GLS: Chapter 359

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Chapter 359 – China VS USA (Summoner’s Battle)

Jack and Edmund appeared while Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong were already in a residual blood state. In particular, Su Guangmo had just a serious amount of blue fighting Benjamin just now.  However, Su and Xie didn’t give up. Just consuming a few of the opponents’ skills would be beneficial for their last teammates.

Edmund was very calm since he knew that the final combination from the Chinese team were likely to be super gods. He stopped the violent Jack and said, “Let the snake apply layers of bleeding on them and withdraw.”

Jack nodded. “I know.”

The two of them had a similar status and popularity on the American Miracle League but Edmund was older than Jack and had more seniority. Jack naturally controlled his hot temper in front of his senior and followed the other person’s instructions by entering stealth.

The two people came to the middle of the map and saw the residual blood Su Guangmo, but there were no traces of Xie Shurong.

Jack summoned the blood snake to stack five layers of bleeding on Su Guangmo before decisively turning to flee. He only needed to wait for the bleeding effect to end and the residual blood Su Guangmo would die.

As a result, Xie Shurong suddenly emerged from behind a tree and used Breaking Wind Sword at Jack’s back. It turned out that he and Su Guangmo deliberately dispersed, Su Guangmo acting as bait to force the US players to appear.

Jack was hit by this and his blood fell to 85%. Fortunately, Edmund was nearby and used Back Stab to decisively take away Xie Shurong’s head.

Su Guangmo’s bleeding state also caused his blood to drop to 0. The second phase ended the moment the two brothers fell and the Chinese team’s guard pair finally appeared on the big screen.

—Elf summoner Li Cangyu and demon summoner Ling Xuefeng.

The Ling Cat partnership!

The domestic audience suddenly became excited. Everyone still remembered Ling Cat’s counterattack against the US team in the third game. As long as these two people played, everyone felt their chances of winning were very big, not to mention the two of them were joining hands today!

Kou Hongyi was excited. “The guard stage is the best two summoners in our country! Captain Ling and Cat God are once against joining hands in the World Competition against the world’s first assassin Edmund and most famous blood kin summoner Jack!”

Yu Bing added, “Jack presently has 85% blood but the blood kin race can rely on attacking to suck back blood. Thus, the impact of this blood gap actually isn’t big. The strength of both sides is similar and the key depends on the tacit understanding and cooperation!”

Kou Hongyi heard this and couldn’t help laughing. “In this case, the tacit understanding between Jack and Edmund can’t compare to our Captain Ling and Cat God. Forget wearing the same pair of pants, Captain Ling and Cat God even share a brain!”

Yu Bing, “…”

She was very tired every time she partnered with Kou Hongyi. This person had a really big mouth and always spoke his thoughts.

The audience thought that Kou Hongyi’s description was too exaggerated but he didn’t say anything wrong. Jack and Edmund’s understanding couldn’t compare to Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu!

Ling Cat had a connection between their hearts and could often guess the other person’s ideas.

The final phase of the arena game caused the domestic fans to be full of expectations.


Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng refreshed in the lower left corner of Moonlight Forest. The two of them dispersed and quickly rushed to the middle of the map.  As a result, they didn’t see any traces of the opponents when they arrived. This was also expected by Li Cangyu.

The two blood kin players were obviously invisible and nearby!

Li Cangyu made a warning sign on the mini-map. Ling Xuefeng understood and immediately turned towards a tree behind him.

At almost the same time, the American team’s Edmund appeared behind Li Cangyu and used Pain Blade to successfully stun Li Cangyu!

Jack also appeared at this time, controlling the blood snake and blood spider. In the blink of an eye, Li Cangyu’s body had five layers of bleeding!

Edmund’s dagger moved unceremoniously as he used Back Stab and Fatal Blow!

They attacked quickly, Jack relying on this wave of attacks to directly fill up his blood.

Li Cangyu was set fire by the two men and his blood suddenly fell to half.

However, Li Cangyu wasn’t worried at all because he knew that Ling Xuefeng was behind him.

