GLS: Chapter 338

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Chapter 338 – China VS South Korea (Summoner Duel)

Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang were in a state of residual blood but had to lay a solid foundation for their teammates behind them. They knew it would certainly be foolproof with Cat God as the guard but Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang weren’t careless. They emptied all their blood before dying.

In particular, Zhuo Hang was quite clever in a critical moment. He used a series of Stop Traps’ to force out the blood kin pets and used Trap Blast to send off the blood kin summoner’s defense pet, the death knight.

This was equivalent to abolishing the most important life-saving skill of the blood kin summoner.

Li Cangyu smiled with relief and calmly submitted the Chinese team’s guard list. Then he took Xiao Han to play with him.

It was the combination of the Li Cangyu and Xiao Han master apprentice combination.

In the most critical guard stage of the semi-finals, Li Cangyu took the young rookie Xiao Han whom he personally trained, moving many Canglan fans.

Xiao Han only debuted this season and it was like everyone had watched a child grow up.

From the original ignorant teenager to the sharp assassin standing alongside his master on the World Competition stage, the mixed-raced Xiao Han made amazing progress this season. Combined with the tempering of the World Competition, everyone had reason to believe that Xiao Han would definitely become a first-class god of the Miracle League.

Xiao Han was very excited at the thought of playing with his master but his face was still cold. Qin Mo knew that this guy actually wasn’t cold but his Chinese level was too bad and he was laughed at whenever he talked. Thus, he pretended to be cold.

After seeing the two people sitting in front of the computer, Qin Mo asked softly, “They will win, right?”

Ling Xuefeng replied lightly, “Of course.”

He had absolute confidence in Li Cangyu and his tone was unusually firm. Qin Mo looked back and his master and scratched his head with a smile. “I also believe they can win.”

Park Joonseo’s thoughts regarding this combination weren’t wrong. After all, Im Sanghun and Song Bin were first-tier players of the South Korean team, with Im Sanghun famous as a commanding god. However, Park Joonseo didn’t expect that Li Cangyu had the most experience in dealing with this combination. It was because Ling and Qin were a combination of demon summoner and blood kin summoner!

Li Cangyu often PKed with Ling Xuefeng while he also let Xiao Han and Qin Mo PK each other. He had reached the level where he could prejudge the opponent’s next skill based on the motion.


When Li Cangyu and Xiao Han came to the middle of the map, the South Korean team’s Im Sanghun and Song Bin had 80% blood and 90% blue. The blood and blue gap wasn’t that big in a showdown between masters. One or two skills would equal it out. It was just that Zhuo Hang had got rid of the blood kin summoner’s death knight in advance, which was very unfavourable for the Korean team’s blood kin summoner.

The soft persimmon should be picked. Li Cangyu immediately aimed at the blood kin summoner.

“Xiao Han, go around. I will kill the blood kin summoner first.” Li Cangyu spoke on the voice channel while quickly summoning his water spirit and using a small Water Ball to attack the demon summoner.

Xiao Han knew this was his master’s blind eye method. He didn’t lurk behind the demon summoner but moved to the blood kin summoner in accordance with his master’s instructions.

Song Bin saw that Li Cangyu was attacking Im Sanghun and thought that the target was Im Sanghun. He summoned a blood snake to bite Li Cangyu and apply three layers of bleeding to Li Cangyu.

At this moment, there was a cold flash behind his back and he was hit with Pain Blade!

Xiao Han’s knife fell and controlled the summoner.

Li Cangyu immediately shifted targets and aimed the big move, Raging Prairie Fire at Song Bin!

Red flames rose from the feet and Xiao Han followed with the release of Back Stab, causing Song Bin’s blood to immediately fall to 50%!

The opposite side’s demon summoner reacted extremely quickly. He aimed at Li Cangyu and Xiao Han’s direction as he summoned the black crows’ big move, Cover the Sky.

This was one of Li Cangyu’s most hated skills and he thought of countless ways to deal with it.

His attack target was Song Bin but he had been looking in Im Sanghun’s direction. The moment Im Sanghun started casting, he judged the other person was going to open big and summoned the thunder spirit to use Thunder’s Wrath.

The audience saw a bizarre picture. Im Sanghun had just summoned the crows that headed towards Li Cangyu and Xiao Han when purple thunder fell from the sky, directly wiping out the black crows!

“Great!” Kou Hongyi exclaimed. “Cat God predicted Im Sanghun’s big move in advance and used lightning to kill all the crows. Im Sanghun’s blind control failed! I think that Cat God PKs privately with Captain Ling every day. It is no wonder he can kill the demon summoner!”

The netizens agreed with Kou Hongyi’s comment for once. [The one you have the highest understanding of is your strongest opponent. Cat God knows the demon summoner as well as Captain Ling.] [Does Cat God really regularly PK with Captain Ling?] [It is highly possible. After all, the captain and vice-captain live together in the national team.] [Then Captain Ling is Cat God’s biggest chaperone?]

On the field, Li Cangyu neutralized the demon summoner’s vision control and called the public pet, the departed spirit.

The audience was confused until they saw Im Sanghun summoning the banshee and using Witch Demon’s Curse.

Then banshee’s group pull skill pulled Xiao Hanw hile also pulling the departed spirit pet that Li Cangyu had just summoned. Li Cangyu pressed the skill of the departed spirit and Im Sanghun was possessed by it!

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help laughing. “This is lifting a rock and hitting your own feet! Originally, it was troublesome for Cat God to control the departed spirit to avoid the traps. As a result, Im Sanghun pulled the spirit over and saved Cat God a lot of effort!”

