GLS: Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – Guild Alliance (2)

The president of the Time Guild, Time Machine soon released a message on the guild channel: [Everyone should’ve noticed that our Time Guild has formed an alliance with the Food Squad. The people in the Food Squad will be our own so make sure to help each other and level together. Don’t make trouble.]

Li Cangyu also posted a message in the guild channel: [We have formed an alliance with the Time Guild.]

The guild channels on both sides suddenly exploded.

On the Time side:

[The Food Squad? Based on the name, isn’t it a casual group? Are there any cute girls? I’m still single?]

[Why are we allied with this small guild?]

[Does the president want to take care of them?]

[An alliance is an alliance. It is nothing to take care of a small guild!]

Time Machine looked at these comments and could not help wiping the sweat of the forehead. This alliance wasn’t necessarily taking care of the other. Perhaps Love to Eat Braised Fish would be the one taking care of Time. Of course, he couldn’t clearly explain this feeling. He just instinctively knew that Love to Eat Braised Fish was a sly character, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to repel the Wind Colour Guild three times.

On the Food Squad’s side:

[An alliance with Time? I’m in favour of it!]

[I am a Captain Tan fan here! Since we allied with the Time Guild, it should be easier to clear the guild challenge instance.]

[Is the president familiar with Time? Why didn’t he choose Flying Feathers or Wind Colour? The strength of these three are similar.]

[Cough, doesn’t Wind Colour have a hatred towards the president?]

[Don’t you know that we wiped out the Wind Colour’s elite team twice and Flying Feathers’s elite team once?]

[So great!]

The guild channel was very enthusiastic.

The super-big undercover Ling Xuefeng saw this scene. He was puzzled at first but quickly figured out Li Cangyu’s purpose.

Time Machine was the president of the Time Guild in the next district.

This person had been assisting in the guild since the last captain. He was a veteran and in terms of time, he had more seniority than Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei. Time Machine was a nice person. Unless they were fighting over the world boss, he had a peaceful method of handling things and didn’t have too many enemies in the game.

On the opposite side, the vice presidents of the Flying Feathers Guild were young and liked to fight. They often fought against other guilds in the online game.

The Wind Colour members actually knew Braised Fish’s true identity. But in the eyes of outsiders, Love to Eat Braised Fish was already an enemy of Wind Colour and Li Cangyu couldn’t choose to form an alliance with them.

Allying with Flying Feathers was too much trouble since they would have to fight every day.

Other guilds such as Pure Cleansing, Ghost Spirits, Red Fox, etc. couldn’t match the three guilds in this area. The main elites of these guilds had fallen behind and it wasn’t conducive to increasing Li Cangyu’s reputation.

His decision to ally with the Time Guild might seem quick but it was the most sensible decision after a comprehensive evaluation.

Li Cangyu always acted safely and Ling Xuefeng wasn’t worried that he would be wronged. However, the people in his hands would probably be forced to tears.

Ling Xuefeng looked at the discussion on the team channel and found that it was almost time to quiet. Ling Xuefeng closed the account and went to sleep.

Since becoming captain of Wind Colour, he developed a good habit of sleeping on time. A healthy body and good mental state was necessary to keep professional players at their best, so he was very opposed to players staying up late.

He got up and was walking when he found Qin Mo staring seriously at the computer screen and carefully watching the PK video with Braised Fish.

The watchful teenager seemed to sense someone was behind him and minimized the window, opening to a web page in order to pretend he was looking through the forum.

Qin Mo looked back and saw his master watching with a deep gaze. He immediately turned red and whispered, “Master…”

Ling Xuefeng didn’t expose him and asked casually, “What are your arrangements for the one week holiday?”

Qin Mo replied seriously, “My parents are going to travel abroad and I want to stay at the club. Can I?”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng continued, “In the second round of the regular season, you don’t have to play.”

Qin Mo hung his head, looking like a remorseful child listening to his parent’s teachings. His master’s personality had always been like this. Qin Mo had made a big mistake in the arena and should be thrown to the bench.

Ling Xuefeng saw his lowered head and patted the young boy gently. He spoke softly, “I didn’t say it in front of the others players but you should know that your match with Tan Shitian made me very disappointed. You should sit on the bench for a month and think about how to act in the future.”

