GLS: Chapter 342

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Chapter 342 – China VS USA (Opening)

Edmund released a skill from behind. Pain Blade stunned Su Guangmo and the blood kin summoners Revis and Jack also appeared nearby, summoning their blood kin pets to bite quickly.

Su Guangmo still maintained his calm in front of the siege of the three people.

His blood fell quickly and it was almost impossible to escape the three masters. He could only delay the battle as much as possible and wait for his teammates to get together.

At this time, the dizziness effect of Pain Blade ended. The blood kin summoner Revis followed with his spider at almost the same time that Su Guangmo pressed a skill. The swordsman on the screen flashed and directly moved to the two summoners, opening the big move Light and Shadow Rotation!

The white sword light killed all of Jack and Revis’ pets while knocking out 25% of their blood.

Jack reacted quickly and operated his summoner back. Su Guangmo’s Spirit Lock stunned the blood kin summoner Revis in front of him and he used the big move Breaking Bone Sword and Devouring Soul Sword, pressing Revis’ blood to 30%.

Edmund followed by releasing the moves Back Stab, Fatal Blow and Death Strangulation!

Su Guangmo was hit into residual blood and retreated into the distance while Jack finally opened his big move, Blood Bat Festival!

The United States won the first head and the audience present clapped.

Su Guangmo had to return to the resurrection point. He looked at the mini-map and found that the other four players of the Chinese team hadn’t yet smoothly met. They weren’t far away from each other so their lack of convergence showed they encountered too many obstacles on the road.

“What happened?” Su Guangmo asked.

“There are too many zombies here!” Jiang Xu replied helplessly.

At this point, Jiang Xu was detouring around the zombies in the parking lot. The zombies here were very dense. There was one almost every two metres apart and the zombies were active monsters. They would immediately surround a player if they smelt them.

From a god’s perspective, it could be seen that there were a large number of zombies to the front and rare of Jiang Xu that were slowly moving towards him. This visual effect was really like the protagonist of a doomsday movie straying into a zombie lair.

Jiang Xu had been turning his lens quickly to look at movements to the front, rear, left and right. Whenever the zombies were too much, he used the Stop Trap to set them in place and then used Flying Feather Steps to escape through the gap.

It was literally a maze.

In the collapsed building, Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie had quickly met and then went to Liu Xiang together. The number of zombies in the building area wasn’t as many as the parking lots but they were relatively hidden. They would only expose themselves after players passed by.

On the way down the stairs, they encountered a zombie blocking the way. Yu Pingsheng decisively used Mountain Chop on the zombies. The zombie that died blew itself up, releasing a wide range poison. Fortunately, both players had thick skin and the amount of blood loss wasn’t serious for a berserker.

Su Guangmo saw the negative status on both players on the players list and immediately said, “Everybody be careful! Don’t be infected by the poison! There are too many zombies here and the negative effects are likely to stack up.”

There was nothing wrong with his guess.

Jiang Xu was surrounded by groups of zombies. He avoided the left by couldn’t avoid the right. As a result, the poison was stacked up to two layers and the blood lost every second doubled from 1,000 points to 2,000 points.

Most of the outputs in Miracle had around 40,000 health while a berserker had 80,000. According to the blood loss of 2,000 points per second, Jiang Xu would die in 20 seconds if he didn’t find a healer.

Liu Xiang took the initiative to head in Jiang Xu’s direction and Su Guangmo was relieved as he saw the two people getting closer and closer.

Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie walked through the door on the first floor. Suddenly, a group of zombies emerged from the left and right rooms. Gu Siming watched from the stands and couldn’t help crying out, “My god, there are zombies blocking people and zombies blocking the door in front. This US map is really disgusting!”

Zhang Jueming added helplessly, “The home side advantage of this map is very large. You see, the US player who refreshed in this building didn’t go this way but headed towards the roof. There is a step on the roof that will allow you to directly jump towards the street.”

The moment he finished speaking, he saw the two remaining players of the US team, the paladin Barrett and the blood kin assassin Abel suddenly jump from the rooftop of the building. The paladin used Fighting Howl to pull Liu Xiang over!

The invisible assassin Abel followed with a burst of skills, wanting to take advantage of the Chinese team’s absence to kill the healer. However, Liu Xiang wasn’t easy to kill. Her survival ability was tough and after seeing her blood fall below 50%, she used Holy Light Surge to fill up her blood.

Jiang Xu had broken out from the zombies and Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie also rushed over after getting through the zombies blocking the door. The three people had more than two layers of poison on their body. Liu Xiang quickly used the group Purification to resolve the negative state and used a large healing array to return blood to her teammates. The four Chinese players finally broke through this shocking zombie siege.


In the commentators’ room, Yu Bing couldn’t help praising, “It seems that Cat God is very prescient. If he hadn’t sent a healer in this game, the players of the Chinese team wouldn’t be able to fight back after being infected.”

The USA team hadn’t brought a healer because they were so familiar with the map that they could detour around gaps in the zombies. They definitely knew some shortcuts that ensured they wouldn’t be affected by the poison.

The Chinese away team could only observe the map for one minute during the panoramic playback. The zombies hidden in the rooms and cars were invisible to everyone and the strangeness of the map made it easy for the Chinese team’s players to be surrounded when they moved forward.

Fortunately, there was Liu Xiang to help everyone.

At this time, the other three players of the US team rushed over to the group battle. Liu Xiang took a quick look and found that the blood kin summoner had only 30% blood left. It was obviously from Su Guangmo’s outbreak.

