GLS: Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Advertising Again

The hardest part of the guild challenge instance was the third stage: working together to fight the boss.

The third stage boss was a blood kin boss. The most annoying thing about the blood kin boss was his blood-sucking ability. He had a particularly gorgeous skill called Blood Night Carnival. When this big move was used, the sky would turn a bloody bright red. Five blood kin dukes would appear and randomly select five players to madly suck blood, returning it to the boss in a ratio of 1:5. The weakest players could die from this skill and the boss could rely on it to get back a lot of blood.

A team that didn’t have strong enough outputs would have players dying and the boss returning to full blood.

In addition, the blood kin boss also had stealth and assassination skills. Once the boss invisibly moved behind a player, the dagger in his hand would light up and the player would die in seconds. In addition, the stealth frequency was very high. If their reactions were too slow, the players would naturally die.

Generally speaking, a 30 member group would bring six healers in order to deal with this boss. One healer would see to the blood of the main T while the other five healers would focus on the five teammates targeted by the blood kin dukes.

Li Cangyu’s group only had four healers so some people felt doubts about how they would clear this stage.

Fortunately, the boss had many opening lines, giving everyone sufficient time to prepare.

Li Cangyu marked a number of positions on the ground and said in the voice channel: “Xiao Gu will be the main T who pulls the boss in the middle. The five people targeted by the blood kin dukes will immediately stand at the blue spot that I marked. The outputs of groups 2 and 4 will quickly wipe out the dukes while the other outputs will focus on the boss.”

“The main T’s blood will be added by Time Ranran while the other three healers will seamlessly connect their healing arrays to take care of the people targeted by the blood kin dukes.”

Everyone heard up to here and suddenly realized.

The previous style of player was that each healer focused on the members of their group. This strategy brought together the targeted people so that the three healers could seamlessly connect their skills to add blood. This guaranteed that the five people won’t have their blood sucked to death and maximized the effectiveness of the group healing skills.

Li Cangyu went on to say, “In the second stage, the boss will enter the stealth state. I marked six positions. The six white magicians of group 1 will use their group attack skills at those positions to hit the boss! As long as he breaks out of the stealth state, he will target a person to suck blood. The healers need to remember to be prepared to increase blood.”

Everyone looked around the venue and saw six small dots in a clockwise direction. Once the white magicians were positioned according to these marks, they could cover the entire area of the square. The boss would be hit no matter where he was in his invisible state.

Time Machine was very impressed with this arrangement and couldn’t help saying, “It is a good method!”

They used to play this challenge by randomly attacking in a circle. They never did something like today, designating six people to do group attacks.

A small instance was actually arranged so rigorously.

It could be seen that Love to Eat Braised Fish considered every link very thoughtfully, arranging everything and predicting incidents in advance, not wasting any skill…

This person was simply a genius of directing instances!

Everyone was shocked by Love to Eat Braised Fish’s idea. At the same time, the boss’ nonsense was finally finished. A red light flashed on the screen and the boss battle officially began!

Xiao Gu quickly pulled the boss to the centre in five seconds. Once Li Cangyu saw that the hatred (aggro) was stabilized, he ordered, “Fight!”

Everyone started hitting the boss and the blood volume quickly fell to 90%.

Blood Night Carnival!

The sky in the dungeon turned red like blood and five blood kin dukes surrounded him. They randomly selected five outputs and started to suck their blood.

Li Cangyu, “The people who are being targeted, quickly run to the blue point! Remote outputs, kill the blood kin dukes!”

The five people targeted by the blood kin dukes immediately ran to the blue marked point according to the previous arrangement. Bai Xuan had already starting chanting a healing spell. The moment the five people arrived at the mark, there was the soft light of a healing array. At the same time, Bai Xuan let out a burst of hand speed to quickly place continuous healing buffs on the five people.

The effect of Bai Xuan’s healing array finished when the healer Time Niuniu followed. This seamless convergence of the group skills allowed the five unlucky people to survive.

The remote outputs temporarily ignored the boss as commanded and set fire to the five blood kin dukes.

They saw that the boss’ 90% blood had been restored to 95%. Obviously some people reacted slowly and the blood kin dukes weren’t killed in time, causing the boss to recover 5% blood.

Li Cangyu repeated in the voice channel. “The white magicians of group 1 attack the boss. The outputs of groups 2, 3 and 4 will save their group attacks. Once the blood dukes appear, immediately transfer targets to kill them.”

