GLS: Chapter 350

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Chapter 350 – China VS USA (Resurrection Point)

The residual blood Li Cangyu escaping and killing the US team’s white magician created a favourable start in a disadvantageous situation, surpising the US captain Noah. However, he didn’t have time to think about this because he was going to face the siege of Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu.

At this time, Ling Xuefeng only had 50% blood left while Li Cangyu had only a trace of blood left. The status of these two people weren’t great but Noah was very clear about one thing. It was likely that their tacit understanding was high enough to kill him. In addition, he was just hit by Ling Xuefeng’s demon god pet and had only half his blood left.

Both Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had skills to control people. The water elf slowed people down while the banshee pulled people. Two summoners had so many control skills that it would be hard for Noah to escape. He calmly analyzed the situation and ordered, “Jack, Edmund, come over to the shipwreck as quickly as possible!”

Originally, Jack and Edmund had been going to the labyrinth to meet the archer Thomas. Halfway there, they heard their captain’s instructions and immediately turned towards the shipwreck.

Li Cangyu killed Alyssa and hid behind an obstacle on the shipwreck. He had only a trace of blood left and would probably die if he was hit by Noah. Thus, he cleverly hid. He would give the frontal battle to Ling Xuefeng and find a chance to strike.

Ling Xuefeng also used his body to block Li Cangyu and summoned four skeletons, sweeping them towards Noah.

Noah naturally wouldn’t wait to die. After falling to 30% blood, he cast Death Curse and Shadow Winding on Ling Xuefeng’s body, stacking the negative effects up to five layers. Then Noah used Shadow Wrath’s to let all the negative states take effect. The audience saw that Ling Xuefeng’s blood instantly fell to 25%.

The two people had flexible positioning and mutually threw skills at each other, causing both to fall to residual blood in the blink of an eye.

Ling Xuefeng’s pets had been killed and were on cooldown. Noah seized this opportunity to start casting Hell Flames.

However, just as Noah thought he could take away Ling Xuefeng’s head, Li Cangyu suddenly emerged from behind and used Water Ball to directly empty Noah’s blood!

Noah, “…”

This Li Cangyu was too annoying. The hiding elf summoner was too difficult to defend against!

Noah’s face was a bit ugly as he urged on the voice channel, “Jack, the two of you quickly come over. They are both bloody.”

Ling Xuefeng sent a thumbs up on the team channel, clearly extremely appreciative of Li Cangyu’s approach. He guessed that the hiding Li Cangyu would definitely seize the most suitable opportunity to attack Noah. Therefore, he didn’t have much psychological pressure when playing against Noah because he knew that Li Cangyu was behind him.

The two men cooperated and killed Noah.

The Chinese team’s opening double kill swept away the haze of the first two losses from the domestic audience. Everyone cheered in the comments and even Kou Hongyi couldn’t help clapping. “Great! The terrain was obviously unfavourable but in these circumstances, Captain Ling and Cat God teamed up for a beautiful double kill. Cat God took the lead to win two heads for the Chinese team!”

Yu Bing was also very happy but she maintained her calm tone. “Successfully killing the black and white magician is indeed worth celebrating but Noah has obviously changed his strategy. Jack and Edmund are coming over to the shipwreck and Ling Cat are now bloody. If they encounter the blood kin killer and summoner from the US team, their heads are likely to be directly taken!”

Li Cangyu also realized this situation. They were both in a blood state and in the middle of water. No matter which players from the US team they encountered, they were likely to be killed. In particular, the hidden blood kin players of the US team were harder to block.

Li Cangyu thought this and spoke on the voice channel, “Report on the situation in the labyrinth.”

Bai Xuan was chased by Thomas in the labyrinth. Just two seconds ago, Thomas stopped chasing him and headed in the opposite direction. Once he heard Li Cangyu’s question, Bai Xuan replied, “Thomas headed deeper into the maze and I’m at the exit.”

At this time, Xiao Han and Qin Mo arrived at the exit of the labyrinth and saw Bai Xuan coming out. They joined him and typed a ‘1’ on the team channel to show it.

