GLS: Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Challenge Task

Li Cangyu didn’t go to bed until midnight. At this time, it was noon in China and Gu Siming remembered the captain’s task. He sent an invitation to Awakened Magician and said: [Uncle, let’s PK!]

[Kid, what’s wrong with you?] Awakened Magician was puzzled. [Why do you want to PK with me?]

[Let’s PK! Are you afraid of me?]

The man laughed. [Kid, don’t make trouble. Uncle will buy you sugar to eat.] Then he sent a line of lollipop emojis.

Gu Siming, “…”

Xiao Gu almost died of anger.

He was 16 years old! He was still growing and the period where his voice changed was relatively late!

Who would eat lollipops? Was he crazy?

This uncle was very sick and Gu Siming felt that the captain’s task of PKing would be impossible to complete. Then they would have to group up to play instances. Gu Siming thought up to here and said positively: [Then the three of us will continue to play the instance as a group!]

Steamed Bass typed a single word on the team channel: [Yes.]

The white magician also said: [Okay, then we need three more people.]

After a day of leveling, there were already many people in the new district who had reached level 45 and it wasn’t difficult to form a team for the Demon Forest. Xiao Gu called on the world channel and he soon got a complete team to clear the instance. At midnight, he went to sleep on time.


At 8 o’clock on Wednesday night, the new district’s guild challenge instance would open. Li Cangyu deliberately calculated the time difference, set an alarm clock and woke up at 7 in the morning to log on.

Beijing was 12 hours earlier than New York. It was currently 7 o’clock domestically and Time Machine was online.

Once he saw Love to Eat Braised Fish, he pulled the other person into the team and gave the voice room number. He spoke politely, “Brother Fish, the people on my side have arrived. Do you have anything to prepare?”

Li Cangyu glanced at the classes on the team list and said, “Leave the paladin, three healers and the rest will be all remote outputs.”

The team members who heard his words typed rows of ellipses on the team channel.

Time Machine was surprised. “Is it enough to have only three healers?”

Generally, this instance would be divided into five teams. Every team must have a healer to see to the blood of the team. The main T also needed a healer in the second stage of the boss so it was usually necessary to bring six healers.

“It is enough. I have one more here.” Li Cangyu said seriously.

“…” Time Machine was speechless. Even four healers wasn’t sufficient!

Someone couldn’t help saying in the voice channel, “This instance generally has six healers and they still might not add enough blood on the second stage. Yet you want to bring four healers?  Are you joking?”

“I’m not joking.” Li Cangyu said, “We will be using another style of play.”

His voice was firm and resolute, without any hesitation.

The team channel instantly exploded. Everyone was very suspicious of his other style of play.

Time Machine struggled for a moment before finally decided to trust him. In any case, their previous strategy only allowed them to take second place at most. Maybe they could take first play with this strange style of play? Let’s gamble once!

Time Machine thought up to here and immediately kicked out the extra healers and paladins on the team, then he swapped in remote outputs.

The people kicked out naturally wouldn’t feel comfortable and one sent a private chat to the president: [President, who is this person that you have found? Is he reliable?]

Time Machine could only comfort everyone. [He is reliable, just wait and see.]

Since their president was so sure, the other people couldn’t say anything and just waited to see the show.


The guild challenge task would open at 8 o’clock but the instance would open at 7:30 in order for people to prepare in advance.

Time Machine gave leadership of the team to Li Cangyu. Li Cangyu accepted the challenge task at the guild administrator and once he entered the instance, he immediately started to reorganize.

Everyone saw him quickly dividing them and couldn’t help wondering. This method of grouping had never been seen before! Six white magicians in one team and six elf archers in another team. What did he want to do?

Once Li Cangyu finished dividing them into groups, he started to explain, “The first stage is facing the mobs. Time Niuniu will add blood to the main T, As the Name Suggests. Time Ranran will add blood to the other T, Time Madman, Time Doudou will add blood to the melee while my healer will add blood to the remote outputs.”

Everyone, “…”

His healer would treat all the remote outputs? Was he a spider with eight hands? How could he be so busy?

Tan Shitian was the first elf archer in the Miracle League and Cheng Wei’s white magician was very popular. This meant there were many elf archers and white magicians in the Time Guild. Among the 30 members, there were eight elf archers and seven white magicians. The white magician brought by Li Cangyu increased it to eight. There was also a summoner (Li Cangyu) and a black magician (Ling Xuefeng) who didn’t seem to fit…

It added up to 18 remote outputs.

One healer taking care of all of them was simply a fantasy.

Time Ranran was the main healer of the Time Guild and her limit was adding blood to 12 people. She couldn’t help saying sarcastically, “Is the healer on your team a milk god?  Can he handle 18 remotes?”

Li Cangyu calmly said, “Yes, he is a milk god.”

Time Ranran, “…” This girl was too angry that she couldn’t speak.

