GLS: Chapter 349

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Chapter 349 – China VS USA (Perfect Understanding)

Compared to the anxious commentators and audience members, Ling Cat were very calm after refreshing in the water.

Li Cangyu looked at the distribution of his teammates on the map and opened his mouth, “Qin Mo and Xiao Han, become invisible. Milk Dad, go to the labyrinth’s exit as soon as possible and don’t rush to fight.”

The two little ones typed a 1 on the team channel to make it clear.

Li Cangyu wasn’t able to see the refresh point of the American team but he sensed something. According to the relative balance of how players refreshed in death racing, the number of people who refreshed underwater, in the forest and in the labyrinth should be 2:2:1.

Bai Xuan wasn’t easy to kill so the most appropriate decision was for the two little guys to go to the dad.

As for him and Ling Xuefeng, they couldn’t swim for a while and could only watch the situation underwater.


In the Lord of the Rings forest area, Xiao Han and Qin Mo were invisible per Li Cangyu’s order. Edmund and Jack of the American team were also lurking in stealth.

The two great gods of the US team were the world’s top players while Qin Mo and Xiao Han weren’t famous newcomers. If they faced each other, the possibility of Edmund and Jack winning was greater.

The problem was that the blood kin race could go invisible. Qin Mo and Xiao Han were hidden and the US players couldn’t find them!

Universal Studios had three themed areas so the forest map of Lord of the Rings wasn’t large compared to a pure forest map. Qin Mo and Xiao Han quickly rushed to the Inception labyrinth area.

Jack and Edmund searched the forest for a long time and didn’t find anything. Edmund spoke in the voice channel, “It is likely that the two blood kin players refreshed in the forest.”

Noah said, “They must’ve gone to join their teammates. Quickly head to the labyrinth.


In the labyrinth of Inception, Bai Xuan was moving cautiously on his own. In contrast, the American team’s Thomas was boldly moving through the labyrinth. After all, he was familiar with the terrain and an elf moved quickly. It didn’t take long before he found the Chinese player in the maze.

It was a healer!

Thomas had a straightforward personality which applied to the game. The moment he saw the healer, he fired Seize Life Shot at Bai Xuan. Bai Xuan was calm and immediately placed the Healing Language buff on his body before continuing to move forward.

Thomash chased him and shot another arrow but Bai Xuan didn’t care. He just gave himself a small healing magic.

—Shock Shot!

There was another arrow and Bai Xuan was too lazy to add blood. It wasn’t until Thomas fired Rapid Shot that Bai Xuan healed himself and returned to full blood.

This image made many people cry from laughter and the domestic audience even ridiculed Thomas. [It is like Vice-Captain Bai is teasing a child!] [Thomas looks fierce but for our dad, it hurts like a tickle!] [Vice-Captain Bai can endure for a long time under the firepower of three great gods. Wake up if you want to kill our dad alone!]

Thomas was a US player with a black history of throwing the ball in the wrong side at the previous Carnival. Thus, the domestic audience was familiar with him. This guy’s personal explosiveness was very strong but his tactics were awful. Without Noah, he was a wild horse.

However, he wasn’t stupid. Continuing to fight Bai Xuan was just a trick. After fighting a while and discovering that Bai Xuan was still full of blood, he gave up the plan to kill this person in the labyrinth. He told his captain, “The labyrinth contains a priest.”

Noah’s heart was happy. “It seems that both summoners refreshed in the water. Alyssa, get ready!”

“Yes Captain!”

The shipwreck at the bottom of the water had an upper and lower floor structure. Li Cangyu refreshed in the lower level while Ling Xuefeng was on the upper level. The shipwreck was customized according to the Titanic stimulation and the area was so large that it wasn’t simple for the two people to meet.

Fortunately, they had a tacit understanding and didn’t need to talk to know how to find each other.

Li Cangyu quickly swam out of the room. The interior of the ship was very messy and there were many obstacles in the corridor. Li Cangyu swam along the corridor to the exit. However, he hadn’t climbed up the stairs when he saw two figures in front of him. They were Noah and Eliza!

Due to familiarity with the shipwreck, the two US players joined together and blocked Li Cangyu at the exit.

—Shadow Winding! God’s Seal!

Noah and Alyssa’s skills hit at the same time, setting Li Cangyu in place while applying a negative state to him.

—Death Curse, God’s Light, Voice of Combat!

The black magic and white magic hit over and over. The elf summoner was very weak in defense and was beaten to half blood by this wave of skills. There was also the blood loss from the negative state!

“Cat God’s situation is very bad. He happened to be ambushed by the two American players and blocked underwater. The terrain is also unfavourable for him since the narrow corridor makes it hard to control his pets. He must climb to the deck as soon as possible!” Kou Hongyi spoke quickly. “Fortunately, Captain Ling has realized this point and rushed over to support!”

Ling Xuefeng reacted quickly. He turned when he saw the team panel showing Li Cangyu’s blood loss and went through the exit, swimming to the lower floor.

Li Cangyu was blocked by the two US players at the stairway. There were five layers of negative black magic on his body and the white magic attacks continued. HIs blood had fallen to the dangerous state of 15%.

Just then, his eyes lit up. Ling Xuefeng had arrived!

He couldn’t see Ling Xuefeng in his vision but he knew that the other person had come because the blue dot representing Ling Xuefeng on the small map had reached his coordinates.

