GLS: Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – White Magician

In Miracle, there would be a small announcement on the world channel every time a new guild was created.

[The Food Squad Guild has been established! Welcome all players to join!

Once this message appeared on the world channel, a dozen applications popped up on the guild window. Ling Xuefeng’s application was drowned out by the large number of people and didn’t attract any special attention from Li Cangyu.

[Mapo Tofu has applied to join the guild.]

[Hot and Sour Potato has applied to join the guild.]

[I Love Pudding Milk has applied to join the guild.]

[Steamed Bass has applied to join the guild.]


Li Cangyu looked at the row of players on the list and suddenly felt hungry.

Bai Xuan opened the guild panel and saw the player IDs that applied for membership. He said helplessly, “You will attract many foodies instead of experts with such a guild name.”

Li Cangyu replied seriously, “There must be masters among the foodies.”

“…” He had a reason! Bai Xuan ignored it and asked, “Are you going to accept these applications?”

“Accept all of them.” Li Cangyu explained, “The guild instance will open at level 50 and we can level faster.”

In the Wind Colour training room, a prompt appeared on the computer screen. “Congratulations, President Love to Eat Braised Fish has accepted your membership application.”

At the same time, a message from President Love to Eat Braised Fish appeared in the guild channel: [I want to welcome everyone who joined the guild. We will level up on our own, then I will take the guild to challenge the level 50 instance.]

There were cheers in the guild channel.

The various IDs such as Mapo Tofu, Hot and Sour Potato and Pudding easily stimulated a person’s appetite.

Ling Xuefeng’s side account didn’t speak on the guild channel. Since he entered the guild as an undercover, he decided to act in a low-key manner. He calmly minimized the Steamed Bass computer and paid attention to the Popular Land Under Heaven side.


In the blink of an eye, several people had already reached level 45. After level 45, playing the Frost Temple instance didn’t give any experience. They could replace it with the Demon Forest instance or do the main storyline.

Li Cangyu found it troublesome to do missions so he went with his teammates to Demon Forest.

They were at the forefront of the rankings so no one could be seen at the instance’s entrance.

As soon as everyone entered the instance, a female demon’s gloomy voice was heard, “It is really good. Today there are fresh food delivered to the door!”

She laughed in a strange manner and a large group of black crows flew out, covering the sky and blocking the moonlight. The effect was really shocking.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help saying, “The black crows that the boss summons is more annoying than Ling Xuefeng.”

Ling Xuefeng was in the team but he wasn’t in the voice room. Therefore, he couldn’t hear Li Cangyu talking.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help smiling. He really wanted to drag Ling Xuefeng to the voice channel and make him listen to how Cat God scolded him!

Gu Siming excitedly said, “Captain, we encountered Witch Lilian. Lilian is originally an elder of the Demon World. After rebelling, she hid in the magic environment of the Demon Forest. This is the Demon Forest dungeon’s hidden mission!”

The probability of meeting a hidden story in an instance was one in one thousand. People couldn’t ask to meet it.

Fortunately, Li Cangyu had encountered this Lilian the previous time he played the online game. He remembered that this witch was summoner. However, it had been too long that he forgot how to fight her.

“Do you remember the method to fight her?” Li Cangyu turned back and asked Bai Xuan.

“It was six years ago so I forgot.” Bai Xuan paused before adding, “I remember that we played her with Ling Xuefeng. The team managed to beat her after three hours. After playing, he posted a strategy on the forum. Do you want to search for it?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu searched in the forum and sure a Witch Lilian strategy guide where the publisher’s ID was only three letters: LXF.

This was the ID that the 18 year old Ling Xuefeng used in the online game.

Li Cangyu looked carefully. This strategy was really Ling Xuefeng’s style as it was simple and concise. It only wrote the characteristics and effects of the boss, getting rid of any extra novice. It would be incomprehensible to a novice who saw it. But as long as the person had a good awareness, they could infer the correct strategy according to the characteristics of the boss skills.

He was studying the guide carefully when he heard Gu Siming’s excited voice, “I also searched for a Lilian guide. Eh? This ID? It is written by Captain Ling! It is written simply and is less than 50 words…”

Bai Xuan smiled. “Captain Ling has always been concise. Xiao Gu, can you understand it?”

Gu Siming read it carefully and nodded. “I probably understand it. The main T’s requirements are very high and the boss has random mobility skills…”

“Can you handle it?” Li Cangyu asked.

“I can!” The young boy was very confident.

Li Cangyu typed in the team channel: [Go to the forum and look for the Lilian strategy. After that, we will fight.]

He was naturally talking to Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefeng replied: [Okay.]

This team was full of first-class professional players. Li Cangyu didn’t bother to give commands as he believed the five people could easily beat the boss.

However, it turned out that people who were too confident were only beaten.


In the instance, Lilian was wearing tight purple robes and standing not far away. Her lips were painted a glamorous red and she held a black staff. The huge black wings behind her represented that she was from the demon race and her mana was very high.

Once Li Cangyu saw that everyone was in a good position, he typed: [Ready to go.]

The eager Gu Siming immediately picked up his shield once he heard the captain’s words and rushed to press Lilian.

Everyone’s screen flashed red, representing the official start of the hidden boss battle!

“Today’s food is so fresh!” The strange voice was heard in their ears while at the same time, Lilian used a 360 super-wide range move as a welcoming gift!

There was a bang and four professional gods and one training god fell to the ground, dead.

Love to Eat Braised Fish: […]

Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork: […]

Blossoming Tree: […]

As the Name Suggests: […]

Continuous ellipsis appeared on the screen.

Finally, Li Cangyu couldn’t bear it anymore and typed: [Ling Xuefeng, what type of strategy did you write? Why didn’t you write about the opening move?]

