GLS: Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Guild Alliance (1)

Ling Xuefeng went offline and Li Cangyu continue to play the instance with the other voice. Then a man’s hearty voice was suddenly heard from the voice channel. “Hey, what is your origin? How are you all so powerful?”

The voice was from the north. He spoke in the standard Mandarin and had the typical bold and unrestrained nature of people from that area.

Gu Siming wondered, “Uncle, you built a long-legged girl in the game. Why is your real voice so rough?”

The man was surprised when he heard it. There was actually a little boy in the team with a very soft voice.

“Kid, how old are you” The man asked.

Gu Siming immediately retorted, “I’m not a child!”

The man asked, “Are you an adult?”

“I’m an adult!”

Was 16 years old actually an adult? Gu Siming seriously thought about it.

The man continued to ask, “What are the origins of these great gods? Could it be the side account of a professional player?”

Bai Xuan explained. “We are a few friends who know each other in reality and went to play in the new district.”

The man laughed as soon as he heard this, “How can the level of friends be so high? Well, I won’t ask since you want to keep it a secret. It isn’t bad to have such a sharp team. Can I make a fixed instance team with you?”

Li Cangyu had been reading the chat information in the guild channel. He heard this and spoke up, “Yes. However, I am currently abroad with the healer and the swordsman. Whenever the three of us aren’t online, you can join a guild team with Xiao Gu.”

Gu Siming didn’t want to team up with this uncle who kept laughing at him. He couldn’t help sending a private message to the captain: [I don’t want to play instances with him. I will do missions to level.]

Li Cangyu replied: [Your online time is more consistent with the white magician. When we aren’t present, you will team up with him to play the instance. By the way, PK with him and show me the recorded video.]

Gu Siming was surprised for a moment before reacting to the captain’s meaning. [Captain, do you think this person’s level is strong? You are going to pull him into the team?]

[The fact that he can reach the forefront of the district shows that he isn’t simple. During the chaotic situation in the Lilian boss fight, he was very calm and made no mistakes. This is rare so I want to understand his true level and history.]

Since it was the captain’s orders, Gu Siming immediately said: [I know. Captain, I will record the whole time!]


Another instance was cleared. 12:30 arrived in New York while it was early morning domestically. Li Cangyu said in the voice channel, “Awakened, Xiao Gu, do you want to go offline to sleep?”

Awakened Magician immediately replied, “I’m going to sleep! I have to work tomorrow so see you!”

He said this and quickly disappeared. Gu Siming also reluctantly turned off his computer.

Once he left, Bai Xuan asked, “Can this person be trained?”

Li Cangyu said, “Since he is an office worker, it might not be easy to persuade him if he isn’t interested in playing the professional league. I will observe him first.”

“Okay.” Bai Xuan nodded.

“By the way Cat God.” Xie Shurong suddenly spoke. “Miracle’s World Carnival is set for this October. Do you know about this matter?”

“Oh, Ling Xuefeng told me today that the host city is New York.” Li Cangyu had doubts. “Why are you suddenly saying this?”

“New York is the home city of the ICE Club so all members of the team are going to watch. The manager was looking for an organizer to buy tickets today.  Do you want me to buy you tickets as well? Do you want to see it?”

“Of course.” Li Cangyu nodded. “The carnival might be for entertainment but it will be good to see the masters of each country.”

“This type of big scene can’t be missed.” Bai Xuan spoke with appreciation, “A’Shu, haven’t you been very conscious lately? Are you always thinking about me and the captain?”

“Of course, you are my people!” Xie Shurong replied.

Bai Xuan didn’t take his words seriously and smiled. “The tickets are for the captain. Next time you come over for dinner, you have to keeping bringing me a meal payment. Otherwise, I will sprinkle a lot of salt on your favourite braised pork ribs.”

“…” Xie Shurong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He thought about using the tickets as a meal payment but this was seen through by Vice-Captain Bai. It seemed that he would have to run around the shops at noon and buy anything angel priest related.


There were only three people left after Xiao Gu and Awakened Magician went offline. Thus, Li Cangyu said, “We will go and do missions.”

