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GLS: Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Lilian (End)

The banshee named someone once every 10 seconds. Thanks to the cooperation between Li Cangyu and LIng Xuefeng, they broke the Charm skill before two people were affected. The most difficult third stage was completely crushed!

Bai Xuan couldn’t help feeling some excitement. Captain Ling and Cat God, it wasn’t unusual for them to cooperate in the online game but this was the first time since the two of them entered the professional league.

They didn’t need to communicate with each other to know their thoughts. This strange connection was still unchanged after a few years.

Bai Xuan was very happy for Li Cangyu. Many people in the Miracle League might’ve forgotten about Cat God but at least Ling Xuefeng still remembered. The presence of this enemy and friend was actually a very warm thing for Li Cangyu.

Wouldn’t Cat God be very happy to be able to fight alongside Ling Xuefeng, even if it was just an instance?

He looked back and sure enough, this always serious man was currently very relaxed. There was a slight smile on his lips, like hitting the boss was fun for him.


The third stage was successfully cleared. Suddenly, the witch’s sinister laughter filled their ears, showing that the final stage of the boss battle was approaching!

The fourth stage was an extremely wide range group attack skill that tested the level of everyone’s movement abilities.

Black holes would randomly appear on the ground and anyone who stepped on it would be instantly killed. Therefore, everyone must attack the boss while dodging the black holes. Bai Xuan also had to hide while adding blood. This stage was also a test of the main T since Lilian would be moving while doing this big move. The main T must keep up with her and pull her, not letting her attack anyone else.

A general team would certainly be a mess of confusion when it came to the fourth stage.

However, this team was full of professional gods and this level of movement was a piece of cake for them.

Li Cangyu wasn’t worried about his other teammates but he wasn’t sure about the white magician who had just joined the team.

To his surprise, the white magician could barely keep up with Lilian’s rhythm. His attack data wasn’t as good as the other three outputs but he made no mistakes during the entire process.

It wasn’t easy to survive successfully in such a chaotic situation. Li Cangyu couldn’t help feeling admiration.

How could an average person be ranked at the forefront of the district rankings? This person didn’t have a guild yet and could be seen as a rare free master.

Wasn’t it better to pull him into the guild?

Li Cangyu had always been energetic and resolute. Once he thought about it, he immediately sent an invitation to the other person.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has invited you to join the Food Squad Guild. Do you agree?]

This prompt appeared on the screen.

The Food Squad obviously wasn’t the guild of a large team. It should be a small family and friends group without too many guild grievances. Besides, today they played the instance together and Awakened Magician found that the standards of these people were super high. He wouldn’t have to worry about finding a fixed team to level.

The man in front of the computer thought about it and pressed the button to accept.

Lilian only had 1% blood left and was on the verge of death. At this time, a prompt appeared on the team channel: [Popular Land Under Heaven has withdrawn from the team.]

The confused Gu Siming wondered, “Why did he leave the team?”

Lilian unleashed angry attacks but it had no effect on the team. Li Cangyu didn’t pay attention to Ling Xuefeng’s withdrawal and kept throwing skills at the boss. Lilian finally screamed and collapsed to the ground.

A shining announcement in gold characters immediately flashed on the district.

[Congratulations, the Food Squad Guild has killed Demon Forest’s hidden boss, Witch Lilian!]

All players were shocked?

The Food Squad? What was this messy name? They actually had the ability to kill the hidden boss of a level 45 instance? Lilian was notorious for being difficult to beat in the early stages. She was elected as part of the top 10 for most abnormal bosses for many years!

Li Cangyu saw this announcement and quickly realized. If the team that killed the hidden boss were all from the same guild, the system would release a district wide announcement in golden characters. It was equivalent to free advertising for the guild, which was why many big guilds like to form teams to kill the hidden bosses.

Unfortunately, hidden bosses weren’t that easy to meet.

He was obviously lucky today. The white magician who joined the team accepted the guild invitation at the last minute. Then Ling Xuefeng helped out and saw that all remaining five members of the team were part of the Food Squad. He voluntarily withdrew in order to give the Food Squad the free ultra-luxurious advertisement.

Li Cangyu hadn’t expected Ling Xuefeng to be so careful and couldn’t help sending him a private message: [Thank you.]

Ling Xuefeng sent back: [There is no need for thanks.]

Li Cangyu naturally had to seize this rare opportunity and immediately wrote on the world channel: [The Food Squad will be aiming for the level 50 guild challenge instance. Any friends level 40 or above who want to join, please don’t hesitate to apply!]

Bai Xuan opened the guild panel and was suddenly scared. The full server golden characters advertisement was really powerful. In the blink of an eye, the application list for Food Squad was filled with hundreds of people!

