GLS: Chapter 357

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Chapter 357 – China VS USA (Elf Combination)

Zhuo Hang’s sudden Silence Trap caught Thomas off guard.

Thomas’ style of play had always been radical and hot-blooded. He had just chased Tan Shitian around three big trees and constantly fired the bow in his hand. The US team evaluated him as a mobile fortress.

Fast-moving combat was Thomas’ best way of playing. In the process of detouring and moving, he could shoot with more than 70% accuracy.

Tan Shitian had been beaten to half-blood while Thomas had 80% blood left, showing their two different styles. Tan Shitian didn’t like blind shooting and he was better at seizing opportunities to kill.

Zhuo Hang’s trap control gave him this opportunity.

Tan Shitian decisively used Precise Shot, Rapid Shot and Seize Life Shot!

Three skills were successively fired and each arrow accurately hit Thomas’ chest. Shooting the same spot triggered the shock effect and made Thomas’ blood fall down to 35% in one breath!

This crisp return terrified Thomas!

Thomas was currently in the top three of the world’s archer rankings and had a large number of archer fans who embraced his signature crazy style.

His style was undoubtedly bloody and gorgeous but the young person in front of him was obviously much calmer than him.

Perhaps in the eyes of the audience, Thomas had been chasing and suppressing Tan Shitian. However, Tan Shitian was very good at grasping opportunities and his arrows were almost never wasted.

Thomas was hit by this storm of attacks and the blood gap was chased back. Once the Silence Trap ended, he made a big move towards Tan Shitian and Zhuo Hang—Death Arrow Rain!

Just then, Noah rushed over and Hell Flames also hit.

Tan Shitian and Zhuo Hang were hit by both moves and fell to a 35% residual blood state.

At this time, Thomas had 35% blood left while Noah had 60% remaining and his amount of blue was sufficient. His overall state was better than the other three.

Tan Shitian ordered, “Detour and kite them!”

Zhuo Hang stared at the screen and nodded seriously. “Understood!”

A demon race had higher defense than the elf, which was why Noah had more blood at this time. However, the elves had the fastest movement speed and it was really hard for a demon to catch up with them.

Tan Shitian and Zhuo Hang didn’t have much blood left. If the other side broke out, it was likely that both of them would die. Thus, Tan Shitian wanted to take advantage of the elf’s movement speed to open the distance with the US team and deal with them.

The release of Zhuo Hang’s traps was the key. If the traps were wasted and didn’t control people, the elf Thomas could catch up with them.

Nevertheless, Tan Shitian believed that the teenager next to him could do it!

Tan Shitian used Flying Feather Steps to quickly move around a big tree wile Zhuo Hang turned and went around another tree. They didn’t move in the same direction but split their actions.

—Quenching Arrow!

A blow arrow was fired from behind a tree. Noah’s foot was hit by the arrow and his movement speed immediately slowed down.

At almost the same time, Thomas stepped in Tan Shitian’s direction. Then he heard a bang in his ears. He had stepped on the hunter’s Stop Trap.

Tan Shitian and Zhuo Hang tacitly split to control different people before spreading out in Moonlight Forest.

Flying Feather Steps allowed both players to act like the wind. Tan Shitian moved behind Thomas and fired Shock Shot at his back!

Thomas’s blood hit directly fell to 15%!

He turned his camera around to try and kill Tan Shitian. As a result, Tan Shitian dodged and hit behind a tree, meaning Thomas couldn’t see his figure.

Thomas quickly moved sideways, only to find that a trap had been placed by Zhuo Hang to his side.

This time it was a Death Trap.

There was a loud bang and black smoke rose from the feet. Thomas accidentally stepped into the hunter’s Death Trap and directly fell to the ground!

“Fu*k!” Thomas was cranky and dropped the keyboard.

He didn’t expect the little fellow of the Chinese team to predict his position!

In fact, this was an understanding that Zhuo Hang developed after following Tan Shitian for many years. He knew that Tan Shitian liked to hide behind trees and knew that Thomas would definitely move sideways because he couldn’t see Tan Shitian. Thus, Zhuo Hang placed a Death Trap to the left and right of Thomas. No matter how Thomas moved, he was bound to step on it unless he gave up on chasing Tan Shitian.

Still, how could the hot-blooded Thomas give up on pursuing the residual blood opponent? There was no way!


Cheng Wei clapped excitedly when he saw Thomas fall to the ground. “Xiao Zhuo is awesome and can prejudge the opponent’s position!”

Li Cangyu looked back at him. “Did you call him Xiao Zhuo?”

Cheng Wei explained, “He is Tan Shitian’s nephew so he is my nephew. Why can’t I call him Xiao Zhuo?”

Li Cangyu was even more puzzled. “Why is Tan Shitian’s nephew your nephew?”

