GLS: Chapter 341

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Chapter 341 – China VS USA (Start)

At 10 o’clock in the morning, the match finally started.

It was the first time explaining the finals of the World Competition. Kou Hongyi’s voice was trembling from excitement. “Audience members, this is the first finals of the Miracle World Competition! It is 10 in the morning US team and it is evening in China. I believe that many audience friends are sitting in front of the computer to watch this match live! Everyone should be as excited as I am at this time. I won’t speak much nonsense. The match has started and the captains have entered the draw stage!”

The Chinese team’s captain Li Cangyu and the US team’s captain Noah sat in the command position and waited for the referee to start the draw. The images on the screen rolled quickly and the result emerged after 10 seconds.

The US team was first and the Chinese team would act second.

There was a burst of applause from the American audience at the venue. It could be seen that those who came to watch the match today were enthusiastic.

Noah’s personality was calmer and he remained stoic after the draw. He soon submitted the mode of the game, death racing.

The game map was the American team’s home maps of Doomsday Crisis and Hollywood Universal Studios and the official map Frost Temple.

Neither map had appeared in previous matches and it was clear that the US team had been confident of reaching the grand final, hiding their ace maps until the end.

According to the map names, the Doomsday Crisis map would be darker and there would be more traps or obstacles. Hollywood Universal Studios was likely to be a maze, or a complex map with many changes. Li Cangyu carefully considered for a moment and thought that the probability of Universal Studios being a pit was too great. He banned Universal Studios and left Doomsday Crisis.

Captain Noah’s expression didn’t change as he submitted the participants list.

The game was played by a paladin, two blood kin summoners and two blood kin assassins.

Li Cangyu was slightly stunned. Not bad, Noah sent a pure blood kin lineup showing that the Doomsday Crisis map was more complicated than Li Cangyu thought.

“The American team sent people after Cat God picked the map. It is obvious that his lineup is tailored to this map! How should Cat God respond to crack it?” Kou Hongyi couldn’t help being a bit anxious.

“We should be able to send a targeted team.” Yu Bing thought about it. “For example, sending the same assassination squad by letting Captain Lou, Vice-Captain Zhang, Xiao Han and Qin Mo play. But in this case… both sides are invisible and their familiarity with the map is higher than us. In fact, we have no advantage.”

“Kite flow doesn’t seem to work. After all, archers and magicians have weak defense and the four blood kin assassins can kill them in seconds. A kite flow simply can’t fight against them.”

“Let’s wait for Cat God’s choice.” Yu Bing decided to give up on speculation. After all, Li Cangyu would have a more comprehensive idea and perhaps also wanted to take into account the next few rounds. He would definitely choose the most suitable system.

Li Cangyu thought for a long time and didn’t submit the list until the countdown was almost over.

—Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng, Meng Jie, Liu Xiang and Jiang Xu.

“This lineup is relatively biased and has never appeared in previous matches. In terms of configuration, it is feasible in dealing with the pure blood kin assassination route. Yu Bing stated calmly. “In death racing, the Red Fox captain Liu Xiang will serve as the healer to ensure the team’s survival. Even if they are hit by a first wave of attacks, the second wave can recover some gaps.”

Kou Hongyi nodded in agreement. “A hunter can restrain the blood kin race. As long as Jiang Xu places a pile of traps on the road, the blood kin’s stealth will be neutralized. Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie are defensive warriors were high defense and won’t be easy to kill in seconds. The US team’s breakthrough in this lineup should be Captain Su. Relatively speaking, Captan Su’s defense is inferior to a berserker and will be easier to kill.”

Yu Bing added, “The key depends on the location where the players refresh on the map. If Captain Su is alone, it will indeed be very unfavourable. On the other hand, if he and Vice-Captain Yu are close together, he won’t be afraid of even four blood kin players.”

The two commentators analyzed the lineup and the venue started to show the map.

Doomsday Crisis was as dark as Li Cangyu expected.

The Americans were fond of doomsday sci-fi movies. This map was the same with a grey sky, desolate streets, abandoned factories, collapsed buildings… and zombies!

