GLS: Chapter 334

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Chapter 334 – China VS South Korea (Tearing Through the Defense)

It was unexpected for the white magician to be killed by Ling Xuefeng. Park Joonseo was very surprised and couldn’t help asking, “What happened?”

Bae Eunki wanted to cry. “Ling Xuefeng pulled me away with the banshee at a crucial moment and I couldn’t add blood.”

Park Joonseo couldn’t help frowning. He already heard that Ling Xuefeng’s banshee play was superb and the use of the single and group pull skills were definitely a weapon that could cut into the opposing lineup. Just now, Ling Xuefeng had accurately calculated the distance, took the healer away at a crucial moment and killed the white magician instantly.

“It doesn’t matter. You should withdraw first and don’t give them your head.” Park Joonseo took a deep breath and maintained his composure. He placed a retreat mark on the map and Bae Eunki instantly turned to run.

Ling Xuefeng collected a head and didn’t pursue the healer. He just stayed in place and kept killing the magpies.


Everyone finished killing the first wave of mobs and went home to buy equipment. Ling Xuefeng used his economic advantage to buy the demon summoner necklace, Witch’s Contract.

This was the main necklace of the demon summoner and the effect of wearing it was to ‘increase the crit rate’. Ling Xuefeng usually liked to buy this piece of equipment during the game since it made up for the lack of equipment with crits on his body.

Bai Xuan gave all his resources to Xie Shurong so he had the money to buy a ring that increased physical attacks.

“Captain Ling bought a crit necklace, Ah Shu bought a ring with physical attack and Yan Ruiwen bought a ring with magic attack. It seems that the Chinese team is taking the pure output route.  Kou Hongyi spoke while looking at the equipment panel. “The next wave of group combat will be the key to this game. It depends on who takes the lead in stealing the ice dragon!”

The contestants on both sides moved in unison towards the ice dragon.

The South Korea team’s Shin Chimin might’ve been killed by Ling Xuefeng and had her economy greatly affected but the players on the other roads were in good condition and bought equipment suitable for them.

Both sides met near the ice dragon’s cave but the commanders on both sides were calm and not in a hurry to start.

After a moment of standoff near the cave, Ling Xuefeng finally found the entry point for the team combat. “Hit them!”

At the commander’s order, Yan Ruiwen used the control skill Dark Fear. However, Park Joonseo’s reaction was extremely fast. The moment he saw Yan Ruiwen casting, he summoned the angel pet, the six-winged angel.

—Angel’s Light!

The soft white halo instantly enveloped the members of the Korean team. The angel’s big move allowed all teammates within the barrier to be immune to all damage and control for five seconds.

Yan Ruiwen’s control move was neutralized and Guo Xuan’s Shadow Winding was also blocked.

This protection skill was opened just right and the passive Korean team successfully took the initiative. Park Joonseo summoned the light god and opened the skill Light God’s Blessing, doubling the attack power of the whole group!

The Korean players had a status bonus and released their attack skills towards the Chinese team without hesitation. Tidal Surge, Death Arrow Rain, Hell Flames!

The light effect flashed on the screen and the Chinese team fell below half blood. The audience started sweating at the sight.

Fortunately, Bai Xuan quickly cast a healing array and then used the healing chain Holy Star to return blood to his teammates.

However, group healing skills had a long cooldown time. It would be quite hard for the South Korean team if so many group attacks were released again.

Ling Xuefeng definitely knew this. He quickly issued instructions on the voice channel. “Ah Shu, break into the back row. Qin Mo, cooperate with him while the others spread out!”

The group immediately dispersed according to his instructions.

After five seconds, the Korean team’s invincible state ended. Qin Mo instantly summoned the blood snake and blood spider to let his pets bite the opponents. The Korean players couldn’t stand in place to let the blood kin pets bite them. Everyone started to escape and hide. Bai Xuan released his hand speed to add five layers of Healing Language on Xie Shurong and Xie Shurong took the opportunity to bypass the front row players and broke into the back row!

“Open big!” Ling Xuefeng sent a command and summoned the demon god.

The dark god emerged from the ground and raised a death curse. Dark fog spread from him, causing a lot of damage to the enemies who came into contact with this dark fog.

The demon god’s group attack had the strongest damage and widest range of all the demon summoner’s skills.

Park Joonseo summoned the snow bird.

The snow bird hovered in the air and gave a healing aura to all teammates, adding blood. However, the moment Park Joonseo summoned the snow bird, Xie Shurong opened the big move Light and Shadow Rotation!

The quickly moving sword was like an impenetrable silver net that killed the snow bird in seconds.