Cheng Wei realized he said the wrong words and he immediately blushed. “Ah, I mean… I mean… In any case, I am Tan Shitian’s partner and good friend. Zhuo Hang is his nephew and is my younger generation…”

His blush became darker. Cheng Wei decided to give up on the explanation and changed the topic. “Cough, they cooperate well, right?”

Li Cangyu saw his red ears and didn’t ask anything else. He continued to focus on the game screen and spoke to Ling Xuefeng, “Xiao Zhuo played smartly.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Yes, but Noah is in good shape right now. It won’t be easy to deal with him.”

As soon as he spoke, he saw the slowed Noah suddenly move behind a tree and appear as a shadow behind Zhuo Hang. He apparently judged Zhuo Hang’s hiding position according to the situation on the field and shifted direction to find him.

—Death Curse, Shadow Wrath!

The curse skill enhanced black magic damage and then he used the big move to attack Zhuo Hang.

Zhuo Hang didn’t have much blood left and this hit caused his blood gauge to flash red!

Noah directly placed Shadow Winding on him and turned to leave.

This confident approach made the American audience cheer loudly. The captain’s calculation of the damage was quite accurate. He knew the negative blood loss effect was enough to kill Zhuo Hang and turned away before Zhuo Hang’s death prompt appeared.

Sure enough, three seconds later, Zhuo Hang only had a bit of blood left and the blood loss caused it to fall to 0.

One player on both sides was killed, leaving only Tan Shitian and Noah.

Tan Shitian had 35% blood left at this time while Noah had 60%!

There might be some gap in blood but Tan Shitian’s key skill, Quenching Arrow had come back. He decisively fired the bow and Quenching Arrow shot to Noah.

Quenching Arrow had a 90% chance of triggering the deceleration effect but only a crit would trigger the frozen effect. The precondition was to hit a key the moment the critical hit was dealt.

The arrow struck the black magician’s chest and successfully triggered, freezing the other side.

Tan Shitian didn’t have much blue left at this time. He didn’t hurry to attack but quickly used Flying Feather Steps to move behind a tree.

The moment the three seconds of freezing ended, he had already gone behind Noah.

—Shock Shot!

This Shock Shot didn’t produce the fan-shaped ranged shot but three sharps arrows headed in a straight line towards the centre of Noah’s back.

—Violent Provocative Shot!

Noah’s blood fell to 25% in one shot but his reaction speed was extremely fast. He adjusted his field of view to find Tan Shitian’s position and stacked five layers of Death Curse and Shadow Winding on the other person.

Tan Shitian quickly moved around a tree and Noah did the same.

Moonlight Forest was a map that tested positioning and it allowed the audience to appreciate the techniques of world-class masters. Flying around the big tree would make ordinary online players dizzy but Tan Shitian and Noah could judge the position of the opponent and release skills while moving.

Tan Shitian fired another Seize Life Shot and Noah’s blood fell to 5%!

Noah followed with Shadow Wrath and detonated all the negative effects, causing Tan Shitian’s blood to fall to 5%!

Both of them had their blood gauge at the bottom and the hearts of the audience members were in their throats.

Tan Shitian was almost out of blue while Noah could still release several skills. It was a situation where Tan Shitian was bound to die.

Cheng Wei anxiously clenched his fists and cheered for Tan Shitian in his heart.

Just then, Tan Shitian made a clever operation. He used Flying Feather Steps and moved behind a tree, letting the tree block Noah’s vision. Noah thought Tan Shitian was going to sneak behind for an attack only for him to suddenly emerge in front of Noah and fire another arrow!

The archer’s ordinary attack wasn’t very damaging but it was enough to empty the 5% blood.

Tan Shitian had been playing a guerrilla warfare all the way only to suddenly come in front of him, shooting him in the chest. Forget Noah, even the knowledgeable players of the Chinese team might not be able to react.

The unprepared Noah fell to the ground!

Tan Shitian struggled to the end with 5% blood and 0% blue.

Cheng Wei was so excited that he jumped straight out of his seat. “Tan Shitian is so handsome! How can he be so handsome? He was able to kill the American team’s captain with a bit of blood left! Beautiful!”

Li Cangyu, “…”

The idol of the brainless fan seemed to be changing?

Li Cangyu looked at the guy jumping excitedly and couldn’t help smiling.

Tan Shitian was definitely brilliant.

Many people who played the game for a long time were stuck in their styles and had rigid thinking. Thus, it was easy for the opponent to grasp their weaknesses. However, Tan Shitian was young and flexible. He always dared to try novel tactical ideas and this was where Li Cangyu appreciated him the most.

That’s why Tan Shitian’s loss in the semi-finals against the South Korean team and in the finals didn’t affect his position in Li Cangyu’s heart.

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to send him out in the deciding match.

In Li Cangyu’s view, the youngest captain of the Miracle League was part of a new generation of Miracle superstars who would play a major role in the future.

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