The audience had the god’s perspective and found that Ling Xuefeng was hiding behind a cargo stacking box. The two US players were attacking Li Cangyu with full force and couldn’t see him.

Ling Xuefeng quickly summoned the banshee and used Witch Demon’s Curse.

A violent force came from behind and the caught off guard American players were pulled directly to the bottom of the ship by the banshee.

The shipwreck was approximately 10 metres high and this was just in the range that the banshee could be summoned. He summoned the banshee under the ship and forcibly pulled Noah and Alyssa away.

The group pull successfully saved Li Cangyu from death!

He finally got a chance to catch his breath. Li Cangyu quickly swam up and retreated under Ling Xuefeng’s cover. Then he summoned the water spirit and thunder spirit at a very fast speed.

The two US players were pulled to the bottom of the ship and took some time to come back up. Ling Xuefeng took the chance to summon his demon god, placing the demon god on the bow and pulling out the group attack, Demon God’s Descent!

Black smoke scattered from the demon god. This was followed by the summoning of four skeleton infantry to confine the two opponents.

The demon god hit perfectly and the other side’s blood fell to 70%. Ling Xuefeng immediately exploded the skeletons and pressed them to 50% half blood.

Of course, Noah wasn’t to be outdone. He was at the bottom of the water but he cast the group control skill, Dark Fear.

Ling Xuefeng couldn’t avoid this skill and Noah immediately placed five layers of Death Curse on him. Alyssa followed with God’s Belief and Voice of Combat. The fierce black and white magic also hit Ling Xuefeng’s blood to 50%.

The skeleton confinement was lifted and Noah and Alyssa finally climbed onto the deck.

Noah was trying to cast a black magic spell to force Ling Xuefeng’s blood down. At this moment, a large wave of hail rolled in and froze the two people in place.

It was Li Cangyu’s water spirit!

They didn’t’ have to look back to judge that Li Cangyu was nearby.

“Alyssa, go kill him!” Noah immediately ordered. Alyssa paid attention and used Purification to remove the ice. Then she quickly caught up with Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu only had 15% blood left. She could take his head with a simple spell.

However, it wasn’t that easy to chase an elf!

Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps to escape and it was still effective underwater. The elf who used Flying Feather Steps was like a flexible fish in the water. His swimming speed was fast and he could also swing to the left and right. Alyssa couldn’t hit him with any skills.

Fortunately, her targeted skill God’s Light would soon be available.

A targeted skill meant she could hit the locked target as long as they were within range. Alyssa calculated the cooldown time and pressed her finger against the shortcut key in advance.

Countdown 3, 2, 1, cooldown was over!

God’s Light!

The white magician’s targeted skill immediately opened but she heard a system prompt: [The other party isn’t in range.]

Alyssa was stunned. Once she took a closer look, she discovered that the moment her cooldown had ended, Ling Xuefeng dragged her back a few metres using the banshee’s strong pull. The result was that she couldn’t hit Li Cangyu!

Seeing the elf summoner with only a bit of blood still alive in front of her, Alyssa really wanted to vomit out blood.

Ling Xuefeng’s banshee was too annoying. Every time they were about to kill Li Cangyu, Ling Xuefeng would drag them away with the banshee. She was also forced to acknowledge the understanding between them.

In the distance, Li Cangyu was out of danger and turned to use the group attack, Thunder’s Wrath.

Ling Xuefeng’s pulling skill was quite skillful. He just placed Alyssa in a place where she couldn’t hit Li Cangyu but Li Cangyu’s pet could hit her.

This was the classic summoner, pet and opponent triangular positioning.

This time, the triangle wasn’t completed by Li Cangyu independently controlling the pet but was helped by Ling Xuefeng. It was as if Ling Xuefeng entered Li Cangyu’s mind and clearly knew what he wanted to do next, meaning he was ready to help in advance.

The two people cooperated perfectly and used the thunder spirit’s big move to drop Alyssa’s blood to 25%!

Noah rushed to support but was imprisoned by Ling Xuefeng’s skeletons.

Li Cangyu took advantage of the water spirit’s Water Ball to quickly attack Alyssa. His hands were fast and the Water Ball was released continuously. They smashed Alyssa and looked quite gorgeous underwater.

The damage that burst out in a few seconds completely emptied out Alyssa’s blood.

—First blood!

The bloody elf summoner escaped and counterattacked to complete the kill!

Under Ling Xuefeng’s strong protection and assistance, Li Cangyu actually won the first head!

This was absolutely uplifting!

Ling Xuefeng opened his mouth and gave rare praise. “Beautiful.”

His tone was calm but Li Cangyu still smiled.

The attack power of the US team’s two magicians was truly amazing and worthy of being world-class level. Under the water, Li Cangyu was almost caught by the two of them. If it wasn’t for Ling Xuefeng using the banshee twice at key moments, perhaps Li Cangyu would’ve already fallen down and it would’ve been impossible for him to kill Alyssa.

This was the importance of having a strong partner!

As he played the game today, Li Cangyu always felt that all his thoughts were read by Ling Xuefeng in advance. Moreover, Ling Xuefeng always made the most suitable operation for Li Cangyu. The angle and position of every skill release was just right. It was like the brain waves of the two people were completely synchronized.

‘You gave exactly what I need most!’

This was the unparalleled understanding between Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu on the field!

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