The moment the zombies were scene, the Chinese team’s players showed an expression of disgust. Other countries had the Australian koalas, the Spanish bulls, the South Korean magpies and the Chinese pandas. They weren’t visually disgusting and the pandas and koalas were especially cute.

Now the US team added a bunch of zombies to their map!

Were they so addicted to making movies that they added it to a map?


Li Cangyu returned to the rest area and shrugged helplessly. “I thought Universal Studios would be more pitted and chose this. However, this doomsday map doesn’t seem very good to play. After all, the United States is the official location of the Miracle League and the level of the map designers is very high. The most difficult official Miracle maps were designed by them.”

Su Guangmo touched his chin and pondered the map. “Based on the map, these zombies are aggressive. According to the skill colours of Miracle, the black fog causes negative effects. People who encounter zombies will lose a lot of blood.”

Liu Xiang frowned. “I hate doomsday movies.”

The manly Meng Jie was full of excitement. “It looks very interesting!”

Jiang Xu spoke calmly, “The key is that we don’t know where the zombies will refresh. Just like in doomsday adventure movies, the US team is equivalent to native humans while we’re outsiders unfamiliar with the environment. In the event where a battle hasn’t occurred yet, we will be affected by the zombies’ negative states and will suffer from the beginning.”

Li Cangyu nodded in agreement. “Thus, you must be careful when moving forward and don’t be hit by zombies.”

This was really a doomsday adventure game!

Cheng Wei wasn’t playing but he was very excited by this image. “Can these zombies be killed? Like killing the mobs, can you directly kill it with a group attack?”

Tan Shitian thought for a moment before replying, “No more information is available at the moment but these zombies should be classified as active environmental barriers. Since there is a blood gauge above their heads, it should be possible to kill them.”

Cheng Wei looked closely and found that sure enough, all the zombies had a blood gauge above their heads. In other words, there were two ways to deal with the zombies. One was to avoid them and the other was to kill them. According to the map designer’s pit levels, the zombies might release more annoying negative states after being killed, such as self-destruction.

The US team’s lineup also had masters present. Edmund was even higher in the assassin rankings than Lou Wushuang while the blood kin summoner Jack Josh was a great god like Ling Xuefeng.

Xie Shurong took the initiative to come to his brother Su Guangmo. “Edmund is low-key but he was the team captain of this year’s runner-up team in the US League. Jack’s style is violent but he is very grumpy and has never acted as a commander in the ICE team, only an attacker. Edmund should be the commander of this game.”

Ah Shu had played in the US for three years and naturally knew a lot about the American Miracle League.

Su Guangmo nodded. “I understand.”

The map finished being shown. Su Guangmo remembered the terrain of the map and tidied it up in his mind. Then he took the players to the computer and sat down.

The players on both sides quickly refreshed on the map. DUe to the random refresh position of death racing, Su Guangmo could only use the mini-map to judge the positions of his teammates while the five people of the US were unknown.

Unfortunately, he appeared along in an abandoned factory in the upper left corner of the map. Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie refreshed in a collapsed building in the lower right corner, Liu Xiang was in the open street while Jiang Xu was the most tragic and directly refreshed in a parking lot at the bottom of the map.

According to the panoramic view of the map just now, the parking lot was the place with the most zombies!

Su Guangmo immediately ordered, “Captain Jiang, be careful. Go around the side to meet the healer. The two berserkers, come over as soon as possible to protect them.”

Jiang Xu’s refresh position was tragic but the good thing was that he and Liu Xiang were relatively close. Even if the zombies had poison, Liu Xiang could resolve it.

It was Su Guangmo who was far from his teammates.

According to the death racing settings, the map refresh positions should be uniform with a total of 10 set refresh points. The Chinese team had three people in the lower half, one in the middle and one in the upper half. This meant the US team should be the opposite. One person was in the lower half, one in the middle and three in the upper half.

In other words, Su Guangmo was likely to have three people of the US team around him.

At this time, Su Guangmo could see a pile of scrap metal and a few zombies moving slowly. He couldn’t see anyone else.

Were the players of the American team all invisible?

Su Guangmo moved forward while changing his angle of view to observe the environment. He had just taken two steps when there was a cold flash behind him.

—Pain Blade!

The American team’s assassin, Edmund finally showed his figure from the darkness.

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