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Chapter 346 – China VS USA (Economic War)

After the first wave, Tan Shitian and Yan Ruiwen supplemented their equipment. Tan Shitian bought a weapon that slowed down the opponent by 50% for five seconds when the arrow hit the opponent.

This weapon with a deceleration effect would allow Tan Shitian to better play his kite flow. In particular, his Death Arrow Rain would cause all enemies in range to be decelerated. He could freely attack in the distance and the opponent could never catch up to him.

Yan Ruiwen bought a ring and necklace which both increased the crit rate of black magic. The two people replaced their equipment and the entire team’s output capacity improved by one grade.

In the same way, the US team’s Benjamin and Angus also gained a lot of money and changed their gear. They had a chance to go head on against the Chinese team.

Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao had run out of blue so the ice dragon hadn’t been killed. After seeing that everyone had resurrected, Tan Shitian made a mark on the mini-map and ordered, “Kill the ice dragon.”

The group quickly followed him to the refresh point of the ice dragon.

To Tan Shitian’s surprise, he didn’t see the American team when he arrived at the ice dragon.

Yan Ruiwen asked doubtfully, “The US team didn’t come to play the ice dragon? Or are they lying in wait in the area?”

Tan Shitian thought for a moment before his expression suddenly changed, “Not good. They might’ve gone to kill the fire dragon!”

The ice dragon and fire dragon refreshed at fixed times. In past economic wars, they would first kill the ice dragon and then kill some small mobs to gain enough equipment to kill the dragon.

However, today’s economic war obviously wasn’t quite the same. The first wave of combat was too intense and Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao failed to kill the ice dragon because they ran out of blue. By the time everyone resurrected and rushed over to the ice dragon, the fire dragon had appeared in the upper half of the map.

At this time, the commander was faced with two choices. Continue to fight the ice dragon and win the economy. If they beat the other side here, it would lay the foundation to win the game. The second way was to risk killing the fire dragon with relatively poor equipment but the fire dragon would give an attack and defense buff.

The first choice was clearly more secure and was the choice that Tan Shitian had made.

The second approach was very risky. If it failed, it would be benevolent for the other side!

Tan Shitian ordered, “Kill the ice dragon as soon as possible!”

The location of the two bosses was very far away and it would be too late if they headed to the fire dragon. They could only kill the ice dragon at the fastest speed before heading to the crystal.

Benjamin’s bold decision was very unexpected for the two commentators. Kou Hongyi marvelled, “Fighting the fire dragon with poor equipment, he has too much courage! But… the US team has a paladin and this lineup can resist the dragon’s damage.”

Yu Bing nodded. “Benjamin’s choice is very adventurous. However, if he doesn’t take the risk to kill the fire dragon and instead headed to the ice dragon, the US team wouldn’t have an advantage because Tan Shitian bought the deceleration weapon.”

Xie Shurong sat with the rest of the team and couldn’t help saying, “Benjamin’s command level is excellent. He clearly saw Tan Shitian’s weapon and took the players to fight the fire dragon. If they win the fire dragon, the later wave of combat will be bad for the Chinese team.”

The ICE team’s captain was truly worthy of his reputation. Li Cangyu thoughtfully touched his chin. “In fact, Benjamin’s strength isn’t worse than Jack Josh of the same team? Even so, his popularity isn’t very high.”

“It is because he isn’t as handsome as Jack. The Americans look at the face and Jack’s popularity surpasses him by 10 times.” Xie Shurong explained, “I spent 2.5 years in the ICE team and the core of this team has always been Benjamin. Jack is the most popular and he is hot-tempered, but he is a well-behaved sheep in front of the captain.”

To be able to make Jack such a popular god, this handsome man must have a real ability. Based on today’s command, he was very decisive and simple in key moments.

The Chinese team all had ranged, weak defense classes and they couldn’t endure the firepower of the fire dragon. There was a great possibility that Tan Shitian would go to the ice dragon so Benjamin diverted the team to kill the fire dragon. This made Li Cangyu feel admiration for his choice.


