GLS: Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – Emperor Su Guangmo

Flying Feathers Liangshan brought 12 people to the wild to raid Love to Eat Braised Fish and the result was that he was destroyed. The even more depressing thing was that when they died, some people lost weapons, shoes, necklaces and other equipment, as well as a lot of experience.

Li Cangyu naturally picked up the equipment that the people had lost in a happy mood. He also examined the bodies on the ground to see if he was missing anything, causing the Flying Feathers Guild members to be half-dead from fury.

[I will guard these bodies.] Li Cangyu typed on the area channel. [What guild are you from? Do you want to send more people as support?]

Flying Feathers Liangshan saw this and almost vomited blood.

He wanted to guard the bodies?

There were two ways to resurrect those who died in the wild. The first was to revive in the place where the died, the second was to return to the nearby city’s resurrection point. Love to Eat Braised Fish guarding the bodies meant that if they dared to resurrect here, he would kill them again.

Wasn’t this too arrogant?

Someone shouted: “President, resurrect again! I don’t believe that I can’t kill him!”

Flying Feathers Frost stated calmly, “You still want to fight? Didn’t you see the level of those people?”

The group fell silent.

To be honest, the result wouldn’t change. They knew that the two sides were on a completely different level.

Flying Feathers Ares suddenly said, “Boss, that Blossoming Tree is a bit strange.”

“How is he strange?”

“He reminds me of Captain Su. I think this person is very similar to Captain Su…”

“Nonsense!” Flying Feathers Liangshan endured the urge to throw his cup away. He said, “Captain Su is travelling. How can he run to the online game to play an instance and also fight against our Flying Feathers Guild?”

Flying Feathers Ares whispered, “Aren’t we playing side accounts? Captain Su wouldn’t know our side accounts?”

Flying Feathers Liangshan reminded him, “Previously during the bounty mission, Love to Eat Braised Fish’s trio wiped us out. Blossoming Tree was also in that team. You say that he is Captain Su? Can you stop talking in your sleep?”

“…” The denied Flying Feathers Ares couldn’t help blushing.

The president was right. Captain Su was currently traveling around Inner Mongolia. How can he be idle enough to play an instance in the online game as well as form an alliance with the Time Guild? They were both old teams and Flying Feathers and Time always had a hostile relationship.

But at that moment, he really had the illusion of seeing Su Guangmo.

Since the first season of the league, the Flying Feathers team had used melee swordsmen as the core of their lineup. The swordsmen of Flying Feathers had obvious differences in style compared to those in other teams.

Ares thought he hadn’t made a mistake and couldn’t help saying: “But Boss, I still feel that this swordsman isn’t right. I recorded a video so do you want to see?”

Flying Feathers Liangshan heard that Ares recorded a video and temporarily left his seat to come to Ares’ computer. He moved a chair over and said, “Turn on the video.”

Flying Feathers Ares soon opened the video.

In fact, he had a very strange feeling about Blossoming Tree the first time they fought in the bounty mission. He felt that the swordsman’s style was familiar but he was so angry about being wiped out that he didn’t think carefully.

Later, the more he thought about it, the more wrong he felt. Therefore, this time he was smart enough to set up the video in advance.

The video started to play and Flying Feathers Liangshan stared at the computer screen.

Ares had recorded a wide-angle video and the swordsman called Blossoming Tree could clearly be seen. Liangshan saw him raise the sword in his hand and cut at the back of the team at a terrible speed. The sword in his hand moved quickly and during Light and Shadow Rotation, every sword strike precisely pierced the backs of the two fragile outputs.

There weren’t many players who could use the swordsman’s Light and Shadow Rotation so well in the online game. Even in the professional league, making such precise and rapidly adjustments wasn’t something an ordinary player could do.

It was no wonder why Ares thought he saw Captain Su. This sharp style was indeed a characteristic of Flying Feathers.

Flying Feathers Liangshan was completely stunned after seeing this video.

Wasn’t this Captain Su?

But wasn’t Captain Su traveling in Inner Mongolia?

Flying Feathers Liangshan couldn’t believe it and replayed the video a second time.

The third time…

It wasn’t until the fifth time that Ares couldn’t help saying, “President, what do you see?”

The president touched his chin seriously and finally concluded, “I can’t be sure but I think we should find Captain Su.”

The group of vice presidents immediately gave their boss the thumbs up. Disturbing the captain during his trip, Liangshan really didn’t want to live!

However, Flying Feathers Liangshan felt that this matter was very important and should be told to the captain as soon as possible.

He thought about it over and over before calling the captain.

The phone was soon connected and a flat voice entered his ears. Like a throat being calmed with cold water, it contained a unique cool charm. “President? Did you need something?”

“…” Flying Feathers Liangshan’s scalp became numb.

Wasn’t this the captain’s cell phone number? Why did the vice-captain take the call?

Well, they both went on a trip together and must be staying in a double room..

Flying Feathers’ vice-captain, Yu Pingsheng was only 21 years old. He had a solitary personality and didn’t speak a lot. The expression on his face was always cold and his voice was also like cold water. He seemed to live in a world by himself, without the need to communicate with outsiders.

Sometimes when the members met him, he was like a quiet ghost. He walked so quietly that it was a bit scary…

However, Captain Su protected him tightly. He basically took the vice-captain with him everywhere. Whenever Captain Su traveled, they would go together and were inseparable.

