GLS: Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Zhang Jueming

Once Su Guangmo went offline, Li Cangyu immediately added the white magician in the team as a friend.

He was able to determine that Awakened Magician was actually Zhang Jueming.

A general leveler wouldn’t be so calm when he just saw Su Guangmo. When Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong PKed, the two people’s standards could clearly be seen. However, Awakened Magician didn’t say anything or even show curiosity. He was obviously a person used to such scenes.

The other person accepted the friend’s application and Li Cangyu sent him a private message: [Old Zhang, the swordsman who was called Bright Moon on the Sea is very masterful and is a bit like the first captain of the Flying Feathers team, Song Yang. I think he is probably Song Yang’s first apprentice, Su Guangmo. What do you think?]

The other side pretended not to know, replying: [Who are Song Yang and Su Guangmo?]

However, he suddenly found himself in Cat God’s language trap. Didn’t he admit that he was Old Zhang?

Sure enough, Li Cangyu said: [Why didn’t you ask about who Old Zhang is? Zhang Jueming.]

“…” Zhang Jueming was depressed after being stripped of his mask. [Old Cat, your fishing level is becoming higher and higher!]

Li Cangyu laughed. [You already recognized me and Bai Xuan?]

Zhang Jueming touched his nose. [Cough, I was too embarrassed to greet you!]

[Is it because you went into the modern leveling studio practice?]

[I am the leveling boss, the boss.] Zhang Cheming corrected.

[Is the boss interested in going back to the competition?] Li Cangyu asked earnestly. [I am teaming up with Bai Xuan to return to Miracle. Right now, I am short of teammates and you can help me.]

[…I’m 26 years old.] Zhang Jueming said with embarrassment. [Isn’t it too much to go back at this age?]

Zhang Jueming was the same age as Time’s old captain Xu Luo and Flying Feathers’ old captain Song Yang.

In the first season, Xu Luo was only 20 years old when he led the Time team to win the championship and was young and promising. However, the same 20 year old Zhang Jueming’s team experienced the tragedy of the FTD team and didn’t reach the playoffs.

The even more tragic thing was that his teammates weren’t as determined and fierce as Li Cangyu’s friends, not was there something like Bai Xuan’s support as a vice-captain. Compared to Li Cangyu who was accompanied by his friends, he was fighting alone.

Full Moon disbanded at the end of the first season and he wanted to go to other teams. Unfortunately, the white magician assistance style that he played was too biased. He couldn’t find a team to accept him and Zhang Jueming had to leave the Miracle League.

In that year, his heart had been very unwilling but as time passed, he gradually understood that the outstanding gods of Miracle, apart from their own talent and strength, they also relied on opportunities.

He missed his opportunities in his best years.

He wanted to go back but because he was getting older, it was hard to find a team willing to accept him.

Therefore, this unwillingness was gradually buried in the bottom of his heart.

Now at the age of 26, he could be regarded as an antique in the e-sports circles. Song Yang, who was the same age as him, retired to be a coach at the end of the second season. Then he left the league after the third season. Xu Luo retired in the fourth season after bringing on Tan Shitian…

Now it was the sixth season and the Miracle League was already a world with a new generation of players. The disciples of Captain Song and Captain Xu became the pillars of their teams and the old captains had already retired.

Xiao Gu calling him ‘uncle’ truly wasn’t wrong. Compared to the youngsters at 17 or 18 years old who could let out a burst of speed, he was truly an uncle. If he went back, he would just drag his teammates down.

A trace of loss filled Zhang Jueming’s eyes but he quickly adjusted his expression. He smiled and said: [Thank you Cat God for looking at me. However, I am very good at the studio and my income is actually okay.]

Li Cangyu asked: [What is your leveling studio called? Is it in Beijing?]

[The rent in Beijing is too expensive. I am currently in Changsha and the studio is called Speed. Cat God, please introduce business to me!] Zhang Jueming replied.

[Changsha? That’s good. I will come see you on the weekend. Let’s talk face to face.] Li Cangyu declared.

[Haha Cat God, are you joking? Aren’t you abroad?]

Li Cangyu said: [I can fly back.]

Zhang Jueming: […]


Zhang Jueming thought that Cat God was joking. How could he fly back so casually from abroad?

Unexpectedly, he opened the door early on Saturday morning and found a handsome man standing there with a small backpack. He reached out with a smile and said, “Hello, I am Old Cat, Li Cangyu. Do you still recognize me?”

Zhang Jueming almost slipped. “…You really came?”

The man in front of him was much more mature than the 18 year old youth in his memories. He had experienced many hardships and became more powerful than before.

A tall and slender figure combined with the handsome appearance, honestly personality and charming smile!

Zhang Jueming glanced at him and asked, “Did you come straight from the airport?”


Zhang Jueming, “…”

Cat God did things resolutely but flying directly from abroad, wasn’t this too resolute?

“Well, come in and sit.” Zhang Jueming invited Li Cangyu into the studio.

After leaving the league at the end of the first season, Zhang Jueming carefully considered his options before deciding to go to his relative’s home. Life in Changsha didn’t have as much pressure as Beijing. He rented a large place in the suburbs of Changsha and set up a studio. The beds in the bedroom was for sleeping while the living room was changed into a work room with over a dozen computers.

A few young people were sitting in front of the computer and quickly tapping the keyboard. Apparently, business was busy.

