GLS: Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – Cat Who Loves to Eat Fish

Su Guangmo chatted with his little brother before sending an invitation to Love to Eat Braised Fish on the Food Squad. According to the president of the Flying Feathers Guild, the elf summoner was particularly powerful and was perhaps A’Shu’s teammate. He wanted to see what Love to Eat Braised Fish’s level was.

However, the system responded with a prompt.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has refused your invitation.]

Su Guangmo asked in a private chat: [Why did you refuse? Let’s try it.]

‘Try it out in order to find out who I am? It is better to keep the mystery.’ Li Cangyu thought this and decisively replied: [I won’t try it. I don’t want to deal a blow to your confidence.]

Su Guangmo, “…”

He wasn’t afraid to flash his tongue when talking like that?

Su Guangmo endured the urge to enter slaughter mode and sent an invitation to the black magician next.

[Steamed Bass has refused your invitation.]

The confused Su Guangmo talked to him in a private message: [Why? You don’t want to learn anything from fighting me?]

Steamed Bass replied: [I don’t want to because I don’t want to deal a blow to your confidence.]

Su Guangmo, “…”

Were the both of them wearing the same pants? The words were the same, did they discuss this in advance?

Su Guangmo was laughed at by these two people. He couldn’t help looking back and saying to Yu Pingsheng, “Love to Eat Braised Fish and Steamed Bass, these two people are quite interesting. They don’t want to deal a blow to my confidence? It seems that A’Shu’s new team isn’t simple!”

“Are you saying that A’Shu has joined a new team?” Yu Pingsheng asked.

“Yes.” Su Guangmo continued, “This kid has a good idea. I just don’t know if he has found reliable teammates.”

“With A’Shu’s eyes, they shouldn’t be bad?” Yu Pingsheng spoke seriously.

Su Guangmo also believed that Xie Shurong wouldn’t join a team that wasn’t reliable when his level was in the upper ranks of any major domestic team. However, the current eight strong teams tended to have a fixed style. Xie Shurong’s style was best integrated into the Flying Feathers team but he didn’t return to Flying Feathers. It wasn’t appropriate to enter other teams so shuffling the cards was a good choice.

Su Guangmo always regarded Xie Shurong as a younger brother. They might argue every day but he appreciated Xie Shurong’s novel ideas and his sharp and offensive style of play. It was because their relationship was so close that he spoke without thinking and drove the 18 year old away. This was Su Guangmo’s last regret in the past few years.

However, Su Guangmo didn’t intend to save his younger brother. After all, Xie Shurong had now grown up and would have his own ideas. The past things would be left as memories in the heart.

Su Guangmo thought this and privately chatted to Xie Shurong: [Once you return home, tell me. I will treat you to a meal.]

[Well, there is a great god in my team. You should be mentally prepared and not lose your eyeballs.]

[Who is this great god?] Su Guangmo asked curiously.

[I won’t tell you!] Xie Shurong said with a smile.

“…” Whetting up his appetite only to not fulfill it, this guy was obviously doing it intentionally!

Since he wasn’t willing to say it, Su Guangmo no longer asked. Xie Shurong’s team would eventually make a public appearance.

As Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong were chatting, Yu Pingsheng had been quietly sitting like a ghost and staring at the computer screen. He always had no sense of existence. If other people didn’t talk to him, he would sit quietly, as transparent as the air.

But once he saw these messages, he suddenly suggested, “Is it Li Cangyu?”

His voice was as clear as cold water, causing Su Guangmo to recover his spirit.

Yes, Li Cangyu! Why didn’t he think of this?

The greatest god who was an elf summoner was Old Cat, Li Cangyu.

Xie Shurong said there was a great god on his team and the elf summoner by his side definitely wasn’t weak. The news that the Canglan team had been disbanded not long ago had been passed onto Miracle by Cheng Wei and Old Cat’s whereabouts were currently unknown…

“Is Cat God coming back?” Su Guangmo looked at his younger brother with surprise and saw Yu Pingsheng’s bright eyes.

Yu Pingsheng said earnestly, “When it comes to elf summoners, Cat God is the strongest.”

“That’s true.” Su Guangmo said thoughtfully. “If this is the case, A’Shu’s team will be great.”

Yu Pingsheng asked, “Do you think Captain Ling knows about this?”