Yu Pingsheng’s cold and solitary nature meant that apart from Su Guangmo, he didn’t have any real friends in the Miracle League. But this didn’t affect his professional talent. The solitary person played a beast berserker on the field, a sharp contrast to his nature. Yu Pingsheng’s berserker was the trump card of the Flying Feathers team. The man who seemed cold and gentle could never be soft when killing people with his axe on the game field!

It was said that he was a swordsman in the first year and one of the three feathers of Flying Feathers. It was unknown why he changed to playing a berserker. Liangshan hadn’t been in the guild very long and wasn’t clear about these old matters. The captain seemed to forbid talking about it so no one dared to ask Captain Su.

Liangshan was standing there stupidly for a moment when a clear, cold voice entered his ears again. “President?”

“Oh!” Flying Feathers Liangshan’s spirit returned. “Vice-Captain, there is something I want to talk to the captain about. Is he there?”

“He is in the shower.” Yu Pingsheng replied lightly.

“…” Flying Feathers Liangshan wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “Then after he finishes showering, can you tell him to call me back?”

“Okay.” Yu Pingsheng still cherished words like they were gold.

“Cough, I have bothered Vice-Captain.” Flying Feathers Liangshan hung up the phone.


In the hotel, Su Guangmo soon finished his shower.

This man had a tall and strong body like a model, with a very enviable eight pack. He had short hair, slightly high and thick eyebrows, deep eyes and a nose and lips that were very s*xy. He was a typical player who ‘could rely on his face to eat but he relied on talent instead.’

Netizens had voted on the value of the players in the Miracle League. The handsome and abstinent hero Ling Xuefeng was undoubtedly ranked first, while the personality of Flying Feathers’ captain Su Guangmo was popular. Not two far behind them, Time’s captain Tan Shitian won the love of a large number of fans with his humorous and warm male image.

Wind Colour, Time and Flying Feathers, these three teams were all old teams from the first season and the three teams often met in the finals. Ling Xuefeng, Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian, the three captains in the Miracle League gradually became known as the ‘Three Pillars.’

The captain of the Flying Feathers team was very strong while the vice-captain was transparent.

Yu Pingsheng was different from Su Guangmo’s masculine and handsome appearance. The vice-captain had a clear-looking appearance and his personality was solitary and cold. He was used to be alone and often quietly did his own things in the corner like a ghost, giving people the feeling that he was difficult to access.

Su Guangmo had always guarded him like an older brother in the past few years. When Su Guangmo came out of the corner and saw Yu Pingsheng sitting on the sofa and playing games, Su Guangmo naturally walked behind him and asked, “Did you pass the 10th level?”

Yu Pingsheng nodded. “Yes.”

Su Guangmo asked, “We’ve strolled almost all of Inner Mongolia. Where do you want to go play? I’ll take you there.”

Yu Pingsheng quietly asked, “Is it okay not to go out?” It is too sunny.”

Su Guangmo was standing behind him and could see his long white neck… This guy was always at home and didn’t like to go out. Su Guangmo finally dragged him out on this trip but Yu Pingsheng would rather stay in the hotel playing games instead of going out into the sun.

Su Guangmo couldn’t help smiling at this and said, “Okay, we will stay at the hotel and sleep late tomorrow.”

“Yes.” Yu Pingsheng looked up. “By the way, President Liangshan just called and asked you to call him back.”

“The president of the Flying Feathers Guild?” Su Guangmo picked up his phone with some doubts. He saw the president’s name on the call record and directly called back, asking, “Were you looking for me?”

Flying Feathers Liangshan’s spirit shook and he replied, “Captain Su, I’m really sorry to disturb your vacation…”

Su Guangmo quickly said, “Never mind that. What happened?”

Flying Feathers Liangshan cleared his throat two times before saying, “It is like this. We met a few strange masters in the new area. The elf summoner who leads the team has a very high standard and a team of three consecutively eliminated the six member groups of Wind Colour and Flying Feathers.  Today, we used side accounts to test him and Ares found that his team has a very powerful terran swordsman. His style is especially similar to Captain’s.”

“A very high level elf summoner? A terran swordsman who is similar to me?” Su Guangmo thoughtfully touched his chin. “If you have a video then let me see it.”

The witty Flying Feathers Liangshan said, “It has been sent to your mailbox.”

Su Guangmo hung up the phone, took out his laptop and looked in the mailbox. Sure enough, there was a video from the president.

He just opened the video when Yu Pingsheng moved to his side like a ghost, a pair of black and clear eyes staring seriously at the computer screen. Did he want to watch it together?

Su Guangmo saw his curiosity and couldn’t help smiling as he moved the computer screen.

The two people watched as the elf summoner and terran swordsman worked together to wipe out the Flying Feathers’ side account team.

They replayed the video again.

Then Su Guangmo asked, “What do you think?”

Yu Pingsheng cocked his head for a moment before replying, “Is it A’Shu?”

Su Guangmo nodded. “I also feel like it is that kid.”

Su Guangmo immediately sent the president a message. “President, give me two swordsman side accounts.”

Flying Feathers’ president asked with confusion, “What does Captain Su want to do with the side accounts?”

Su Guangmo laughed. “I want to see if this Blossoming Tree is my little brother.”

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[Su Guangmo had always guarded him like an older brother in the past few years.]
What brother? Obviously it’s the hubby guarding wifey stance

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I went on Potential CP Alert too! Way too close for BL world these 2. & where was the need to refer to the “long white neck” between 2 ordinary guy friends… 😏

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Another pair!!!!! 👌😍

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the note wasn’t kidding when it says ‘several side CPs’ lol this is the third and there’s even a potential fourth one 😂