Ling Xuefeng calmly explained: [There must be a full team to fight this boss. Since we are missing one person, the boss probably became berserk.]

Li Cangyu: [Why didn’t you say this earlier?]

Ling Xuefeng: [I only just remembered.]

Li Cangyu: [Can’t you use your brain?]

Ling Xuefeng: [It is easy to use.]

Li Cangyu: […]

Bai Xuan saw the two of them arguing and looked straight ahead.

If this chat record was sent to the forum with an indication that it was a conversation between Cat God and Captain Ling, it would definitely set off a big wave. In the past, the two summoners had many fans and anti-fans fighting about who was stronger. It was estimated that those who still remained would have an even stronger combat effectiveness.


After dying in the instance, they could come back with resurrection. Li Cangyu pressed the resurrect button and returned to the entrance of the instance. He typed: [I will find another person.]

The Demon Forest instance could be entered at level 45. At present, there weren’t many people in the entire district who had reached level 45. The majority of them had IDs with ‘Flying Feathers’, showing that they were obviously masters of the Flying Feathers Guild.

The Flying Feathers Guild had many swordsmen. The swordsman was the first class to learn a group attack skill and there would obviously be some advantages in the early stages. This was why the level of the Flying Feathers Guild was slightly higher than other guilds.

The Flying Feathers people obviously had a fixed team and it was impossible for them to come help with the boss. Li Cangyu quickly ignored those with Flying Feathers IDs and targeted a few players without a guild. He sent them a private message: [I encountered a hidden boss in the Demon Forest instance and am lacking an output. Do you want to play?]

Someone sent back: [Don’t tease. You definitely can’t beat a level 45 hidden boss so give up.]

Another person replied: [I am already in an instance and can’t come out. Sorry.]


Only one person quickly replied: [Okay! I’ll be right there!]

The person’s ID was Awakened Magician.

Li Cangyu checked the information and saw that the player was a level 45 white magician.

The other person was quick and deft, applying to the team the moment he replied to the private chat. Li Cangyu accepted and the person quickly made their way to the instance map. On the way, they typed: [I finally got a team for the Demon Forest. It’s great!]

Li Cangyu looked back and saw a long-legged beauty dressed in snow-white magician robes and holding a pale silver wand. A pair of white wings were behind her and long, curly blonde hair fell to the waist. There was also a glittering goddess crown on her head.

Gu Siming sent a row of drooling emojis: [Sister! Angel Sister is very beautiful!]

Awakened Magician: [I am a pure man.] This was followed by a row of laughing expressions.

Gu Siming: […]

Laugh at your sister! A dead man!

The young boy almost scolded him.

Li Cangyu was very calm about this. After all, there were many males playing female accounts on online games. As long as they weren’t scum who used the female identity to swindle money, he could understand them wanting to play simply for the appearance.

[Witch Lillian, do you know how to fight her?] Li Cangyu asked on the team channel.

[I don’t know but I will listen to the commander.] Awakened Magician continued sending laughing emojis. [Does Captain have a voice room?]

Li Cangyu immediately sent him the voice channel and password.

Ling Xuefeng saw this and also entered the voice room.

He had just entered when he heard a hearty voice saying, “Awakened, I will tell you about this boss’ style. Lilian is a demon summoner who has four skills. The first is to summon black crows to block our vision. We have to quickly get rid of the crows. The second is to summon skeleton infantry to randomly imprison a person other than the healer. The imprisoned person will lose a lot of blood in 10 seconds. This will test the healing speed of the healer.”

“The third is to summon a banshee who will randomly name someone. The person named will involuntarily rush to her and will be killed once they get close. At this time, the outputs must quickly break the black halo around the named person and Charm will be lifted.”

“The fourth is to summon the demon god. There will be a 360 degree large-scale magic group attack. Countless black holes will appear randomly on the group and she will be flying all over the place. The main T must keep up with her and stay in her range, while the others quickly avoid the black holes at their feet.”

Li Cangyu patiently explained before asking, “Do you understand?”

A single line appeared in the team channel. [I understand!]


Ling Xuefeng had been silently listening to Li Cangyu talk.

He heard Li Cangyu’s voice again after three years and it was still as clear and confident as his memories.

This person was always so clear and orderly when commanding, with no extra nonsense. Therefore, people were involuntarily convinced by him and thought it was right to listen to him.

Li Cangyu, he wasn’t a forceful leader but made people willing to follow him.

He seemed to have a unique charm. He was strong and courageous, decisive, loyal and placed a high value of friendship. He carefully calculated the opponent’s moves and every time he encountered fish, he was like a cat. He would abandon his principles and unconditionally follow the cat…

He was a very strange person, making people always remember him.

Ling Xuefeng heard the voice that showed no signs of being defeated by his team’s disbandment and finally let go of his worries.

[The third stage will be difficult to fight. The two ranged remotes will cooperate to handle it.] Ling Xuefeng typed on the team channel.

Li Cangyu naturally knew what he meant and also typed on the team channel: [When it comes to dealing with the banshee’s big move, you will be ‘1’ and I will be ‘2’.]


Six years ago, they killed Lilian together. It was the first time they encountered this hidden boss and they fought and investigated strategies for a full three hours. Finally, the two of them cooperated with each other to quickly rescue their teammates and barely beat the boss.

Fighting together again today and using the same approach… perhaps this was a strange fate?

Li Cangyu stopped thinking about it and quickly marked six positions on the field with his mouse. Then he typed: [The main T is at the red point, the healer is at the white point, the swordsman at the green point and the three remotes at the red point. Let’s go.]

It took him less than five seconds to do so many operations. Awakened Magician’s chin almost fell to the keyboard!

What was this decisiveness? Captain, aren’t you too energetic?

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