Forget half blood. In the previous game against the US team, Li Cangyu only had a trace of blood left but he managed to escape and kill the opponent with Ling Xuefeng’s help.

He endured a wave of attacks from the hidden blood kin players but Li Cangyu didn’t worry about this blood volume.

Sure enough, Ling Xuefeng quickly took action.

His response was fast and his positioning was skillful. The moment Li Cangyu gave a warning notice, he hid behind a tree and maintained a distance from Li Cangyu while keeping the US players in view.

At this point, he suddenly took one step away from the tree and released the big move, Cover the Sky!

The US team were working hard to kill Li Cangyu. As a result, a group of crows flew into their faces and covered their vision. Jack and Edmund immediately regained their vision.

Nevertheless, it was too late.

Li Cangyu had the control lifted and summoned his water spirit to use Frost Heart!

The overwhelming snow and ice caused Jack and Edmund to be frozen in place.

Ling Xuefeng followed with the demon god and used its big attack in the middle of the field. Thick fog rose from the feet of the demon god and greatly reduced the blood of Edmund and Jack.

Then Li Cangyu summoned the thunder spirit and used the group attack Thunder’s Wrath!

The continuous release of the group attack skills caused Jack and Edmund to fall below half blood in one breath!

A wonderful wave of skills exploded and the venue was filled with thunderous applause!

The Chinese team lost the first two games only to gain back a tiebreaker starting from the third game. Now Cat Ling broke out the group attacks and the US players had to face the momentum of two great gods…

The audience felt like they were on an emotional roller coaster, from the initial frustration to excitement and joy. The twist and turns were a test of their heart.

Previously, the American audience screamed for their national team while the Chinese audience sighed. At this moment, they saw Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s gorgeous explosions suppressing the opponent and everyone cheered loudly and excitedly.

The explosive power of Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu was absolutely world-class. Thanks to the tacit understanding between the two, Ling Xuefeng used the crows to control the vision while Li Cangyu followed by freezing the opponents. They took advantage of the other party being controlled for a few seconds to open the big moves, forcing the other party’s blood below 50% in one breath!

It was really venting their emotions!

The audience members watching the game in front of the computer excitedly hit the table or their thighs, stating that Ling Cat looked cool when joining forces.

The Chinese team had it rough in the early stages of the match. At the last junction, Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu played in such a crushing manner that the domestic audience’s eyes were addicted.


In any case, Jack and Edmund weren’t weak. Once their blood fell below 50%, they didn’t hesitate to open Combat Stealth. Otherwise, Ling Xuefeng would use the banshee’s strong pull and it would once again be disadvantageous for them.

Combat Stealth caused the opponent to lose the target and also made all control skills invalid. Li Cangyu had an opportunity at this time to use the fire spirit’s group attack skill to force them out but he didn’t.

His water spirit and thunder spirit’s big moves had been used. If the fire spirit’s big move was also used in this state, it could be a waste of a skill.

Jack and Edmund’s standards of movements were world-class. It was impossible for them to stupidly stand in the scope of Li Cangyu’s big move. Thus, it was meaningless to use it at this time. Li Cangyu calmly stopped and quickly retreated beside Ling Xuefeng.

There was no need for words. They consciously stood back to back under the tree.

This choice was quite clever. The two of them had their backs to each other and had a 180 degree view in front of them. The wind and grass in a 360 degree angle couldn’t escape from their eyes.

They could share what they saw with their hearts and minds.

Ling Xuefeng’s back was close to Li Cangyu so the assassin Edmund couldn’t lurk behind anyone to use Back Stab.

An assassin attacking from behind would produce a crit. If Edmund was forced to attack from the front, his attack power would naturally be greatly reduced.

This simple operation was enough to see Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu’s grasp of the game’s overall situation.

However, after waiting a few seconds, the other party still didn’t appear. Li Cangyu seemed to notice something and gave Ling Xuefeng a red warning sign. This was the secret code agreed between them and even Yu Bing didn’t understand what it meant.

