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Chapter 39 – White Magic Assistance

There are many guild events in Miracle. The challenge instance was open on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Level 50 players in a guild could participate in a team of 30.

Since it had the word ‘challenge’, there would naturally be difficulties. Fortunately, the rewards for clearing the challenge instance was very rich. In addition to equipment, gold coins and precious materials, the guild that passed the challenge instance could get the guild construction reward. This was what Li Cangyu wanted the most.

His small guild was only level 1. If he wanted to raise it to level two, he had to accumulate enough guild construction points. The guild construction points came from members doing missions and also instances. However, the quickest way was to participate in the guild challenge instance.

Time Machine didn’t care about the reward and had no opinion on splitting it by 3:7. He was more concerned about the benefits to the guild after winning first place. There would be a server wide gold announcement and the guild would also be listed on the guild activities list.

Taking first place was a full-serve advertisement!

The two presidents finalized the cooperation plan for Wednesday and agreed to meet at the voice channel at 7 o’clock.


Once the conversation finished, Li Cangyu continued playing the Demon Forest instance with his fixed team.

The common Demon Forest instance wasn’t so difficult as long as they didn’t encounter the hidden boss Witch Lilian. Clearing it was very easy. In any case, there was still time until Wednesday and Li Cangyu wasn’t in a rush.

In the process of playing the instance, he carefully watched the two new teammates.

The black magician ‘Steamed Bass’ who just entered the team today wasn’t bad. His technique was relatively stable, which was common for an online game veteran. There weren’t many bright spots. Of course, this was because Ling Xuefeng was drinking coffee while deliberately hiding his strength.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help concentrating his gaze on the white magician.

Previously, this person was often in a daze when playing Lilian so Li Cangyu couldn’t see too much. He just thought this person was flexible and responsive without making many mistakes.

Today he seriously played in the instance. Li Cangyu took a closer look and found that this person’s style of play was somewhat special.

There were four remote classes in Miracle: the white magician, the black magician, the summoner and the psychic.

A white magician had the most control skills and fewer attack skills, making a relatively balanced class. A black magician had many high damage skills, with the main spells causing negative states, making their attack stronger. The summoner played by Li Cangyu was the most complicated and the corresponding explosive ability was the strongest. They were very powerful in PK. Finally, the psychic was a purely auxiliary class, relying on various illusionary arrays to assist their teammates.

The four remote classes each had their own characteristics. A summoner’s pet operations were too complicated while a psychic was purely auxiliary. Therefore, the white magicians and black magicians were more common in the game and it was the same in the Miracle Professional League.

At present, the white magicians in the league were basically remote masters who dominated with control and supplemented with attacks. Cheng Wei, the vice captain of Time was a typical representative.

However, the performance of the white magician in their team was very different.

As everyone was attacking the mobs, the white magician suddenly used two skills: Inspiring Voice and Song of Encouragement.

A soft silver light and a blue light spread from the top of his staff to the surroundings. With the release of these skills, all teammates had a layer of white and blue halos symbolizing ‘increased attack and increased critical hit rate.’

Li Cangyu saw this and couldn’t help asking, “Awakened, did you put points in the three auxiliary skills of the white magician?”

The three auxiliary skills referred to the most powerful auxiliary skills of an angel white magician: Song of the Soul, Inspiring Voice and Song of Encouragement.

Song of the Soul could reduce the opponent’s defense, Inspiring Voice could improve the teammate’s attacking ability and Song of Encouragement improved the teammate’s critical rate. These three skills could achieve unexpected results at critical moments but the disadvantage was that these three skills were a skill chain. Once Song of the Soul was used, it must be followed by Inspiring Voice and Song of Encouragement. In other words, a lot of skill points would be used up to obtain the full set.

Every character in Miracle had a limited amount of skill points and each class had many skills. Players needed to comprehensively decide which skills should be discarded.

A white magician’s main playing style was control skills and big attacks. Few people would waste skill points on these three auxiliary skills.

Was this person playing an auxiliary white magician?

Sure enough, a man’s hearty voice was heard over the voice channel. “Yes, I have all three skills.”

Li Cangyu asked, “Is this your customer’s request or did you add it yourself?”

The man smiled and said, “I added it casually.”

Li Cangyu naturally didn’t believe this explanation.

There were auxiliary white magicians in the first season of the Miracle League but the first season was the most powerful period of the Time team. Captain Xu’s white magician style of play swept the league and smoothly took Time to become the champion of the first season.

Captain Xu’s style of play was very violent and the skill effect was quite gorgeous. Under his influence, the white magician became a very powerful spell output class. The current vice president, Cheng Wei carried forward this style of play. Now whenever anyone mentioned a white magician, everyone would think they were remote magicians with many control skills.

In fact, the white magician could also play as an auxiliary.

But compared to Captain Xu’s dazzling brilliance on the field, the auxiliary white magician looked dull. Combined with the rise of the purely auxiliary psychic class, the auxiliary white magician style was almost completely eliminated.

Li Cangyu was very surprised that this person was actually using a white magician to play as an auxiliary. Moreover, a semi-assistance and semi-attack class could quickly rush to the front of the server rankings. It seemed that his leveling speed really wasn’t normal.