The group attacked the boss and once again reduced his health to 90%.

Blood Night Carnival!

The bloss would summon his blood-sucking younger brothers every 90%. If they couldn’t suppress this when he called the blood kin dukes, they would always suck blood and the boss’ health would remain above 90%.

Fortunately, after the command was emphasized, everyone left their group attacks. The five people targeted quickly moved to the blue points and with a loud sound, the group attack skills of the three teams instantly killed all five blood kin dukes!

Group 1 was fighting the boss and successfully reduced the boss’ blood volume to 88%!

The first big stage was smoothly passed and the boss’ blood hit 80%. The boss started to use the big move again.

Due to the previous cooperation, everyone’s actions were faster. The blood kin dukes summoned didn’t have time to help the boss suck blood. They died under the siege of the group attacks skills and the boss’ blood fell to 76%.

Li Cangyu was very satisfied. “Good job everyone. Keep at it.”

Everyone was a master and had a lot of experience. The next few big moves were naturally smooth.

Once the boss’ blood volume fell to 45%, Li Cangyu reminded them in the voice channel, “It will soon be the second stage. White magicians, prepare for the group attack.”


Once the blood fell to 40%, a sudden laugh burst out and they lost track of the boss.

This was the blood kin boss’ second stage, the stealth skill.

“Release!” Li Cangyu ordered on the voice channel.

The six white magicians immediately used their group attack skill God’s Faith in the pre-assigned 1-6 positions.

A dazzling white light fell from the sky. The white magicians’ skill accurately covered the central venue for 360 degrees, hitting the invisible boss. He immediately became visible and was actually behind Li Cangyu.

The boss couldn’t instant kill the player after his stealth was broken but Li Cangyu’s blood fell to 10% under the dagger. Bai Xuan immediately healed Li Cangyu while Xiao Gu rushed over and pulled the boss back to the middle of the field.

After a minute, the boss used stealth again. The six white magicians once again hit the boss according to the previous deployment and the person targeted lost a serious amount of blood. The nearby healer immediately gave him blood and Xiao Gu once again move the boss back to their original position.

The originally most problematic second stage was actually passed so simply…

Time Machine suddenly felt ashamed.

What was his previous command compared to the precise arrangement of Love to Eat Braised Fish? Was he just playing house?

The people of the Time Guild also had this feeling. Love to Eat Braised Fish’s command was almost perfect. His understanding of the game was clearly above average veterans. He could even calculate the cooldown time, coverage and damage value of the skills. Was there a Miracle database in this person’s head?

How much did this man love Miracle to study all the skills so thoroughly?

It turned out defeating the boss could be this easy.

The people acted in accordance with Love to Eat Braised Fish’s command and was almost abusing the boss…

The very scary third stage blood kin boss of the guild challenge became like a clown in Love to Eat Braised Fish’s hand. He was quickly smashed to death by everyone.

A shiny gold announcement immediately appeared in the Moonlight Forest district.

[Congratulations, the allied Food Squad Guild and Time Guild are the first to clear the guild challenge instance!]

[The guild will receive 100,000 gold coins and 50,000 construction points!]

In addition to the guild rewards, every person in the instance would receive an additional 50,000 experience, 5,000 coins and a ‘golden treasure box’, which randomly gave equipment, coins or precious materials. In addition, all players of the guild would directly get 10,000 experience.

After seeing the world announcement, the Food Squad and Time Guild members immediately filled the guild channel with flowers and applause. The people in the instance cheered and Time Machine was even more excited!

They always challenged the guild instance in the old district and Flying Feathers took first place every time due to their level advantage. This time, the Time Guild received the advertisement in the new district, which was like a slap to Flying Feathers Liangshan’s face!

Li Cangyu was very calm and privately chatted with Time Machine: [President, split the rewards 3:7?]

Time Machine said with great enthusiasm: [There is no need, we will give all the treasure chests to you. In the future, there are still many areas were our guilds can cooperate. Brother Fish, I really admire your leadership today!]

The president was obviously a smart person. He found that Love to Eat Braised Fish had a rare commanding talent and wasn’t petty enough to covet small profits. It was more important to have a good relationship with this allied guild.

Li Cangyu wasn’t polite and took all the treasure chests that Time Machine traded him. Then he said, “It is finished. Everyone worked hard. I will leave first.”