The audience saw the red warning sign flash on the team channel and the two players immediately dispersed. Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps to fly into the middle of trees while Ling Xuefeng quickly retreated behind another tree.

At almost the same time, the overwhelming red blood fog flooded like a wave towards where the two people had just been standing.

—Corpse Mountain Blood Sea!

Jack used the five seconds of Combat Stealth so open the blood kin summoner’s big move!

However, the timely retreat of Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng meant this group attack only hit their clothes and they only lost 20% blood.

The audience was frightened.

If Li Cangyu hadn’t noticed this in advance, perhaps Jack’s ultimate move would’ve killed the two people.

Li Cangyu had less than 50% blood and now he only had 25% blood left. Edmund still had around 48% while Jack relied on his attack to restore his blood to 55%.

At present, the one with the best state was Ling Xuefeng. The US players had been focused on Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng was only hit by Jack’s big move, his blood falling to 80%.

Jack couldn’t summon any pets for a while after this big explosion and he sensibly retreated.

Edmund saw Li Cangyu’s residual blood state and naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good situation.

He had been watching the battle in stealth. At this moment, Edmund finally jumped behind Li Cangyu and used the fiercest assassination technique, Death Strangulation!

Li Cangyu’s blood fell to 5%!

This precarious blood volume caused the audience to hold their breaths nervously. The moment Edmund was using Back stab to take away Li Cangyu’s life, a power emerged and pulled him behind a tree.

The banshee’s Charm technique!

Ling Xuefeng had long summoned the banshee and had been paying attention to Li Cangyu’s situation. The moment he saw Edmund appeared, he used the banshee’s Charm to force the other party away.

The always calm Edmund couldn’t help feeling a bit upset at this time. He just had a bit more to kill Li Cangyu but he always missed every time! Ling Xuefeng always rescued Li Cangyu at the crucial moment.

Edmund fell short of taking away Li Cangyu’s life. Instead, he was pulled over by Ling Xuefeng’s banshee and confined.

Ling Xuefeng and Edmund were in a 1v1 state and were temporarily tied up. Li Cangyu only had a bit of blood left but he wasn’t careful. Instead, he boldly turned to chase Jack!

The domestic audience didn’t know how to evaluate him…

He had so little blood left but he didn’t hide. Rather, he played fiercely and went to chase the opposite summoner!

This was truly Cat God, never knowing fear.

In fact, Li Cangyu dared to chase Jack because he had a clear and calm judgment on Jack’s skills.

Jack released the summoner’s ultimate move. He obviously had wanted to use it to complete cripple the blood Ling Cat. Then the invisible assassin Edmund would appear to complete the harvest.

If his Corpse Mountain Blood Sea had really hit, it would’ve been excellent for the US team. The two Chinese players would be bloody and the invisible Edmund just had to move behind them and easily gain their heads.

However, Li Cangyu guessed Jack’s intentions and separated from Ling Xuefeng, so that the full damage of the big move wasn’t applied. Jack’s plan to kill both of them in one wave was ruined and he had to turn and flee.

The principles of the four races were similar. As long as the ultimate move was opened, they wouldn’t be able to summon their racial pets for the next half a minute and could only summon the public pets.

There were three public pets. The departed spirit’s deceleration, the guardian’s protection and the demon’s destruction of the battlefield. The common point was that they had a long summoning cooldown, consumed a lot of blue and had no attack ability.

In other words, Li Cangyu could chase Jack because he didn’t have to worry about the other person killing him. Jack had no blood kin pets and could only summon the public pets that didn’t have any attack power.

In order to attack Li Cangyu, he had to rely on the summoner’s ordinary attack. However, Li Cangyu was using the elf’s Flying Feather Steps and it was easy for him to avoid the ordinary attacks. Jack wanting to kill him like this was almost impossible.


The elf summoner using Flying Feather Steps quickly caught up to the fleeing Jack.

