GLS: Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Feelings of the Fellow Apprentices

Xie Shurong didn’t take long to recognize that the opposite person was his older apprentice brother, Su Guangmo. It had been a long time since they fought. His fighting spirit was stimulated by Su Guangmo and he was too lazy to hide his strength, so he readily hit his brother.

Unexpectedly, Su Guangmo stopped at the last minute and jumped away from Xie Shurong’s attack range. He typed in the private chat: [I haven’t seen you for a few years, Younger Brother’s progress is quite big.]

Xie Shurong retorted: [Who is your younger brother? Didn’t you tell me to get lost?]

Su Guangmo smiled: [Remembering the words of an argument from a few years ago, a man shouldn’t be so stingy!]


In the year the Three Musketeers were both, Su Guangmo was 19 years old while Xie Shurong and Yu Pingsheng were 18 years old.

Yu Pingsheng didn’t like to speak. He was always hiding and playing with his phone. However, Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong were hot tempered. The scene of the two of them arguing was Yu Pingsheng’s live nightmare.

Both of them were young, frivolous and opinionated, they refused to concede.

It was the so-called ‘one mountain can’t tolerate two tigers.’ Su Guangmo originally had a straight personality and Xie Shurong was sharp and aggressive. The year that the Flying Feathers team won the championship, it looked like the three apprentice brothers were getting along with each other to outsiders. In fact, they were arguing almost every day?

How to arrange the next game? Su Guangmo had one opinion and Xie Shurong felt another way. If the two people disagreed, Yu Pingsheng didn’t dare stop them and could only call over their master.

Song Yang, who was Flying Feathers’ coach at the time, had to run to the training room every day to persuade them. Sometimes he felt very anxious because the two apprentices would punch and kick at each other before finally going quiet. Song Yang didn’t know what to do if it went on like this.

Fortunately, most of Xie Shurong and Su Guangmo’s disputes were for the team. Their tactical ideas were slightly different but they could understand each other after Master Song Yang’s adjustment. In addition, both of them were forthright and didn’t like holding grudges. They would argue in the morning and by afternoon, they would be watching videos of the game together.

The noisy third season of these two people was now a precious memory of their youth.

Both Su and Xie were young and hot-blooded, proud and irritable. They met with each other and bickered every day. However, they didn’t take it to heart and never hated each other.

At least, until the day their argument reached a point they couldn’t come back from.


After Flying Feathers won the championship in the third season, Song Yang felt that his three apprentices could support the Flying Feathers team and went abroad to do business, officially retiring from e-sports.

Once their master left, Yu Pingsheng thought for a long time before finally daring to say his own thoughts.

He was more familiar with Su Guangmo and secretly told him first. In fact, his favourite class was the berserker but Captain Song wanted to train three swordsmen. Yu Pingsheng was very introverted and didn’t like arguing with others, so he silently agreed.

For more than a year, he had been playing a swordsman like his master wanted. Still, he always felt that when he played a swordsman, he couldn’t open up his ideas and he didn’t play too much of a role in the team. Therefore, he wanted to try changing to a berserker.

He secretly practiced and felt that he was more adept at playing berserker than swordsman.

However, changing his class meant the Flying Feathers team would have to find a new swordsman to succeed him and the lineup would have to be adjusted. Yu Pingsheng was very tense when saying these words and even stuttered.

He thought his senior wouldn’t agree but Su Guangmo easily patted him on the shoulder and said, “Well, you play what you want to play.”

Yu Pingsheng looked up with an astonished expression, gratitude filling his eyes.

Su Guangmo saw the clear eyes and couldn’t help smiling. He patted his young brother’s head and said, “Master isn’t on the team anymore. I am now Flying Feathers’ master. Tell me if you want to do something in the future. There is no need to worry so much.”

An introverted person like Yu Pingsheng dared say these words, proving that he had been thinking about it for a long time. He was somewhat distressed about his younger brother. Compared to the radiant and sharp-minded Xie Shurong, Yu Pingsheng was more invisible among the Three Musketeers. Now that the Flying Feathers team won the championship and had a firm foundation, Xiao Yu wanted to try changing to his favourite class. It was understandable.