He had just quit the team when more than 20 friends applications popped up. All of them were from members of the instance challenge. These people obviously appreciated Li Cangyu’s command and were eager to add him as a friend. Li Cangyu accepted all of them.

He headed to Yisu City’s guild administrator and chose to upgrade the guild.

Previously, the members of Food Squad had been actively playing instances and doing missions, so a lot of construction points had accumulated. Together with the first place prize, the Food Squad directly rose to level 3.

[Congratulations, Food Squad has successfully upgraded to a level 3 guild. Everyone is welcome to join!]

This message, combined with the gold advertisement, meant that guild applications immediately swarmed in. The guild’s application list was only again densely filled.

“Should I pass all of them?” Bai Xuan looked back and asked.

“Yes, pass all of them and wait for the guild to develop. Then we will clear out those who haven’t been online for a long time.” Li Cangyu replied.

“Okay.” Bai Xuan seriously passed the applications. He was very surprised by the popularity of the Food Squad but this was normal. After killing the hidden boss Witch Lilian and being the first to clear the guild challenge, the two consecutive golden advertisements naturally attracted many players.

While Bai Xuan was busy with the guild applications, Li Cangyu found three people on his friends list and sent them an invitation to join.

Their IDs were Small Elf, Small Archer, Small Hunter and they were a friends group.

Small Elf sent a row of surprised expressions when he was invited to join the guild: [President! You remembered us?]

[Yes, I left three places for you.]

These three were the elf players Li Cangyu encountered on the road when returning to Moonlight Forest. They had said they wanted to join the guild but it was full. Li Cangyu promised to add them after the guild was upgraded and added them as friends.

Now that the guild had smoothly upgraded, Li Cangyu kept his promise and immediately invited them.

These three people were just random passersby but Li Cangyu always kept his words.

The three players never expected the president to actually remember them!

Small Elf was moved and asked: [President, do you need help setting up the guild? The three of us are university students and played in the old district for more than a year. We have experience with managing an instance team so say it at any time!]

Li Cangyu didn’t expect the three people he added to actually by instance veterans and happily replied: [It is just right. I am busy these days so the three of you can organize the instance teams in the guild. Have everyone play the instance to level and try to get 80% of the people to level 50 before Saturday. Then I will personally lead a team on Saturday’s guild challenge instance.]

Small Elf said: [No problem President. We will handle it!]


At the same time, the Flying Feathers Guild challenging the instance.

Flying Feathers Liangshan couldn’t help looking ugly as he saw the world announcement and then the remaining 50% blood of the boss.

If there was only a slight difference then he could see that the other side’s luck was better and perhaps they saved some time in the maze.

However, the boss’ volume was still at 50%. This meant that the opponents were at least 10 minutes faster than the Flying Feathers Guild.

10 minutes! What was going on? Wasn’t this gap too big?

Vice President Flying Feather Ares couldn’t help swearing, “Shit! All of us are level 55 and our speed with the mobs and boss is fast enough. We also didn’t waste a lot of time in the maze stage. How are they faster than us by nearly 10 minutes? Did they use a program?”

Flying Feathers Frost was more careful. She looked at the announcement and said calmly, “It should be a problem of the strategy. In the announcement, the Food Squad was before the Time Guild, proving that the leader of the instance team is Love to Eat Braised Fish. His command style is obviously not the same as Time’s president.”

Flying Feathers had always taken first place in the old districts. They were directly beaten in the new district so everyone naturally didn’t look very good.

To make matters worse, the undercover in the Food Squad sent a private message to Flying Feathers Liangshan: [Boss, the Food Squad has risen to level 3 and there are hundreds of people in the applications list. It is estimated that the guild will be full by the end of today.]

Flying Feathers Liangshan: […]

Directly rising two levels?

They jumped straight from level 1 to level 3 and there were so many people lining up to join?

This type of popularity was too scary.

Flying Feathers Liangshan believed that the Food Squad would soon be promoted to a level 4 and level 5 guild… then they would become the largest guild in the district.

Flying Feathers Liangshan finally made up his mind and said calmly on the voice channel, “We can’t just watch the Food Squad develop like this. Frost, go back and sort through all the side accounts that aren’t in the guild and send the passwords to the elite team. I will personally meet Love to Eat Braised Fish!”

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