“Yes…” Qin Mo nodded slightly, his face pale.

“The same mistake can’t be made twice. I hope you adjust your state and return to your normal level in the playoffs.” Ling Xuefeng turned away after this sentence.

“…” Qin Mo was stunned.


Master meant for him to play in the playoffs?

Master hadn’t lost faith in him. He was just giving Qin Mo time to calm down and adjust?

Qin Mo looked at his master’s tall back and was moved to tears.

This was Ling Xuefeng’s style. Even if the player made a big mistake, he wouldn’t completely block the person. He would make that person sit on the bench and then give the person a second opportunity.

Ling Xuefeng knew that the higher a person climbed, the harder the fall. However, he also knew that once the fallen person climbed up again, their minds would be stronger than before.

He hoped that after this setback, the 16 year old boy could truly recognize himself and develop a stable mentality, calmly experiencing success as an outstanding professional player.

He was young and there was a master helping, so he could make such mistakes.

However, one day he would grow up and his master couldn’t shelter him any longer. He must face all difficulties alone.

Therefore Qin Mo, you should really thank Cat God for waking you up in time.


The next morning, Ling Xuefeng logged into the Steamed Bass account and found that on the guild list, Love to Eat Braised Fish, Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork and Blossoming Tree had risen to level 49, leaving many people far behind. This was obviously due to the time difference.

Ling Xuefeng wondered if Bai Xuan had gone to the United States with Li Cangyu. Then was this swordsman also abroad?

Fortunately, he played several rounds of Frost Temple last night and reached level 45. He could go to the Demon Forest area. Ling Xuefeng sent a private chat message to Li Cangyu: [President, do you have any room in your team for Demon Forest?]

Li Cangyu saw the ID called ‘Steamed Bass’ on his private chat and couldn’t help feeling hungry. This was the dish he loved to eat the most but unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to eat it for a while.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has invited you to join the team.]

Ling Xuefeng agreed and after entering the team, he saw Love to Eat Braised Fish, Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork and Blossoming Tree. As the Name Suggests and Awakened Magician from yesterday’s Lilian raid weren’t online.

However, it didn’t take long for the two of them to join the team. It was obvious that they were in China and had just woken up.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help asking, [Awakened, don’t you have to go to work?]

Awakened Magician replied: [My work is playing games.]

Xiao Gu guessed: [You are an employee at an Internet cafe!]

Awakened Magician: [The child guessed wrong. I am the boss of a leveling studio.] He added a row of laughing expressions.

Everyone, “…”

Li Cangyu didn’t expect this person to have such an identity.

There are many mature leveling studios in China which helped players level, find equipment, clear instances and get money. If the person’s abilities weren’t high, they wouldn’t be able to complete the task on time.

Li Cangyu asked: [Are you helping a customer level their account?]

Awakened Magician explained: [Yes, the customer gave me a lot of money to raise the account to full level in one month and to get a full equipment set.]

Gu Siming asked curiously: [How much money is it?]

Awakened Magician: [I won’t disclose trade secrets.] He added a row of laughing expressions.

“…” Gu Siming thought this uncle was annoying and ignored him.

Li Cangyu was also slightly disappointed. He thought that he had harvested a teammate who could develop but it was actually a leveling studio boss.

Professional levelers knew the shortcuts behind rapidly leveling in the game. Moreover, they made thousands of accounts with different races and classes. The so-called ‘practice makes perfect’ meant their leveling speed would definitely be better than an average player. This person’s high level wasn’t good if he was a professional leveler.

Li Cangyu thought up to here and typed on the team channel: [Do the instance first.]

Steamed Bass suddenly asked: [President, will you be cooperating with Time for Wednesday night’s guild challenge instance?]

[Yes, our guild won’t have 30 players who have reached level 50 by Wednesday so we will have to borrow people from Time.] Li Cangyu paused before asking, [Oh right, what is your fixed online time?]

[8 a.m. to midnight. I am on holidays currently so I have plenty of time.]

[Then make a fixed team with us to clear the Demon Forest instance. When there is a time difference, you will clear the main missions. It is best to reach level 50 before Wednesday.]

[Yes.] Ling Xuefeng typed short words.

