GLS: Chapter 355

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Chapter 355 – China VS USA (Thrilling Moment)

The choice of resurrection point would generally be the same. In particular, the maze meant the US team was familiar with the red point route and Winfrey wouldn’t change to the strange blue point.

Lou Wushuang grasped her psychology and changed the Chinese team’s resurrection point.

In this way, Chu Yan, Zhu Qingyue and Yu Pingsheng resurrected in the same place as the US team’s archer and berserker.

The support speed of the US team naturally wasn’t as fast as the Chinese team. The Lou Zhang combination quickly arrived at the red point while Winfrey and her teammates moved in a circle through the maze.

Yu Pingsheng started with Mountain Chop to isolte the other berserker and then followed with World Without Justice and Cut Through Thorns to smash the archer.

The archer used Flying Feather Steps to try and escape. The elf’s fast movement really allowed him to escape a certain distance. Unfortunately, he just turned the corner when he met the incoming Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui.

There were strong enemies in front and pursuers in the rear. The archer of the US team couldn’t run anywhere.

Lou Wushuang decisively used Fatal Blow to take away his head.

Winfrey saw the kill prompt on the screen and immediately stopped. She noticed that Lou Wushuang was playing with a time difference. Thanks to the advantage of being more familiar with the home map, the Chinese team could move in front of the US team and the US team reversing the game was almost impossible.

She thought this and made a bold decision. “Resurrect at the blue point and go to the outside!”

Rushing to support her teammates was meaningless because Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were close enough to the resurrection point to restore their blood and blue. The US team’s archer had died and their output wasn’t enough. 4v5 was simply giving heads to them.

Transferring positions was also helpless.

However, her choice left the berserker surrounded by enemies.

The newly resurrected berserker was attacked by the five Chinese players and soon fell, causing the heads ratio to become 7:3!

In order to recover from such a gap, the US team had to win two group battles!

Winfrey firmly grasped her mouse, almost crushing it.

Once they gathered at the blue resurrection point, she took everyone to the surrounding colourful area.

After such a long battle, she figured out the meaning of the status areas. Gold and brown were attack and defense bonuses, green was purification while blue and red were deceleration and bleeding.

As long as she cleverly used the map, there was a chance of turning over the situation.

Winfrey took a deep breath and spoke quickly on the voice channel, “The paladin will pull all of them into the red area with a group pull skill. The berserker is responsible for interrupting the psychic’s array. Once the bleeding effect overlaps, the archer and black magician will take advantage of their residual blood and use the group attack skills to harvest heads!”

This approach was indeed worth a try. People killed by the map environment didn’t count in the number of heads. After all, it was the game that killed the players. This didn’t mean she couldn’t take advantage of the map environment.

She would use the map environment to force the Chinese players into residual blood and then the US team would open the group attacks to take away the heads, giving them a chance of five kills!


Winfrey’s idea was really beautiful. She took her teammates to the five elements area, gaining the gold attack buff and the brown defense buff before patiently waiting in the wood area.

The Chinese team didn’t find them in the maze and reacted by chasing them outside.

The moment the Chinese team emerged, the paladin Barrett used the large group pull skill, Knight’s Roar!

The golden lightly directly pulled Yu Pingsheng, Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue into the fire attribute area and the berserker Madison used the skill Cut Through Thorns to interrupt Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue’s transmission.

The fire attribute’s negative state stacked up rapidly. In the blink of an eye, Yu, Chu and Zhu gained five layers of bleeding. The two US players were also affected by the bleeding but Winfrey stood next to them and ensured their blood remained above 50%. Meanwhile, the Chinese team didn’t have a healer and would be damaged by the blood loss.

Winfrey just regretted that the paladin’s group pull didn’t get all five Chinese players. The Lou Zhang combination were still missing, causing her to feel fear.

At this moment, Zhang Shaohui suddenly appeared!

He appeared behind Winfrey and used Pain Blade to make her dizzy. Lou Wushuang was affected by the bleeding but he used Chain Strangulation to hit the other side’s paladin and berserker!

The US team’s archer was very far from here and at almost the same time, he used the big move Death Arrow Rain!

The residual blood Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue were killed in seconds. Yu Pingsheng’s skin was thicker and was left with 10% blood left. Before he died, he used Cut Through Thorns to hit the other paladin and berserker to residual blood.

Winfrey was distraught but as long as she cast a healing array, her two teammates wouldn’t die.

The problem was that Zhang Shaohui’s close presence kept interrupting her skills over and over again!

Now the fire attribute area because Lou Wushuang’s unmatched stage.

He waved the cold dagger in his hand and used Back Stab, Fatal Blow, Chain Strangulation, Soul Stab, Death Strangulation…

His hand speed was extremely fast and he dealt extremely high damage.