Li Cangyu thought about it and decisively ordered, “Go into the maze and find Thomas. Kill him at the fastest speed and then go to the blue resurrection point to wait for Xuefeng and I.”

Bai Xuan showed his understanding.


Thomas ran into the depths of the maze because the captain has Edmund and Jack go to the shipwreck area.

Originally, Jack and Edmund were going to meet him in the labyrinth. Now that they were transferred, he was left alone in the labyrinth and was likely to face the Chinese team.

Three against one and the other side had a healer. There was absolutely no chance for him to win.

Thus, he turned and ran, wanting to rely on his familiarity with the labyrinth to delay the time until rescuers arrived.

The Inception labyrinth was truly complicated. It had many small rooms and each room was a dream scene. Some scenes would repeat and if a person walked too much, they would be dazzled and completely confused.

Even so, there was a trick to this labyrinth. Rely on the map compass to determine your location.

Bai Xuan’s ability to interpret the map had already reached an unforgettable level under Li Cangyu’s training. He had just walked from the labyrinth centre to the exit. Now that he was walking back, he didn’t hesitate as he led Qin Mo and Xiao Han and soon found Thomas’ trail.

Qin Mo took the left side maze room to bypass Thomas while Xiao Han took the right room to move behind Thomas.

Thomas saw Bai Xuan and immediately retreated in an alert manner. He didn’t expect for the two teenagers of the Chinese team to complete a left and right pincer attack in this strange labyrinth!

—Pain Blade!

—Blood Snakes Entanglement!

Xiao Han and Qin Mo acted at almost the same time. Thomas was set in place and allowed Qin Mo’s blood snake to bite him, gaining three layers of bleeding in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Han raised his dagger without hesitation and slashed at Thomas’ back.

—Back Stab, Fatal Blow, Chain Strangulation, Death Strangulation!

The teenager’s hand speed was extremely fast. The cold dagger moved through the air and the weak archer instantly lost half his blood!

“Xiao Han’s explosive ability is terrible!” Kou Hongyi was surprised. “He is fast and accurate and almost all his hits are a crit!”

Qin Mo’s output also wasn’t weak but he was more willing to cooperate with Xiao Han. He acted as the control to assist Xiao Han. The moment Thomas’s dizziness due to Pain Blade ended, Qin Mo had already summoned the blood spider.

—Spider Set Body.

Thomas just got rid of his dizziness only to be set in place.

The two people tacitly completed the joint control and Xiao Han’s attacks didn’t stop while Qin Mo’s blood snake bit at the other person. Once the control ended, Thomas fired his bow but the opposite side had a healer.

Bai Xuan used a healing array and returned blood to Qin Mo and Xiao Han.

One person couldn’t win against three. Thomas was anxious but he had no way. His teammates’ support was delayed and he could only watch as his blood plummeted.

In less than half a minute, Thomas fell to the ground and his head was taken by Xiao Han.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo were very happy at killing the world famous archer. The two of them joined forces with the milk dad and three against one might be bullying but… the death racing mode was like this. They had to use all means to win a head!

The Chinese team harvested three heads in a row. The domestic spectators were so excited that they almost jumped up.

Then two more messages appeared on the screen. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had died.

As the battle in the labyrinth started, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were still on the deck of the shipwreck. The two blood kin players of the US team sneaked into the water. Edmund came behind Li Cangyu and hit him with Pain Blade, directly taking away his life. Then Jack used his snake to bite Ling Xuefeng and kill him.

The sneak attack of the two blood kin players of the US team was really unstoppable. Li Cangyu had long been prepared for this. He and Ling Xuefeng died at almost the same time and tacitly resurrected at the blue resurrection point.

However, at the moment of resurrection, Li Cangyu unexpectedly saw Noah, Alyssa and Thomas who had just resurrected.

What a coincidence! The US team also chose the blue resurrection point!

Death racing had two resurrection points. In most cases, the two sides would choose on each and after reorganization, they would come back for a wave of team combat.

However, there were coincidences like today where the captains of both sides chose the same resurrection point.

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