The ice dragon didn’t have much attack power and its defense was also relatively weak. The Chinese team took half a minute to kill the ice dragon and received the economic bonus.

Tan Shitian ordered, “Go back to the city and then the fire dragon’s cave!”

The group immediately returned to the city to replace their equipment. At this time, the fire dragon had 30% blood left.

The paladin received the damage in the front row while the healer restored blood from the rear. The remaining two swordsmen and berserkers were releasing their highest hand speed to kill the dragon.

From time to time, the dragon would roar and breathe out fire. This dealt a lot of damage to the players but the paladin’s shield and the priest’s healing meant the blood of the US team remained above 80%.

Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao used Flying Feather Steps to quickly reach the fire dragon’s cave where they saw that the blood of the dragon was rapidly declining.

The game had reached a critical moment and the viewers stared anxiously at the big screen.

By the time Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao arrived, the US team’s Benjamin had just stabbed the dragon’s chest and it fell to the ground with a bang.

The paladin saw that the Chinese team had rushed over and opened Guardian’s Power and Iron Will to protect his teammates from damage and control.

Benjamin didn’t hesitate. “Go to the second floor!”

The rest of the American team followed him to the second floor where there were two guardian beasts on the stairs. Compared to the dragon, the guardian beasts were relatively easy to easy. The US team had two thick-skinned berserkers. They pulled a beast each and the swordsmen attacked to quickly kill the beasts.

“This attack power is too terrible!” Kou Hongyi was anxious. The US team has won an attack and defense buff from killing the fire dragon and this is more than the effect of equipment!”

“Yes, it usually takes at least 10 seconds to kill the beasts but the US team took only eight seconds.” Yu Bing stared at the big screen and spoke quickly. “The fire dragon’s buff is only 30 seconds. The Chinese team must survive these 30 seconds and prevent the US team from destroying the crystal!”

“This is hard because the two berserkers of the US team are guarding the stairwell!” Kou Hongyi exclaimed.

On the screen, the two berserkers of the US team killed the guardian beasts and used their huge bodies to interfere with the Chinese team on the stairs. Winfrey hid behind them and gave them several layers of Healing Language.

Benjamin and Angus had gained an attack buff and quickly attacked the crystal, not hesitating to pour out all their skills.

People couldn’t help thinking of the previous game between China and South Korea.

In the same economic battle, the commander was Ling Xuefeng and he had Qin Mo, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan stand at the entrance to the highlands to obstruct the Korean team. Bai Xuan was responsible for adding blood while Ling Xuefeng and Xie Shurong released the highest hand speed to attack the crystal.

By the time the South Korean team broke through the obstruction, they saw the image of the crystal being shattered.

Now the US team used a similar tactic. The two berserkers were on the stairs and the healer was behind them while the high output swordsmen attacked the crystal with the fastest speed.

Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao were blocked by the paladin. They didn’t pay attention to him and used Flying Feather Steps to circumvent around him. They came to the second floor stairwell only to see the two bersekers of the US team.

The stairwell was very narrow. If they wanted to pass, they had to kill the two berserkers.

However, the berserkers had thick skin and high defense. Combined with the defense bonus from the fire dragon, the berserkers were like a bronze wall. Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao fired consecutive Barrage Shots and Seize Life Shots and only knocked out 20% of their blood.

The hiding Winfrey used a healing chain and the other side’s blood was back to 100%.

Tan Shitian helplessly ordered, “Control them!”

The other players didn’t have the speed of the elf species and only just arrived at the scene. Cheng Wei immediately used the group control Holy Seal and made Winfrey temporarily unable to release blood. This was followed by Shadow Winding, Hell Flames, Tidal Surge and Death Arrow Rain!

The light effect of various skills shrouded the stairwell and the thick-skinned berserkers were finally suppressed to 30% blood!

At this time, the seal ended and the paladin came from behind. He used Steel Battle Soul to rebound any damage done to his teammates and Winfrey took the opportunity to cast the healer’s big move, Desperate Prayer!