Bai Xuan returned to the Divine World, Xie Shurong returned to the human cities and Li Cangyu returned to Moonlight Forest.

He left Moonlight Forest after level 10 and never returned. However, he always felt relaxed when returning to an elf location. There were many elves holding bows or traps. It was rare for someone to be holding a summoning staff like Li Cangyu.

People once laughed at him when he chose the summoning staff but now they admired him.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish? It is the master who killed the level 45 Lilian!] A player with an ID called Little Hunter spoke on the area channel.

[Hello president of the Food Squad!] He was followed by a little archer.

[President, do you have a place in the guild? We want to join but the system says that it’s full!] A small elf said.

The three people took the initiative to send a friend’s application. Li Cangyu accepted and replied: [The guild is temporarily full. I will add you will the level is upgraded.]

They didn’t expect the president to speak such good words. The three people immediately sent a row of thank yous.

Li Cangyu walked a few steps and reached the NPC giving the main task. Yet he actually saw a familiar ID: Luo Xiaoluo.

Luo Xiaoluo was obviously very excited to see him. He typed in the area channel: [Brother Fish, what a coincidence!]

[Yes, let’s do the task together.] Li Cangyu said while sending a team invitation.

The Time Guild had a fixed instance team and Luo Xiaoluo was still playing the Frost Temple instance. For him to suddenly appear in elf territory, it was estimated that the Time Guild sent him here to wait for Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu didn’t expose him and headed off to the mission location together.

Luo Xiaoluo followed Love to Eat Braised Fish and finally suppressed his embarrassment after a long time. The president had sent him to do this difficult task because of his extremely thick skin. His face had been trained to be as thick as a wall.

However, he would do it for Vice-Captain Cheng’s special signature…

Luo Xiaoluo gritted his teeth and sent a smiley face on the team channel. [Brother Fish, based on the title above your head, you have already made a guild?]

[Yes, it is the Food Squad.]

Luo Xiaoluo’s brains came up with a come. [The Food Squad, this guild name is very cute. Hahaha.]

Li Cangyu was amused by this hollow laugh.

Luo Xiaoluo felt very bitter. It was hard for him to always be sent by the president on these missions.

Compared to passersby fans, deathly loyal fans like Luo Xiaoluo were actually very rare. He just like Cheng Wei and Li Cangyu didn’t hate this.

Luo Xiaoluo coming to Li Cangyu definitely had something to do with the guild alliance.

This week people would be able to reach level 50 and the guild challenge instance was very hard. The difficult of the final boss didn’t lose to Lilian and more people meant it would certainly be chaotic. The level of players in newly established guilds wasn’t equal and it was good to have helpers.

[Our guild has only just been set up.] Li Cangyu thought before typing. [Go back and ask your president. If he doesn’t mind, why don’t we ally?]

“…” Luo Xiaoluo almost fell off his chair.

He was thinking hard about how to open up this topic when the other person actually brought it up. It was really a pie falling from the sky!

Luo Xiaoluo didn’t have to think as he replied: [Good! That’s great! Let’s ally!]

[Don’t you have to go back and ask your president?]

“…” The president was the one who sent him here! Luo Xiaoluo almost let this slip before changing his words: [I will go ask.]

The good news was brought to the president. The president excitedly sent a row of thumbs up. “You are awesome!”

Luo Xiaoluo smiled. “I want the vice-captain’s signed poster.”

Time Machine said, “No problem, I will mail you a full set of the Time team’s signed posters.”

Luo Xiaoluo almost jumped downstairs to run a lap.

He loved e-sports since he was a child but unfortunately couldn’t become an e-sports player due to his lacking hand speed.  After graduating from high school, he went to university. He spend his time after school playing online games, watching the competitions and supporting his favourite team and players.

Luo Xiaoluo laughed loudly as he thought of receiving the signatures of the entire Time team.

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Anna Karo
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He thought about using the tickets as a meal payment but this was seen through by Vice-Captain Bai. It seemed that he would have to run around the shops at noon and buy anything angel priest related. – The perfect example of hubby being thoroughly wrapped around wifey’s finger.

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