GLS: Chapter 353

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Chapter 353 – China VS USA (Eight-Trigram Array)

The domestic audience understood the Chinese five elements and quickly knew the principles of this map. The middle white area was the eight-trigram array and the roads inside were a large labyrinth according to the principle of yin and yang. The five colours around it symbolized the five elements. Gold was for metal, green was for wood, blue for water, red for fire and brown for earth.

As for the corresponding statuses, it was necessary to understand it in actual combat.

Once the map preview was over, the players quickly came to the computers and sat down. The outcome of this game would affect the final result. Therefore, the expressions of players on both sides were extraordinarily serious. Even Zhang Shaohui, who usually loved laughing and joking, was very calm at this time as he quickly tapped on the keyboard as a warm-up.

The map loaded and both sides simultaneously refreshed on the Eight-Trigram Array map.

To the surprise of the US team, there was only one refresh point in the maze and four around it.

The Universal Studios map also had one refresh point in the maze. It was clear that the Chinese team’s map designers thought of using the maze as a pit. However, the US team’s luck wasn’t bad. The one who appeared in the maze was the paladin with the highest defense while the Chinese player was the assassin Lou Wushuang.

All other players refreshed in the surrounding coloured areas and their positions were relatively scattered.

The moment Winfrey refreshed, she saw the deceleration effect on her body. She immediately spoke on the voice channel, “The blue area is deceleration!”

As the commander of this game, Winfrey was under great pressure. Even so, she was the vice-captain of the US team and had to remain absolutely calm. She glanced at the mini-map and immediately ordered, “Report your respective status!”

The berserker Madison refreshed in the metal area. “The gold is a 50% attack bonus!”

The archer Aldridge stated, “Brown is 50% more defense!”

The last one, the black magician Daisy refreshed in the wood property area and said, “I’m in green but I don’t have a state on my body.”

Winfrey had an excellent memory and immediately typed a summary in the team channel. “Gold is bonus attack, brown is bonus defense, blue is deceleration and green is no status. There is still red so be careful later!”

The American players said this but their thoughts were going in a circle.

The messy colours and variety of statuses, the Chinese team’s designers could really play!

In fact, it was especially easy for the Chinese players to remember this.

According to the principle of the five elements, gold represented weapons and sharpness so the gold area increased attack. Earth represented steadiness and thickness so the brown area increased defense. Water was slow so the blue area would cause deceleration. Fire was burning and the red area caused blood loss. The wood property was a sign of recovery so the green area had a purification effect (clear all negative states).

The Chinese team refreshed and quickly searched for their teammates in the five coloured area while gaining statuses.

Zhang Shaohui didn’t hesitate to come to the metal area to get the attack bonus. Chu Yan appeared in the fire attribute area and his blood loss was serious but he quickly came to the wood attribute area to eliminate the negative effect. Zhu Qingyue was in the water attribute area and was slowed but he also ran to the wood area to remove it. Yu Pingsheng refreshed in the brown earth area and gained the defense bonus.

This map was actually very simple and interesting. The coloured areas were arranged in the clockwise direction of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.  Metal and earth enhanced attack and defense while water and fired decelerated and caused blood loss. If there was an adverse effect at the start, they could go to the wood area to remove it and then gain a status that was good for them.

Since the five areas were in a circle, they could move clockwise or counterclockwise to get to the purifying wood area while trying to avoid the water and fire adverse areas as much as possible.

In other words, among the five coloured areas, only red and blue were unfavourable. Green was purification while gold and brown were status additions.

It was already an obvious hint that the person who refreshed in the green area didn’t gain anything. In addition, green was usually used for skills such as resurrection and purification in the Miracle game. However, the American players didn’t think of this. They simply thought of green as stateless and didn’t reason out that green had a ‘purification’ effect.

Winfrey refreshed in the water attribute area and quickly gained three layers of deceleration. Her left was red and the right was green. None of her teammates refreshed in red and she didn’t dare rush there. Thus, she had to move at a slow pace towards the green next door.

Miraculously, the deceleration effect on her body disappeared!

Winfrey reacted with pleasant surprise, “Green can purify. Everyone, come here to meet me!”

It had to be said that the US team’s luck was really good and Winfrey happened to encounter purification.

The four US players quickly came to the green area while the Chinese players came to the gold area.