Li Cangyu set up Bai Xuan as vice president and said, “Help me accept them.”

Bai Xuan asked, “All of them?”

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate. “Everyone!”

Of course he knew that there would be newcomers, pure foodies, people who wanted to look at the scenery and also undercovers from other guilds.

However, he wanted to make the guild bigger.

His Food Squad might not have the big names of Time, Wind Colour or Flying Feathers but with him, this guild would certainly develop into a large-scale guild in this district and attract masters.

The guild would become the most powerful reserve army to help him return to the Miracle League.

Li Cangyu smiled confidently when he thought of this and quickly accepted the application of hundreds of players with the fastest hand speed.

[The Food Squad Guild is full and people are temporarily unable to apply for membership. The president and all members, please work hard to improve the construction of the guild and upgrade the size of the guild.]

The current guild was a level one guild which could accommodate up to 120 people. The wide server advertisement filled up this number in an instant, so that they could only work to raise the level of the guild. A level two guild could have 300 people, a level three guild 500 people, a level four guild 1,000 people and a level five guild had no limit.

Li Cangyu wasn’t anxious. This was just the beginning and he would slowly climb up.

As the president, it was necessary for him to speak in the guild channel. [Everyone, welcome to the guild. Currently, the majority of people are around level 40. Let’s team up and do instances to level up. At level 50, I will take you to the guild challenge instance!]

The guild channel became lively after the president spoke.

They teamed up to play instances and added friends, making a very active atmosphere.

Ling Xuefeng looked at this scene and his mood couldn’t help improving.

He retreating from the team at the last moment because he wanted to help LI Cangyu. He liked to see this man’s radiant appearance that was full of confidence.

The appearance of the Food Squad would definitely have an impact on other guilds in the new district. Wind Colour knew Braised Fish’s true identity and definitely wouldn’t clash with Li Cangyu. As for other guilds… Ling Xuefeng couldn’t control them. If those people were willing to hit Cat God, Cat God would teach them politely. Ling Xuefeng wanted to watch the good show.

[Cat, I have to go now.] Ling Xuefeng sent a message to Li Cangyu.

Ling Xuefeng’s courage was so big to actually call ‘Cat God’ by the simple Cat.

It was just like Li Cangyu called him Xuefeng instead of Captain Ling.

These were their names for each other from a young age. When Li Cangyu’s ID was Old Cat, Ling Xuefeng thought he was a 30 year old uncle. Once he knew that Li Cangyu was a 17 year old boy, Ling Xuefeng called him Cat instead of Old Cat.

These names seemed to create a special sense of intimacy. Therefore, Ling Xuefeng liked calling him this when chatting privately.

Li Cangyu was long used to it and immediately replied: [Okay, go if you are busy.]

Ling Xuefeng exited the Popular Land Under Heaven account and then opened QQ to sent a message to the president. In any case, Popular Land Under Heaven was the account of Wind Colour’s guild president. There were many things to be dealt with in the guild and Ling Xuefeng couldn’t keep logging into it.

The president saw the message from the office he had returned to and couldn’t help wiping the sweat on his forehead. He logged into his account and saw that his character had already reached level 46. Were Captain Ling and Cat God bulldozing through the instances?

At this moment, someone spoke in the guild’s management chat: [President!  Love to Eat Braised Fish has just built a new guild and it is already full. Our reaction time was slow and we weren’t able to send an undercover in time. Do you want to prepare one and wait for their next guild upgrade to enter?]

Popular Land Under Heaven smiled with embarrassment and typed: [No need. If you see Love to Eat Braised Fish later, try to go around him.]

[Go around? Why? He isn’t a boss!] People who didn’t know the circumstances were talking nonsense.

He wasn’t a boss?

Even their Captain Ling respected him yet this small newcomer dared to appear before him?

In addition, it was unnecessary for Wind Colour to send an undercover because…

In the Food Squad, Captain Ling was personally paying attention to Cat God’s movements? How could their undercover standards compare to Captain Ling?


Once he exited Popular Land Under Heaven, Ling Xuefeng calmly changed to the next computer and opened the Steamed Bass account.

The guild channel was still lively as they formed teams for instances. Most of the players were level 40, which was the mainstream level for the Moonlight Forest district. The side account that the president had given him was level 42.

Ling Xuefeng right clicked on a team playing an instance as he planned to raise the level of his side account.

The biggest undercover in the history of Miracle, Ling Xuefeng quietly mixed in with the members of Food Squad and entered the Frost Temple instance with his black magician character.

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Ethereal Rainbow Canvas
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