GLS: Chapter 354

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Chapter 354 – China VS USA (Assassination)

The two resurrection points of the Eight-Trigram Array map were in the middle of the labyrinth. The three dead players of the US team chose the red resurrection point according to Winfrey’s instructions.

At this time, the remaining berserker was surrounded by the Chinese team’s five players.

Chu Yan had used Desperate Cage at the critical moment to control the berserker. Once the Lou Zhang brothers and Yu Pingsheng worked together to kill Winfrey, they turned towards the berserker.

At this time, the surrounding five blocks started to rotate clockwise again. The people in the water attribute area were moved to the fire attribute area and everyone received a ‘bleeding’ negative state in addition to ‘deceleration.’

The berserker might have thick skin but she couldn’t withstand the massive blood loss that came with the map. In addition, Lou Wushuang, Zhang Shaohui and Yu Pingsheng had terrible attack power. Within 10 seconds, the berserker Madison helplessly fell to the ground.

The Chinese team directly won two heads to ensure the home court advantage. The US players in the five elements section were returned to the resurrection point and the Chinese audience let out excited tears.

Captain Lou’s style was so straightforward and neat!

However, the Chinese team was facing another problem at this time. Everyone in the fire attribute area were affected by the ‘bleeding’ state and five layers quickly stacked up.

Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue’s formation transmission happened to be on cooldown. They could go to the wood attribute area to purify the bleeding states but at that time, everyone would only have a hint of blood left.

Lou Wushuang calmly made a decision. “Directly die and choose the blue resurrection point!”

The group gave up the struggle and stayed where they were, collectively dying in the fire attribute area before resurrecting in the maze.

They were likely to encounter the attack of the US team if they slowly ran back to the resurrection point and it would be easy to be counter-killed by the US team in a residual blood state. Rather than giving heads to the other side, it was better to suicide using the map.

Deaths caused by the map negative states weren’t counted in the number of kills. Lou Wushuang used this rule to have everyone suicide and return to the resurrection point. This was much faster!

The audience saw that when the five members of the US resurrected and gathered, the five Chinese players also gathered at the resurrection point.

Both sides were full of blood and the initial early two heads were gained by China.

The American team’s paladin was lost in the maze for a long time and finally met up with his teammates. Winfrey helplessly asked him, “Do you remember the route?”

The paladin Barrett was as big as a cow. “This maze is too complicated and I only just figured out the route. Do we want to go out or go in?”

The eight trigram array part of the maze had five exits that corresponded to the surrounding five coloured area. The coloured areas weren’t static and rotated clockwise every 30 seconds. If they went outside the maze, they couldn’t determine which coloured area they would go into. It would be troublesome if they ran into the red bleeding area.

Winfrey analyzed the current situation and ordered, “Go to the middle of the maze. They must also be in the maze!”

The news that the five Chinese people had been killed had appeared in the middle of the screen. Winfrey judged that they were killed by the map’s bleeding effect. The Chinese team wasn’t stupid enough to be pitted by their own trap so this was obviously intentional. They collectively died and gathered at the resurrection point.

“Everybody stay close together. The paladin will go ahead and the berserker will be at the end. Be careful not to let the formation be broken!” Winfrey had her two defensive teammates open the road while protecting the middle outputs and healer.

The five members of the US team marched cautiously through the maze. At this point, the audience saw an image and started crying. The Lou Zhang brothers were invisibly trailing them.

After Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui resurrected, they took a shortcut to the red resurrection point chosen by the US team. They saw the five people walking forward and weren’t in a hurry. Lou Wushuang gave the ‘follow’ signal. Zhang Shaohui understood and hid behind the US team with his brother.

This way, Yu Pingsheng, Chy Yan and Zhu Qingyue knew the position of the US team thanks to the coordinates of their teammates on the mini-map. The trio quickly moved through the maze towards Lou Wushuang.

Lou Wushuang stared carefully at the maze route and suddenly ordered, “Be ready at the front fork. Captain Chu, open the transmission!”

He judged from the coordinates of the mini-map that the trio had entered the vicinity and they fork in front of them was very narrow. If the five members of the US team wanted to pass, they had to go through it one by one.

The paladin passed through first, followed by the healer, the archer and the black magician. As the berserker in the rear was about to squeeze through the narrow intersection, Lou Wushuang suddenly broke out and hit Pain Blade!