He had just been thinking about how to talk to Li Cangyu and as a result, he managed to join the team as a fixed member.


At the same time, the Flying Feather Guild’s discussion group.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has made a guild and allied with the Time Guild!]

The news was like setting off a bomb in a quiet lake, causing the discussion group to boil over.

Vice President Flying Feathers Ares immediately jumped forward: [Isn’t he taking himself too seriously? So what if he managed to find Time to be a patron? There are many big guilds in the area. Killing them is like stepping on an ant!]

[You can’t say that.] The main healer of the group, Flying Feathers Frost was calm in comparison. She analyzed it seriously: [The Time Guild has many masters but the limitation is that it is too large. For example, fans of Flying Feathers wouldn’t be willing to join them. Most neutral passersby would prefer a casual group like the Food Squad.]

[Frost is correct.] Someone added. [This Love to Eat Braised Fish is very smart. The name Food Squad attracts passersby and he doesn’t have a team behind him, which will attract more passersby. The level one guild is full in an instant, meaning this guild’s momentum is very strong. By allying with Time, they don’t have to be worried about being killed by other guilds. This action wasn’t wrong.]

The discussion group was silent for a moment.

[What is the attitude of other guilds?] Flying Feathers Frost asked. [What about Wind Colour?]

[Wind Colour’s elite team was killed twice. Yesterday, someone saw their president and Braised Fish fighting to a tie. Then Wind Colour suddenly quieted down. It is estimated that they are afraid to be hit and are hiding.] Another vice president, Flying Feathers Wushang spoke while rejoicing in their misfortune.

[Hiding?] Flying Feathers Frost couldn’t help frowning. [What is the temper of Captain Ling like? Do you think that Wind Colour’s president would be afraid of a random? I think there is something fishy about this matter.]

[Okay, I’ve already sent an undercover to the Food Squad so don’t worry.] The discussion group was getting heated up and it wasn’t good to quarrel in the morning. President Flying Feathers Liangshan finally appeared and typed: [At present, our guild has people over level 45 because swordsmen have advantages when leveling early on. Everyone will reach level 50 as soon as possible. We must win first place in the guild challenge instance!]


Time Machine got up early in the morning, logged into his account and found that Love to Eat Braised Fish was online and even reached level 49. Time Machine was happy and immediately sent a private message: [Brother Fish, shall we play together in the guild challenge instance on Wednesday night?]

[No problem.] Li Cangyu sent back. [How many people can you get to level 50 on your side?]

[Around 24.] Time Machine said.

Li Cangyu: [It is just right. I have six on my side.]

In fact, the Time Guild had more than 40 people who could rise to level 50 by Wednesday, not 24.

The big guilds had to think about the future when just starting out. A level 50 guild challenge instance required 30 people to clear. It was an important instance that raised fame so Time Machine already arranged 40 accounts that the elites had rushed to level.

He deliberately set aside the quota of one team for Love to Eat Braised Fish. It was obviously to give face and develop good feelings. After all, this was required in an allied relationship.

Li Cangyu certainly knew this and appreciated Time Machine’s actions. However, he still bluntly said: [I will take command.]

Time Machine almost sprayed out the tea in his mouth.

—Friend, did you have to make the ‘give an inch and he’ll want a mile’ so obvious?

Li Cangyu asked: [President, don’t you want to take first place?]

Time Machine was stunned and honestly replied: [I want to take it but the swordsmen of Flying Feathers level up the fastest. Their average level was 55 in the old districts so they generally took first place.]

[This is the new district.] Li Cangyu declared: [We will take first place in the new district.]

“…” Time Machine was very uneasy about this person’s statement and felt that this guy was always bragging. However, they would only take second place if he personally directed the guild challenge instance. Why not let Braised Fish try his way?

Time Machine thought about it and no longer hesitated. [Okay, then you will take command.]

Li Cangyu continued: [Then let’s talk about splitting up the rewards. I have fewer people so I will take 30% and you will take 70%. How about it?]

Time Machine, “…”

How was this person so confident? He was already dividing the rewards before even getting first place.

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Li Cangyu saw the ID called ‘Steamed Bass’ on his private chat and couldn’t help feeling hungry. This was the dish he loved to eat the most but unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to eat it for a while.

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