Yu Bing was calm. “Cat God made a pre-judgment about Im Sanghun’s banshee skill. He summoned the departed spirit in front of himself and blocked the banshee’s strong pull. It is enough to see that Cat God is looking at the big picture.”

It was no wonder that the two commentators desperately praised Li Cangyu. HIs operation was really quite subtle. After the departed spirit possession, Im Sanghun’s movement speed was greatly slowed. Combined with the map traps around him, it was almost impossible to come over and interfere with the situation.

Xiao Han might’ve been pulled but he had a strong adaptive ability and wouldn’t easily die.

This gave Li Cangyu a great opportunity to single out the blood kin summoner.

Li Cangyu turned back to the blood kin summoner and threw small fireballs. The fireballs rushed one after the other and the blood of the blood kin summoner plummeted to 30% in the blink of an eye!

Song Bin was forced to enter Combat Stealth.

However, the bamboo forest was full of traps. It wasn’t easy for him to bypass the traps and rush in front of Li Cangyu. He had just moved past a trap when Li Cangyu used a group attack, Frost Heart.

The water elf’s group attack skill froze all enemies in range, including Song Bin.

Li Cangyu followed with the fireballs to keep decreasing blood.

The fire spirit was his most commonly used attack pet. His full agility meant his skills had an extremely short cooldown time and combined with his fast hand speed, the damage in a short period of time didn’t lose to any big move!

Song Bin regretted so much that his intestines were green!

He had summoned the death knight to defend himself from the hunter’s traps. He didn’t expect Zhuo Hang to kill the knight and now he was in a critical situation without the protection of the knight, greatly reducing his ability to survive.

The next moment, the slowed Im Sanghun finally bypassed the traps. He quickly summoned four skeleton infantry to interfere with Li Cangyu. As a result, Xiao Han was fast and rushed in front to stop the skeletons He used Chain Strangulation and then Soul Stab to kill all four skeletons.

Xiao Han’s approach caused the domestic audience to warmly applaud him.

The mixed-race teenager was sharp and aggressive, the dagger in his hand letting off a cold light. He seemed to be saying, ‘I won’t let you interfere with my master!’

The skeletons were the demon summoner’s most commonly used attack pet with the shortest cooldown time. The four skeletons were killed but Im Sanghun soon summoned four more to imprison Xiao Han. As a result, Xiao Han used Combat Stealth and raised the dagger. He was saying, ‘You summon a few, I will kill a few. I won’t be polite with you!’

At this time, a kill prompt appeared on the screen.

Li Cangyu finally killed Song Bin using the most common Fireball skill.

Im Sanghun felt despair.

He played many games but today’s game felt particularly suffocating. It felt like the other person had entered his head and guessed everything he was thinking…

The black crows’ control skill was neutralized, the banshee group pull was scrapped and even the operation of the most commonly used skeletons was several times more difficult than usual.

If it was just a simple trap map, Im Sanghun wouldn’t worry. It wasn’t difficult to operate the skeletons on a map full of traps at his level. However, it was hard for him after meeting Li Cangyu and Xiao Han today.

These two people had an excellent understanding of a demon summoner. Li Cangyu’s pre-judgment was terrible and accurate. Xiao Han’s style was also very simple. He killed skeletons and didn’t have much of an impact on Im Sanghun’s blood, but it completely disrupted Im Sanghun’s attack rhythm.

Li Cangyu killed the blood kin summoner and turned towards Im Sanghun.

Now Xiao Han’s strategy changed. The teenager flexibly bypassed the traps, quickly moved behind Im Sanghun and then used the Pain Blade control skill!

Im Sanghun knew this skill’s cooldown was over. He saw Xiao Han go behind and moved sideways, avoiding this control in a thrilling manner.

The South Korean audience wanted to cheer for him when the next second, Li Cangyu called the wind spirit and used Wind and Clouds Destruction.

The wind spirit blew Im Sanghun directly into the bit pit next to him.

Im Sanghun fell into the Bamboo Sea trap!

The audience, “…”

Many viewers expressed sympathy for him while others gloated. [Cat God 6666!]

[Cat God’s wind spirit is simply against the sky!] [First blowing into the lake, blowing down from the attic and then finally blowing it into the trap. The Korean team is really perfect today. Praise the Korean team!]

This final review perfectly summed up the conditions of the two games by Li Cangyu today. They expressed sympathy for the South Korean players blown into the water, downstairs and finally in a pit.

Im Sanghun fell into the trap and encountered the joint attacks of the mentor and apprentice. His blood plummeted and he was eventually killed by Xiao Han.


The golden words popped up on the big screen and many audience members stood up excitedly and cheered!

The match point was successfully won and the Chinese team entered the finals!

Many viewers were so excited that they shed tears. Even Xiao Han’s eyes were hot. Li Cangyu stood up calmly and patted his apprentice’s shoulder. He encouraged, “You played well. I didn’t give you orders but you knew what to do. Your awareness is very good.”

Xiao Han nodded happily and returned to the rest area with his master. The two of them received warm applause from the national team.

Cheng Wei wanted to pounce and praise his idol but Ling Xuefeng preempted him.

Ling Xuefeng hurried forward and pulled Li Cangyu into his arms. He whispered, “I knew you would have no problem playing this game. We won 3:1.”

Li Cangyu smiled slightly, his voice slightly choked from excitement. “Okay, we’re in the finals.”

The year he left Miracle, he didn’t expect to return here one day or become the captain of the national team. He led the team to kill together in the World Competition along with Ling Xuefeng.

The grand finals.

The Chinese team successfully advanced to the finals of the World Competition!

It was the day they had been waiting for. They stood side by side together at the peak of the world stage!

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