Su Guangmo never expected Xie Shurong to strongly oppose.

“The Three Musketeers were trained by Master. Is there a reason for you to change classes after Master walked away? Isn’t this a rejection of Master?” Xie Shurong stared at Yu Pingsheng with extremely sharp eyes. “If you change classes, Flying Feathers’ entire lineup will have to change. Can you not be so selfish? Have you considered the other players? Have you considered Master’s feelings?”

Yu Pingsheng was born introverted and now Xie Shurong was scolded him so fiercely. His eyes turned slightly red but he didn’t know how to refute it. He could only lower his head, his fingers tightly clenched together as his face paled.

Su Guangmo saw this and felt a sudden anger in his heart. His face was calm as he said, “What do you mean by he is selfish and not considering the feelings of others? Is that how you talk to your older brother?”

“How could Older Brother be so willful?” Xie Shurong retorted, “Master just left and you are already messing things up as captain. Wanting to change classes, wanting to change the lineup, why don’t you just change the name of the Flying Feathers team!”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Su Guangmo endured the urge to hit the other person. “A professional player can really only shine when they are playing their favourite class.  Xiao Yu naturally has his reasons for wanting to change classes. You don’t support him and actually speak so much nonsense. An 18 year old is considered as an adult so why don’t you use your brains?”

“I’m not using my brains? You are the one protecting him without any brains!”

“…” This sentence made Su Guangmo, who had endured for a long time, completely erupt. He grabbed Xie Shurong’s collar and shouted, “Do you have the courage to say that again?”

“Am I wrong?” Xie Shurong was like an irritated little wolf as he stared rudely back at Su Guangmo. “You will raise your hands in agreement to anything Yu Pingsheng says, while you will scold me for anything I say! Isn’t your bias too obvious? If you don’t like me then say it bluntly. In any case, you are the captain. If you want me to leave Flying Feathers then just say it!”

“…” Su Guangmo was so furious that he pointed to the door and said, “Okay, you can get lost!”

The moment these words were said, the three people were stunned.

The atmosphere in the training room was very tense. Yu Pingsheng noticed and quickly grabbed Su Guangmo’s arm, whispering, “Brothers, don’t be angry. I won’t change classes. We will stay the same as before…”

Before he could finish, Xie Shurong quickly picked up his backpack and pointed at Su Guangmo. “You told me to get lost, don’t regret it!”

Su Guangmo looked at the leaving figure of the 18 year old and kicked over the chair in front of him.

Yu Pingsheng followed in order to stop A’Shu. Unfortunately, this person was very fast and his shadow disappeared in the blink of an eye. He returned to persuade Su Guangmo but found him sulking in the bedroom. Yu Pingsheng was helpless. Perhaps he should let them calm down first and maybe they would reconcile tomorrow. In any case, this wasn’t the first time they argued. Every time they fought, they would quickly reconcile.

Yu Pingsheng didn’t expect this to be the last argument between Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong.

Xie Shurong was walking alone on the streets at night. He knew that his brother was just speaking in anger. It was very easy to say inappropriate words when angry and then feel sorry when time passed.

However, he was very proud at that time. Su Guangmo said such words that Xie Shurong couldn’t go back to Flying Feathers.

He walked around with his bag and eventually decided to go abroad.

Since he won an award in the third season, the American ICE Club had contacted him privately, saying that ICE was missing a talented swordsman. IF he was willing, he could play in New York, receiving free meals and an excellent salary.

Xie Shurong’s contract with Flying Feathers was about to expire anyway. Instead of staying in Flying Feathers and arguing with Su Guangmo every day, it was better to start from scratch in a new environment.

He hadn’t been to the US yet so maybe playing there would be more fun? He could also gain some insights.

Thus, the 18 year old Xie Shurong decided to go to New York alone and join the ICE Club.

It was only after leaving his home, eating food he wasn’t used to and listening to his teammates’ fluent English that he gradually realized the decision he made was too hasty.