Li Cangyu continued speaking, “There are many remotes in the team so there is no need to divide into five groups to kill the mobs. Once the mobs are refreshed, the two main Ts will pull the monsters in the five directions from north to south. They will run around in a circle while everyone will use group attacks.”

Everyone, “…”

The first level of the guild challenge had mobs refreshing in five locations: the east, west, south, north and middle of the venue. There were 25 mobs in each wave and a total of 10 waves.

The mobs’ attack power was relatively strong so the general style of playing was for the 30 people to divide into five groups. Each group would have a healer and the group was responsible for cleaning up the mobs in one location.

However, Li Cangyu wanted to pull all the mobs together and kill them…

Could he guarantee that the main Ts wouldn’t die? Could he guarantee that the healers didn’t make a mistake in such a chaotic situation?

Everyone’s hearts were full of doubts.

Ling Xuefeng heard this but his heart was very clear. Li Cangyu was using the kiting style that the Time team was best at. The Time Guild was the only one with so many ranged outputs and it was a strategy impossible for other guilds. (Forgot to mention it early but kiting is a game term for using ranged attacks to kill the enemy and running whenever the enemy comes near)

To be able to adjust the strategy according to the team’s configuration, this showed that Li Cangyu had a deep understanding of the game.

The people of the Time Guild were really ignorant. Cat God was specifically tailoring this for them so why were they questioning it?

Ling Xuefeng couldn’t resist typing on the team channel: [Since our president current has command of the instance, we should listen to his arrangements. Being noisy does nothing other than waste time.]

These words appeared on the team channel and had a natural cooling effect. The noisy people were quiet for a while.

Li Cangyu had some doubts. He hadn’t expected this Steamed Bass to speak up for him. Was this protecting his president?

Most players in online games didn’t have the innovative awareness of professional players and preferred to follow the rules. Today’s strategy was tailored for the Time Guild. As long as everyone cooperated, there would be no problem winning first.

Li Cangyu ignored the various expressions and ellipses filling the team channel and marked the east, west, south, north and middle locations where the mobs refreshed with different colours. Then he said, “The two paladins, Xiao Gu will pull the mobs at the red, yellow and green points. Time Madman will pull the mobs at the purple and blue points. After pulling the mobs, run in a clockwise direction. The remote outputs will follow and use group attacks from a distance.”

Time Machine finally understood. If they followed the previous strategy and divided into five groups to kill the mobs at the five locations, a group attack could only hit the five mobs around them.  However, Love to Eat Braised Fish’s method had the main T pulling the mobs and the group attack could hit all 25 mobs!

The pulling required skill and time but overall, everyone’s group attack damage could be maximized without wasting it. As long as the mobs were pulled well, everyone would use their powerful group attacks and the speed at which they killed the mobs would naturally accelerate!

Time Machine was a sensible president. Once he heard this, he immediately said, “I directly forbid anyone from talking on the team channel. We will play according to Brother Fish!”

Li Cangyu was very pleased with Time Machine’s decisiveness. He said, “There is still a little time. Everyone stand at their positions. The remote classes should be 10 metres around the light marker.”

The president gave them an order so everyone had to be silent and follow the instructions.


At the same time, the Flying Feathers team challenging the instance.

The 30 member team consisting of a large number of swordsmen had been divided into five groups and were standing in their positions, ready to go.

The commander of the event, President Flying Feathers Liangshan said calmly, “We have played this challenge countless times. In the old district, the first place in the level 50 guild challenge instance has always been our Flying Feathers Guild. Today we must also achieve it.”

Flying Feathers Ares smiled. “Boss doesn’t have to worry. Most of us are level 55 and the mobs are only level 50. We have the advantage and can kill them in seconds.”

This was true but there were many competitive guilds in the new district. Flying Feathers Liangshan couldn’t feel too at ease.

“What about Wind Colour?” Flying Feathers Liangshan privately asked his undercover contact.

[Wind Colour’s president doesn’t seem to care about the rankings. He said it is just a matter of playing and getting the rewards.]

Flying Feathers Liangshan messaged another undercover: [How is the Time Guild arranging the instance?]

[Time has allied with the Food Squad. They took 24 people to challenge the instance while the Food Squad sent six people. In order to show the friendship between guilds, Time Machine gave the command to Love to Eat Braised Fish.]

[…] Flying Feathers Liangshan couldn’t help frowning.

If Time Machine was the commander, their speed of killing monsters was definitely below Flying Feathers due to their inferior level.  Now that the commander was suddenly changed to Love to Eat Braised Fish, Flying Feathers Liangshan couldn’t help sensing something bad.

Love to Eat Braised Fish… what was the origin of this person? If he commanded, would the result surpass Flying Feathers?

It was almost 8 o’clock so Flying Feathers Liangshan suppressed these thoughts and said in the voice channel, “Everyone, maintain your concentration and start acting at 8 o’clock. We must win first place!”

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