)]

[A level 20 ‘Elf Cabin Main Storyline’ Task Upgrade Group! Is there any sharp elf archers?]

It was only two hours after the district opened and many level-obsessed madmen had already rushed to level 20. Li Cangyu really admired this desperate speed.

Bai Xuan choose the angel race and intended to later change to a priest in order to act as a professional healer, his favourite gameplay.

After entering the game, he took the initiative to add Love to Eat Braised Fish as a friend and said to Li Cangyu, “First level up. Once we are level 10, we will meet in Yisu City.”

“Okay.” Li Cangyu nodded and pressed the ‘M’ key to see the map.

Elves were born in the treehouse at the edge of Moonlight Forest, exactly the same as two years ago.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help feeling excited returning  to elf territory after two years and his fingers tightened on the mouse.

The environment here was beautiful, the moonlight shining on the ground through the gap in the leaves. The mottled light and shadow fragments made the whole forest look very quiet.

The trees in Moonlight Forest were all fluorescent. From a distance, the whole forest shone with a soft light while silver spores floated in the air. When caught in the hands of a player, they would flicker and shine brightly.

Many players who obviously just entered the game were shocked by the scenery in front of them, tying on the race channel: [It’s so beautiful!]

[The elves are so beautiful!]

[Quickly take a screenshot and send it to the forum!]

[ I made the right decision choosing an elf!  The forest is so beautiful!]

Li Cangyu had long been accustomed to this. The scenery of the game had always been done well and the Moonlight Forest was truly beautiful. But there were countless spectacular scenes in the Divine World, the Demon World, the Human World and the blood kin’s area.


Li Cangyu quickly started his task from his birthing place.

The general racial skill of the elves was the ‘Flying Feather Steps.’ It added 10 points of movement speed, was automatically learned after birth and when upgraded, the cooldown time was very short and it could be seamlessly connected in the later stages. It was one of the reasons why the elves were the most agile.

Levels 1~5 of an online game were just to familiarize players with the operation and naturally wouldn’t be too difficult. Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps and rose to level 5 in less than 10 minutes.

At level 5, he could find a ‘skills instructor’ to learn low-level skills.

There were 12 types of late-stage classes in Miracle. Level 5 was just to let novices know the most basic skills of each class. It was okay if they carelessly learnt the wrong ones because they could find a skills instructors to replace them at the official class transfer at level 20.

In general, most elves changed to a hunter or bard.

Hunters could catch animals with traps and later capture beasts to attack the enemy. They used traps as their main attack.

A bard could shoot enemies from a distance. In short, they were the ‘archer’ class that used bows and arrows as a weapon.

Both classes required extremely fast speed for the actions and the agility requirements were high, maximizing the talent and agility of the elves. They were undoubtedly the best classes for elves to change to and this was recognized by a wide range of players.

Due to the influence of various strategies posted on the forum, most players who picked an elf would learn the low-level skills of these two classes at level 5. Then they would officially change to a hunter or bard at level 20.

There were many players gathered around the skills instructor. The newcomers who reached level 5 were very active in queuing to receive bows or traps, with the players who received their primary weapons obviously being very excited.

However, Li Cangyu received a summoning staff.

In the group of elves carrying bows and arrows or traps, Li Cangyu’s summoning staff appeared particularly unusual.

Many people around him looked at him strangely and some people even laughed in their hearts, ‘This is definitely a rookie!’

A kind player walked up to him and spoke in the nearby channel: [Are you a newbie? The best classes for an elf are a hunter or bard. They use bows or traps as weapons and the agility stat will be very strong in later stages!]

Li Cangyu didn’t pay attention because he was opening the character panel to adjust his stats.

Starting from Level 5, the player automatically received five stat points for every level up. Li Cangyu quickly added the five points he just got to ‘agility.’ It was only five points so the effect couldn’t be seen yet. But as long as the stat points accumulated to a certain extent, it would definitely show an advantage in the later stages.

The elf summoner with full agility points to quickly suppress the opponents was Li Cangyu’s favouite gameplay.

The player next to him saw Li Cangyu ignore him and said in a depressed manner: [Love to Eat Braised Fish, I am talking to you!]

Li Cangyu saw his ID pop up and asked doubtfully: [You are looking for me?]

[……] The angry player typed a row of ellipses and went on to say: [Dude, are you a noob playing the game for the first time? It is best for elves to change to hunters or bards. Hunters are more difficult to operate so if you are a newbie, you should play a bard which is also an archer. Look for the skills instructor to receive a bow and arrows, then learn the basic level 5 skill, Aim.]

The one typing was a male elf who had adjusted his appearance to be short, with ears that were longer than half the face. The player with the ID of ‘Luo Xiaoluo’ rushed around while typing, looking very enthusiastic.

Li Cangyu watched him and replied: [I am playing a summoner.]

The group of people around him, “…”

Wasn’t the elf summoner obsolete? Who was this old-fashioned player?

Luo Xiaoluo was reminded that this person was a big novice and turned to retreat.

He just turned to go when something unexpected popped up on the screen.

[The player Love to Eat Braised Fish has asked to team up with you.]

[What?] Luo Xiaoluo wrote a bit question mark on the team channel.

[It is faster to level up in a team so let’s go together.] Li Cangyu typed out.

In the game, teaming up would get an experience bonus and two people could complete the tasks faster than one. Since the other side took the initiative to invite him into a team, Luo Xiaoluo didn’t refuse and they headed off together to the next task point.

The new district was crowded and whenever a group of monsters appeared, players would rush out to grab them. Li Cangyu couldn’t kill the monsters with so many players, no matter how good his skills. After three consecutive failures, Li Cangyu helplessly put down his mouse.

There were so many people that supply didn’t meet demand for the task, making it a waste of time.

In any case, there were many methods to gain levels in this game. They didn’t have to do tasks as killing the monsters directly would also give experience.

Li Cangyu thought about it and made a decision.
[Let’s go to Moonlight Waterfront and handle the mobs there. That place should have fewer people.]

[……] Luo Xiaoluo made a row of shocked expressions. [Go to Moonlight Waterfront???]

[Yes.] Li Cangyu only replied with one word.

[…….] Luo Xiaoluo was shocked: [Isn’t this a mistake? Moonlight Waterfront has level 8 monsters! Level 8!!]

Li Cangyu said seriously: [Therefore, their experience is relatively high.]

[……] Luo Xiaoluo found that he always had a ‘chicken speaking with a duck’ (people not understanding each other) feeling when communicating with this person.

The experience that a level 8 monster gave wasn’t the problem. The problem was that they were only level 5. Dude, had he ever played a game before?

Luo Xiaoluo cursed in the bottom of his heart but he couldn’t help following.

He wanted to see how badly this uppity newbie would die!

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