It had been nearly 30 seconds since the game started so the five discs would rotate clockwise.

By the time Winfrey realized this, it was too late!

The five colour blocks started to rotate like a turntable.

It was originally in the order of gold, green, blue, red and brown. The US players were in the harmless green but once the blocks turned, the four players of the US team were moved to the blue deceleration zone next door!

Winfrey ordered with a bloody face, “Go back!”

The deceleration effect rapidly stacked on their bodies and the four people moved like a snail. The four members of the Chinese team would never let go of such an opportunity!

After getting the golden attack bonus, Zhang Shaohui and Yu Pingsheng acted. Yu Pingsheng used Mountain Chop to block the US team’s road, properly separating the healer from her teammates. Then Zhang Shaohui followed up by using Pain Blade on the healer!

Was this wanting to kill the healer?

The audience was a bit shocked. After all, it was difficult for an assassin to kill a healer unless the healer was a rookie.

Winfrey used the priest’s skill to purify her dizziness and found that the deceleration effect of the map wasn’t resolved. The map statuses obviously weren’t affected by skills.

Zhang Shaohui and Yu Pingsheng continued to chase her and she used the Healing Language buff to save her life.

At this moment, an assassin lurked behind her and used Pain Blade to make Winfrey dizzy again.

It was Lou Wushuang!

Lou Wushuang used his familiarity with the maze to rush towards the group battle and stun the healer while the US team’s paladin was still in the maze.

Zhang Shaohui was happy at his brother appearing and followed up.

—Back Stab, Fatal Blow and Death Strangulation!

The brothers were almost identical in their movements. The set of moves hit and Winfrey’s blood fell to 30%!

However, she could quickly wake up. After the stun cooldown was over, Winfrey sighed with relief and used Holy Light Surge to restore her blood to 80%.

The US team started the counterattack as the black magician’s Dark Fear hit. The archer also opened up Death Arrow Rain.

The moment their big moves were about to hit, they were surprised to find their targets were out of range!

This was the psychic’s illusion!

“Not good!” Winfrey was instantly alert but it was too late!

Chu Yan had been preparing to cast a spell. The moment the other party used the black magic group control, he released the psychic array.

—Psychic Array, Time and Space Illusion!

This big move teleported the American team’s black magician and archer away!

Time and Space Illusion was the core of the psychic illusion flow method. It could transfer allies or enemies within range to the designated location but the transmission distance couldn’t exceed 20 metres.  The American team’s archer and black magician were just 20 metres away from the red fire attribute next door so Chu Yan decisively moved them there.

The transmission at the critical moment directly transferred the two US players to the fire attribute area and they started to lose a lot of blood.

At the same time, Zhu Qingyue also used a psychic array.

—Desperate Cage!

A soft light spread at the specified position to form a six-pointed star. Once the array was completed, the soft light formed a cage and the opponent was confined inside.

The American team’s archer and black magician were trapped in the fire attribute area and their blood started to fall. Winfrey wanted to add blood to them only to find that her deceleration effect made her almost unable to move.

In addition, behind her were the terrible Lou Zhang brothers and the fierce berserker, Yu Pingsheng.

Yu Pingsheng used Cut Through Thorns to block her way.

The American team’s berserker wanted to run over to help but was trapped in place by Chu Yan’s Desperate Cage.  Lou Wushuang, Zhang Shaohui and Yu Pingsheng broke out and directly emptied Winfrey’s blood!

At the same time, the death of the archer and black magician appeared on the big screen.

In death racing, the deaths caused by the map environment didn’t count as a head. Only Winfrey’s head was counted by the system and the Chinese team’s score became 1:0.

However, three US players were killed at the beginning of the game, with one of them being the healer. This was definitely a heavy blow to their morale.

Winfrey gritted her teeth as she waited to be resurrected.

She had never seen such a tricky map. The various states were complicated and difficult to remember and this map also rotated. She was always calm but she suddenly had a headache as she looked at the colourful map in front of her.

How to fight next? Was the paladin still in the maze? Could the Chinese team’s map be more pitted?

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thanks for the chapter~
hehehe the US team can now finally feel how it is to be on a new chinese map, gonna spit out so much blood xD

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Reply to  Silver_Moon789

Correction suhou gardens also had “extras” like attics and stuff for bombardments, you could almost say that the universal studio map was the simplified/easier version of the suzhou map