GLS: Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Lilian (Beginning)

Witch Lilian was a summoning boss, constantly calling her younger siblings as a means of attacking players. The younger siblings she would summon were the four pets of a demon summoner: the crows, banshee, skeleton infantry and demon god.

Of course, the boss’ summoned pets were stronger than the player’s pets, with a higher damage.

After the resurrection, everyone stood in the positions marked by Li Cangyu. Gu Siming once again moved towards Lilian. Ling Xuefeng’s speculation was correct. Lilian didn’t use the big move against the six people. She spoke a few lines before the boss battle officially started.

In the first stage, Lilian would summon crows to block the players’ vision. Every time her blood volume dropped by 5%, a large number of crows would fill the sky, turning their eyes black. This stage wasn’t difficult as long as everyone could quickly clean up the crows and restore their vision. Xie Shurong’s swordsman played a big role. He used Light and Shadow Rotation and the crows were almost gone instantly.

Everyone successfully lowered the boss’ blood to 80% and entered the second stage.

In the second stage, Lilian’s summoned pet was the skeleton infantry.

This is a demon’s melee pet. It looked like a skeleton model in the anatomy room but the demon skeleton’s body was pure black and emitted an evil aura. It had the skill Death Imprisonment that could seal a player in place, causing them to lose blood every second. This was Ling Xuefeng’s most frequently used pet. He would control the opponent with the skeleton infantry and then hit them with a set of combos to deal great damage..

Boss Lilian would summon one skeleton every 10 seconds to randomly control a person other than the healer.

It wasn’t a big problem to be controlled at this stage. Those who were sealed could still use skills to hit the boss. The key was that the person imprisoned would lose a serious amount of health every second for 10 seconds. If the healer couldn’t keep up, it was easy for the player to die.

Cat God was too powerful. Since entering the new district, Bai Xuan had been playing the instances as a soy sauce, only lazily adding blood.

Today they encountered a difficult hidden boss battle and Bai Xuan finally concentrated.

The handsome man carefully stared at the computer, his fingers placed on the keyboard in the best position. His middle and index fingers were slightly bent, prepared to press the W and E keys which he set the most common healing skills he used.

Death Imprisonment!

The first skeleton infantry that the boss called imprisoned Gu Siming.

Bai Xuan immediately pressed the W key and used Healing Language on Xiao Gu. This was a healing buff that didn’t need to be chanted and was released instantly. It restored 1% of blood per second for 10 seconds and could stack up to five layers. Bai Xuan could quickly burst out the healing state, so that a player could recover 5% of his blood per second and recover to 50% after 10 seconds.

Gu Siming was a paladin and his defense was very high. After being imprisoned by the infantry, his blood loss wasn’t very serious. Therefore, Bai Xuan only gave him one layer of Healing Language and left him alone temporarily.

The boss soon summoned a skeleton infantry again and imprisoned the angel white magician who just joined the team.

Bai Xuan didn’t hesitate to let out a burst of hand speed to quickly give five layers of Healing Language. Then he used the skill ‘Treatment’ to raise his blood level. Demons dealt bonus damage to angels so it was very dangerous for the white magician to be imprisoned.

However, the white magician’s blood volume hadn’t been completely filled up yet when Li Cangyu was imprisoned, making things worse.

A general healer would be in a rush but who was Bai Xuan? He had a lot of experience with difficulties in the competitive matches and was always calm. Bai Xuan didn’t panic when he looked at Cat God’s blood. He gave Li Cangyu five layers of Healing Language and then turned back to heal the bloody white magician.

Next, Ling Xuefeng was imprisoned. Bai Xuan gave him a Healing Language to ensure he wouldn’t die and at this time, the white magician’s blood volume had returned to around 50%.

Unfortunately, the new team member seemed very unlucky today. It wasn’t too long after he lost the effect that he was named by the boss again!

Once he saw Awakened Magician’s health fall to 10%, Bai Xuan no longer hesitated and immediately used a big move.

Divine Blessing!

A white light fell from the sky. The priest’s level 40 group skill accurately covered all four teammates who lost blood!

Gu Siming, Cat God and Captain Ling immediately regained full blood while Awakened was rescued from the brink of death. Bai Xuan gave him the five layers healing buff and then used a healing skill to return his blood to full.

Awakened thought he would die and hadn’t expected to be returned to full blood in an instant. He couldn’t help sending a row of thumbs up in the team channel: [Milk Dad’s full force!]

Bai Xuan returned a smiley expression.

Xie Shurong was lucky today and hadn’t been named by the boss. While attacking the boss, he also paid attention to Bai Xuan’s blood supply.

During Lilian’s second stage, teammates would randomly lose blood and the pressure on the healer was very large. Bai Xuan didn’t panic and was quite methodical. He ran and added blood, only using group skills at the critical time. He added a single increase to the white magician, continued to layer buffs on other teammates, used a small healing skill… he filled up the blood of all his teammates but only had 20% blue left.

It could be seen that each of his skills weren’t wasted. The healing amounts didn’t overflow and he also managed his blue.