Xie Shurong’s decisive attack directly abolished Park Joonseo’s blood-adding petand caused a lot of damage to all Korean players in range.

However, the South Korean team had a double healer lineup. Park Joonseo’s snow bird might be killed but there was the priest Bae Eunki.

Bae Eunki immediately cast a large healing skill to return blood to her teammates before stacking up Healing Language.

The two sides exchanged a wave of skills but not one person died. Kou Hongyi couldn’t help saying, “This is a strong team vs strong team! The Korean team’s defense ability is truly very strong. Park Joonseo’s pets can give his teammates a barrier while Bae Eunki’s healing level isn’t weak. If the Chinese team wants to find a breakthrough, it depends on Xie Shurong…”

He had just said this when Xie Shurong shifted targets and used Spirit Lock to stun Bae Eunki.

Previously, Ling Xuefeng had suddenly changed targets to kill the white magician and Bae Eunki was psychologically prepared for this practice. The moment she became dizzy, she used Purification to solve the problem and walked to the side to move away from Xie Shurong.

As it turned out, it wasn’t that easy to escape from a sticky swordsman!

The little brother of the Flying Feathers team’s three swordsmen was very experienced in killing healers. In the past, Bai Xuan had been killed 10 times by Xie Shurong in one game and received a psychological shadow.

Bae Eunki had never faced Xie Shurong and she greatly underestimated the level of Xie Shurong’s stickiness!

She had just run to the side to avoid the swordsman’s attack and didn’t expect that in the next second, Xie Shurong actually came from behind her and used a simple move to interrupt her blood adding skill. Bae Eunki was a bit upset and evaded in the other direction. As a result, Xie Shurong kept catching up and interrupting her skills.

Bae Eunki, “…”

Was this swordsman made of sugar?

The South Korean players found that their healer was chased by the other side’s swordsman and turned back to deal with Xie Shurong. At this moment, Ling Xuefeng suddenly used Cover the Sky!

The group of crows swirled in the sky and completely blacked out the vision of the South Korean team.

“So beautiful!” The just interrupted Kou Hongyi immediately spoke again, “The timing of Captain Ling’s move was just right! If you closely observe the positions in the game, you will find that while Ah Shu went into the back row to interfere with the healer, the Chinese players scattered and the South Korean players became more concentrated!”

“It was a trap.” Yu Bing continued calmly. “Captain Ling had Ah Shu enter the back row to interfere with the healer and this distracted the South Korean team. In fact, the most important part of a team battle is that everyone’s ideas should be synchronized and the firepower concentrated. Once distracted, it is easy for the other party to seize the loophole.”

Xie Shurong’s positioning was very flexible and the speed of his ordinary attacks dazzling.

In the fierce battle, he suddenly smashed into the back row and easily disturbed the other side’s formation. Ling Xuefeng seized this opportunity to completely blind them using the crows.

The thing that made the audience laugh was that Bae Eunki opened the instant big move, Divine Blessing because she was too nervous.

This was a healer’s big group healing skill and the effect was quite powerful. The white light would quickly spread to the surrounding teammates and return a large amount of blood.

In fact, Ling Xuefeng used the crows to black out the vision of the South Korean team and didn’t rush to attack. Instead, he used the banshee to pull Bae Eunki to the side, directly wasting her big move!

After losing her vision, Bae Eunki blindly opened the group healing skill. It was because she previously had her healing interrupted by Xie Shurong. In the state of blindness, her teammates would be easily killed if she couldn’t add blood.

Apparently, she underestimated Ling Xuefeng’s foresight. Ling Xuefeng’s distance calculation was so accurate that he once again used the banshee to pull her away and her skill only restored Park Joonseo’s blood!

“Release your skills and kill the priest first!” Ling Xuefeng ordered calmly.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan had been working with him for a long time and were familiar with the captain’s rhythm. The two of them aimed at the priest Bae Eunki and quickly stacked five layers of Death Mantra on her. At the same time, they applied the negative state Soul Curse.

Qin Mo wasn’t far away and had the blood snake bite Bae Eunki to apply three layers of bleeding. Ling Xuefeng also summoned four skeleton infantry and exploded them. Not to mention Xie Shurong had been staring at the healer and slashed at her, not allowing her to release any blood adding skills.

Bae Eunki used the instant skill Holy Light Surge to restore her blood but it unfortunately wasn’t enough against the Chinese team’s full outbreak.

There was a loud bang and Bae Eunki fell to the ground.

The South Korean players finally regained their vision only to see their healer being killed.

The Chinese team finally seized the opportunity and was the first to tear through the South Korean team’s defense.

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4 years ago

RIP Bae Eunki. I try to play healer in mmos so her misfortune is really relatable…

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