Su Guangmo replied positively, “If we know then Ling Xuefeng definitely knows. He has the best relationship with Cat God.”

Yu Pingsheng nodded in agreement.

Su Guangmo sent a message to Love to Eat Braised Fish: [Is Cat God on the other side of the computer?]

Li Cangyu solemnly sent back: [Who is Cat God?]

Su Guangmo laughed. [Don’t pretend. The ID of Love to Eat Braised Fish has already betrayed you.]

Li Cangyu: […]


Speaking of ‘Cat God loves to eat fish’, this was something that all old players knew.

The first season, Li Cangyu quickly became famous due to his strong personal ability. He was ranked first among the elves. Together with demon Ling Xuefeng, terran Song Yang, angel Xu Luo and the blood kin Mo Quan, they were called the Five Gods and were the representatives of the five races.

The FTD team didn’t make the playoffs in the first season but Cat God’s personal ability was widely recognized in the Miracle League.

After the opening ceremony of the second season, the Miracle League’s chairman Nan Jiangang organized a dinner in the host city of Shanghai. At that time, Song Yang was the captain of Flying Feathers and Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng were rookies who just debuted. They went with their master to this dinner.

Chairman Nana boldly booked a hall on the third floor of the hotel, set up dozens of tables and invited all the contestants.

Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng consciously sat at a table filled with new people. Ling Xuefeng, Li Cangyu, Song Yang and the old players who debuted in the first season sat at the table next to them.

Everyone was chatting while eating and the atmosphere was enjoyable.

Later, the waiter came with a plate of braised fish. Su Guangmo and most of the people at this table were full and no one liked to eat fish. They ate a bit before putting the fish aside. Then Ling Xuefeng suddenly turned to them and asked, “Are you eating this fish?”

The new people were full of awe towards Captain Ling and quickly said, “We aren’t eating it!”

“Then give it to me.” Ling Xuefeng said.

Then they saw Ling Xuefeng put the plate of fish in front of a person.

This man was very handsome, with short hair and sparkling eyes. At this time, he was burying his head and earnestly eating fish. He completely turned a deaf ear to the conversation between Xu Luo and Song Yang, as if the fish was his whole world.

His technique of eating fish was absolutely first class and the fish was eaten clean, leaving an intact fish bone.

He didn’t seem to be done after eating. He picked up a paper towel and wiped his mouth. He had just looked up when he found that Ling Xuefeng gave him a plate of fish. He smiled, patted Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder in thanks and continued to eat fish.

The more shocking thing was that the expressionless Ling Xuefeng smiled at the man!

The smile was very small. If Su Guangmo hadn’t been looking in his direction, he wouldn’t have detected it.

Su Guangmo hadn’t expected the serious Ling Xuefeng, usually called a forbidden god by the fans, to actually show a smiling expression.

The new people who had the fish taken away looked at the next table and all had an admiring expression when they saw the handsome man quickly take care of the second fish.

After a while, Song Yang called the new people to his table for a toast and also introduced them. “Su Guangmo, ID Pale Wolf and Yu Pingsheng, ID Misty Rain. These two people are my apprentices and I am bringing them to the field this year. Everyone should take care.”

The handsome man who had just eaten fish stood up with a glass of red wine. He patted Su Guangmo’s shoulder and said, “I’ll cheer you on. Follow your master and learn a lot. You future will definitely be promising.”

Su Guangmo politely smiled, “Thank you Cat God.”

Unlike Li Cangyu’s straightforwardness, Ling Xuefeng had a very serious appearance from beginning to end. He didn’t say anything to the newcomers, he just stood up and touched cups with Su Guangmo and the others.

Ling Xuefeng looked at Li Cangyu pouring a glass of wine and whispered, “Don’t get drunk.”

Li Cangyu replied, “Today I am happy and will drink a bit more. If I get drunk, you can carry me back.”


The way these two were talking seemed different from others?

Su Guangmo later knew that these two people knew each other in the online game. Compared to when they were opponents in the competition, Ling and Li had a pure friendship in the online game.

It was also from this day that everyone in the league knew Li Cangyu loved to eat fish. After finishing the plate on his table and the fish that Ling Xuefeng gave him, he saw there was still half a plate on the next table and ate it…

He took fish as a staple dish and even ate three dishes, he was truly powerful!