Jack was a bit embarrassed at this time. He had already consumed a lot of blue using that explosive move. He still had enough blue to summon the public pets but if he called them, he would have too little blue left for the follow up attacks.

Jack might be an aggressive player but he wasn’t a fool. In the guard stage, he had to consider the overall combat power gap of both sides. Ling Xuefeng still had 80% blood left and his state was too good, meaning Jack had to be careful.

Li Cangyu didn’t have too many scruples. Jack was running out of blue and didn’t dare to call the public pets, while Li Cangyu hadn’t used the elves’ big move just now. His amount of blue was relatively sufficient and he summoned the water spirit, releasing several Water Balls. Jack was immediately affected by deceleration.

Jack used an ordinary attack and Li Cangyu cleverly slid to the side to avoid it.

Unlike the assassin and swordsman melee class, the summoner’s ordinary attack required casting and was too obvious!

The ordinary attack failed to hit Li Cangyu and Jack became more upset. Who wouldn’t be upset after seeing the 5% residual blood opponent swaying in front of him?!

Li Cangyu was bold in front of Jack and constantly consumed Jack with the Water Ball, forcing his blood to less than 50%.

Meanwhile, after Ling Xuefeng trapped Edmund, he continuously used the Skeleton Explosion skill to force Edmund’s blood down to 30%.

Li Cangyu was obviously the one in the residual blood state but the two US players had fallen into a passive state.

Jack gritted his teeth as he waited for his pet cooldown to end. Meanwhile, Edmund was released from the control and rushed towards Ling Xuefeng, using a fierce set of moves to press Ling Xuefeng below half blood.

He didn’t chase Li Cangyu because Li Cangyu and Jack were more than 20 metres away. He definitely couldn’t catch up with the summoner using Flying Feather Steps.  Besides, Li Cangyu only had 5% blood left. As long as Jack’s pet cooldown was over, Li Cangyu would die.

Edmund believed that Jack could kill Li Cangyu so he focused on Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefengs experience in dealing with an assassin was very rich. After all, there was Lou Wushuang domestically and he often fought against Ghost Spirits in the arena. Edmund’s style wasn’t as sharp as Lou Wushuang. It was calmly and each angle was calculated before the shot.

It was this steady pursuit of winning that allowed Ling Xuefeng to easily guess his next moment.

The moment Edmund went behind him, Ling Xuefeng called out a skeleton infantry behind him and heard Edmund’s Fatal Blow hit its body, directly killing the skeleton.

Ling Xuefeng took advantage of this moment to move to the left, quickly coming behind another big tree.

Edmund naturally chased him. The surprising thing was that the moment he came around the tree, he found that Ling Xuefeng could just see Li Cangyu and Jack’s position.

Not good!

Edmund was immediately alert but it was too late!

Jack’s blood had been grinded to 40% by Li Cangyu but the cooldown time of the blood kin pets was soon over. Jack had already pressed his fingers to the keyboard and waited for the blood snake to be good. He would directly lock onto Li Cangyu and have the snake bite him.

Li Cangyu also calculated the cooldown in his mind and at this moment, he decisively used Flying Feather Steps to withdraw.

The direction of his retreat was exactly in Ling Xuefeng’s direction. He didn’t have eyes behind him but he could still clearly judge Ling Xuefeng’s position. This was the wonderful understanding between them.

Li Cangyu had retreated half the distance when Jack finally summoned the blood snake. The blood snake could kill the bloody summoner but Ling Xuefeng decisively used the banshee’s Charm to pull Li Cangyu to his side!

[I’m sorry, the target isn’t within range of the attack.]

Jack heard the system prompt and wanted to vomit blood!

Ling Xuefeng’s banshee was too annoying. Not only could it pull the opponents, it could also pull teammates at the key moment!

Li Cangyu hadn’t run fast enough so Ling Xuefeng used the banshee to pull Li Cangyu. Li Cangyu was safe after being pulled to Ling Xuefeng’s side because Jack was too far away to hit him.

In addition, he could hit Edmund!