Unfortunately, God didn’t give people the opportunity to regret.

In the next few years, Xie Shurong gradually grew up and thought about the matter in a more mature manner than when he was 18 years old.

“A professional player can really only shine when they are playing their favourite class.”

These were the words Su Guangmo had said in the past. The two people were angry at the time and Xie Shurong didn’t think carefully about the truth of this sentence. He only thought that Yu Pingsheng was being unreasonable and Su Guangmo was brainlessly defending Yu Pingsheng.

Later in the US, he saw many outstanding players in the field and remembered the invisible Yu Pingsheng… Xie Shurong suddenly had a feeling of sadness.

Yu Pingsheng was introverted and always accepted other people’s arrangements. He rarely expressed his own opinions. Whenever the two brothers were arguing, he didn’t know how to stop them and would stand on the side with a pale and sickly expression.

At that time, they fought because of him and Xie Shurong also said that he was selfish and didn’t consider others. Wouldn’t Yu Pingsheng be the most uncomfortable?

In fact, Xie Shurong was like this because his Master had just left the Flying Feathers team. His mood was very low and he felt like Yu Pingsheng was denying Master’s idea of the Three Musketeers to play a berserker. That’s why Xie Shurong became very furious.

He thought about it later and realized that if Yu Pingsheng’s favourite class was a berserker, it was the correct decision to change to a berserker. For a person like that to dare say his own thoughts, it wasn’t easy. It was right that Su Guangmo support him as captain.

It was a pity that Xie Shurong was too proud and stubborn at 18 years old. He impulsively left Flying Feathers and left no room for recovering from that argument.

Xie Shurong felt guilty.

In particular, he said words that really hurt Yu Pingsheng.

For the past few years, he had been paying attention to the Flying Feathers team. He saw a berserker who was the opposite of an unknown swordsman. The most powerful front line berserker in the domestic league was the vice-captain of the Flying Feathers team. Yu Pingsheng, he had a cold and introverted character but he shone and was unstoppable on the field.

He was the one who made the front row of the Flying Feathers team a wall that other teams didn’t dare take lightly. With his protection, Su Guangmo could use the most powerful attacks of the terran swordsman without worrying.

The Flying Feathers team was still among the giants of Miracle, proving that Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng’s choice wasn’t wrong.

Xie Shurong was very happy for his two brothers.

However, he couldn’t return to Flying Feathers. It wasn’t to do with pride but many other factors. Once something was missed, there was no need to go back.


Su Guangmo had been paying attention to his younger brother in recent years.

After Xie Shurong left, Su Guangmo calmed down and used his connections to check on Xie Shurong’s whereabouts. He found out that A’Shu was playing in the American ICE Club and learning many things. He was very happy for his younger brother.

In that argument, both of them said words that shouldn’t be spoke, completely hurting the relationship between brothers.

Su Guangmo regretted it a lot but he knew that A’Shu wasn’t a narrow-minded person who held grudges. He didn’t return to the Flying Feathers team because he had a very good development in the ICE Club, not because of the previous matter.

They didn’t worry about the old things but they still owed each other an apology.


Xie Shurong sent a private chat to the onlooker End of the World: [At that time, I was young and spoke foolishly. Don’t mind it too much! In fact, you are very powerful when playing a berserker. I only wanted to guard Master’s Three Musketeers and ignored your feelings. I’m really sorry.]

The person didn’t speak or fight but Xie Shurong knew this must be Yu Pingsheng.

Su Guangmo took Yu Pingsheng with him everywhere he went. Xie Shurong later understood the reason. Yu Pingsheng had psychological problems and interpersonal communication problems. He couldn’t easily deal with people. Su Guangmo was afraid this person would become depressed and always took him along, becoming accustomed to protecting him.

The moment this message was sent, Xie Shurong also received a private chat from Su Guangmo. [Brother was very angry and didn’t mean it when I told you to get lost. You idiot, why did you really leave? In addition, do you have to go all the way to America?]