The berserker was dizzy and Zhang Shaohui followed up with subsequent damage. The two people released their hand speed at the same time to cut the berserker’s blood to less than 30%.

Winfrey saw her teammate had encountered a sneak attack and rushed back to add blood. She had just walked forward when the waiting Chu Yan cast the psychic skill, Time and Space Illusion!

The large transmission array moved Winfrey and the paladin Barrett directly to the other side of the fork!

The scene in front of her quickly changed and Winfrey was forcibly moved. She struggled to find her way back to the paladin and as a result, she saw news of the berserker’s death on the screen…

The assassination ability of Lou Zhang was really first-class. Even a thick-skinned berserker couldn’t last for 15 seconds under the blades of the two brothers.

The Chinese team got three heads.

Winfrey was anxious at this time. If the Chinese team equalized the score to 2:2 and they entered the deciding game, the US team’s advantage from the first two games would be gone!

“First kill the other side’s berserker and then the psychic!” Winfrey calmly ordered. She and the paladin finally returned through the maze and joined the archer and black magician.

The paladin used Fighting Howl to pull Yu Pingsheng to him and the black magician closely followed with Fear Fea. The archer let out a series of skills to beat Yu Pingsheng’s blood to 50% in one breath.

At this time, the waiting Zhu Qingyue suddenly read the formation Desperate Cage!

A transparent cage surrounded Yu Pingsheng, neutralizing all attacks aimed towards him.

The psychic’s Desperate Cage was very flexible. If applied to the enemy, it would keep the enemy locked in place and unable to move. If applied to a teammate, the teammate wouldn’t be able to move but the cage would act as a shield to protect the teammate. This skill was no worse than the paladin’s shield!

The US team’s plan to kill Yu Pingsheng instantly was ruined and Winfrey changed targets. “Kill the psychic!”

The paladin Barrett pulled Zhu Qingyue to the front and Xiao Zhu was attacked by the other side, falling to the ground in the blink of an eye.

The domestic audience immediately commented: [Xiao Zhu, don’t cry!] [By saving the front row, the crybaby is a good aid!] [Touch the small crybaby’s head!]

Zhu Qingyue wouldn’t cry like he did in the past. He had grown into an excellent auxiliary and protected Yu Pingsheng at the crucial moment in consideration of the Chinese team’s front line.

If Yu Pingsheng died, the rest of the Chinese team had weak defense and it was easy for the other paladin to control them. Zhu Qingyue saving Yu Pingsheng provided an excellent output environment for the Lou Zhang brothers.

At this time, the Lou Zhang brothers also turned the fork.

Chu Yan opened the psychic’s array to control the archer and black magician while the Lou Zhang brothers broke out and attacked the weak archer. Meanwhile, Yu Pingsheng used Cut Through Thorns to interrupt Winfrey’s healing.

The American team’s archer quickly lost blood and the Lou Zhang brother’s fierce offensive frightened Winfrey.

She took advantage of the gap between Yu Pingsheng’s skills to open the instant skill Holy Light Surge to raise her teammate’s blood while using Purification to remove their status.

The awakened black magician and archer joined together to kill Chu Yan and he died in the blink of an eye!

However, the existence of Yu Pingsheng was a great deal of trouble to the US. He carried the huge axe close to the healer and smashed a huge pit in the ground, causing Winfrey to have a headache.

There was a burly paladin in front of him and Yu Pingsheng didn’t have the slightest bit of timidity. He directly rushed into the front row of the US team!

Winfrey’s healing was broken and the Lou Zhang brothers quickly killed the archer.

Yu Pingsheng was slowly grinded to death by the negative states of the other side’s black magician but Winfrey found that she had lost track of the Chinese team’s Lou Zhang brothers.

In this wave of fighting, the US team harvested three heads and the Chinese team got two. On the surface, the US team recovered some of the gap but Winfrey was depressed.

The Lou Zhang brothers were evidently good at retreating. The moment Yu Pingsheng died, they entered Combat Stealth and hid. The US team had a paladin and a healer and it wasn’t good to drag on the fight. Lou Wushuang’s play was very calm.

At present, the head ratio was 5:3 and the Chinese team still had an advantage. The key depended on the next wave of team combat.

Lou Wushuang ordered, “Resurrect at the red point!”

He suddenly changed the choice of resurrection points. The American team’s berserker and archer had resurrected at the red point and were just moving forward when the three Chinese players resurrected behind them.

The two US players were suddenly surrounded!

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