The other players also noticed this point. Jiang Xu moved forward with Flying Feather Steps and used the Stop Trap on all three blood kin summoners. The Chinese team’s three outputs joined hands to take care of the residual blood Revis.

Yu Pingsheng used Splitting Bone Chop to kill Revis but the other side’s awareness wasn’t bad. The moment he was targeted, he summoned the death knight to let the pet take the damage. Then he used the group attack skill Blood Bat Festival to suck back some blood!

The originally 30% blood returned to 40%.

However, the Chinese team’s players wouldn’t let him go.

Meng Jie used Meng Jie and then Jiang Xu used Trap Blast to kill the blood kin pet. Then Yu Pingsheng followed with Splitting Bone Chop to take away Revis!

“Beautiful! A head was gained in an instant! Captain Su’s attack on Revis created some advantages for this team battle. Kou Hongyi was excited. Then he said, “However, the situation of the Chinese team is still very serious. Everyone used too many skills to kill this summoner and the United States’ remaining three blood kin players have once again entered stealth!”

The audience found that as the Chinese team were setting fire to kill the summoner Revis, the other three blood kin players on the US team used Combat Stealth. This was because the commander Edmund had ordered, “Control the healer and kill the hunter!”

The hunter’s traps had a great influence on their offensive rhythm. It was Edmund’s most sensible judgment to kill Jiang Xu first.

The three blood kin players went around to attack Jiang Xu while the task of controlling the healer was handed over to the paladin in the team.

The paladin used Fighting Howl to forcibly pull Liu Xiang. The skill of pulling a boss in the instance was quite useful in a group battle. After pulling Liu Xiang over, he followed with Steel Will. This skill enhanced the defense of his teammates for 10 seconds but also dealt five seconds of dizziness when aimed at an opponent!

The blood kin players all entered stealth, Liu Xiang was dizzy and Jiang Xu immediately became alert. He placed several Stop Traps around his body and sure enough, the three blood kin players were caught in the trap. It was a pity that it was too late for Jiang Xu to escape.

—Pain Blade!

The assassin Abel had been keeping his control skills and directly controlled Jiang Xu.

The assassin Edmund followed with Chain Strangulation while the blood kin summoner summoned the blood snake and blood spider to apply five layers of bleeding to Jiang Xu.

Jack’s style of play was quite violent and Qin Mo couldn’t help saying, “He has a strong ability to explode.”

Xie Shurong nodded in agreement. “He is the ICE Club’s most talented player and his style has always been violent. No matter the situation, he will play particularly fiercely. Of course, sometimes this allows him to be targeted by the opponent.”

Xie Shurong had been on a team with Jack Josh and knew this player very well. Jack’s hand speed didn’t lose to Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng. Combined with the blood sucking ability of the blood kin race, his survival ability was much stronger than the elf summoner Li Cangyu.

It was just that he wasn’t calm enough in big games. He was just like a little Tyrannosaurus that only knew how to rush forward.

Of course, his momentum could drive his teammates forward and his partner was the best assassin of the United States, Edmund. Edmund’s calm command allowed Jack to make the most accurate judgment in critical moments.


Jiang Xu was targeted and released many traps to deal a lot of damage to the three blood kin players of the United States. However, he didn’t survive the siege of the three people and soon fell to the ground.

Liu Xiang was controlled by the paladin throughout and the situation was very bad for the Chinese team.

At this moment, Yu Pingsheng suddenly opened the big move World Without Justice and Meng Jie followed with Cut Through Thorns. The two berserkers rushed directly to the blood kin players and a golden light enveloped the three players, forcing their blood below 30%!

Yu Pingsheng was also a fierce player but he was calmer than Jack. Liu Xiang was holding back the paladin so he took Meng Jie to fight 2v3 against the blood kin players. He wanted to resolve them as soon as possible to form a 2v2 situation.

Sure enough, the US team’s formation was swept away as soon as the berserker rushed over.

However, Jack Josh had a first-class awareness. He saw them coming and summoned the death knight in front of himself. The paladin Barrett no longer hesitated and used the protection skill Steel Battle Soul!

The golden glow appeared and all teammates gained the effect of bouncing back all damage for three seconds.

The counterattack shield at a critical moment scrapped Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie’s idea of killing one person in seconds.

The damage reflection for three seconds meant Yu Pingsheng had to stop and the US team took this opportunity to disperse.

Once the rebound effect was over, Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie pursued the assassin Abel and killed him. On the other hand, Edmund and Jack retreated quickly and avoided the wave of attack by relying on their superb movements.

Jack fixed Meng Jie in place with a spider and used the big move Blood Snake Winding. The bleeding states on the two Chinese players stacked to five layers and Jack also relied on this skill to absorb a lot of blood.

Meng Jie didn’t last long because Jack’s ability to explode was really too strong.

He remotely manipulated his pets and Yu Pingsheng had a heart time catching up with him. Thus, Yu Pingsheng had to aim for the assassin Edmund and the berserker killed the other person.

The moment Yu Pingsheng killed Edmund, he was killed by Jack in the distance.

In the other, only Liu Xiang survived. The paladin’s pulling skill was on cooldown so she turned to run into a zombie pile. Jack wanted to continue chasing but Edmund calmly told him, “Don’t chase. Gather at the resurrection point.”

Jack stopped and turned away with the paladin.

The first wave of combat was 4:3 and the US team gained a narrow advantage.

However, everyone watching knew that the next wave of combat was very bad for the Chinese team. It was because the moment Su Guangmo resurrected, they found that the room near the red resurrection point was full of zombies.

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