GLS: Chapter 337

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Chapter 337 – China VS South Korea (Trap Map)

Park Joonseo originally sent this combination for the blood kin assassin to kill Tan Shitian as quickly as possible under the paladin’s protection. As a result, the paladin and assassin died while Tan Shitian was still alive. This was undoubtedly a start that Park Joonseo didn’t want to see and had to make up for it as soon as possible. Park Joonseo frowned and thought for a moment before submitting the next Korean lineup.

The black magician Choi Sooeun and white magician Shin Chimin.

The two players were regular partners in a giant Korean e-sports club. They had cooperated with each other for three seasons and had a high understanding. Park Joonseo sent them to reverse the disadvantage as soon as possible.

They knew this arena was disadvantageous so the two female players fought very hard. The white magician Shin Chimin wanted to use God’s Seal on Tan Shitian but he used Flying Feather Steps to escape. Then he used the fan-shaped Barrage Shot to hit both people’s blood down to 20%.

The black magician followed with the negative state of Shadow Winding and then used Soul Curse to send off Tan Shitian. Tan Shitian successfully completed his mission and returned to the rest area with Cheng Wei.

Li Cangyu patted his shoulder to show appreciation and then submitted the second Chinese lineup.

Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang!

Many domestic viewers thought they saw wrong when they saw this combination on the screen. They had expected Li Cangyu to send Lou Zhang or Su YU. They didn’t expect the Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang double hunters combination.

Yu Bing instantly explained, “Cat God should be trying to use the traps on the terrain to kill the opponents.”

Bamboo Sea had traps all over the place. Combined withthe traps of Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu, the Korean team would find it hard to move.

Facts proved that Li Cangyu’s arrangement wasn’t wrong. Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang refeshed on the map and relied on Flying Feather Steps to quickly move around the positions of the two Korean members.

Stop Trap, Death Trap!

Zhuo Hang quickly filled the rear, left and right of the black magician Choi Sooeun with traps. Jiang Xu aimed at the white magician Shin Chimin. She had a map trap in front of her and Jiang Xu’s traps behind her.

Map traps could be distinguished according to the environment but the traps placed by the hunters were invisible. The two members of Sout hKorea were forced to retreat and they stepped into the hunters’ traps.

Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang decisively used Trap Blast!

The amount of damage caused by the two people’s serial traps was equivalent to two big group attacks. The black and white magicians of the Korean team fell to 40%.

Choi Sooeun turned and used Dark Fear on Jiang Zhuo. Then she cooperated with her teammate to release a series of skills that suppressed the opponents’ blood to 50%.

There was an intense wave of skill exchanges between the two sides and blood dropped rapidly.

Zhuo Hang always used the map. For example, once Dark Fear ended, he used Flying Feather Steps to dodge and placed a series of Silence Traps between the two magicians. The South Korean team wanted to avoid the group traps and had to step into Zhuo Hang’s traps.

At this time, the audience understood that the trap map Bamboo Sea was really suitable for Xiao Zhuo’s play!

It was no wonder why Li Cangyu placed Zhuo Hang on the field. The strengths of the Lou Zhang and Su Yu combination were very strong but it was clear that Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang could better show the advantage of a hunter on this map.

There were traps everywhere and the two female players of the Korean team were annoyed!

They tried their best but they were caught by various traps at their feet. They couldn’t complete the operation and their blood plummeted.

After seeing that she only had a trace of blood left, Choi Sooeun couldn’t bear it anymore and directly used Hell Flames while Shin Chimin used Tidal Surge.

The two group attacks hit Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang to residual blood but the next Trap Blast directly moved their heads.

The South Korean team failed to move back the situation in the second round.

At a crucial moment, Li Cangyu sent the double hunters on the trap map to successfully block the Korean team’s pursuit.

The Chinese team entered the guard stage with a narrow advantage!

Park Joonseo gently formed a fist at the command post. Next, he had to send a very strong combination. They needed to kill the Chinese team’s Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang as well as the guard combination. In other words, South Korea’s guard team had to be prepared to kill four people.

Who had such a level?

Names quickly flashed through Park Joonseo’s mind and then he thought of a person, Im Sanghun.

They weren’t members of the same team but Im Sanghun’s IT team was the runner-up of this year’s Korean League. Im Sanghun’s operating level and commanding ability had long been recognized by domestic players and he was the only one who could take on this responsibility at a critical juncture.

Park Joonseo no longer hesitated and submitted the last group of Korean players, Im Sanghun and Song Bin.

It was the combination of the demon summoner and blood kin summoner.

Li Cangyu saw this scene and couldn’t help smiling. He leaned towards Ling Xuefeng and said, “This combination is very similar to you and Qin Mo.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Yes.”

Li Cangyu continued. “My favourite opponent is the demon summoner.”

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

Qin Mo eavesdropping next to him, “…”

The class Cat God was most familiar with was the demon summoner. He had many years of experience in facing the demon summoner. Qin Mo didn’t know whether to sympathize with his master or the Korean team!

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5 years ago

Dont be Xiao Qin, your master is very happy Cat God knew him so well

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Kill the demon Cat samaa!!!

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Our Cat God is ready to play now! *lit candle for S.K demon summoner*

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Whenever I read this novel after that I went to play mobile legend with great enthusiasm but I forgot that I’m not Li or Ling hehe😁 I want to know this game is real or not? If it is real, could you please tell me the name 💜🌼

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I have a feeling that Cat God and Xiao Han will be the guard combination.