Su Guangmo had seen many videos of Cat God playing the game but this was his first close contact with Cat God. He didn’t expect that the fast-moving elf summoner on the field was actually a fish foodie!

Cat God’s love of fish quickly spread through the league. Those who were familiar with him would often joke around.

“Cat God, if you let me have 10% blood tomorrow then I will give you two braised fish.”

“Cat God, I will buy you a plate of sweet and sour fish if you waste a big move!”

“Cat God, you always kill me so happily. Should I send you a plate of West Lake vinegar fish?”



Su Guangmo recalled these past events and couldn’t help smiling.

In fact, the first three seasons of the Miracle League didn’t have a perfect system but the atmosphere was much better than it was now. Many players gossiped in a group chat and some opponents even became good friends in private.

Unlike now, where the competition between teams was too strong. In addition, the pressure on professional players was so great that most of the time, everyone was training and researching tactics. The communication between different teams was reduced.

Unexpectedly, the cat who loved to eat fish was returning to Miracle. The Miracle League would become completely lively!

[Cat God’s taste hasn’t changed? You always loved to eat braised fish.] Su Guangmo said with a smile.

Li Cangyu saw this and had to admit it. [I also love to eat other types of fish.]

[You are making a new team in Miracle? You seem full of confidence?]

[It is natural.]

[Have you gathered all your teammates?]

[I still have a way to go.] Li Cangyu paused before asking: [By the way, where is your master Song Yang? I haven’t contacted him for a long time.]

[He completely left the league after the second season and is currently in the food and beverages business.]

Li Cangyu was curious: [Dining? What type of store did he open?]

Su Guangmo replied: [He opened several grilled fish chain stores.]

Li Cangyu was immediately interested: [Grilled fish? Where is it? Can I get a discount if I go to eat?]

Su Guangmo, “…”

Cat God, weren’t we discussing your return to Miracle? How did you turn it around towards fish?

A few years passed but this man still hadn’t changed his nature!

Su Guangmo suddenly felt that Cat God was quite fun. In the game, he aggressively abused the opponents without showing mercy. Many players were crushed to frustration when they played him. However, once the game finished, he would look everywhere for fish. A person who recommended him a good place to eat fish would be regarded as a good friend. The reason he had such a good relationship with Ling Xuefeng was definitely because Ling Xuefeng often gave him fish!

He became hungry when talking about this so Su Guangmo hurriedly changed the topic. [A’Shu is in your team?]

[Yes, I happened to meet him in the new district.]

[Since Cat God is personally leading the team, I can rest assured about A’Shu following you. I will wait for both of you to come back together.] Su Guangmo added: [My master’s store is in Kunming. Once we have the opportunity, I will take you to see him.]

[Okay, I’ll see you then!}

[Yes, good luck.]

The conversation ended here and Su Guangmo simply quit the game.

Needless to say, even Li Cangyu’s level would decline after a few years. But with his outstanding awareness, he could easily beat the new generation of players who hadn’t experienced his abuse in the league.  Xie Shurong was Song Yang’s disciple and his talent wasn’t bad. If he wasn’t mistaken, the healer around Li Cangyu was probably his old partner Bai Xuan. This combination alone would make them unable to be underestimated. Not to mention there might be other strong teammates.

The return of such a team to the Miracle League would definitely have a strong impact on the current eight giants.

Su Guangmo wasn’t worried about it.

He looked back and saw that Yu Pingsheng’s expression was very calm. His mood didn’t fluctuate, the black and clear eyes staying as calm as ever even if he knew the other person was Cat God.

Yu Pingsheng was such a person. He was introverted, not good at words and his surface seemed as quiet as stagnant water. However, once on the field, he would erupt fiercely enough to burn all fire!

Berserker, this was the most violent melee class and used a heavy axe as a weapon.

The little swordsman who once hid behind his brothers had now grown to be the first berserker in the Miracle League. He was a strong front row who defended his teammates. The young captain who was once impulsive had now become one of the most admired people in the Miracle League.

Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng, the two of them joined hands to bring up a new generation of Flying Feathers. The current strength of Flying Feathers was first-class. Su Guangmo had confidence in himself, Yu Pingsheng and the entire team.

A real strong player wouldn’t be afraid of strong opponents but would look forward to confronting them.

Thus, he was looking forward to the team up of Old Cat and his younger brother!

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