He was also affected by the bleeding and his blood was falling non-stop, but he relied on the blood-sucking effect of his attacks to save his life. He took advantage of the time the healer was controlled to cripple the paladin and berserker!

At this time, the black magician in the distance used Hell Flames to kill the bloody Yu Pingsheng while Lou Wushuang only had 5% blood left. The black magician used Soul Curse to remove Lou Wushuang’s head.

Winfrey was relieved and was ready to open a big move to return blood to her teammates when Zhang Shaohui suddenly leapt and used Chain Strangulation to kill the residual blood paladin and berserker. Then he used Combat Stealth to disappear!

Winfrey, “…”

In the end, she failed to save her teammates’ lives.

This wave of group combat was carried out according to her vision but the result completely deviated from her expectations.

The US team ambushed the Chinese team in the red fire attribute area and used the negative effect of the map to harvest a wave of heads. The surprising thing was that the Lou Zhang brothers rushed into the fire area to kill two people from the US!

Lou Wushuang had five layers of bleeding but he relied on his hand speed to suck back blood to maintain his life. He forced the thick-skinned paladin and berserker to a barely living state and…

This terrible explosive force was worthy of being the best assassin of China!

His cooperation with his brother Zhang Shaohui was also quite tacit. Zhang Shaohui first interrupted the healer and the moment his brother died, he moved to successfully kill the two residual blood players.

After the fierce group battle, the US team killed four Chinese players and the ratio turned to 9:7.

Winfrey looked at the number of heads on the screen and suddenly got a bad feeling.

Lou Wushuang’s mathematics was obviously very good. Killing the two US players created a good gap. The Chinese team had gained nine heads and could win if they got one more!

Lou Wushuang chose the blue resurrection point while the US team’s paladin and berserker also chose the blue resurrection point.

Winfrey wanted to cry. Had this man studied psychology? Why could he guess what she was thinking every time? Last time they met at the red resurrection point and this time they met at the blue point?

The two resurrected US players wanted to rip apart their keyboard. It was 2v4 at the resurrection point and the result was obvious.

The paladin and berserker might be thick-skinned but they couldn’t last long in front of the four Chinese players. The paladin opened Steel Battle Soul and Iron Will to free them of control and created a 10 seconds rebound shield but they couldn’t last until their teammates arrived.

The maze was too big to get to the resurrection point in 10 seconds.

The moment the 10 seconds shield ended, Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue used the Strangulation formation!

This round formation rose like a rotating blade and caused wide range damage.

Yu Pingsheng closely followed with Splitting Bone Chop and Storm Strike at the other berserker.

Lou Wushuang aimed at the berserker’s back and used Pain Blade and Death Strangulation.

The berserker Madison helplessly fell to the ground and the Chinese team took the lead in gaining 10 heads.


The word popped up on the big screen and the audience wanted to cry. The depression of losing two games was replaced with the excitement and joy of winning two games in a row. The great gods of the national team really didn’t let the audience down!

Lou Wushuang’s expression was still cold but Zhang Shaohui suddenly got up and hugged him tightly.

“Brother, we won! We won!” Zhang Shaohui’s voice was slightly choked up while Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue glanced at each other with slightly sour noses.

Yes, they won! They stabilized the crucial fourth game.

Lou Wushuang gently patted his brother’s shoulder and calmly told him, “You played very well.”

In the last wave of group combat, Lou Wushuang had taken a great risk. If Zhang Shaohui couldn’t control the healer then the Chinese team might’ve been the ones to lose.

It turned out that his younger brother was excellent at a critical moment.

The moment Lou Wushuang died, Zhang Shaohui teleported and killed the two US players. Lou Wushuang couldn’t help slightly smiling.

The seemingly cool Lou Wushuang sometimes made risky tactical arrangements when playing but Zhang Shaohui supported his decision every time. It was due to his younger brother’s unconditional support that the Ghost Spirits team could reach today’s state.

In the fourth game, the map factors naturally had the largest impact. However, the US team’s ability to interpret the map wasn’t weak. Winfrey had clearly gained the knack of the Eight-Trigram Array map and cleverly used it for a counterattack…

In the end, the Chinese team still won the game.

They relied on Lou Wushuang’s calm mind, decisive command and everyone’s trust and understanding of each other.

They steadied the situation and took the fourth game.

In a situation where the US team won the first two games, the Chinese team actually took two games in a row and adjusted the score to 2:2.

The faces of the reporters who mocked the Chinese team were swollen and the cheering American audience members had ugly expressions.

In the rest area, Li Cangyu finally smiled as he glanced over at Ling Xuefeng. “It was a good risk.”

Ling Xuefeng gently patted his shoulder. “We finally won.”

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats but the final result let them put down their worries.

Lou Wushuang really didn’t let everyone down.

It was dangerous but they got through the daunting experience without mishap.

The Chinese team tried their best to win two games and finally reached the last battle of the World Competition’s finals!

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