Xie Shurong saw this scene and couldn’t help feeling admiration. This type of blood filing technique was definitely the most reassuring thing for teammates on the field. Bai Xuan had stayed by Li Cangyu’s side for many years. He might not be as radiant as Cat God but his calm healing was enough to bring great trouble to his opponent.

Vice-Captain Bai was very careful and calculated every single time he added blood. He was reluctant to waste one skill and his consumption of blue was very low. A healer might not be as eye-catching as outputs but having a good treatment was equivalent to half a life.

Xie Shurong suddenly felt that it was really wise to join this team. At first, he wondered if Cat God’s words were reliable. However, in the past few days, he developed a complete trust in Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan and was full of confidence of beating the league with them in the future!


Li Cangyu had always been confident in Bai Xuan’s blood adding technique. Once the boss battle started, he didn’t look at his blood and just focused on dealing the maximum output to the boss.

The result of Cat God’s outbreak was that the damage data on the output list immediately soared to an alarming level!

Ling Xuefeng saw him focus on the boss and also followed his hand speed. Thus, the two summoners competed with each other and the amount of damage soared. In less than half a minute, the damage per second exceeded 10,000!

Awakened Magician looked at the output statistics list of Love to Eat Braised Fish and Popular Land Under Heaven and couldn’t help feeling scared. What type of team had he joined? Were these people using cheating software as a group?

Gu Siming saw the output list and cried out excitedly, “Captain, work hard! Don’t be crushed by him!”

Bai Xuan, “…”

How could a young boy speak such words? The world of adults wasn’t this pure.

Ling Xuefeng’s hand seemed to have slipped when he heard this. Li Cangyu was very calm and took advantage of Ling Xuefeng’s wandering attention to use a big move, instantly overtaking Ling Xuefeng’s output. In the statistics panel, Ling Xuefeng was pushed below him.

Li Cangyu was very satisfied with this result.

Ling Xuefeng felt quite helpless. He must compete with Cat God in the instance. Was Cat God already getting into the habit of fighting him?


Under Bai Xuan’s careful and stable healing, the second stage passed smoothly as Lilian’s blood volume fell below 50%.

The third stage was the most troublesome part of killing Lilian because Lilian would summon the most special pet of the demon race, the banshee.

This pet looked like a typical witch in a Western fantasy game. She wore a tight black dress, had long curly hair to her waist and a S-shaped body that was simply at the level of a model.

The banshee had the single control skill ‘Charm’ in the early stages. Charm would designate an opponent, forcing the opponent to lose control and be pulled towards her.

Later, there was a stronger skill called Lich’s Curse. This was a very terrible large-scale group charm. It made the opponents lose a lot of blood while also losing control, equivalent to a group pulling skill.

Whenever Ling Xuefeng put down Lich’s Curse in a match, the other side would be pulled over as a group if they didn’t hide. This was also the reason why many teams in the Miracle League were afraid of Ling Xuefeng. His summoned banshee was one of the most difficult to deal with among all pets. Of course, there was also Li Cangyu’s wind spirit. However, there was no player who played the elf summoner after Li Cangyu left Miracle and the wind spirit didn’t appear in the Miracle stadiums again.

The banshee that Lilian summoned could only use Charm, which would force the designated player to go over to her to be killed. She couldn’t use Lich’s Curse, otherwise there was no need to fight. The players would basically be killed.

Lilian summoned a banshee that was twice as large as the player’s pet, with clothing that was much more gorgeous. Once she appeared, Li Cangyu immediately typed on the team channel: [Disperse!]

The melee swordsman Xie Shurong and Paladin Gu Siming no longer controlled the boss, immediately moving away from the banshee.

Three seconds later, a player’s name appeared above the banshee’s head.

[Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork, come over and let me smell the scent of your body~]

The strange voice entered the ears and everyone got goosebumps.

The named Bai Xuan immediately lost control and walked towards the banshee. There was also a black halo around his body, the symbol of Charm.

“Everyone else continue to attack the boss.” Li Cangyu quickly said on the voice channel. “You solve this Charm.”

‘You’ naturally referred to Ling Xuefeng. Ling Xuefeng replied: [Yes.]

As soon as he typed this, he let out a burst of hand speed and self-exploded a skeleton infantry near the black halo. Then he used a summoner’s general attack to quickly hit the halo. In less than five seconds, it was successfully broken. Bai Xuan was rescued and he moved away from the banshee.

The banshee started to name someone again. [Blossoming Tree…]

Xie Shurong, who had been very comfortable today, was finally named once. Li Cangyu immediately shifted his target and attacked the black halo around A’Shu. Once again, it took less than five seconds to break the halo and rescue A’Shu who was almost killed by the banshee.

Next, Li Cangyu was named and Ling Xuefeng quickly transferred targets to save Li Cangyu.

Gu Siming was named and Li Cangyu transferred targets to save Xiao Gu.

The ability of these two to instantly change targets was frightening.

Awakened Magician watched with a stunned expression before realizing he should attack the boss.

The man on the other side of the computer attacked the boss while wondering, ‘What are the origins of these two summoners? Isn’t this a bit exaggerated? Isn’t Popular Land Under Heaven the president of Wind Colour? How can he be with the Food Squad?’

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