The moment Li Cangyu came to Ling Xuefeng’s side, he turned around and didn’t hesitate to summon the fire spirit, throwing Raging Prairie Fire at Edmund!

Red flames lit up Moonlight Forest and Edmund was burned by it, his blood falling to 10% in the blink of an eye!

Ling Xuefeng turned around and used Skeleton Explosion to accept Edmund’s head!

“A wonderful cooperation!” Kou Hongyi cried out. “Captain Ling detoured to save Cat God and Cat God turned back to help Captain Ling take care of Edmund. These two people… really have a connection between their hearts!”

Yu Bing also praised them. “Yes, they can easily judge the position of the other party according to the mini-map and their cooperation at crucial moments is really tacit. The US team was caught off guard!”


Jack wanted to slam his hands against the keyboard.

He didn’t expect Edmund to die first while Li Cangyu with a drop of blood tenaciously lived to the present…

It was unbearable!

Jack quickly ran into the attack range of 20 metres and directly used the big move, Blood Bat Festival!

This group attack skill would definitely kill Li Cangyu.

The skill hit but there was no death prompt on the screen. It was because Li Cangyu had summoned the guardian.

He actually summoned a public pet to guard against the damage.

Forget the keyboard, Jack wanted to smash the computer. Li Cangyu’s vitality was more terrible than a cockroach!

This time, Li Cangyu could no longer be as bold as before. Jack had the blood kin pets in his hand and Li Cangyu was likely to be killed if he went to the other side. Therefore, Li Cangyu used the guardian to help him take this wave of damage. Then he quickly ran to Ling Xuefeng and hid behind him.

Ling Xuefeng consciously protected him and took the initiative to go in front to block Jack’s way.

Skeleton Summoning!

It wasn’t easy to bypass the demon summoner blocking the road.

In addition, this demon summoner had world-class attacking ability and movement ability.

Ling Xuefeng’s skeletons surrounded Jack and the wave of explosions pushed Jack’s blood to 20%. Jack set the snake to bite Ling Xuefeng’s blood to below 30%.

If it was originally a 1v1, Jack also had a chance of winning. After all, he was a blood kin and could rely on the blood-sucking from his attacks to slowly grind the opponent down. He wasn’t afraid of Ling Xuefeng.

At this moment, Li Cangyu emerged from behind Ling Xuefeng’s back, throwing a series of fireballs at Jack and emptying his blood!

This attack style was really irritating!

Li Cangyu seemed to be telling Jack that his existence couldn’t be ignored as long as he wasn’t dead.

Ling Xuefeng consciously acted as Li Cangyu’s umbrella, tightly protecting him. He gave Li Cangyu a chance to take Jack’s head. Jack was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood but he couldn’t take on the two summoners.

It was at this moment that Jack clearly recognized…

The connection between Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu’s hearts was more terrible than he imagined…


The US team actually lost! Many US players couldn’t believe it. Then they saw the two confident men in the Chinese team’s soundproof room and felt this outcome seemed normal.

The Chinese audience started to cheer happily and many people at the venue even burst into tears.

They lost two games at the start and thought there was no hope at all. As a result, the national team pulled back three games and reversed the match, winning 3:2!

“The Chinese team won! The champions of the First World Competition belongs to the Chinese team!” Kou Hongyi was so excited that he lost his original tone. The always calm Yu Bing was also tearful and choked up. “Yes, winning wasn’t easy! After two hours of hard work, the national team finally won the First World Competition with a score of 3:2!”

“Let’s congratulate the national team! The 22 players were really great!” Kou Hongyi shouted cheerfully.

Many people at the venue were applauding and cheering.

Many people in front of the TV were excited and tearful.

In the soundproof room, the captain and vice-captain who made a great contribution to the national team simply looked at each other and smiled.

This smile was better than a thousand words.

All the cheers and applause seemed to vanish at this moment and they only had each other in their eyes.

‘I have long said that we will stand side by side at the peak of the World Competition.’

‘This moment with you around me is my greatest medal.’

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