GLS: Chapter 352

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Chapter 352 – China VS USA (Fourth Game)

Li Cangyu, Ling Xuefeng and Qin Mo cooperated in the team battle to complete the outbreak of the summoners. The power was amazing and all opponents were disabled in one breath, causing the domestic audience feel excited. The live broadcast room was filled with ‘666’ and Kou Hongyi spoke excitedly, “The lineup of three summoners is really strong. They broke out at the same time and directly wiped out 90% of the opponents’ blood!”

Yu Bing also calmed down and carefully analyzed, “In principle, the three summoners have both control and outbreak. The combination is really strong but there are preconditions. The three people must have enough understanding since their summoned pets can easily influence each other. If the location where the pets are summoned isn’t good, it will block the eyes of the teammates and become a liability.”

Kou Hongyi agreed. “There are so many pets that it can become chaotic! Today this lineup could be seen in the World Competition but I don’t think any team in the domestic Miracle League can come up with it.”

Yu Bing glanced at the big screen where the score had become 2:1. She confidently said, “The national team’s captain and vice-captain have pulled together the third game. The fourth game is the Chinese team’s home advantage and they can certainly hold it!”

At present, the US team lost the third game but they still had the big advantage of two points. The next game was still their match point. If the next game was won, the US team could win the championships with a score of 3:1.

Thus, the fourth game was crucial!

If the Chinese team could withstand the pressure in the fourth game, the score would be equalized and the two sides would enter the final decisive stage. On the contrary, if the Chinese team lost in the fourth game, all efforts in the previous period would be wasted.

Both Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had played the last game and the players who would be sent in the fourth game became the focus of the domestic audience.


Li Cangyu returned to the rest of the team and they took the initiative to clap. Su Guangmo smiled boldly, “Three summoners are terrible. We should be glad that Cat God and Captain Ling aren’t teammates!”

Tan Shitian joked, “If Cat God teams up with Captain Ling, should we join the rest of the teams?”

Zhang Shaohui raised his hand in agreement. “Yes!”

“Rest assured, we will only be opponents in the domestic league. Right, Xuefeng?” Li Cangyu glanced over at Ling Xuefeng and happened to see his smile. The two people smiled at each other and Ling Xuefeng patted Li Cangyu’s shoulder. Then he raised a serious topic, “Who will be going in the fourth round?”

Li Cangyu stopped smiling and replied, “The fourth game is our home game and there is no doubt that the map will be the Eight-Trigram Array. The key is who will be the commander…” After a moment of thought, Li Cangyu stated, “Captain Lou.”

The cold-looking man immediately stood up. “Yes.”

Li Cangyu smiled and said, “You will be the commander.”

Lou Wushuang didn’t hesitate and simply nodded. “Good.”

His personality had always been like this and his way of speaking was often concise. His expression was cold and he never laughed when others were joking. He had an indifferent attitude whenever encountering anything.

Li Cangyu felt that at the crucial moment, only Lou Wushuang could turn the tide.

Su Guangmo was fierce and violent while Tan Shitian was resourceful. These two people could serve as commanders in key games but their tactical style wasn’t suitable for the Eight-Trigram Array map. Meanwhile, Lou Wushuang’s assassination could play an effect in the maze.

Captain Lou was named and Zhang Shaohui consciously ran to his brother’s side and smiled at Li Cangyu. “Cat God, since my brother is the commander, I’m also playing right?”

“Of course.”

The Lou Zhang combination couldn’t be torn down, especially in a key match. The tacit understanding between the two brothers would be a weapon to attack the US team.  As for the remaining candidates, Li Cangyu pondered for a moment before finally naming, “Chu Yan, Zhu Qingyue, Yu Pingsheng, you three go.”

The lineup for the fourth game was completed. Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue’s psychics, the Lou Zhang assassins and then the berserker Yu Pingsheng who was very strong in defense.

The concept of the Eight-Trigram Array map was originally proposed by Chu Yan and he was the best psychic auxiliary in the country. He was sensitive to various stats and once accompanied by his apprentice, he could use the map against the US team.

Li Cangyu laid out the lineup and then patted Lou Wushuang on the shoulder. “I’ll leave it to you.”

These words were simply but were actually incredibly heavy. This game couldn’t be lost or their previous efforts would be undone. The pressure on Lou Wushuang’s shoulder definitely wasn’t lower than Li Cangyu in the previous game.

In fact, Lou Wushuang and Li Cangyu were the same type of people. This was why Li Cangyu chose him at the key point.