Li Cangyu’s heart couldn’t help becoming excited, like a talent scout finding a fine steed.

“Awakened, do you plan to fill up the assist skills later and take the pure auxiliary route?” Li Cangyu asked to confirm it.

The other person smiled and said, “This is the customer’s account, I am just playing casually. Once I reach level and gain the equipment, the customer can reset things.”

Strangely enough, there seemed to be a hint of loss in his voice. Li Cangyu sensitively captured this point. However, the other person obviously didn’t want to say anything else and Li Cangyu didn’t ask again. He stopped the topic and continued to play the instance. He didn’t want to scare this person away. If it was really possible to gain him as a teammate, it was better to know more first.

Ling Xuefeng was also listening to the voice channel and couldn’t help frowning.

A white magician auxiliary player, the standard Mandarin of a northern person, liked to play a female account but the style was extremely bold. In addition, this familiar tone in the voice channel…

He remembered who this person was but he was currently an undercover account. It wasn’t convenient to straight up tell Li Cangyu.

However, Ling Xuefeng believed that Li Cangyu would soon recognize this person.


It was like Li Cangyu received Ling Xuefeng’s brainwaves as there was suddenly a flash in his head!

Yes, there was a unique player in the first season of the Miracle League. He was a white magician auxiliary who played quite well. The northern man who was tall and powerful actually built a long-legged beautiful angel character, creating a particularly large contrast.

This man’s clear Northern Mandarin seemed somewhat like this leveling boss brother?

The voice might’ve changed slightly in five years but this tone of speech was very similar to the one in Li Cangyu’s memories.

The man’s team was called New Moon and their result was very bad, just like the FTD team. His white magician wasn’t too bright on the field and the performance was ordinary. It was at the same time as Captain Xu’s white magician so it was like the difference between clouds and mud.

If Time’s captain Xu Luo was a bright e-sports superstar, then the white magician Zhang Jueming was just an insignificant player in the Miracle Professional League.

Full Moon was disbanded at the end of the first season, earlier than FTD, and it was unknown where the players went.

After all, the e-sports circle might have great gods but there were many unknown players who left the league without their names being known. In particularly, the rules for the first three seasons of the Miracle League weren’t perfect and the competition format was cruel, meaning there were countless teams that disbanded.

Li Cangyu didn’t have a deep impression of the early disbanded teams. The reason why he remembered Zhang Jueming was because the host city in the first season was Beijing and Zhang Jueming was from Beijing. He did a great job of being a host by inviting players from all over to eat.

At dinner, Li Cangyu sat next to him and had a brief conversation with him.

“I think that when it comes to white magic assistance, the key is to watch the teammates. The moment the teammates are about to burst out with attacks, you have to add the buffs in time. If you can, the attack power will double and the violence will triple, causing a scary effect.” Li Cangyu said earnestly.

“Cat God is right.” Zhang Jueming smiled and clarified. “This is just in principle. It isn’t so easy to implement!”

His bitter smile contained some helplessness.

At that time, Full Moon and FTD had the same bad results. The two captains chatted about these things but they had the feeling of ‘misery loves company.’

A lot of styles worked in principle but actually implementing them was a big problem. If they met strong teammates, this type of style could sweep the league. If the teammates weren’t great, vulnerabilities could be created on the actual battlefield.

At the dinner, Zhang Jueming took the initiative to toast everyone. He drank a lot of wine and fell unconscious, eventually being carried back to his hotel by his teammates.

Soon after, the Full Moon team was disbanded and Zhang Jueming silently left the league.

Xu Luo, a white magician and a person the same age, led the Time team to win the championship in the first season.

Xu Luo’s white magician control style was greatly praised while Zhang Jueming’s favourite white magician assistance play was completely eliminated from the Miracle League.


Li Cangyu’s heart couldn’t help feeling sour when he thought about these old things.

If this person was actually Zhang Jueming… then he was still practicing that style?

He operated different accounts every day. Sometimes he received urgent orders or had to work all night to level. Leveling other people’s accounts, playing instances, gaining equipment… it was in order to earn living expenses?

A professional player had fallen to this point, how miserable.

Li Cangyu always remembered this bold and forthright man. His eyes were full of brilliance when he talked about the auxiliary white magician. Despite losing the game, he spent a lot of money to invite everyone to eat. He was happy to act as host just because the Miracle League opened in his hometown.

In fact, he loved this game very much. Otherwise, he wouldn’t painstakingly research the white magician assistance build.

No one expected that he invited them to eat just to say goodbye.

He didn’t leave a deep impression on the field. As a professional player, everyone’s deepest impression of him was his last ‘let’s eat.’ This matter… it was very bitter.

Li Cangyu thought of this and couldn’t help sending a private message: [Are you the captain of the Full Moon team, Zhang Jueming?]

The man on the other side of the computer was silent for a moment before typing: [Don’t joke around. I am just a small leveling player.] He followed up with a row of laughing expressions.

Li Cangyu didn’t ask again.

If the other person was really Zhang Jueming, he wouldn’t directly admit it.

A professional player running to a leveling studio to earn a living. It was shameful to say it but Li Cangyu believed that Zhang Jueming’s eagerness wasn’t completely extinguished. One day, that small flame would ignite and become an unstoppable raging fire!

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