Game leveling was actually harder than being a professional player. Although professional players trained all day long, they could have rest time after a game was finished and there were many bonuses when they won a game. The end of the season also had a vacation period.

Leveling wasn’t the same. If there was busy, they would be busy all the time and not even earn much money…

Zhang Jueming brought Li Cangyu to his office. It was a small study area less than 10 square metres, with a table, computer and bookcases. Zhang Jueming had a separate room as the studio owner but it still looked very humble.

“It is a mess but sit down.” Zhang Jueming turned to pour some water for Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu looked at his back and couldn’t help feeling some distress. In the first season, Zhang Jueming was a captain and his eyes were full of glory. It was a pity that Full Moon disbanded very suddenly. When Li Cangyu went to find him, he was already missing.

This person had the same bad opportunities as Li Cangyu. In the era of strong teams, they failed to form a strong team. The small teams they led were like tiny grains of sand mixing in with a pile of pearls.

However, Li Cangyu firmly believed that from now on, this sand would eventually wash away its cover and become the most brilliant pearl in the Miracle League.


“I came to see you personally to show my sincerity.” Li Cangyu stared seriously at Zhang Jueming once he turned around. “Old Zhang, join my team. Captain Song and Captain Xu might’ve already retired but they played outputs. You play an auxiliary so you don’t need too much speed. I believe that with your awareness, you can definitely overcome the problem of falling hand speed.”

“…” Zhang Jueming couldn’t help feeling moved.

This person came all this way to convince him to join the team. His sincerity was clearly placed in front of Zhang Jueming. Such a captain was worth trusting and following.

“Old Cat… you are really flattering me!” Zhang Jueming scratched his head. “I played a white magician in the past but I actually wasn’t very good. If you want to return to Miracle, you can find a better auxiliary. Isn’t a psychic auxiliary popular in the world right now?”

“A psychic auxiliary does have its advantages but a white magician can also be an auxiliary. I’m not being impulsive. I made this decision after careful consideration.” Li Cangyu’s attitude was very firm.

“That… can a white magic assistant be better than a psychic?” Zhang Jueming couldn’t help feeling doubts. At present, many professional teams in the league didn’t need auxiliary classes and those that did generally chose a psychic. A pure auxiliary profession was truly the world of psychics.

“Look at the specific configuration of my teammates.” Li Cangyu smiled confidently. “Old Zhang, I’m not making fun of you. At present, my team already has a healer in Bai Xuan, a swordsman in Xie Shurong and a training player Gu Siming from the Dragon Song training camp. If you add my summoner, the front row melee and the healer in the very rear is all full. I am missing an auxiliary so your joining will be absolutely great for us.”

“…” Zhang Jueming was silent.

“You are like me, someone who has never won a trophy. Don’t you want to try holding the trophy?” Li Cangyu asked.

“…” Of course he wanted to !

“We’re both old and this will be the last chance.” Li Cangyu said, “You should consider it.”

“I don’t have to think about it!” Zhang Jueming readily said, “You flew all the way back to sincerely invite me to join. I am a bad old player who will disappoint you but I should at least be worthy of your ticket money! I will return to Miracle and play on the bench. Just arrange it!”

Old Zhang was still enthusiastic and bold, deciding things neatly.

Li Cangyu stood up happily and said, “In that case, you should first arrange things with your studio. If it is convenient, do you want to come to the club with me and sign the contract?”

“Where is the club?” Zhang Cheming questioned.

“Changsha, the Dragon Song Club.” Li Cangyu replied.

“What?” Zhang Jueming’s eyes widened with surprise. “You joined the Dragon Song?

He had stayed in Changsha for several years and was naturally familiar with the local Dragon Song Club. The Dragon Song Club was very strong and it developed rapidly in the last few years. He didn’t expect Cat God to find such a good owner. This man was really reliable.

“Yes. Apart from persuading you to join the team, I came back to go to the club and discuss details of the team with the manager. If it is convenient, do you want to come with me?”

Zhang Cheming excitedly said, “It is convenient! Of course it is convenient!”

The two people made a decision. Zhang Jueming first found his keys and phone before leaving with Li Cangyu.

An employee saw him change clothes to go out and asked doubtfully, “Boss, are you going out?”

Zhang Jueming smiled and cried out, “Yes, Boss is going to get a trophy! Wait for me to sweep through the Miracle League. I will make a fortune and upgrade our studio to a regular leveling company! I will give you a raise!”

Then he left with Li Cangyu while the group looked at him like he was a ‘madman.’

The people in the studio silently thought in their hearts, ‘Boss Zhang is really sick! Speaking a mouthful of nonsense, did he give up on healing?’

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Kaguya Magami
Kaguya Magami
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“He didn’t expect Cat God to find such a good owner. This man was really reliable.”
Hei, he is a person! Why do you seems to think that he get an owner? Old cat not a stray cat, ah?!
Thank you for the chapter!

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they should rename the team to “Team Ancient” because it’s a bunch of oldies

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Anna Karo
4 years ago
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But they have baby Gu Siming, plus Xie Shurong is… around 20? 21?

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Wouldn’t “give up on treatment” sound better? They call 26 old?? You’re not old until you reach 30! And it’s not the age, it’s the ability that matters~ if you’re good what you do and can easily keep up with the times there’s nothing to worry about ▪.<

2 years ago

While reading this manga I really felt a bit weird when they start referring 23 years old and 26 years old as hags, like this is literally the peak of youth. Under 20 are all can be considered as minors , I guess this is how things works in e-sports.