Su Guangmo, Xie Shurong, Cheng Wei and the others debuted at the same time but Lou Wushuang was two years behind them.

During the time when Su Guangmo led the Flying Feathers team to win the championship, when Cheng Wei won the Best Newcomer Award and when the rookie Tan Shitian debuted and led the Time team to the top of the league, Lou Wushuang was still unknown.

The Ghost Spirits team made a late effort and won the championship in the fifth season. Every step of the Lou Zhang combination was very solid.

Lou Wushuang’s heart was definitely the most tenacious among the young captains.

He led the Ghost Spirits team step by step to today, from an invisible person to the first assassin of the league. He had long been accustomed to a variety of headwinds and developed. Regardless of any disadvantages, he could calmly deal with it with a tough mentality.

At the crucial moment, Li Cangyu sent him as the commander, showing Li Cangyu’s appreciation and trust in him.


Lou Wushuang didn’t say much. After taking on the command, he sat quietly in his seat and continued to wait.

After the intermission, Li Cangyu and Noah went back to the computer. The fourth game was the Chinese team’s home game and Li Cangyu resolutely submitted the game mode, death racing.

This choice was expected by many viewers. Death racing reflected the advantages of the home court more than an economic war and it wasn’t as easy to be targeted as the arena.

Li Cangyu followed up by submitting the maps: Suzhou Gardens, Eight-Trigram Array and Dark Reef.

The US team’s captain, Noah couldn’t help frowning. In the last game, he forced Li Cangyu to choose Universal Studios. In this game, Li Cangyu forced him to choose the Eight-Trigram Array.

According to the principle of ‘a map that has been disabled once can’t be disabled again’, he disabled the Eight-Trigram Array map in the second game and could no longer disable it.

Noah reluctantly banned Suzhou Gardens and Dark Reef, leaving behind Eight-Trigram Array. The audience was excited since the Eight-Trigram Array was finally used, The efforts of the Chinese team’s designers wouldn’t be wasted!

Looking at the thumbnail, the map was a circular icon that was rich in colour. At first glance, it looked like a maze. However, the domestic audience members had often encountered the five elements and they started to recall their tragic experiences. Many people said that this map would pit foreigners.

Li Cangyu saw the other side selecting the map and then submitted the list of players— Lou Wushuang, Zhang Shaohui, Chu Yan, Zhu Qingyue and Yu Pingsheng.

This lineup had never appeared before. Yu Bing said, “According to the lineup, this map is likely to have status effects or traps. The role of the two psychics is displacement control while the berserker will protect the teammates. Lou Zhang is responsible for the output.”

Kou Hongyi said, “The US team can send people afterwards and can target our lineup. However, our lineup doesn’t have any obvious weakness. Noah should send more pressure-resistant classes to prevent the instant kill of the double assassins.”

He just finished speaking when Noah submitted his lineup— the paladin Barrett, the berserker Madison, the healer Winfrey, the archer Aldridge and the black magician Daisy.

There were a paladin, berserker and healer, which was a very pressure resistant lineup.

It was the most sensible thing to send a strong defense when the enemy map was unclear.

The captains of both sides finished their selection and it was time for the map preview.

The panoramic map of the Eight-Trigram Array started to play on the big screen and the American players collectively showed blank expressions.

What the hell was this?

The map was divided into five small squares of gold, green, blue, red and brown. The middle of the small square was a white area which was obviously a labyrinth with a complicated route. The five-coloured area had entrances to the labyrinth and the five roads eventually lead to the middle disc.

The puzzling thing was that the five colour blocks weren’t static but rotated clockwise every 30 seconds.

Winfrey looked at the captain with confusion. “The white area is obviously a maze but what are the rotating colour blocks?”

“I don’t understand it either.” Noah rubbed his temples to ease his headache. “It’s more complicated than our Universal Studios.”

Thomas was straightforward. “The colours of this map is very beautiful. Did they make so many coloured areas for colour matching? The colour blocks will turn, just like the turntable used in the raffle!”

Jack stared blankly at him and stated, “The coloured areas are likely to be traps.”

Noah felt it was reasonable and stared at the map for a moment before making an accurate judgment. “Traps will be marked and these coloured areas obviously have no traps. However, the Chinese team wouldn’t divide the map into five colours for the sake of looks. The different colours must have different meanings.” Noah paused and continuing, “If my guess is correct, this should be a status map.”

The captain’s words woke them up and everyone stared at the big screen, not daring to miss a single detail.

A status map with five colours, meaning there should be five different effects. This was much more complicated than Universal Studios!

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It’s finally here, the Eight-Trigram Array!

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