A white glow fell from the sky and the blood of the berserkers was restored.

The audience, “…”

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help spitting out, “The berserkers and paladin are too thick-skinned. In addition, there is the defense bonus after killing the boss. We simply can’t kill them!”

Yu Bing frowned. “The 30 second bonus is ending soon but the crystal doesn’t have much blood left…”

The camera cut to the crystal and the crystal only had 15% blood left.

At this time, the bonus of the fire dragon finally ended. Cheng Wei used the single control skill on Winfrey and the Chinese team opened all types of big moves to hit the four US players blocking the road. The two berserkers finally fell to residual blood.

Winfrey’s sealing effect was ending and Yang Muzi immediately placed a seal on her so she couldn’t add blood. Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan placed five layers of Death Curse while Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao fired their arrows to finally kill a residual blood berserker!

The Chinese team quickly killed the other berserker but by the time Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao used Flying Feather Steps to move to the crystal, there was only 5% blood left on the crystal.

Benjamin and Angus both opened up Light and Shadow Rotation and a dazzling white light surrounded the crystal. Every ray of light directly smashed the middle of the crystal.

The release of the swordsman’s big move caused the sound of the crystal breaking to enter their ears.


The US team took the victory in a thrilling manner.

Tan Shitian helplessly removed his hands from the keyboard.

It was only a few seconds of blocking the other side but the game was too exciting. No one could tell what would happen until the last moment.

In this game, the Chinese team had the advantage in the early stages and were dominant with the economy. However, the US team’s killing of the fire dragon at a critical moment was perfect.

In a battle between the strong, there were always winners and losers. He was used to losing but once the grey screen appeared, Tan Shitian couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Cheng Wei’s expression was very depressed but he quickly adjusted. He gently patted Tan Shitian on the hand and said, “Don’t be sad. This isn’t your fault. No one couldn’t expected that to happen. We did the best we could.”

Tan Shitian saw his earnest eyes and couldn’t help smiling. “Have you also learnt to comfort people?”

Cheng Wei scratched his head and whispered, “Cat God said to truly be strong psychologically, the first step is to calmly face failure.” He paused and looked at Tan Shitian, asking seriously, “After this loss, my mood is actually calmer than the semi-finals. Is my psychological quality much better than before?”

This guy’s clumsy way of comforting caused Tan Shitian’s heart to soften. He gently held Cheng Wei’s hand and said, “We have done our best and have a clear conscience. Next, we will give it to Cat God.”

Cheng Wei’s fists clenched and there was a hint of firmness in his eyes. “Yes! Cat God will surely win!”

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Silence is Golden
Silence is Golden
4 years ago

Can anyone explain to me why they didn’t jump into the pit and use the map’s mechanism to transport to the second floor?

4 years ago

Map is changed depending on the mode. The pits were for death racing. Economic warfare has more strict regulations and most maps are basically the same.

4 years ago

Wow I was expecting a 2-2 win for each team and then the final game but the author threw us a 2-0 for USA right at the beginning…

Though this makes up for the earlier easy wins and lets the Chinese team grow!

Send Ling Cat next and then in the final game! It might mean they can’t fight in the 4th game but I believe in them!

Thanks for the big chapter release! 💕

4 years ago

This is the first time Chinese team lose two games x) well but they have Ling and Li couple hehe xD US just need to wait for death 😇

4 years ago

thanks 4 the chapter………

4 years ago

Honestly, at this point I would find it quite funny if they lost. But winning after losing the first two games, makes them seem much cooler, so I’m guessing the author is going with that route…

Jeongipoom Deer
Jeongipoom Deer
4 years ago

I feel sorry for Tan Shitian. He’s such a great character always looking on the bright side, taking failure in stride, and encouraging others. I feel like he’s the author’s sacrifice to the plot gods to set up a thrilling finish for the Chinese! Thanks for the chapter.

2 years ago

I feel kinda good that they lost.. i mean those winning streak is too OP for me but after those 2 defeats I’m very ready to see a winning streak from the chinese team lol.