“…” Xie Shurong saw this familiar tone and couldn’t help swearing. [(Fu*k) your sister! Is this how you apologize? Shouldn’t you be apologetic?]

[Okay, it is my fault!] Su Guangmo thought of all their arguments in the past and couldn’t help laughing. [We were young so don’t worry about it. I know that you have been playing at the ICE Club for the past few years. Next year, Miracle will be holding a world competition. You are Chinese and can’t represent America. Return to China, it is your home.]

[Of course I’m going to return home.] Xie Shurong was full of confidence.

[If you return to Flying Feathers, Brother Yu and I will welcome you at any time.] Su Guangmo’s invitation was very sincere.

[If I go back and argue with you, Brother Yu will have a headache and can’t sleep.] Xie Shurong typed with a smile. [Forget it. I have already contracted with a team.]

Su Guangmo already guessed that A’Shu wouldn’t return to Flying Feathers.

The original Three Musketeers had long become a legend. Yu Pingsheng wasn’t playing a swordsman anymore and there was no turning back. Since many things had been missed, let it go. Forcibly trying to recover it wouldn’t necessarily lead to good results.

Su Guangmo asked curiously: [Which team did you contract with?]

[It isn’t convenient to disclose it.] Xie Shurong wanted to draw out the climax. [You will know when I come back.]

[Are you trying to increase the climax?] Su Guangmo smiled. [Okay, I will know the truth eventually.]

They just chatted up to here when a private message sent by Yu Pingsheng popped up on Xie Shurong’s bottom left corner.

[It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind. You have grown up very fast these years. Brother Su and I are very happy.]

This person with communication problems, he took so long to reply because he was probably thinking for a long time.

Xie Shurong’s heart became warm.

In the third season of the Miracle League, the Three Musketeers joined hands to lead Flying Feathers to the championship.  Three years later, only Human Emperor Su Guangmo and Berserker Yu Pingsheng were left. The player Xie Shurong had gone to Canglan.

The relationship between the three brothers was actually very good. Su Guangmo saw Xie Shurong as a little brother and scolded him to look after him. It was just that they were too sharp when they were young. They stabbed at each other with the thorns on their bodies and ended up stabbing Yu Pingsheng.

The young men were stubborn and reckless. Like clumsy hedgehogs, they wanted to prove their strength by hurting others.

Today, they were all really strong.

The demise of the Three Musketeers was actually a sign that the three youngsters had grown up.

They would prove themselves in the biggest arena called the Miracle League.

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Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter! Poor sweet loner between the 2 fire breathing silly youngsters. Good thing they grew up.

5 years ago

So toching T_T

Alex Baine
Alex Baine
5 years ago

[It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind. You have grown up very fast these years. Brother Su and I are very happy.]
-Yu Pingsheng

Don’t ask me why, but this brought tears to my eyes. For someone with psychological/social disorders to push past their mental boundaries to talk about their own feelings as well as someone else’s concerns is a big deal, I really like this little boy a lot!

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Yuki Mizuki
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2 years ago
Reply to  Yuki Mizuki

As mentioned, Yu Pinsheng has psychological problems and trouble with communicating. Between a teacher and a fellow student and friend, I think he felt more comfortable to open up with SGM. You can’t blame him. In fact, he must be the one who felt the worst.

If there’s at fault here, it’s both SGM and XSR. I understand SGM is looking out for YPS’s welfare, but out of respect of their brotherhood, he should’ve discuss it with XSR before he agrees. But he got angry at XSR when XSR expressed his opinion. It’s like XSR’s opinion doesn’t matter. If only SGM was honest and not as hot tempered, XSR could’ve understood it. He’s only hot tempered, but he’s not without reason. SGM knew that, but to counter an explosive temper with explosive temper, it’s obvious he handled this matter poorly. As a captain, he should also look after the whole team’s welfare, not just one person. To be told to get lost, even if it’s on impulse, the idea is there. The worst feeling between 3 friends is when the last one felt out of place. In this part, I can totally sympathize with XSR.

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